First note that how psi intervein with the seen cannot possibly be 'beyond science'. In science, we don't only exermine the seen. We are also interested with the unseen provided that they influence the seen. Since psi is just that, the influence of the seen by the unseen, there has to be scientific explanation.

The scientific theory of psi must answer some tantalizing questions. Perharps the most daunting one is why the forces associated with psi aren't seen by physicists to move the seen particles. As phenomena such as psychokinesis and telepathy influence the seen, eg our seen bodies, they must move the seen molecules, eg sodium channels in cell membranes. Ergo for that purpose, 'psi' must behave like the usual forces of nature. Yet psi must be capable of significantly eluding a physicist when he attempt to pin down the forces at work in molecules.

The purpose of psi theory is to answer this important question as to why psi can work without conflict with known physics.

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Comment by Rahma on August 26, 2019 at 1:44am

The first question is why don't physicists detect particles being moved around via psychokinesis from some arbitrary 'magician'. Physicists often infere the presence of 'ghostly' particles or 'fields' by noting that the 'seen' particles are getting influenced by things other than known particles/ fields. If psychokinesis was one of the influences, surely physicists should see!

One good explanation is that physicists do infact see these influences but they misinterprate them as noices, perharps as 'quantum fluctuation'. It is here where forming a theory of psi becomes a good idea. Specifically, we can posit that psi involves cohering forces that are otherwise random, using the mind.

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