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Allergy, which comes from the Greek allos (strange, different) and ergos (reaction activity) is a process by which an individual recognizes as strange a particle or a substance called allergen (harmless for most people) that, instead, provokes a response from the immune system in him/her, leading to a number of clinical manifestations such as nasal dripping, sneezing, itching, rash, edema, and asthma.

Allergy appears for an initial psycho-emotional shock, a destabilizing event that exceeds the threshold of tolerance of the individual.

What is a psycho-emotional shock?

-It is an unpleasant event of everyday life that comes suddenly, catching us by surprise and destabilizes us.

-Living isolated, in solitude and without sharing it with others. What we live in isolation is what we feel. It is not what we live outside, but what we feel inside, what we experience alone.

-Without a satisfactory solution for us, at that time, but maybe for other people it exists.

-Of real dramatic intensity, or felt as such. The unconscious can live it in a symbolic way, but cannot distinguish between the real and the symbolic.

There are two stages in the genesis of an allergy:

The first stage is the "silent", silent call awareness or identification of the aggressor phase: the allergen. It is a programmed allergy. The immune system identifies a foreign body, is responsible for analyzing and manufactures specific and silent antibodies, memorizing the characteristics of the intruder. It relates to a very precise dramatic event that has occurred at the same time we were coming in contact with the allergen. There is a direct relationship between a psycho-emotional shock and an external element which project the psycho-shock. The body memorizes the substance or element that was present at the time of the drama, the immune system categorizes it as something dangerous because it is associated with a painful emotion and try to eliminate it when detected in the body. One person has been exposed to a food, drug or element throughout his/her life but from a certain moment, the moment of drama, there will be a physical rejection. This is the first exhibition, identifying where the allergen is recorded. From this moment the unconscious associates the shocking episode and the allergen to form an inseparable duo. It is the moment that the unconscious takes into oblivion because it is a very painful experience. The allergen is a simple warning of an impending danger, known but hidden, is the announcement of the painful and unpleasant memory of the first time. At this stage no physical symptoms manifest.

The second stage or "noisy" phase is when a second contact with the same allergen, antibodies, silent until now, become reactive and trigger a disproportionate response "allergic reaction". Now it is when clinical symptoms appear. Allergic crisis is nothing more than a new confrontation with the allergen that represents the initial destabilizing drama and remains hidden in the unconscious.

To heal the allergy we have to go find the unconscious destabilizing drama to identify emotion and the hidden resenting, express (emotional shock) and try to find an exit for emotional change.

An example: Allergy to nuts. An engaged couple agrees with several couples rather spend the weekend at the cottage of one of them. At a time when all were gathered, having an aperitif, a heated argument ensues between the couple. The groom, after telling her no longer wants to continue the relationship, ends up leaving just the place. The bride, shocked at what had happened (psycho-shock), was eating nuts. This destabilizing event will go to the deepest oblivion of this young girl. The next time she contacts with nuts allergy symptoms will appear. It's like a warning: every time you eat nuts will remember unconsciously the painful emotional situation. The unconscious, to protect her, moves the emotion into the physical body (sneezing, rashes, itching or swelling of the eyes, etc.). In this way, dealing with annoying allergic reaction, she forgets the painful trauma related to the substance (nuts).

Keep in mind that most allergies are triggered by events that occurred between seven years and our current time. Only a very small percentage of allergic processes lead us to look in our mother experiences occurred during the time of pregnancy or our ancestors. It is those cases in which we are sensitive to certain food, substances, etc. and we are from birth or from the first years of life.

Water allergy: Searching in memory related accidents such as drowning, dives, suicide, etc.

Second, water represents the mother. We look for a problem with the mother or the maternal role. Often you can find stories about separations caused by divorce, illness, death, etc.

Sun allergy: the sun is the universal archetypal symbol of the father. We search related to the father or the paternal function experiences. A large number of cases related to a physically absent father because of a separation, divorce, death, etc. But it can also be caused by a parent present physically but symbolically absent because of a depression or for any other reason.

Metal allergy: This may be an imposed contact or a separation conflict. When we have this kind of allergy from always we look for dramatic family stories related to stabbing.

Alcohol allergy: Problems with parents: continuous fights, divorce, etc. Liquids refer to the mother, but the "fire" is related to the father, everything that goes up to heaven represents the father.

"I want a very different love than what they have given me".

Allergy or gluten intolerance (See celiac disease): Bread is a key element of family life (family atmosphere). We seek dramas related to the lack of family cohesion or family separations, parents, etc.

"I am separated from my family". “I have been kicked out”.

Hayfever: Conflicts of heartbreaks, separations and sexual encounters that can lead to danger.

Pet allergies: We will look for dramatic events where the animal to which we are allergic intervenes.

Also, we must take into account the symbolic meaning it may have for the unconscious the corresponding animal, for example, the cat, symbolically represents independence; the dog, loyalty, unconditional love; eagle, freedom, majesty and power; rabbit, sexuality; the bull, masculinity; horse, wind, vitality, intelligence, nobility, intuition; Bee, industry, social, wealth, soul, diligence and eloquence; spider, symbol of feminine energy, aggressive, fear of castration and represents a dominant, dangerous, treacherous and ferocious woman; donkey, related to the simplicity of spontaneous enjoyment and perhaps sensual, related to the eat-sex-sleep; crab, water and the unconscious; deer, tenderness, femininity, speed; the swan, (waterfowl) the sun and the moon. The day and the night. The emotions. Hummingbird, love, joy, happiness, patience; beetle, sign of the dirty and repulsive things; Butterfly, marital joy, happiness and freedom; It represents the metamorphosis or transformation; fish, symbol of Christ, erotic symbol; frog, mothers and newborns; the fidelity of couples and prosperity; rodents, fear and physical food; turtle, vision, protection, attachment, etc.

Allergic Sinusitis: We must find conflicts in an environment that could be classified as harmful, unclean, disgusting, filthy, nasty, dirty, etc.

Food Allergy: Most allergies that are related to a particular food will lead us into a drama happened during a meal.

Allergy medications: Go to look towards a therapy that we have received and to which the drama is attached.

Allergy to substances that are in contact with the skin: beauty products, soaps and even allergy to sun, water, and metals in general will guide us towards dramas caused by separation or problematic contacts.

Allergy to inhalants: such as pollens, grasses, dust mites, mold or animal hair lead us to a psycho-shock occurred in a country house on a farm with animals, being below or above a bed, etc.

Clinical signs guide us very accurately to the central source of the allergy:

When eyes tearing are affected, itching, inflation will lead us into a dramatic visual experience. Unwilling or unable to see or have lost sight of something or someone.

When the skin is affected with pruritus (itching), eczema, urticaria, etc., we will look for disputes related to separations.

If the larynx, laryngeal cough or asthma will lead us to dramas in which fear has been very present.

If those affected are the bronchi, through bronchitis and asthma, we must direct our research into fights and shouting in the family or look at death of a clan member by problems of asphyxia family tree.

When symptoms are manifested in the nose they guide us towards conflicting experiences where the "harmful" or "it smells really bad to me" factor stands out.

Behaviour to adopt before an allergy:

First we have to go find all possible historical details of the dramatic emotional experience of the allergic person and find the connection between the phase and the first allergic sensitization crisis. In the example discussed above, the bride was sensitized to nuts when her boyfriend, after an argument, rose and left (abandonment, separation) in front of his/her friends while they were eating nuts and an allergic reaction to this food appeared some time later during a celebration, in which, among other snacks, nuts were there. The common denominator between these two episodes were nuts. So we must ask ourselves before an allergy:

Since when? Before having the first outbreak of allergy, when was I in contact with that allergen? Was it a month ago, two months ago or a year ago? What is the allergic reaction, what are the symptoms and what organ or part of the body is affected?

What allergen is it?

Now you need to face it and relive the situation in time and space, as if it were happening right now and try to find the emotion associated with the event and express the resenting that was kept in the unconscious at that moment.

And finally, we must find a resource, a conscious departure from the first position in order to the emotional change can occur and the possible healing of the allergy.

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Decrees & Affirmations For Spiritual Growth & Ascension By Steven Hutchinson

Updated on 5/24/2019

I Am The Creator embodied as (say your name). My Whole Being is completely merged with my Soul & Mother/Father/God - One Heart - One Love - One Consciousness - One Mind - One Power. I Am the Power & Intelligence of the Creator in manifestation on this earth. I Am the Creator Pathways of Will & Power in full use in my service work ! I now see & feel the Truth of All That Is The Creator ! I Am loving myself as the Creator with my every breath. 
 My Whole Being is in complete alignment with my Soul & Soul Group's Energies, & the Energies of all that is the Creator - and I experience all that is the Creator as fully as possible with my every breath! My every breath is the Source Energies of the Creator & my Soul & Soul Group in action in me and thru me, healing & uplifting us all.
I am my Ascended Master Self in full manifestation and expressing as (say your name). I explore and express my Ascended Master Self with ease. I Am synthesized with my Ascended Master Pathways on the earth and in the inner planes.
My Whole Being is merged with my Angelic Body, which is perfectly aligned with the Energies of the Angelic Realm. My Angelic body pours its light vibrations from the Angelic Realm into my entire being for my healing & spiritual growth with my every breath now ! I am channeling the most divinely perfect Energies from the angelic realm & from AA Metatron & the Master Archangels, along with the Mahatma Energies, throughout my Whole Being & throughout the Universe for the healing & spiritual growth of all.
With my every breath I Am channeling  Energies that are divinely perfect in manifesting healing & spiritual upliftment throughout my Whole Being & to Gaia & to every Being throughout the universe, Energies from the Creator & the Mahatma Energies, & the purest & most powerful Energies from my Soul & Soul groups & from Gaia, & from my community of guides. I choose to experience a Creator Empowered life - & do so daily! 

.....I am channeling Forgiveness Energies from  Source & from my Soul & Soul Groups & from my community of guides throughout my Whole Being and to every Being that I interacted with in every lifetime of my Soul, as well to every Being throughout the universe where the Forgiveness Energies are needed, and these Energies of Forgiveness with the Mahatma Energies are now healing us all, & are cutting all negative cords & attachments between all of us. I forgive all others from every lifetime of my Soul who have ever wronged me, and I forgive myself for every being I have wronged from every lifetime of my Soul. I Am Now Free and merged with my Soul and my Ascended Master Self, as are all other beings, and I now experience my Whole Being in perfect divine balance & harmony and alignment with the Creator & the Creator Energies Now! 

.....With my every breath I Am channeling Healing & Regenerating Energies from Source & from my Soul & Soul Groups, & from Gaia & my community of guides with the necessary codes & templates & Mahatma Energies throughout my whole body... & these Divine & Powerful Energies are completely regenerating & healing my entire body. I am Now experiencing my whole body being healed & regenerated in God's Love/Light with my every breath. My Whole body & every cell in my body are Now completely healed and regenerated.... and are now expressing celestial well being, vitality, & good health... and every cell is now completely Illumined in the Light of the Creator's Perfection!  
....I Am channeling throughout my Whole Being with my every breath the Energies of Divine Completion from my Soul & Soul groups and from The Creator & Gaia and my community of guides with the necessary divine codes and templates & Mahatma Energies that manifest the divine completion of all aspects & levels of my spiritual growth, and also manifest all of my affirmations & decrees, creating ever new platforms for my spiritual growth & realization of the Creator & realization of all levels of my Divine Truth.
Let yourself feel as if you are taking on templates of completion into your entire being, empowering them with your breath, and aligning and anchoring them along with the Divine Energies of Completion into every aspect of your being related to the divine completion that you are affirming.
Affirm, "I Am the Embodiment & Fulfillment of My Soul & The Creator's gift of completion in all aspects of my life. I fully accept divine completion into My Whole Being & all aspects of reality. I Am an embodiment of the Creator's Completion on all 352 levels of my Divine truth."
....I Am channeling  from my Soul & Soul groups, and from the Creator & Gaia, Christ Consciousness Completion Energies throughout my Whole Being with my every breath, and these Divine  Energies are now manifesting and anchoring all levels & qualities of Christ Consciousness in me.
The Mahatma Energies now synthesize the Christ Consciousness Energies on all levels of my Divine Truth.
My Whole Being is in perfect divine alignment with the Christ Consciousness Completion Energies on all levels, and I Am Divine Love in action using these Divine Energies with my every breath. The Christ Consciousness Completion Energies are now transforming my Whole Being as I embody them with my every breath. I now experience my Whole Being becoming Illumined in Golden Christ Light!  I Am Now experiencing and embodying & expressing all the qualities of the Christ Consciousness in my service work with my every breath !
.....I Am channeling with my every breath from my Soul & Soul Groups, & from The Creator & Gaia and my community of guides, along with Mahatma Energies, Divine Love Energies throughout my Whole Being and to every human being and to all of Gaia and the entire universe...  Love Energies that are helping heal & uplift us all.
I Am loving myself as the Creator with my every breath. I Am Divine Love in action with my every breath. My Whole Being is an embodiment of the Love of the Creator That I AM !
God's Love is now fully awakened in me & in the hearts & minds of every human being, and is uplifting and healing us all. We are all now experiencing God''s Presence within us, and experiencing our highest potential Now !!! I Am the embodied ascension of my Soul experiencing my highest potential with my every breath!!! 
.....I Am the Divine Intelligence that exists within all 352 levels of my being. I am the Divine Intelligence of my Soul & the Creator in action transforming & uplifting my Whole Being & manifesting through my Divine Self all of My decrees & affirmations in service to mankind - and also illuminating & activating all 352 levels of my Divine Truth!
.....I understand & gloriously express with ease my Ascended Master Self. I synthesize with my ascended master pathways with my every breath. I Am my Ascended Master Self fully manifesting in my service work on this earth ! I know who I Am & my mission as an Ascended Master on the earth & in the inner planes.
.....Thank You God for manifesting everything I have affirmed and decreed, or better, for the highest good of all! And So It Manifests!


Video - "Calling Forth Your Divine Power To Heal & Manifest Your Soul's Desires By Steven Hutchinson

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Resentment is deep hurt that is suppressed and unexpressed, which becomes anger. Often resentment is directed toward a family member or someone close to you. Resentment frequently comes about when you feel that you have been treated unfairly or taken advantage of.

Long term resentment can lead to tumors, syphilis, osteoporosis, lupus, back pain etc


Many problems in your body and life occur when you are feeling stuck, inflexible and attached to one point of view. This often takes place when the same thoughts or scenarios play themselves over and over in your mind.

Long-term stuckness or stiffness can lead to varicose veins, sciatica, RSI, rheumatoid arthritis, paralysis, obesity, mouth ulcers, kidney problems and a host of other diseases. 


The whole justice system is based on the guilty and the innocent. We all know that guilt has strong consequences. Consciously or subconsciously guilt is associated with punishment, jail and a need to serve a sentence.

Guilt also requires judgment, which can lead to shame and embarrassment. Guilt and shame eat away at the body because many people believe that they need to hold on to their guilt in order to be punished. This belief is a form of self sabotage.

Guilt is associated with hip problems, migraines, weight issues, venereal disease, osteoporosis, Parkinson’s Disease, insomnia, sinusitis, impotence, hernia and heart disease.


Feeling worthless can create depression and fatigue, because of your belief that you can not do anything of value. This often creates severe self criticism and judgment.

 When we carry low self esteem and unworthiness the body tends to break down, which can lead to acne, weight problems, diabetes, genital herpes, ovarian cancer, scleroderma, ulcers, warts and memory loss.


Rejection is an emotion which can stay with a person for many years and cause detriment to their relationships and wellbeing. Often, people take rejection personally, thinking that they are not good enough or that there is something wrong with them. So instead of going forward and changing, they give up, close down and feel sorry for themselves.

Feelings of rejection contribute to many diseases and dysfunction such as; anorexia, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, endometriosis, paralysis, numbness, cold sores, and frigidity. It can also create breakdown, stress, nervous anxiety and tension.

Source: Inna Segal

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COLD SORES, emotions and spiritual meaning

Cold Sores: it is commonly called “fire”, or sore fever. It is a condition caused by a virus. Vesicles on the lips accompanied by pain that cause tension, pulling, tingling or burning are formed.

It is the physical manifestation of an inner contradiction. You want something that attracts us but at the same time, we are afraid of it.

This “fire” on the lips can be caused by a harsh judgment against someone of the opposite sex that has not been expressed, at the last moment, we have retained it on the lips, in our expression.

Herpes can also manifest when we consider that someone or something is disgusting. Repulsive vesicles represent disgust that we can externalize.

Similarly, herpes can be the perfect excuse for not kiss others or a particular person, with whom we are angry, because she made us feel humiliated.

Conversely, cold sores can say that the person has not received enough kisses:

"We don’t have our dose of kisses".

"I'm waiting for a kiss, but it never comes”

"I would have liked to kiss her, but it is no longer possible”

Dirt + separation conflict: "I feel dirty or sullied because they have not kissed me" "So much sweetness makes me sick”

What contradiction causes me suffering? What difficult situation does not dare to attack, but tries to do so? What gives me this disgusting feeling? What disgusts me? Have we said something that has burned us? Who wants to kiss us? Who would not want to kiss us?

Who do we refuse to be kissed by?

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A wart is a hard bump (benign tumour) in the skin caused by a virus. They are of variable shape and size, often painless unless pressed, and are, more often, in the hands or in the feet.

Warts mainly affect to self-critical people and, therefore, very sensitive to reproaches and to any type of aggression; and people who believe themselves ugly and unworthy of love.

What biological utility has a wart? What is its role?

It is a small shield. For what…? To protect us.

Specifically, when we have been disrespected, when we have the feeling of having been attacked, wounded, criticized, dishonoured, for a comment, an insult, a despicable remark, a joke, which has nailed us as a barb; especially if it is done publicly, in front of our professional, family or friendly environment.

Wart in hands, palm and back: They usually appear when there is a conflicting activity related to the father or the paternal function. They reflect a lack of protection by the parent, especially at school, when the child receives a complaint by his/her teacher. It may be related to any offense suffered at school, especially if it has been accompanied by humiliating warnings. Example: conflict with writing: "You have to write well".

Similarly, it may indicate a devaluation conflict in relation to others.

"I've done worse than my teammates"

These warts usually appear when we are six and seven, in school years in which we learn to read and write and they can affect the thumb or index finger or the back of the hand.

You may also receive a wart on your hand after a "stain" conflict. "I've done something wrong" "I won and they have seen me"

In the palm of the hand: Conflict of being thrown out by the parent.

In the fingers: You need to check the meaning of each finger.

Warts on the soles of the feet are linked symbolically with the mother or the maternal role (can also refer to our roots: parents, grandparents, etc.) and we talk about a problem of union with the mother, with communication difficulties with disagreements and a permanent desire for recognition.

Conflict of being thrown out by the mother. Conflict spot in relation to the mother.

They can also express fear of the future or to change.

Devaluation in sports.

Warts on the face (self-image) may express that we do not like our traits, for example, our nose.

Conflict of aesthetics devaluation.

On the lips: I fear my parents are getting separated. A kiss or a word that embarrasses me.

Underarm: Conflict of separation from which I must protect with a tone of affection on the right side or the left opponent (for left-handed people, the opposite).

Eyelids: "I see no recognition to me"

In the arms: “I'm not good at my work or at the performance of my duties”.

In the neck: "I'm getting old"

Other conflicts that can generate warts:

Conflict stain with regret. Example: to have an unpleasant family, we have felt ashamed, soiled, stained.

Conflict of traumatic separation point.

Deep attack our dignity.

Recommendations to recover physical, emotional and spiritual health:

These people need to transform their hatred into love.

I resign to wait for others to validate or recognize me. I take my responsibility to recognize and love myself.

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They are the organs of vision. The mirror of the soul. They do not only collect impressions from the outside but also express any emotion and feeling that is experienced from the inside. Through the eyes, we recognize immediately emotions like anger, fear, or love. The eyes represent the ability that one has to approach life and see others. All eye diseases tell us of our inability to see life objectively, they highlight our view and our way of seeing things and situations as they really are.

Cornea: In the front of the eyeball there is a transparent membrane, like the glass of a watch, called the cornea. The cornea with the lens focuses the light entering the eye.

Keratitis (inflammation of the cornea), Conflict of visual separation:

"I lose eye contact with my beautiful girlfriend”

Conflict of forced contact: "I'm forced to see ... all day”

"I'm very upset, I have anger and courage for something I saw”

"I want to hit the first thing that I see".

"I want to harm...”

Herpetic keratoconjunctivitis: "What I see makes me dirty”

Keratoconus: Alteration of the curvature of the cornea, which takes a conical shape. If I have keratoconus in one or both eyes, necessarily, it means that I have lived a conflict in which I wanted or have actually achieved that people around me do not see what is inside me. I do not want to show that I am weak, vulnerable, kind, etc. Fear of being myself for fear of being rejected. Afraid to show my weaknesses. Inability to reveal my feelings.

Obsessed, I hide some of my personality. "I do not want others to see what is inside me” "What is inside should not be seen from outside".

"Nobody protects me from what I see. My eyes are put under a protective wing. "

Fear. Insecurity. Distrust. Shame.

Dry lachrymal glands: "Wanting to catch the eye". Fear of not being able to catch the moment, in the sense of not being able to see what we would like it to happen.

Conflict of inability to make one thing we like to see, that is, visually not catch/get something.

The absence of tears perhaps it may be because the person is prevented of mourning, he/she refuses to express his/her emotions.

"It is forbidden to mourn, to express feelings, to let someone else see them” Often, these are people who try to hide their great sensitivity because they are afraid of being taken advantage of them.

It may also be of angry eyes, who refuse to forgive, to look with love.

"I see all furiously, because they are not as I want to be".

"I see all furiously, because they do what I want to do"

"I'm disappointed and hurt".

Ulcers: Severe visual separation. "Losing someone from our view"

Scleritis: The sclera protects and maintains the shape of the eye.

Conflict of protection in a visual tone. Protection from what we see.

Devaluation by a (visual) territory that we are losing and we feel powerless to defend it (intolerable).

Chalazion: Meibomian gland is a cyst in the eyelid caused by inflammation of a blocked meibomian gland, located close to the lashes, usually on the upper eyelid. It differs from a sty that they are not painful.

A meibomian gland secretes the fatty substance of the tear film, which is a protection for the eye. There has been an excess of demand for protection, and this has blocked the duct.

Conflict spot by something I see, either abroad or in myself.

Devaluation conflict: Not wanting to see more of passive, childlike way.

Conflict of blindly trusting in something or someone who failed us: "I should be alert".

Conflicts with the vision we have of religion.

Dishonour conflict and separation: "It's wrong not to see him/her again"

Stye: Conflict of separation and dishonour and something we have seen and made us feel dirty.

"I've seen one thing I did not like anything"

"I feel dirty for something disgusting that I had to see"

"I have problems in my marriage or with my partner"

"I saw something that made me angry"

"I just like to see things that interest me"

Eye pain: We will not see what is happening. Pain causes us what we're seeing.

Attempt to escape from life as we accept see how it is.

Exophthalmia or large googly eyes: The muscles around the eyes are in a permanent state of shock, reflect an expression of fear experienced as a result of childhood experiences. Conflict dam which increases their visual field to see the danger coming and escape in time. "I must catch the image of danger as quickly as possible”

Blindness: Conflict of the ostrich. When it is afraid, an ostrich prefers not to see anything and hides its head under the sand; where everything is black, and cannot see anything, and solved, no problems!

Was it necessary to see the day?

Was it necessary to hide my presence in the mother's womb?

Because of a shock, trauma, etc., we refuse to see, in order to avoid confrontation with reality. We do not want to accept what the eyes tell us.

Eyelids: Conflict of motor function. You cannot see and not see, at the same time.

Blepharitis (inflammation of the eyelids): The eyelids are like a curtain that closes to protect from external aggression, to rest or not to see. Inflammation often comes from an anger for something that we are seeing and cause us pain. "That hurts my eyes”

Motor conflict: Related to the children, the neighbour, with our identity.

"I cannot see without being seen” "He's my son!".

There is disappointment or difficulty in something visual: "I do not want to see, I do not want to see...” related to the children or to something symbolically considered "childish" as a book, a painting, etc.

Our identity, what we want to be or what we want to and what we do not want to happen. We are not accepting some of our past and we see it again in the present. We had forgotten something, we see it again reflected in our children...

Conflict of "dirty vision" related to seduction. We want something but at the same time, we tried to stop ourselves. "I see something that stains me".

We prefer not to see the day that begins, not face life, for lack of ideas.

It can manifest itself in blepharitis those people who refuse to close the eyelids to rest or sleep, for their anxiety to see everything not granted.

Or those which, by excess of activity, and not having any help, nor have a deserved rest; which irritates them enough. We do not protect adequately against external aggression, that is to say, that we easily let ourselves be influenced by what we see.

Blepharoptosis or palpebral ptosis (drooping eyelids) is the manifestation of great sadness ... as when the curtain is lowered.

Conflict of impotence for something we see. Refusing to look at this world considered as childish and immature. Resignation.

Conflict of "danger". Not being able to see things that seem horrible, ugly or aggressive: "I cannot go back to see my son, my country, etc”.

In women, it usually appears in the left eye and speaks of apathy and sadness, in her marital relations, having chosen a husband who disappoints her. It may also indicate a problem with the child.

Similarly you can refer another person to which you want to avoid seeing.

"You can see and not see at once” "We cannot see without being seen”

Ectropion: The eyelid (most frequently, the bottom one) is folded or twisted in the opposite direction the eye surface. This causes dryness and irritation of the conjunctiva of the eyelid.

Open your eyes to maintain a vision on the environment.

Conflict of fear of being alone or abandoned by something we see or related to the vision of something.

Conflict of fear of death, what lies beyond, to sense everything (spiritual vision).

Terrible conflict and ambiguous relationship with the father or whoever performs the paternal function on us.

Entropion: It is the investment of an edge of an eyelid, causing the eyelashes to rub against the eye. In most cases it is observed in the lower eyelid.

We close our eyes to not see something unpleasant.

Separation conflict, being ignored.

Controversy vision of something that is attacking us.

Conflict of relationship with the people around me, because the people who matter most to me (parents and family) have not looked after me enough and have not put their attention on me. I have not had physical signs of affection.

Gravis: Conflict of impotence for something we see.

Trichiasis: The tabs are bent towards the eye irritating the conjunctiva.

Separation conflict and guilt.

We maintain our view of biased way, because we feel guilty of "seeing or being seen”

Conflict of the father’s protection.

Amblyopia: Amblyopia, also called lazy eye, is defined as a decrease in visual acuity without there being any organic injury to justify it.

Conflict: "I want to join what I see separately”

Nystagmus or ocular parkinson: To some extent, it is a kind of parkinson disease in the eye. Controversy wipers. Nystagmus is an involuntary and uncontrolled eye movement. The movement can be horizontal, vertical, rotary, oblique or a combination of these.

Nystagmus is associated with a malfunction in brain areas that are responsible for controlling movement. Those affected with nystagmus often put their head in an abnormal position to improve their vision, annulling as possible the effect produced by the movement of the eyes.

Emotional conflict: "I cannot look straight things, the danger comes from different parts". "I do not know where to look" "Survival depends on my balance; I have to stay stable" "I must watch the entire width of my territory".

Retina: The retina is the layer of light-sensitive found in the inner back of the eye and acts like the film in a camera: images pass through the lens of the eye and are focused on the retina. The retina then converts these images into electrical signals and sends them via the optic nerve to the brain. The retina is normally red due to its rich blood supply.

Retinal detachment: Intense Conflict, visual image of stress. Example: The child falls off before our eyes. The adult feels horror at such image, but the view is protected.

The retina prints... "I do not want to print what I have seen” "Feeling of having seen something terrible” A small child who does not have this protection mechanism, remains fascinated by the horrible things he/she sees. When we are struck, the child prints the image on his/her retina. Later, with all his/her stress concentrated in vision, he/she will suffer a retinal detachment.

Fear that comes from behind. What can fall on me? "The danger is coming from behind”

Macular retinopathy: This is the alteration of the capillaries of the macula (the central retina).

Stop seeing a person or thing irreversibly.

"Seeing a family member die".

Retinitis pigmentosa: Too much pigment in the retina. Melanin accumulates in the back of the eye. It is the visual equivalent of melanoma: vision of horror, ugly, nasty, with stain vision. "I've seen my father/mother with another".

Colour blindness: It consists of not seeing a colour, the relationship with a fact that is stressful. Example: alcoholic father, addicted to red wine. Red = horror, fear.

Recommendations to recover physical, emotional and spiritual health:

What don’t I want to see? Am I able to see things as they are?

Am I afraid to see things clearly? What aspect of my personality do I close my eyes with?

We must be tolerant of what we see around us.

We must be aware that nothing will change in our lives refusing to see.

Any problem in the view is a message of our soul, which warns of an error in our learning and prevents us from realizing our life plan.

The eyes are to see both what we like what we dislike.

We must develop the ability to put ourselves in the place of another, to grasp the reality of his/her view and better understand the basics of their actions.

If the problem affects the right eye, will be related to the symbolism Yin (the mother). It represents my identity. It is the eye of recognition of emotion (which shows my affections). Memorize. Compare the known and unknown faces. It represents the recognition they give to others. It is related to our parents, our children, friends, etc.

If it is the left eye which is affected, it is related to the symbolism Yang (the father). It is the eye that directs the movement. Look at enemies. Look how far to shoot. It is the eye that warns us of any threats near and defends us from danger.

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LYMPH NODES, emotional and spiritual meaning:

They are small bumps that are distributed throughout the lymphatic system. Involved in defending the body against infection. Symbolically, they can be considered as the "body police".

The lymphadenopathy (swelling of a lymph node) appears after a violent emotional reaction we have retained. We have been attacked and have the feeling of not knowing or not being able to defend ourselves. It is an accumulation of disappointments caused by a person or a situation.

"I feel attacked, trapped in a corner”

"I need to defend myself, I have to protect a strange thing"

Lymphs may indicate a personal devaluation, accompanied by a feeling of anguish, not feeling able to be opened in the relationships.

Lymphocytes: Conflict of anticipatory fear. In each area we have the conflict that protection zone added to its symbolism:

Groin: Angst by that inguinal region.

Left Armpit (right-handed people): Conflict of devaluation in the broadest sense. Conflict of the mother (or father)/child in relation to being a bad parent. "I'm a bad mother”

Inability to fight because of a large, bleeding or in relation to a blood transfusion (the unconscious does not distinguish between blood leaking by bleeding or transfusion) wound. Conflict of diagnostic of blood cancer.

Right Armpit (right-handed people): Conflict related to the couple. He/she is a bad companion, I see him/her as a threat. Conflict also being thrown out of the way, have chosen the wrong path or having bet on the wrong horse.

En los zurdos, sería los mismos conflictos, sino todo lo contrario.

ganglios linfáticos nobles (glándulas en el cuello): Conflicto de miedo a la enfermedad o de una amenaza (para tener el cuchillo en el cuello). Conflicto de miedo masculino, de ataque frontal, donde existe una gran dificultad para afrontar el peligro presentado.

persona diestra:

El miedo a lo que viene de mi cuerpo. Vivido de una manera femenina, (mujer u hombre zurdo) que sería un conflicto de miedo indefensa de una emergencia, sin derecho a defenderse de los ataques.

"Tengo miedo de lo que viene de mi cuerpo" (mordeduras de animales, etc.)

conflicto real o simbólica en relación con "el poder no confiar en nuestro cuerpo, para no tener él / ella” "Simbólicamente, que podría ser el 'personal médico, policía, bomberos, etc.'.

"No puedo apoyarme en mi cuerpo”

"No puedo contar con mi cuerpo”

Zurdo persona:

"No tengo derecho a defenderme”

"No acepto a mí mismo / odio mi cuerpo”

"He dicho algo insoportable”

Para la identificación: "Siendo que yo quiero y tengo que proteger está enfermo, y eso es peor que si yo estaba enfermo".

Los ganglios mononucleosis: Conflicto de miedo frontal del ataque inminente, la confrontación.

Linfoma no Hodgkin: Es conflictos devaluación global del individuo.

miedo frontal de la enfermedad.

Miedo de salir de donde nos sentimos protegidos para enfrentar una pelea.

Células de leucemia de Burkitt o: afecta principalmente a personas muy jóvenes.

La devaluación conflicto con la culpa y la desesperación en el plano amoroso y sexual. "La inseguridad relacionada con el miedo emocional”

Conflicto de dificultad para hacer frente a una situación que lleva secretos.

Recomendaciones para recuperar la salud física, emocional y espiritual:

¿Qué o quién es lo que necesita para defenderse de tanta vehemencia?

Qué / Quién es el enemigo?

Es posible hacer de la lucha contra uno mismo. Hay una parte de ti que no admiten que no lo acepta, puede ser su inutilidad?

Se parte de reconocer e integrar esta parte dentro de su ser.

Tienes que ser consciente de que es imposible, y que no le conviene, quiere controlar todas las situaciones y para todas las demás personas.

Para interactuar, lo mejor es mostrar como eres y no quiere ser de otra manera.

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Anything Can Be Healed!

When an individual who has been out of balance has made the decision to return to balance, they must make it a high priority project. Nothing else must be more important. Particularly in the case of a catastrophic illness, the return to health necessarily becomes more important than family, friends, or job. When there has been the recognition of a path to health, nothing must interfere with that path. The development and maintenance of a positive mental attitude is imperative.

Each of us is a self-organizing autonomous system of consciousness. Each of us is an energy system. Energy flows through our Being, and is directed by our consciousness. This energy is in a state of movement, flow, and in a healthy organism the energy is harmonious, and flows smoothly. When the flow of this energy is blocked or interrupted, it is experienced by the organism as an imbalance, and the organism’s tendency is to return to balance and harmony, to return to health. This tendency toward harmony is an aspect of love.

All illness, all injury, is energy blocked or interrupted, or a call for love. Each of us, including you, the reader, has the ability to sense energy, detect it, and direct it.

Ultimately, any energy block can be released by your consciousness. It is not a question of whether it can be done, but rather how it can be done.

Within your Being, within your consciousness, is the ability to love, to perceive without judgment or expectation, to care. You have a potential for infinite love, whether or not you choose to recognize it, and whether or not you choose to manifest it. In fact, this love is the very nature of your Being.

You have the ability to love wherever there was a perception of a lack of love, or a call for love. Love heals.

You have in your consciousness the potential and ability to heal anything, on any level, in yourself as well as in any other Being, since it’s all just love and energy. What remains is for you to realize this fully and actualize that potential.

Anything can be healed.

You can heal anything.

© Copyright 1988 Martin Brofman

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Is the Ego Your Friend or Foe?

It’s common to hear people on a spiritual path saying that you need to destroy or erase the ego. However, while you have a physical body, it’s necessary to have an ego just as much as you have a mind and intellect. Rather than focusing on eliminating the ego, your aim should be to balance it so it acts in harmony with all your other layers of life.

In terms of evolution, the non-local Absolute manifests the Jiva or individual soul. The individual soul brings with it the karma for this lifetime and creates the ego to help facilitate this. From the ego emerge the intellect, the mind, and your physical world as projections of your karmic tendencies. The karmic curse is that we have forgotten who we really are and instead, the ego creates all the stories, labels, and roles of who we think we are. Thus the ego knows us intimately and, if left to its own devices, becomes the director of our life story.

A Closer Look at the Ego

Up until the age of about two, the ego is fairly dormant. Then, all of a sudden the word “mine” is discovered. Even though this may be challenging for those around you, you enter the period when the ego plays an important role in your life. As you grow, the ego supports you in your education, career, starting a family, and generally establishing your life. The ego loves to organize things, but unfortunately, it also loves to control not only your life but also the world around you.

If not managed, this negative side of the ego manifests as arrogance, pride, vanity, judgements, and prejudices. In the more extreme cases, it emerges as the need to control, the lust for power, fanaticism, or an obsession with materialism. Unfortunately, many people forego a more spiritual approach to life and become stuck with these seductive qualities of the ego. This leads to one definition of ego as being Edging God Out!

Those of us who have begun to realize that there is more to life than materialism will sooner or later embark on a spiritual journey that will eventually take us “home.” However, this is a time when the ego can be most troublesome. The ego likes to be in charge to control, whereas your spiritual practices are to break you out of boundaries and live in freedom. When you first start your sadhana(spiritual practice), the ego doesn’t take much notice. It thinks, “It was that new diet last month and the exercise program the month before, this won’t last either.” However, as you continue and become regular with your meditation, yoga asana, etc., the ego starts to grow nervous.

The driving force within the ego is fear and, if you allow it, the ego will install fear into all areas of your life. Any greed, lust, intolerance, and anger are based in fear, and guess who’s behind it all? The ego. The ego knows all your weaknesses, your repressed desires, and your areas of denial, and it will use them against you, to knock you off your spiritual path.

Most of the doubts and worries you encounter are ego-based:

“Am I doing it correctly?”

“Am I on the right path?”

“Does this teacher know what he/she is talking about?”

Even simple thoughts like, “I don’t have enough time” or “When will the meditation be over” have been subtly slipped in by the ego

Now this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use your common sense but, when these types of thoughts or doubts arise, ask yourself, “Is this my Higher Self or my ego talking?” Maharishi Mahesh Yogi used to say, “When doubts arise, first doubt the doubter.” The doubter is usually the ego.

While your techniques themselves are effortless, as you progress on your path, it’s important to remain focused, vigilant, and disciplined in your approach to them. As long as you have a physical body, an ego will be with you. When the karma for this lifetime has been exhausted, the body ceases to exist and with it the ego. A new ego will be born with a new incarnation, again as a reflection of the karmic contract for that lifetime.

Even after Enlightenment, some trace of ego still remains. In the Vedas, this is called Lesha-Vidya or the “left over seeds of bad habits.” An enlightened teacher must be very aware of this so he/she doesn’t fall prey to spiritual pride and arrogance. In the early stages of Samadhi, the yogi may gain new and exciting qualities and yogic powers. If these are recognized as merely a part of the journey and treated with humility, he/she will progress to the higher levels of Samadhi. However, if they are used to control and manipulate, the ego takes over becoming like a “hungry ghost.” Such a yogi may gain temporary power and fame but won’t progress spiritually and will ultimately sow the seeds of his/her own downfall. This is why Vedanta tells us to, “Seek the company of those who seek enlightenment but run from those who claim to have found it.”

How to Manage the Ego

To manage the ego, then, you need to live your life consciously. Be aware of your choices and why you are making them. Be aware of the effects your choices have on others. There’s an Arab proverb which says:

The words of the tongue should have three gatekeepers.

Before words get past the lips, the first gatekeeper asks, “Is this true?” That stops a lot of traffic immediately. But if the words get past the first gatekeeper, there is a second who asks, “Is it kind?” And for those words that qualify here too, the last gatekeeper asks, “Is it necessary?”

You may have heard the expression that someone has a “big ego.” Actually, it’s the opposite. People who stamp around with their chests puffed out have very small egos that are fighting for their lives, like a cornered wild animal. Love your ego, play with it, have fun with it, make it your friend and do not take it seriously. Seriousness is the ego playing the victim. Teach your ego humility through selfless service and compassion. When you love your ego, it will expand and cease to feel threatened. When the fear is removed, the ego will take its rightful place and become your biggest supporter on the path to enlightenment.

By Roger Gabriel (Raghavanand)

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Sudden movement of expulsion of air from the lungs due to discomfort of the throat. The definition refers to that cough without an apparent reason that occurs at certain times of day to day or chronically (several or many times every day).

Coughing symbolizes the expression of emotions or thoughts that have been repressed.

Conflict of territory.

Separation conflict of oneself by enemies who want to own my territory or to own me.

Conflict reject something or someone.

Coughing serves to reject something that we have inside (airways and lungs, our territory), an attacker who must be expelled.

Most of the time it is related to something we have said or that we have been said and that "has angered us" because we are very irritable and very critical with ourselves, and with others. When the cough is chronic, we mean that "we are supporting" someone who constantly irritates us: our spouse, mother, father, our leader, a friend, a co-worker, etc. It can be a person who constantly mocks us and tells us what to do and how to do it, or is someone that tells you never do what they say or do as they want.

"I see or hear something that irritates me”

"The other is inside me".

"I have no right to speak firmly”

"This what they have told me has made me feel dumb”

Dry or irritating cough is a violent reaction of irritation and rejection, it is always because of external situations that have bothered us: An intruder, an unexpected visit, an order, which we refuse to do, be in a place that cannot stand, lack of space, cigarette smoke, being with people who I do not accept, etc.

It may also indicate that we are suffering a significant outside pressure and do not know how to handle that situation.

The wet or productive cough is manifested in external situations that besides bother us, make us sad, or someone who criticized us, someone who hurt us, who offended us, or something that we could not solve, etc.

It is the sign that the aggressors have been prisoners within. Or that we have accumulated many things, many critics or negative thoughts that we could not say. We spit to eject what attacks us, despair, and inner anguish, difficult to express it.

Persistent cough crisis, it is actually a desire to bark at the world, wishes to be heard and taken into account or to shut up. It's our way of saying, "Hey, I deserve respect and attention, I am here and I am able to think and decide by myself”

Pertussis or compulsive cough: Conflict of separation and fear of death. Conflict of permanent dispute with the father because of my limits and yours.

Recommendations to recover physical, emotional and spiritual health:

Whenever we cough, we need to stop for a second and see what we were thinking seconds before coughing. We have to pay attention to how many times a day we criticize or we do not accept ourselves as we are. We need to recognize who or what circumstances make us criticize. We have to become aware of emotional irritation within us and learn to be tolerant with ourselves in the same way that we want the others were.

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SCIATICA, emotional and spiritual meaning:

Pain that occurs in the course of the sciatic nerve (from the sacrum to below the knee through the back of the leg). It is due to mechanical pressure or nerve inflammation.

Conflict of impotence and devaluation of the direction.

Anxiety related to a displacement or movement that hinders or forces us.

Conflict over having to bow before a person or situation.

Fear of the future and lack of material goods, insecurity before everything yet to come.

Resentment, repressed anger, rejection to something or someone.

The function of sciatic nerve inflammation is to prevent relative information from advancing freely reaching its destination (leg muscles). To avoid taking the step, to walk or to go to someone.

Sciatica pain expresses anger, grief, sadness and a sense of loss.

You can make different interpretations depending on the area of the ​​nerve where the pain is more intense, for example, if the pain is stronger in the buttock (body part that symbolizes power, feel well "settled") we express the pain and the fear we lose our power (money, prestige, position, etc.) and stop feeling like a valuable person.

If the pain is more intense in the thigh (support for projects) or leg (forward, go towards others) it tells us that we are afraid to deal with a situation that highlights our insecurity, (separation, loss work, money, etc.).

As the leg speaks of relationship, an inflammation of the sciatic nerve in it, it may be because we have felt betrayed or abandoned by family or friends, in which we relied, or may express some form of guilt for having behaved hypocrite with someone in our immediate environment way.

When the sciatic nerve is inflamed it may indicate that we are afraid to make a change.

"Fear of going forward in a new direction, a new path that life has given us”

We have become accustomed to our old beliefs or habits, a certain way of living, which brings us some stability and we are not willing to leave.

It can also get worse when we feel anger toward someone who is humble and do not want to submit. Rather, we would like to give him/her a good kick, but we repress our aggression and it just stays in intention.

Similarly, we can suffer from sciatica, those who support excessive responsibilities, accepting any order and are unable to say "no", for fear that they do not want. Most of the time, are individuals with lack of self-confidence.

Sciatica can also be manifested by a conflict related to sexuality.

-Sexuality outside the norm.

-Prohibition of incest.

If it affects the right buttock is rather an affective conflict. If, however, the origin is in the left buttock, it refers to professional or economic conflict.

Finally, the most pains from sciatica indicate a conflict of fear of the future related to lack of money, fear of not having enough financial means to pay for our house, our food, in other words, to live quietly.

Most people with sciatica often appear to be abundant and prosperous, secure their income, but at the moment of truth, they feel a deep fear of not having resources, money, that is, to stay poor.

As a result they generate resentment, aggression and rejection towards themselves and towards others.

Right leg: "Fear of not having money to cope with the financial needs" "I'm spending a lot of my savings".

It is a "disgruntled" emotion. On the one hand we buy something we need, but inwardly we object to make that expense.

Left leg: "Not being able to give everything in the material plane, to the people we love" "I would like to have more money to support my parents"

"I would like to pay college to my brother or share home with my sister"

It is a "disgruntled" emotion. On the one hand, we would like to spend on something that needs a loved one, but at the same time something inside us tells us not to do, for fear that we run out of money.

If sciatica is related to the vertebrae L5-S1, it expresses that we are living in a conflict related to our collaterals (siblings, cousins, friends, co-workers) coupled with a topic related to "the sacred" (conception, birth, death, parenthood, grandparent).

"I must pay the funeral of my grandfather"

"I pay my grandson's christening"

When sciatica affects the lumbar vertebrae L4 and L5, it expresses conflicts by rules (the "right", "normal", "usual"), with our collaterals (siblings, cousins, friends, co-workers).

"I'm not like the others”

"I must support my mother”

"I pay my sister's school”

Recommendations to recover physical, emotional and spiritual health:

Awareness of attachment to material goods without feeling guilty. It is something human. When we trust in our ability to meet our needs, material attachment disappears.

"I am a rich and prosperous person. I rely on the abundance of the Universe"

"I need to understand that the more I give, the more I receive"

"I feel secure and safe"

Realize the overload situation to compensate for their lack of confidence and security and not to fall into it.

Make a refocusing, a change, and move inside.

Transmute humiliation humility and try to be honest with oneself and with others.

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Why does my body gets sick?

I’m sure that you’ve heard about the human body being a perfect self regulating machine.  For example, our bodies take care of keeping the glucose levels in our blood in optimum condition. When glucose levels get high, the body creates insulin that transforms the sugar in the blood into energy, and when it gets too low, the body will let us know by creating dizziness or a feeling of sickness so that we can eat something. All of this is the result of the body’s self regulation system: It is not necessary to think in order to make our hearts beat, or to make our hair and nails grow. Our body takes care of all that by itself. We aren’t conscious of this process. In other words, we are unconscious.

Our psyche works very much the same way, as it also regulates our stress level. So if at a psycho-emotional level we are living a difficult situation (it doesn’t need to be difficult to others but we perceive it as difficult to us) and this pressure exceeds our limit of stress, our psyche will self regulate by utilizing our bodies to create a psychosomatic response that will shift the stress from the psyche  into  the body, which in time will be somatize in the form of an illness or physical symptoms.

Therefore, if we can understand this, we will also understand that the disease is not something that comes at random, but has a precise biological meaning, and is born of a psycho-emotional conflict.

Carl Jung, a well known Swiss Psychologist, said that “disease is the effort made by nature to heal a man”. In other words, disease is the way our biological system tells us of a psycho – emotional conflict, thus giving us the opportunity to heal. In this “new” paradigm, disease stops being something “bad” that we must appease, and becomes a message or a metaphor that represents the emotional conflict experienced.

Here there’s a story that illustrates this:

A man goes to eat regularly at his mother-in-law’s house with his wife. He usually doesn’t like going since his mother-in-law always judges him for not having a steady job. So he keeps going just to make his wife happy. He gets to the house, and while they are eating dinner, his mother-in-law begins talking about her daughter’s ex-boyfriend, to whom she was engaged before. She expresses her admiration for him and his successful career as an medical doctor. The mother- in-law ends up saying, “what bad luck you’ve had, my dear daughter, in marrying this one instead of that one!” One hour later, the man ends up in the hospital with gastroenteritis.

What is the reason for gastroenteritis?

Let’s take a look at the gastroenteritis symptoms: stomach ache, diarrhea, and vomit. Gastroenteritis comes from a virus and typically, it is said that it comes because we ate something that has gone bad. But other people ate the same thing…. or almost the same and no one else got sick. What did this man eat that was different? For him it was the “condiment” that his mother-in-law added to his meal with her words. So when this man has diarrhea, his small intestine (in charge of absorption and assimilation of nutrients) refuses to absorb and assimilate the nutrients (words) coming from his mother in law; furthermore, he wants to get rid of them, so he gets diarrhea. Once we become aware of the emotional conflict that brought upon a symptom or illness, we have the capacity to solve the problem by changing the way we live and feel about the situation. That is, we don’t have to change the situation, but rather change the way in which we live and feel about it. When we do that, we become coherent with whatever we are living, and that situation will not create an emotional conflict or symptom. But this isn’t always easy, and maybe the person doesn’t feel able, at least for now, to change his or her perception. It is possible that at the moment the person doesn’t know how to live the situation in any other way.

In that case, in order to reach the level of coherence necessary to help reduce psycho emotional stress, one needs to move into action. This means that we need to move in a different direction and do what feels right or necessary to do even if our new direction is not approved by many.

In our story: has the man created gastroenteritis because of his mother in law? The answer is no. He created the illness because of the way in which he took the criticism and comparison made by his mother-in-law. He could have understood why his mother-in-law was doing that and not have gotten upset at all. Difficult? Maybe. But we also have another way of being coherent: Stop going to have dinner at his mother-in-law’s place, even though this decision could not be socially approved and he could be judged as a bad person.

This option is only valid if I am not feeling resentment, if I am at peace with her. Because if I continue to blame her for what she says or thinks (I am still judging her), I could still get gastroenteritis or something else. Remember that the subconscious mind doesn’t distinguish between real or virtual events, that is, whatever you imagine that is happening or will happen for your subconscious mind is already happening.

In short, our emotional and biological health go hand in hand. To keep our health, not only must we be capable of adapting to any situation, we also need to develop our capacity for coherence and sow in our hearts the seed of understanding and forgiveness.


Saúl Pérez Sánchez

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