WARTS, emotional and spiritual meaning:

A wart is a hard bump (benign tumour) in the skin caused by a virus. They are of variable shape and size, often painless unless pressed, and are, more often, in the hands or in the feet.

Warts mainly affect to self-critical people and, therefore, very sensitive to reproaches and to any type of aggression; and people who believe themselves ugly and unworthy of love.

What biological utility has a wart? What is its role?

It is a small shield. For what…? To protect us.

Specifically, when we have been disrespected, when we have the feeling of having been attacked, wounded, criticized, dishonoured, for a comment, an insult, a despicable remark, a joke, which has nailed us as a barb; especially if it is done publicly, in front of our professional, family or friendly environment.

Wart in hands, palm and back: They usually appear when there is a conflicting activity related to the father or the paternal function. They reflect a lack of protection by the parent, especially at school, when the child receives a complaint by his/her teacher. It may be related to any offense suffered at school, especially if it has been accompanied by humiliating warnings. Example: conflict with writing: "You have to write well".

Similarly, it may indicate a devaluation conflict in relation to others.

"I've done worse than my teammates"

These warts usually appear when we are six and seven, in school years in which we learn to read and write and they can affect the thumb or index finger or the back of the hand.

You may also receive a wart on your hand after a "stain" conflict. "I've done something wrong" "I won and they have seen me"

In the palm of the hand: Conflict of being thrown out by the parent.

In the fingers: You need to check the meaning of each finger.

Warts on the soles of the feet are linked symbolically with the mother or the maternal role (can also refer to our roots: parents, grandparents, etc.) and we talk about a problem of union with the mother, with communication difficulties with disagreements and a permanent desire for recognition.

Conflict of being thrown out by the mother. Conflict spot in relation to the mother.

They can also express fear of the future or to change.

Devaluation in sports.

Warts on the face (self-image) may express that we do not like our traits, for example, our nose.

Conflict of aesthetics devaluation.

On the lips: I fear my parents are getting separated. A kiss or a word that embarrasses me.

Underarm: Conflict of separation from which I must protect with a tone of affection on the right side or the left opponent (for left-handed people, the opposite).

Eyelids: "I see no recognition to me"

In the arms: “I'm not good at my work or at the performance of my duties”.

In the neck: "I'm getting old"

Other conflicts that can generate warts:

Conflict stain with regret. Example: to have an unpleasant family, we have felt ashamed, soiled, stained.

Conflict of traumatic separation point.

Deep attack our dignity.

Recommendations to recover physical, emotional and spiritual health:

These people need to transform their hatred into love.

I resign to wait for others to validate or recognize me. I take my responsibility to recognize and love myself.


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