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Manifesting Your Christ Self By Steven Hutchinson


I Am That I Am. I Am The Christ Consciousness.  I Am The Mahatma Consciousness. I bring you now this message of Love, and with your permission, I fill your Whole Being now with the Highest Divine Love of The Christ & Mahatma Consciousness, (and the word 'Christ' in this context does not  refer to any person or being or just refers to a Consciousness that brings you the highest Divine Love from the Creator!....and 'The Mahatma Consciousness helps you put that Divine Love to good use in your life!)

I bring you now the Joy of your Soul, and of your Highest Divine Self. I bring you now the Bliss of Mother Divine, & the Divine Peace of the Holy Spirit. I bring you now to the open door in the innermost chamber of your heart, & I invite you inside. Enter now to let yourself experience the Divine Fullness Of the Christ Consciousness Love within the innermost chamber of your heart.


I invite you now to let the Christ Consciousness Love expand throughout every particle of your body. Feel the divine healing that is taking place within you.....and feel the vibrant life & health that is vibrating now thru every particle of your body. Feel the joy dancing in every cell.


And now let your awareness be in your emotional body & allow The Christ Consciousness Love & Joy to fill your emotional body completely. Feel the lightness of God's Love & Joy manifesting throughout your emotional body.


And now I invite you to bring your awareness into your mental body, & allow The Christ Consciousness Love & Light to expand completely throughout your mental body.

Start consciously following your in-breath & out-breath, and allow yourself to relax and let go of any thoughts about your life. Just follow your breathing and feel now the space between your thoughts.

Allow your mind to expand into the Divine Silence between thoughts...allow your mind to expand into The Christ Consciousness Presence & Love between thoughts....allow your mind to expand into The Christ Consciousness Peace between thoughts.


And now I invite you to allow your heart & mind to open to The Christ Consciousness Bliss between thoughts. Feel the waves of Divine Bliss arising now between thoughts.

Allow your vibrations to rise now with each wave of Bliss arising between thoughts. Allow yourself to experience now the qualities of The Christ Consciousness arising between thoughts....the Highest Divine Love... Peace... Joy... Happiness... Bliss... and Abundance. 

Feel your whole Being vibrating now with The Christ Consciousness Energies. Allow yourself to experience the joy... the Bliss...the Love In this Divine 5th Dimensional Energy. Allow your heart to open & expand in this 5th Dimensional Energy.

We ask you now to allow your mind & awareness to go deeper within this The Christ Consciousness Energy. Allow your awareness to expand throughout your etheric body. Feel The Christ Consciousness l Energy vibrating now throughout your subtle body, & become aware now of any areas in your subtle body where you do not feel the The Christ Consciousness Energy flowing freely. 


Now direct The Golden Christ Consciousness Energy to flow into all of these areas of blockage. along with the Mahatma Consciousness Energy...these Divine Energies are now rotating counterclockwise, in, thru, & around all areas of blockage. Allow yourself to feel & see everything in the blockage spinning out and back to Source. Allow yourself to feel the areas that were blocked vibrating again freely in the The Christ Consciousness

Allow your awareness to expand now into your emotional body, & feel the The Christ Consciousness l Energy vibrating & flowing now throughout your emotional body. And again, allow yourself to become aware of any areas in the emotional body where The Christ Consciousness l Energy is not flowing freely.


Now direct the The Golden Christ Consciousness Energy along with The Mahatma Consciousness Energy  to flow into all areas of blockage in the emotional body, & spin out everything not of the Light back to Source. Allow the healing of each blockage to take as long as needed with you becoming aware of anything you need to know in this process of release. And feel now and experience The Christ Consciousness & Mahatma Consciousness  Energies flowing freely in, thru, & around your Whole Being.

Now, let your awareness expand throughout your mental body, & allow yourself to feel The Christ Consciousness & Mahatma Consciousness Energies flowing throughout your mental body. Allow yourself to experience the clarity of your mind. Allow your mind to expand into 5th Dimensional Awareness...into Cosmic Christ Awareness.


Allow yourself to become aware of any blocks to The Christ Consciousness Energy  flowing throughout your mental body. Now direct The Christ Consciousness & the Mahatma Energies to spin out everything not of the Light in the mental body...spinning out everything not of God's Love back to into Gaia's Crystalline Grid. 

And, as The Christ Consciousness & Mahatma Energies are clearing the blocks, allow yourself to become aware of any beliefs, attitudes, thoughts, or habits that were responsible for creating the blocks, & ask these to be released as well in these Divine Energies. And again, allow yourself to feel The Christ Consciousness  & Mahatma Energies flowing freely again throughout your mental body.

And now we allow the mind to transcend the mental body.... to transcend all 4 bodies & Be with Spirit and relax in the Divine Silence... Be with the God Self... Be The Christ Consciousness   Love....Be in The Christ Consciousness Bliss.


Allow your mind to merge completely with your God Self. Allow your self to experience your True Divine Self fully. Allow your mind to merge now with your 'I Am Presence'....& allow your mind to merge with The Christ Consciousness ...and to merge with 'The Mahatma Consciousness'........


And now transmit to the Planetary Crystalline Grid everything you have received.....send all of the Divine Love & Light & Joy & Bliss & Sacred Fire Love throughout Gaia & to the 'I Am Presence' of every human being.

And know and experience now that you are loved beyond measure....that you are lifted on the wings of the Angelic Crystalline Being of Golden White Light that you are.

And we thank You Mother/Father/God for all the Infinite Blessings of Divine Love, Light, & Abundance....and we Thank our Soul for helping us embody and use in our daily lives all of the energies and qualities of the Christ Consciousness that we have received from this transmission & that we continue to receive as you remember Your Divine Presence within your heart in every moment, just as I, the Mahatma, keep your Divine Presence Overlighted in my heart.

And So It Manifests ! ! !

 Video: "Manifesting Your Christ Self By Steven Hutchinson"

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Finding my way home.

Sometimes I feel like I have no purpose here. I am not suicidal or anything, but as I look to the stars, I feel a sense of missing where I am from before I was sent to earth. Just wish I could go just to visit at least and get some sense of peace. 

The people of earth who are not us are evil, mean, will step on you and push you aside. People are bad to each other, there is no love, I myself haven't found my mate. Somehow we got separated along the way and I can't find her. I don't like being alone like this too.

The water is polluted no matter how much it is filtered, the air is contaminated and there is too much addiction. I would like to feel pure and clean. The earth is slowly being poisoned and these leaders in our Government are not for people like us. Even when they get hold of technology stolen from aircraft, they want to use it against each other. Like someone wants to make a name for themselves by destroying the earth. ( ie; My Penis is bigger than yours)..

I seen the tree of life in the sky in my dreams and feel something will happen soon. I dreamed a bomb came from the sky and hit the ground, but didn't go off. Trump and another man were arguing over who fired first. I looked to my left and a heard of buffalo ran down off the hill and I saw the White Buffalo. "You will be like us one day, No More"... The White Buffalo said. Meaning there will be no more human beings and we all will be dead if we do not start taking responsibility for things and straightening up the mess that was made through the centuries. 

I hope I find my way home before things get really bad. Even though I try to make them changes and help others to make changes, I feel I am fighting a losing battle with that. I want to go home.

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