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All of the prayer affirmations below have the Creator's Loving Presence & Power & Creative Intelligence embedded in them to help you feel, manifest, and embody what is being affirmed, (either healing or spiritual upliftment). I recommend affirming them out loud when you are ready to meditate. You may also want to pause for a few moments with some of the affirmations and just be fully conscious in the moment & breathe in the divine energy.
Unbounded Blessings of Love & Light to all,
1. My mind & my Whole Being are united in Oneness & Unity in every moment with all aspects of the Creator. I Am experiencing Divine Peace & Harmony on all levels of my Being in every moment. The Creator & the Golden Christ Light are embodied in my Whole Being & in every cell in my body. My Whole Being, including every beautiful cell, is radiating the Creator's Perfection & Christ Light in Love, Joy, and Happiness in every moment..... I Am - & You Are - The Christ Consciousness. The Supreme Intelligence of God & Christ Consciousness governs, guides, & guards every cell in my body as well my Whole Being while continually manifesting the Creator's Perfection in me & through me. My mind & the Divine Intelligence in every cell of my body is united in Oneness with this Supreme Intelligence & Christ Consciousness, & this Divine Energy is anchored in my Solar Plexus Chakra.The Creator's Divine Energy and Creative Intelligence continually flows in me & thru me, creating in every moment my healthy body & 5th Dimensional Self & my reality that's always unfolding harmoniously & in Divine Grace in the Creator's Perfection.Thank You God And So It Is
 2. I Am united in Oneness & Unity With Gaia (Mother Earth). I Am continually sending the Creator's Love & Light to Gaia & to Mother/Father/God, and continually receiving Love & Light from Gaia & Mother/Father/God. My Whole Being is grounded in every moment on Gaia & in the heart chakra of Gaia & God thru my Golden grounding cord..... My Golden, Platinum, & Magenta Nets of Protection always keep my Whole Being protected from all vibrations & activity not of God's Light & Love.....My Mind & my Whole Being are centered & anchored in the Divine Stillness & Love & Peace of the Creator in my Higher Heart Chakra in every moment. Anchored in this Divine Stillness in my Higher Heart Chakra, I Am continually & smoothly flowing in a River of The Creator's Golden Christ Light. I Am perfectly aligned with the Energies of the Divine Flow of the Creator's Christ Light as I breathe the Divine Energies into my Whole Being with my every breath... I Am always manifesting the Creator's Love & Will, & Creativity & Power in me & thru me for the highest good of all! I Am the Perfection of the Creator embodied as an Angelic Divine Human in a healthy 5th dimensional body. I Am the Miracle Energy of the Creator embodied & manifesting fully in me & thru me Now ! My Whole Being exists in a state of loving acceptance & surrender to the activity of every wave of this Divine Light of the Creator that continually performs its intelligent functions throughout my Whole Being. Thank You God! And So It Is!
3.I ask my Divine Self & AA Metatron to activate & maintain the Prism of Light Healing Chamber around me, (or in my sacred ashram). Assisted & guided by My Divine Self & AA Metatron, I Am fully aligned with & continually experience the highest vibrational relationships with the Angelic Kingdom & AA Metatron. And assisted again by my Divine Self and the Divine Beings helping me - my Whole Being is now aligned to the Prism of Light Healing Energies at the purest vibrations of the Angelic Kingdom, and this divinely perfect alignment is maintained in every moment. Through my heart chakra & higher heart chakra, I enter into the Prism of Light Healing Chamber, & recognize its hexagonal shape surrounding me. And I feel the myriad colorful Creator Light frequencies encompassing my being. I acknowledge the Angelic Beings present surrounding the Healing Prism as well as the Creator's Presence connecting deeply with my Whole Being and ready to help me manifest my intentions in being in the Healing Prism Chamber (you can intend healing on any level, or spiritual upliftment). I feel the loving Presence of the Creator & the Divine Beings surrounding me. I surrender my entire being to the Light, Love, & Power of the Creator and the Divine Beings helping me, and I allow the Creator to reactivate or reencode my Whole Being, which allows the necessary codes and templates to be embodied in me for the appropriate healing & rejuvenation & spiritual upliftment to be active within my being. With my every breath I breathe in and receive in my Healing Prism Chamber all of the Light & Love & full healing & rejuvenating & uplifting Energy & Divine Creator Assistance I need. I can now feel or sense every cell in my body being rejuvenated & radiating the Creator's Perfection in Divine Love, Joy, & Happiness. Thank You God ! And So It Is !  
4.I ask my Divine Self & the Divine Beings helping me to activate & help me experience in every moment, & in my Whole Being, & in every cell of my body, the Divine Vibrations & Energies of Happiness & Christ Light from my Soul..... and from Mother/Father/God.....and the Energies &  Vibrations of Joy & Christ Light from my Soul.... and from Mother/father/God.... I Am breathing in & experiencing the divine vibrations of the Creator's Love, Joy, Happiness, & Christ Light in every cell of my body & in my Whole Being in every moment, and this Divine Energy is continually radiated throughout my aura & into all aspects of my life. Thank You God! And So It Is !
5. I lovingly call upon my Divine Self & all the Divine Beings with me to continue to help me manifest all of my prayer affirmations for the highest good of all, including a total healing & rejuvenation of my body..... & I surrender to the Light & Love & Power of my Divine Self & all these Divine Beings that are helping me..... I now lovingly call forth from Gaia & from Prime Source all of the Codes & Templates & Rays & Flames of the Creator that have healed & rejuvenated my physical body; & have healed & released all other blocks to my spiritual growth & ascension; and have created in me a 5th dimensional crystalline body of Light; and have helped expand every human being's spiritual upliftment & awakening. I continually extend this Divine Light to every human being as I breathe this Divine Energy into my Whole Being with my every Creator's BreathI Am the Breath of Life & Light of the Creator for my Whole Being . I Am the Creator's Pure Healing & Rejuvenating & Creative Light & Power In action for every cell in my body, & for everything needed for my spiritual growth & ascension in every moment of this eternal Moment of Now. United in oneness with all aspects of the Creator, the Creator's Divine Sound and Creative Intelligence continually flows in me & thru me, harmoniously creating in every moment my healthy body & self & reality in the Creator's Perfection  My Whole Being is a pure & perfect manifestation of the Creator. The Creator in me is now manifesting a divinely perfect crystalline body existing in my perfectly healthy physical body. I Am an Embodied Angelic Ascended Master. Thank You God ! And So It Is !
6. I Am experiencing Perfect Divine Health in my body & my Whole Being..... & my Whole Being has transformed into a beautiful angelic 5th dimensional crystalline Being. All of my bodies, including every cell, are now beautiful Crystalline Cells & Bodies of Light...& my physical body has transformed into a beautiful, healthy, & youthful body. I Am a beautiful embodied Angelic Ascended Master & Crystalline Being of Golden White Light. Thank You God ! And So It Is!
7.Walking or driving mantra: Jay Sita Ram, Jay Jay Sita Ram
8. I Am Divine Harmony. I Am Divine Love. I Am Divine Forgiveness. I Am Divine Peace. I Am Divine Surrender.
    I Am Divine Harmony, Love, Forgiveness, Peace, & Surrender continually manifesting in me.
    I Am Divine Harmony, Love, Forgiveness, Peace, & Surrender continually manifesting in every human being.
    I AM God's Infinite Light and BEAUTY in Action – NOW!
    I AM God's Wondrous Transfiguring LOVE and COMPASSION in ACTION – NOW!
    I AM God's Perfected WISDOM & INSIGHT & VISION in ACTION – NOW!
    I Am my Infinite Self. I AM All That I AM. I Am a beacon of Divine Love, expressing this ever-flowing Divine Love eternally. I honor & surrender to this Divine Love that is my natural state of existence. I Am a True & Divine expression of God's Love.
Thank You God! And So It Is!
Video: "Expanding Your Consciousness And Manifestation You Desire -
By Steven Hutchinson" -
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For all those healers

Make Self-Care a priority in your life. Many people feel guilty about making time for themselves, but when you’re stressed and exhausted, you have less energy to give to others. When you begin to make self-care practices a priority in your day-to-day life, you will find that you have much more energy and patience to care for your clients. Self-care is something that you need to decide to do, because no one else will do it for you. That is true for every person, but especially for those who assist in healing and helping others.

Write yourself a list of activities that spell self-care for you! It’s very personal and different for everybody. But here are some suggestions you might want to incorporate in your list:

1. Reiki yourself daily. At least 10-20 minutes.

2. Meditate every morning. 10-20 minutes. The nice thing is that you can combine the meditation with your own Reiki treatment. That can be very time efficient.

3. Exercise regularly. That can be as simple as going for a walk in the park or taking the stairs instead of the elevator. But it’s important to move your own physical energy to release the stress and tension you may have picked up from your Reiki sessions.

4. Cut your cords. After every treatment you give, make sure to wash your hands with cold water or cut your energy cords to the client, to make sure the energy stops flowing from you. Cutting cords can be as simple as pretending that your right arm is a sword and moving it from top to bottom in front of your body. It’s your intention that cuts the energy. You could do this in your mind as well

.5. Put your worries into a little box. Before you give a Reiki session, make sure that you are in a positive state of mind. You could visualize in your mind a little treasure box in which you put all of your own worries, stresses, irritations or arguments you may have had. Tell yourself that you can take them out of the box when you have completed the session.

6. Keep your sense of humour. Laughter can instantly shift your vibration as well as your client’s. If you make little jokes, you can lighten the atmosphere and make the client feel more at ease. I find first time clients are often quite tense and anxious when they lie down on the table. I say things like: You are allowed to breathe! It’s okay! That at least puts a smile on their face. Remind your clients that their body can heal itself and they are the ones who own the power. You are not healing them, but you assist their bodies in healing themselves. You are just there to help.

7. Pamper yourself throughout the week. Here are some suggestions:

Make yourself a big cup of herbal tea and sit down in a quiet place and read a book or a magazine. If your home is not quiet, go to neighbourhood cafe.

Journal and write out all of your worries. Do a brain dump and let everything flow out. Or write your list of grievances on a piece of paper, tear it up afterwards and throw it in the garbage can where it belongs.
Go to a museum or art gallery for the afternoon.

Visit a bookstore or a library and ask your spirit guides to lead you to the book you most need to read right now.
Take your journal and write on top of the page: Dear God (Higher Self, Spirit Guide, Universe, etc.), what do I need to know right now? Then start writing without thinking and see what comes up. This can be extremely insightful. I do this almost every morning. It comforts and centers me right away.

As you go about your day, always check in with your intuition or Higher Self. Help your Higher Consciousness to make every-day decisions. Like, which way is the best route to drive home right now? What’s good to make for dinner? What’s the best way to spend my morning today? Who could help me with this particular challenge I have? etc.
8. Forgive yourself. Give yourself a break. Be gentle and compassionate with yourself. Forgive yourself for all the mistakes you have made in the past, and know that you are human, and humans make mistakes, it’s part of the “job description”. How else would we know what not to do?

9. Say no to everything that doesn’t nourish your soul. Never say yes just out of obligation even though inside you are squirming and screaming. Listen to your inner wisdom when you make commitments regarding your time and energy. It’s perfectly okay to say: ‘No, I’m not interested.’ ‘No, I have other priorities right now.’ ‘No, but I know someone you could contact who would love to help you.’ etc.

10. Surround yourself with kind people. Respect yourself enough to walk away from friends who don’t treat you with the love and respect you deserve. Friendships should be mutually nurturing and supportive. Hang out with people who re-energize you and love you just as you are.

Jan Burgess

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Wesak Festival on Us...
Buddha Purnima is when a large number of Buddhists join the worldwide ceremonial meditations bringing forth large amount of Enlightening energies to all. Its a Time of Mass Enlightenment...
So lets see what we know about enlightenment, the Process-Esoteric, Biochemical and Psychological, and what we do on this special day to Join in with all the Boddhisatvas...
Enlightenment is UMMMMMMMMM..... I dont know what it is... Its up to you to Experience!!!
Some say, its our Only Aim to be here in learning and Graduating out... 
Ascension (i guess will be a better term to use because you can Ascend out but never know you are enlightened)...
There are 7 initiations according to various systems of spirituality...
These initiations goes through mastering the mind body and emotions and then expanding out to the cosmic conciousness...
Mastering Compassion or better say, Flowing in compassion is the main learning in most Buddhist ways..
When your body is pure and your mind and emotions under control and finally there is expansion to next level one reaches the 6th initiation, where-in the Meridians and energy circuitry resonance activate connecting the Body to the energy grid of Earth and the Galaxy...(Partly concepts of Axiatonals and HATH YOGA)..
This is beginning of 5DIMENSIONAL energy connection...
In current times one can easily get the Axiatonals activated and specially on this day.
Focus your mind and thoughts on breath and you conciously call for the activation of "AXIATONAL RECONNECTION"...
Focused mind and conscious intention is all required to accept the flowing energies and activate the grid energies...
It brings a lots of vibrations in body and emotional release. The first activation of meridians brings deep peace and fast changes in health and a Huge change in your enegries...
Once the Meridians are re calibrated, these meridians allow flow of cosmic energies to the Heart and the creation of Fire letter and key code... As the Large amount of energy is held in heart this activates the Alchemists or Philosophers Golden heart...
The 7th initiation begins with 6D circuitary activations and a critical Test of your mind and emotions...
The person is shattered at many levels, the most deep attachments are snatched off, the body starts disintegrating and the Personality ID is allowed to Die... This is a painful period and goes a long term failing the tests...The person is always In and Out of mass consciousness, Bliss and Fear..
The Fear constructs and programs in subconcious is largely release. The speed and use of Brain is largely enhanced and the person starts producing Theta brain waves even when not asleep.. (Theta is deep sleep or Samadhi and quite rare to reach)... The person is practically sleeping while awake.. or say He is Awakened to the Truths of universe... The emotional attachments are lost and this is one reason of such fast brain cycles and ability to recall subtlle choices and memories.. Here the metaphoric expression Veil of Illusion released...The person is well aware of what he choose and why he choose...
The psychological aspect is the emotions and various states in person reaches a outcome... All Enlightened ones are Highly Outcome Based even in their subtle body moves... Here the physical body active is quantum matrix acts much wiser than the Conscious mind...
Physiologically the person releases a large amount of Ions and salts, the neural network releases the Sodium Potassium ions stored and probably replaces with some other Ions... The blood level of ions and sugar changes.. The Blood chemistry changes and the liquid in body Activate Crystalline Water... More of the liquid takes structures and shapes to hold and conduct the frequencies...
The 7th initiation completes at the Door of 7D while activating the 12D level light body and chakras.... The person literally experiences a state of Void... He is affecting the entire population by his presence... 
and now the major struggle begins, that is the needs to anchor all these energies back to physical...
The person has lost or given up almost everything, much of his memories has retuned and the body sick, under flu and needs lots of autorepairing and with the new states..The energy he holds keeps him out of phase... takes months to reanchor back...
THis the the Boddhisatva designed all new!!! He designates the Enlightened ones on earth, he is one of the Buddha himself... and here begins a life of Service!!!

The three major steps in activations goes through your Will and intention to receive:
"Axiatonal Reconnection": this is activation of the grid of energies. which as i believe is formed of your friends family teachers and your interaction with nature...

"Ancestral axiatonal Reconnection" : healing your parents, honoring them and harmonizing relationships..

"Emotion reimprint": a reversal pathway of psychosomasis. the emotions are integrated and mastered and from the new levels its inner mastery.

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Powers Of The Highly Empathic

Many empathic or highly sensitive people feel that their ability to feel so many different emotional energies in their environments is a curse, but with recent research suggesting that empaths are actually highly psychic, you may want to hone your empathic skills instead of hiding them away, or bemoaning their existence. Here are 4 super-powers of empathic people, that you too can develop:

1.) Read People’s Minds

Empaths have a form of psychic ability that is considered a rare gift.

Mind reading isn’t a parlor trick. We all do it to some degree, taking cues from people’s body language, and verbal discourse. A skilled non-verbal decoder can tell if someone is lying, someone is happy or sad (even if they claim to be the opposite), or if they are manipulating others with their speech and gestures. We can all be ‘mentalists’ picking up on inconsistencies in someone’s words and body language, but empaths take it a step further.

Many empaths receive psychic images, statements, hues, or smells intuitively which indicate to them, a reality beyond which most are aware. If you pick up on these energies unwillingly, you could instead focus on them, and see if you can create an even stronger psychic experience, turning your empathic skills into full-blown ESP. Then you can literally walk a mile in someone else’s shoes, and know exactly what that would feel like. IMAGINE the possibilities.

How many wrong turns, missteps, or arguments could you avoid? How much success could you experience learning from others’ mistakes? Knowing when someone is lying, or telling the truth? Priceless. Instead of shunning your empathic ability to feel everything — use it to become a true mind reader.

2.) Become Your Own Emotion Superhero

If you have a crazy ability to empathize with others, why not turn this around, and use it to your own benefit? So many people today are completely disconnected from their own emotions. You aren’t. This may seem like a tremendous burden — feeling what they ought to feel, AND feeling what you feel, but if you were able to develop some discernment, and focus on your own emotional growth, this gift can become your greatest super power.

The act of listening to your own feelings and thoughts is self-empathy — it’s compassion in action. It could completely and utterly change how you communicate with people.

For instance, let’s say you are visiting family for the holidays or a long weekend and one of your uncles says, “Don’t you know this president is going to ruin the nation?” Your internal dialogue as an empath might be something like, “Oh my God, he has no clue how every person is affecting this country, and this planet, and the people who are running the show aren’t presidents or politicians, they may not even be on this planet! What an idiot.” This is what your emotional triggers might be around a simple statement that someone from your family makes. But what if you honored those feelings and learned how to communicate them lovingly?

What if instead, you internally stated, “Wow, hearing what my uncle just said alarms me, to the point of even feeling panicked because that statement doesn’t agree with the world I see, or how I believe this Universe is formed, and I’m scared of being at odds with my family member.” Super power indeed.

Empaths can trigger heart-based communication by honoring their emotions.

You could instead say to your Uncle from this emotionally aware place, “Yes, we all ruin the world a little or make it closer to a paradise every day by the thoughts, deeds, and actions we engage in.” This statement might go over his head, or open up a whole different type of dialogue that is more in alignment with who you are.

3.) Transmute the Negative Only You Can Feel

So many people are affected by negative influences which are invisible in the world today. Empaths are acutely aware of this. An empath can even walk into a room where a negative conversation or act just transpired, and though it isn’t currently happening, they can sense the negative energy that lingers.

Flowers can change the energy of an environment.

Instead of being a victim of this sensitivity to energy — look for positive energy first, and TRANSMUTE that negative energy. Practice a quiet five-minute Tonglen meditation. Bring high-energy plants or flowers to a place with low energy, or simply utter encouraging words and thoughts to people around you who were also affected by the negativity. Even better? Find the humor in the situation and share it. Even the most vile circumstance has a funny side to it. Use laughter to literally create intimacy and openness where there was none.

4.) Turn Your Sensitivity Into a Highly Coveted Skill

Do the wrong sheets make you break out in hives? Are certain smells absolutely revolting to you? Do non-organic foods cause you terrible gastrointestinal distress? Do you need quiet in order to sleep, and alone time in order to off-load all the smells, sights, sounds, and emotions you’ve absorbed all day long? Instead of looking at this trait as if it were a burden, use it to your advantage.

Need more beauty and peace as an empath? Create it yourself.

You could become a perfumer, and advise companies on removing chemicals and adding natural scents to their products. You could help others eat divinely prepared food by becoming an organic chef. You could develop quiet spaces like gardens, libraries, or meditation rooms that not only you need, but that others would revel in, without even realizing that they were desperate for your gift. Use those sensitivities to create a peaceful haven in the world, and your empathic skills are no longer a curse, but used to fulfill your life’s purpose.

There are many more ways you can put your empathic super-powers to good use. Feel free to share your ideas in the comments section, or when you share this article to social media.

via Christina Sarich

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