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A monthly forecast created with the intention of providing you with clarity of what's going on energetically on the planet as a whole. As things continue to shift quickly, may these energy forecasts support & nourish you. These updates serve over 200,000 + unique readers each month. 


Our Five Year Anniversay - Thank You!

December 2014

My Soul Friend,

It’s an honor for me to connect with you in this way today. I always look forward to our time together, and often feel the love you send my way.

These forecasts first began in December of 2009, when I felt a nudge from deep within my core, to provide dedicated support and nourishment to those who were guided to understand what was happening energetically, in their lives and in the world.

And so I answered the call of my inner guidance, and the Energy Forecasts were birthed.

During times when the energies felt as if they were all over the place, and we couldn’t seem to find our footing, I received a stream of daily messages from many of you, sharing how these forecasts had created a safe haven for you to breathe, realign, and regain your inner balance.

There is a sea of information now being shared out in the world, and I thank you for saving a special place in your heart for me over the years, as I have for you.

In honor of our five year anniversary, this Energy Forecast will be unique, because it will highlight my profound appreciation for you.

Thank You

First and foremost, thank you for being you. Please know that you are valuable and worthy beyond measure.

Your sacred presence alone is creating a great shift in the rising of our collective consciousness.

Even those hardships and experiences that may not feel to be of the Light are greatly contributing to the expansion of humanity.

Thank you for choosing to be selfless enough to enter this realm during this era, which your Spirit knew would not be the easiest of times.

But It also knew you would be resilient enough to overcome any adversity that might be placed in your way. And that you would always come back to a state of grace, where you would remember that the magic has been within you all along.

Thank you for your commitment to your inner healing and spiritual development. It’s how the world is able to shift so quickly! 

Thank you for allowing yourself to stand out and shine! For so long, especially as children, many people who are energetically sensitive have just felt that they wanted to belong. Thank you for not dimming your light, and for allowing yourself to be seen in the world, even if your energy didn’t fit into a specific societal standard.

It’s people like you who are advancing humanity. Thank you for also celebrating the uniqueness of others, exactly as they are.

I am profoundly grateful for our friendship. Even though we may not have met in the physical realm, see each other often, or are living in different parts of the world, you are a dear friend to me.

In spiritual terms, we our connecting in ways that transcend time and space, by way of a heart-to-heart connection, so thank you! Thank you for allowing me to see you as whole and Divine.

I remember as a kid, asking the Universe, “Could you please show me what true compassion is?” Because of you, I have received a greater understanding of compassion.

I used to think it had to do with sympathizing with people. But over time, I began to realize that sympathy only contributes to the illusions of separation that no longer serve us.

It’s almost impossible now for me to see anyone as anything less than perfection. Yes, even in the midst of seeming imperfections.

Through you, I’ve come to understand that true compassion is being able to love and recognize the wholeness and Divinity within a person, to such a degree that they too, in their own time, can begin to see the wholeness and Divinity within themselves and others.

Our connection has truly allowed me to understand what many of the teachers and sages that came before us were able to tap into. That’s why they were able to create miracles with such ease.

Thank you for allowing me to be of service to you in every way I can think of! It makes life so full and enriching for me!

A Celebration of Your Love and Support

Thank you for your unwavering love and support of me and the message of kindness and love I am so committed to sharing. Some of the greatest gifts I’ve ever received are the letters you have written to me. I place them in my ‘magic box’ where I keep some of my most beloved inspirations.

And thank you for sharing your gifts, talents and creations with me. I just love learning about the magic you are choosing to create in the world.

I love celebrating anyone who spends time and energy creating upliftment and expansion.

Celebration to me is like saying “I see you, Universe, and thank you for all the blessings you are sending my way!”

As our family and message of love continues to expand, know that you will always remain a priority in my life.

As a Taurus, being a friend is one of the things I treasure most in life, so know that I am always supporting you every step of the way. And if you ever need a little more support, please contact me, because I love hearing from you.

I look forward to co-creating even greater joy and miracles with you, as we continue on our journey to greater expansion.

Life really is good, and you’ve made my life sweeter by being in it!

I humbly thank you for creating a little room in your heart for me. You are always in mine.

 Miraculously yours,


©2009-2014 Emmanuel Dagher All Rights Reserved You are absolutely welcome to share and distribute these forecasts with others asA you feel guided. Please make sure to keep the integrity of this article by including the author & source website link. 
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The December Leap of Light

New Earth Frequency Update

Blessings and love to each of you within humanity of Gaia. We are the Unified Whole Command of the 144th dimensional frequency of Light with Master Thoth, The Great Divine Director, and Master Einstein at your service in this present moment.

Now that the month has moved into the last part of the year it represents so many octaves of light that have occurred within the planet during 2014. The changes within each of you are key to the next phase of Gaia’s evolution into 2015.

This month of December will prove to bring forth frequencies of light into each of your hearts and minds to prepare you for the upcoming year. It will represent your ability to take what you have learned and apply it within your role upon this Earth. The act of understanding and sensitivity towards others will be essential as humanity will be experiencing great shifts of awakening within their journey upon Gaia.

We ask you to reflect upon your own changes that have occurred within your life in 2014. We hope that you can see how deep you have had to travel to find moments of clarity and joy within your world. This is because each soul upon this Earth is being asked to travel into their psyche to understand who they are becoming. The accelerations within the Earth are just that essence – a vibrational change that comes into the planetary existence. It is what you do with those moments of higher dimensional frequencies coming within you that matters as they can come into you, through you, and not affect you in a grounding manner. But yet, if you are completely aware of each time an acceleration comes into your consciousness by allowing it to integrate within you, then accessing the emotional and mental responses it may have upon you, and change what is not working, then you are allowing the essence of Unity of Love and Light to be your guide.

If you are an individual that has traveled through these moments of creation and are still unsure of what has happened to you, then it is time to go into deeper reflection of the old self, the current self, and allow the New Self to be borne. Humanity is going to be experiencing many changes within the next month and it is due to what needs to be accepted by every individual soul within the planetary structure. It is a pre-requisite journey of what is to be in 2015.

The world needs to change and this change must come from each of you. If you have taken on the journey of being an awakened human, then you have a responsibility to be part of that contract within your physical existence. It is not just about “thinking of love and sending it to others”. It represents the ability to embody your Truest Essence and allow it to enfold within you.

In order for the New Earth energies to be fully embodied by Gaia, major changes have to occur first in each individual soul. Now there are many that do not have a contract to awaken, or they just have not come to the right moment in their creation to allow it to be. Those are not the ones we are speaking to in this moment. We want to address this transmission of light to each of you that are an awakened human, a star seed, a galactic being, an angel, or a initiate of mastery upon the pathway of enlightenment. Each of you has a role within the New Earth which is not even known at this time. It cannot be; until you fully accept the fact that you have a responsibility to be part of the most magnificent pilgrimage of light any planet has ever seen.

This December you have a Divine Opportunity to allow your purest essence to merge within you so that you can see for yourself whom you truly are. The portals of light that will be arriving in this month will allow each awakened individual to go into a deeper part of themselves. They will be occurring all month but specific dates to watch for are the Full Moon of the 6th; the conjunction of the planets of Uranus/Pluto on the 15th; the Solstice on the 21st; the New Moon on the 22nd; and the culmination of energies on the 31st. Each of these dates are important but the irony of these activations is the fact that one is not higher in frequency than the other. They bring forth a journey of light within the planet as each transition occurs; it represents an increased movement of energy building at the beginning into the end for the climax of allowing the energies to be fully grounded within the planet and each of you. It is important to realize that this is part of the Divine Plan of allowing awakened souls to see them-selves in a completely different way than they have before. It is also an imperative element that needs to occur for the New Earth.

Whatever you experience this December depends upon your own creative process that is occurring within you. This means that your four-body system is going to access these frequencies to help you go deeper into your subconscious mind, pull out the debris that is necessary, and become more aware of the Light that you are. You see, many of you are not doing this. You are allowing the energetic exchanges that are occurring to come within you as you idly sit by and allow it to happen.

These moments of high acceleration are being given to assist the planet but every individual soul must do their part. It is imperative that each of you go within yourself, see the energies that are coming up within you, make the necessary changes by the tools you have learned, and start to become a multi-dimensional being in human form. Just thinking that it is going to happen does not make it so. The internal work needs to be done by each of you for your own individualized self.

First of all, it is Universal Law that these moments of creation come into a planet and must be acknowledged by those that are embodied within the planet. Or else, the creative process cannot stay. It creates a movement of light to come in and go through the planet, but it is not held. Each of you are the ones that hold this essence within your humanly form. It is part of your contract.

Then, what occurs that each soul that receives these light infractions within their physicality have to process within their four-body system of the physical, etheric, emotional, and mental faculties in order to receive the Spiritual Body or Higher Self essence. You see, you all hold the memories of all the other timelines in which you could not do this work. So feelings of not being good enough, fear of the unknown, and uncertainty can plague your consciousness and life path. It is important that individuals not allow those energies to be the ruling factor as they are very strong within the planetary structure.

This is why you have been so deeply challenged this year with the high accelerations coming into your Beingness. We hope that you have taken the time to remove the elements that do not fit the higher essence that you are receiving as it is an imperative process to be doing. In fact, you cannot continue the way you have been going if you do not allow your higher essence (Higher Self and I Am Presence) to be your guide. But the lower ego, the lower self can get in the way of this progress. Change is inevitable at this time so these elements are very important.

December will be another huge surge of light coming into the planet. So it is within this moment that we share this information to help you through the process. Each of these accelerations will allow the illuminating light that you are to be your guide into the month. The work up to the Solstice will prepare each of you to bring forth great light infractions into your Being and within GAIA. The more ceremonial work that you perform, the easier will be the transition. As December 31st approaches, these light infractions will be more grounded within Gaia which means each of you are being given an opportunity to understand more about yourself.

2015 will be more of the same energies; it will affect all humans upon the Earth in one way or another. Change needs to occur but we need each of you to understand your own process at this time. The New Earth cannot occur without the grounding force each of you beautiful angels provide. You are the ones standing in the forefront holding these frequencies; sometimes they are overwhelming to your physical bodies and can cause you to over react to circumstances and changes you are experiencing. The more individuals that hold these frequencies within them, fully grounded, the easier it will be in 2015.

It is a divine opportunity to be more within yourself, to understand your thoughts and emotions, to take time to connect with your Higher Self, and purge what does not work for you. Do not question any thoughts that arise out of your consciousness that says you are not experiencing these elements, that it is just a sign of depression or sadness. Remove those old habits as they do not serve you any longer.

Stand in the face of adversity, start to understand what it takes to be a Master of Light in Truth and Honesty. Be that initiate and walk through your doorways that have been closed before. Bring in the Rays of God representing the Will and Power, the Love and Wisdom, the Creative Actualizations, the Harmony and Balance, the Truth of your Wisdom in the Science of God, accessing your Inner Devotion to the Self, and feeling the Freedom of the Magic to enfold within your life.

The power of these energies is unmatched by anything you have received previously. We had hopes that it would occur within 2012, but the time is right for this Earth to inhabit more Love and Light than ever before. You are the Torch Bearers, you are standing in front holding these frequencies of Love more deeply than ever before.

Hold deeply and you will be able to ground the frequency for the New Earth as many others will be needing your assistance. If the grounding does not occur as we think it should, then we will be experiencing a different 2015 than we previously envisioned.

It is up to each of you, the aspirants of this Earth, to hold true to your divine contract with each of us in the Force of Light of the 144th Dimension.

We look forward to standing with you, helping you physically through this process, as you become the Initiates for the New Earth.

With love and deep devotion,

We are the Unified Whole of the 144th dimension of all Masters and Ascended Beings within the Christ Consciousness.

So Mote It Be~ We Are One

©2012-2014 Walking Terra Christa Academy of New Earth Mastery by Rev. Christine Meleriessee and Rev. J. Michael Hayden (Ara). Permission to repost this information electronically on your non-commercial website or blog is granted as long as you include this copyright statement and the following referral links. Use for commercial websites, blogs and printed or written reproduction requires written permission.

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free 24 hour Healing Energy Transmission

Advance Notice: Dec.17th is an important day for me it is my Elder Daughter's Birthday and as per my practice I would be doing a free 24 hour Healing Energy Transmission starting 17th Dec.7 am IST and finishing at 7 am IST on 18th Dec. 

Please check your corresponding local time.

It would be a bouquet of multimodality self-adjusting energies for overall healing. All those interested may call it in.

To call use either of the 2 options given below. 1. Calling for Yourself:"I am now ready to receive the healing energies Transmission sent by Aditya for my (Your purpose), Thank you." 2. Calling for others:"I am now ready to receive the healing energies Transmission sent by Aditya and transferring it to (Recipient) for (Purpose) Thank you.(Please do not use it for commercial use. ) You can call in the energies for yourself, others, your pets and even situations that demand healing. It would be freely available for 24 hours and can be called in as and when needed and as many times as you want during the specified period.

2. Calling for others:"I am now ready to receive the healing energies Transmission sent by Aditya and transferring it to (Recipient) for (Purpose) Thank you.(Please do not use it for commercial use. ) You can call in the energies for yourself, others, your pets and even situations that demand healing. It would be freely available for 24 hours and can be called in as and when needed and as many times as you want during the specified period.

You can call in the energies for yourself, others, your pets and even situations that demand healing. It would be freely available for 24 hours and can be called in as and when needed and as many times as you want during the specified period.

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