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The other day there was a long discussion with someone at my work.


We were talking about why certain beings appear and many other things. Also about channeling and connection to the spiritual world.


This blog is general and about my experience. Your experience may be different so please as always with everything use discernment.


Basically when a person first embarks upon meditation and wishes to connect to the spiritual world there may be resistance from the mind. Confused colors and images fly around until the mind has settled and surrendered. Depending on what you do before meditation makes a big impression on the mind and its resistance. If you listen to loving soft music or watch movies full of love, you attract love in your vibration and that is impressed upon the mind. If you watch scary horror movies, the fear is in your vibration and is impressed upon the mind.


The spirit world has its doorway in Earth and through the heart and mind. The soul/higher self is in the spirit world and is the silent watcher. First of all check out for a description of the spirit world to understand this. The soul/higher self exists in the heavenly realms. It speaks silently through intuition to you. It is above the vibration of the mind and connects through the heart. The subconscious mind can range in connection between the astral realms and Earth. The astral realms span from the lower heavenly realms to the void (known as some as purgatory) to even the hellish realms and also to Earthbound realm and Earth. The conscious mind also can reach those areas but has a limited capability to reach all. It is more finite in its range.


Basically coming back to the point is that you have three parts. You are the conscious mind of your waking day, the subconscious mind of your memory, dreams, and you are the higher self of love which connects into your heart and speaks through intuition.


Now back to meditation. The heart is always love and the higher self sends its love always to the heart. The heart can be blocked by the mind because of our free will and all parts have equal power within ourselves at first. The mind and the heart are different but equal. Gradually as the heart opens the power of Spirit overcomes the mind or the opposite the mind blocks the heart from opening. The choice of heart or mind depends on the choices each of us makes.


Someone said to me, why would someone see a devilish person when they meditate? The answer is fear. The person who meditated had a vibration of fear (anger, guilt, blame, jealousy, greed and the other vices) which attracted this entity. The entity most likely was a lesser one who decided to puff itself up to create more fear on which it lived. (the more dangerous energy parasites are those that attach to addicts...a constant source of nutrition for the parasitic beings). The lower astral beings close to the hellish realms live on fear energy and are quite parasitic. Release the fear and they go away. A good way to test them is to say "Do you love God?" or I bless you with great Love. They will usually run when they hear that word or continue to act confusing and chaotic. They fight for your attention, don't give it to them, it is a waste of your energy. The fear is formed by what you expose yourself too and is often sourced from the mind. When this happens, visualize the angels surrounding you and you are One with God, feel great love in the room and know you are supported. Focus on what you want. This moves energy from the mind into the heart and releases fear.


Now if you have a love vibration you will naturally attract angels and other loving beings through your vibration of love (purity, oneness, satisfaction, generosity, peace, happiness). When you want to channel or reach loving beings focus your intent to connect with them. Ignore the mind, enter the heart and do everything out of love. At first, the mind has more power, but as the heart opens it will flower like a blossom. Surrender to love, let is fill your being, hold the love vibration and this focus will allow you to release the mind. What you give power and energy to, so it shall be.


Basically what happens is when you are loving you send love vibration from Earth to Earthbound realm to Void to Heavenly Realms where it is picked up, attracting loving beings to come close to Earth and communicate with you. You have to ask them for help, they will not communicate without being asked as this is love and respect for the free will God gave you.


Now if you send fear vibrations they are denser/heavier and cannot travel as far. They go from Earth to Earthbound realm to Void and often attract beings from the hellish realms. The beings from the hellish realms then are attracted to you. They often don't wait for your call, they push their way to you as long as you are in the fear vibration and fight for your attention. Stay One with God and Love and don't give them any power. They will leave you in search of the fear vibration.


So you have many choices. To get out of fear, enter Love. That's all you have to do. Blanket yourself with great love, visualize your loving support and you will not be led astray. It's a matter of vibration.


PS. Someone asked me, when they contact the other do those from the heavenly realms appear versus those from other areas? Often when those of the spirit world first contact you, they appear as faces and then once you have a better connection they appear full bodied. My experience has been with people who have passed that came from the heavenly realms and those from the void. The people from the heavenly realms open a door and white light shines from where they are to you. They are dressed in white and smiling at you. On their side are relatives and others who also passed over and are supporting them. On the other side an angel may exist to help keep the connection open (the bridge of light and love). Now, those existing from the void are different, they are not white but grayish in color, they are alone and not happy, maybe sad.....those in the hellish regions are aggressive and angry and manipulative. The amount of love is diminished. They need your prayers to bring them to wholeness and love.

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Daily Protection

Writing this blog to give you an idea of some daily protective rituals that I do.

You may choose to emulate or do you own.

Before I start my car I pray to Archangel Michael that I am perfectly protected from all harm and all ill will today for my highest and greatest good. I place the cho ku rei symbol on myself and watch blue light from Archangel Michael swirl around me 3 times. Then I repeat the process for my car, then for my wife, then for my daughter, then for my wife's car.

Then I drive and while commuting to work I place the cho ku rei symbols and blue light of Archangel Michael on those I feel that need it....if there are distortions or if there is imbalance. Examples: accidents, cars on the side of the road needing towing or help, people driving too fast/tailgating, trucks that pull out in front of fast moving cars etc. Also I do this for ambulances and fire trucks. If I see the people on the side of the road I will blanket them with symbols & light as well as their vehicles. For the accidents or injuries I will also pray and send Reiki to help their situations. Also during the day (and night), not just with cars but anywhere...people having trouble briefing their bosses at work, pedestrians crossing the busy road, bicyclists, anywhere where I see or feel imbalance.

Never has the protection failed. Many distortions have been balanced and successful outcomes achieved. Have faith you are here to be compassionate to your brothers and sisters. All is well. Each act of service you do is remembered. 

Just a snapshot of what I do every day, wishing you the best of success in your service to others as well.

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Universal Love

This morning I drove to the supermarket to get some food and do some errands with my daughter. As I parked the car and got out, a man approached me. It was the same man that I gave a ride in the past (see the post about the hitchhiker). He was an older man. Everywhere I see him he is wearing the same clothes and walking everywhere between towns. He obviously has some tough times.

So he approached me, I don't think he recognized who I was. I gave him a ride while my car was in the shop and I had a loaner car at the time when I last gave him a ride. He asked if I had 2 euros so he could buy something at the supermarket. When someone asks me I help as much as I can because I know it is a part of a Divine Plan. I opened my wallet and only had one euro. He was a bit sad and was ready to walk away when I said...wait here. So I went to the ATM and thought about the 2 euro. The machine only withdrew in multiples of 5 euros or higher. I needed to pick up some medicine for my daughter in the pharmacy anyway and needed to go to the ATM. So I withdrew 5 euros for him because I know generosity is always rewarded. 

I went back to where he was waiting sitting patiently on the curb. There were cars everywhere and families all running around crazy in their own lives. And he was there needing help. No one seemed to notice him. So I went to him and gave him 5 euros so he could buy food. He had a surprised look on his face and said very much? It was not much for me because I knew the money would return and I was supporting the universe with this action. I said, in German, I remember you, I picked you up before, you walk much, this is the least that I can do for you. He didn't want to accept it at first but then very politely said Danke Schon (thank you very much). I said have a great weekend in German. He said thank you and have a nice day. I said thank you, you also and I continued doing errands with my daughter. I taught her that no matter who it is, if someone needs help you help them because when you are nice to others niceness always returns to you.

Seeing this man again confirmed that life is about connections and themes. He was a connection to express a theme with me. My theme may have been generosity and acceptance and his maybe an answer to his prayers and acceptance. 

I enjoy being Universal Love. I do not care who it is that needs help, I help them. I see God in others and these acts bring God one step closer to each of us. Only our beliefs, judgments and fears separate ourselves from the Divine. I am still in the learning process and feel my Divine expression still needs more practice in the physical world. But each step of the way gets us closer. The hardest part, as with my previous lessons about faith was being Universal Love while the entire world around me revolved around separation. The other people in the busy parking lot seemed only caring about themselves and did not help the man in need. My mind said "what are you doing? Be like the other people. Stay away from this guy." which I rejected entirely and stepped into my heart space. But to be strong and help him regardless of his appearance while others were nicely dressed and clean took much effort to exist only from the heart and not the mind. More practice will be needed, but I believe I did a great act today. A Universal Act of Love and one that was deeply remembered in the Heart of God. I felt I was existing in a different density than the surroundings in this process and it was difficult to hold that higher vibration in this physical density. But it was wonderful to be able to do it. 

I AM Acceptance, I AM Faithful, I AM Universal Love
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9th Wave of Unity Consciousness

According to the ancient Maya, the creation of the Universe is affected by nine energetic waves.  With each wave in the Mayan Calendar, a shift in consciousness occurs.  March 9th, 2011 marks the beginning of the 9th wave!  This 9th wave will bring about Unity Consciousness and the ascension of Mother Earth.

Both the Mayans and the Hopis believe this 9th wave will bring the entire Universe and all humanity to higher states of consciousness.  We will be faced with an opportunity to move into unity together, a process of transformation, a new beginning, a new way of life. This is the time where human evolution speeds up tremendously, and makes a jump into a new level of awareness.  We become something greater than what is now called human.

These energetic shifts will open to us on March 9th and increasingly climb, raising the vibrational frequency of all life forms on the planet.  This process of transformation will not end.  It will continue to October 28, 2011 and beyond. As these energies manifest fully, we must set our intentions and align ourselves with the Divine Plan.  This newly created energy will allow us as humans to co-create Unity Consciousness with the Divine!

As we adapt to the new frequency, a shift occurs, from a self-centered perspective to one of participation in the greater good of all humanity; one where we’ll be asking ourselves, what can we do to serve in the Divine plan.  A complete shift in our way of being and interacting will result as we begin manifesting unity consciousness.

The 9th Wave is all about co-creating harmony on the planet with Mother Earth, God, Nature and the Universe.  We will begin to see each other as ourselves, for we are all ONE, there is no separation.  Every single thought, word, feeling or action we express affects all other life forms.  We will remember that all Life is interconnected, interdependent, and interrelated.  Once we develop Unity Consciousness, we will know that there is no such thing as “us and them.”

We are responsible for the reality of the planet. The time has arrived for all of us to move beyond the consciousness of separation and duality. It is time for us to join together as one breath, one heartbeat, one voice, and one consciousness of pure Divine Love. We must acknowledge the Divinity within every heart and celebrate our diversities, moving past the illusion of things that separate us.

This is what we have been waiting for—seeing unity in all things!  This shift in Unity Consciousness will stop the destruction of our precious Mother Earth.  As we begin to experience unity in all things, we will then understand on a deeper level that we are all part of Creation and need to live in harmony with it.

The Mayan prophecy tells us that we will now awaken from our slumber. I invite you to become part of this celebration of all Life!  Please join with me and with others from around the world as we ride the 9th wave together – as we awaken into our new reality and choose to co-create with the Divine Plan! As Grand Elder Don Alejandro of the Mayan National Council states, “We are the ones of yesterday, we are the ones of now, and we will be the ones of tomorrow!!”

Together we manifest unity consciousness.  If our intentions are aligned with the greater good for all– the ultimate cosmic plan –then will co-create a reality without limitations!!! Let us celebrate!!! Go into your heart, and creatively unleash all your love for a magnificent future!  There is infinite potential.  Let us manifest all that is!!!

I’d like to read a beautiful speech given by Hopi elder that so eloquently depicts our 9th Wave Celebration:

A Hopi elder speaks:

“You have been telling the people that this is the Eleventh Hour, now you must go back and tell the people that this is THE HOUR.  And there are things to be considered…

Where are you living?

What are you doing?

What are your relationships?

Are you in right relation?

Where is your water?

Know your garden.

It is time to speak your Truth.

Create your community.

Be good to each other.

And do not look outside yourself for the leader.”

Then he clasped his hands together, smiled, and said, “This could be a good time! There is a river flowing now very fast. It is so great and swift that there are those who will be afraid. They will try to hold on to the shore. They will feel they are being torn apart and will suffer greatly. Know the river has its destination. The elders say we must let go of the shore, push off into the middle of the river, keep our eyes open, and our heads above the water. And I say, see who is in there with you and celebrate.”

“At this time in history, we are to take nothing personally, least of all, ourselves. For the moment that we do, our spiritual growth and journey comes to a halt.”

“The time of the lone wolf is over. Gather yourselves! Banish the word struggle from your attitude and your vocabulary. All that we do now must be done in a sacred manner and in celebration.”



According to Carl Calleman, world renowned Mayan researcher, the cosmic pyramid of evolution is called Bolon Yokte Ku.  Our evolution is represented by 9 different levels or waves.  Each one of the waves is subdivided into 13 individual sections or time periods.  There are 7 periods of light and 6 periods of dark, representing 7 days and 6 nights for each level of creation.  Each day marks an increase in consciousness and each night is integrating that consciousness.  Each one of these 13 days has a particular intention in creation, with Action and Reaction as the first wave of creation.

The Mayans believe the very first cycle or wave signifies the birth of the Universe occurring 16.4 billion years ago.  This first wave of energy is referred to as the Cellular Cycle, where the Big Bang Theory comes into play, or what the Mayans call the hablatun.  During this first level of existence, the 16.4 billion years was divided into 13 different sections or time periods with each section or day lasting 1.26 billion years.   The second wave of evolution started 820 million years ago, with each day and night lasting 63.1 million years.  As each subsequent level or wave occurs, the frequency in energy accelerates at such a significant rate that each cycle of evolution develops in a shorter period of time.

The ninth and highest wave of the Bolon Yokte Ku was activated on March 9, 2011.  This final cycle of the Mayan Calendar is referred to as the wave of Universal Co-Creation, propelling a process of evolution designed to lead the Universe and humanity to our highest state of consciousness. Since the frequency and energy is increasing at such a substantial rate, the 9th wave will last only 234 days, fully manifesting on October 28, 2011.  This process of transformation will continue to 2012 beyond!

This information comes from the research and wisdom of:  Scientist Carl Calleman, Grand Elder Don Alejandro of the Mayan National Council, Author and Spiritual Teacher Drunvalo Melchizedek and an unnamed Hopi Elder from the Hopi Nation.

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Right Conduct



                    ~**~     We  do  not  require  another  person  to  show  us  right  conduct.     ~**~

                                Right conduct is a function of our conscience, the voice within.

                                The pursuit of a moral life is an unfolding journey, which takes us toward

                                the God within.

                                 It is the heart of spiritual practice, which carries us from the most basic

                                 lessons on the path to realization of formless divinity.

                                 That search is our true reason for living.

                                 We fulfill our duty when we value virtue rather than material possessions.

                     ~**~     The drive to live virtuously is the essence of spirituality.                    ~**~


                                    ** Taken from PATHWAYS TO GOD by Jonathan Roof **

                                        Based on the spiritual teachings of Sri Sathya Sai Baba  ~





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Channeling April 9, 2011

About Faith (Chris/Qan Dek): As I write this I want to express my deepest gratitude to God, the Archangels, the Masters and the Great Cosmic Beings who have supported me and many others during this time while my day job was at risk of cancellation due to politicians arguing over budgets. As I was shopping for food, swarms of people were stocking up on food in case of store closures due to the government shutdown, the human resources department called me to let me know I may not have work on Monday, fears were being projected by coworkers and even some on Facebook about concern of missed paychecks. There was nothing left for me to do. I turned to you Father and the many beings who support and I prayed. I prayed that a compromise was reached, that all those affected still had jobs to meet their obligations and support their families. I sent Reiki to the situation. I surrendered to you Father and could only have faith. I invoked your help Father in resolving this situation because I trust you Father. While going to bed last night, the last news article I read was that an agreement could not be reached and my job was to expire at midnight April 9th USA eastern time. All logic pointed to fear and failure. But I would not give in. You are my Rock Father. I rest on you for support. I trust you in time of need as you rescued many who trusted you. You are unconditional Love and a Father for His children. As I prayed I looked up and saw you God with the angels and Masters in Shamballa surrounding me in a circle looking down at me. (God): Surrender is the way to me. Faith in my Love is the way to me. Surrender the mind and give in to the heart. As your heart beats ceaselessly for you out of Love, so my heart beats ceaselesssly for you. You have knocked, sought my help and you have received. You are blessed eternally and Loved always. (Chris/Qan Dek): Thank you Father with deepest gratitude. As I woke this morning and looked at the news it was exactly as you said to me. They would reach a compromise and I and many others would still have jobs. You tell me "All is Well and All will be well. You are blessed always." I believe you and trust you. I have great faith in you even during the greatest fear. I rest on you. I lean on you. I lean on your Love. You are my Rock and I love you, the angels, masters and all. Thank you all for your support. In deepest gratitude. ---- (Chris/Qan Dek): I read recently that Sai Baba was ill and that his illness was transmuting Karma for the planet. Can you tell me more? (God): He is blessed. He is doing service. Do not worry. He is succeeding. He is blessed and all are blessed. (Chris/Qan Dek): Father please tell me your words. I am like Enoch in the Bible. Your scribe. I long to be with Archangel Metatron. (God): Metatron has already identified you to be by his side in service. That is why you are on the path you are on. (Chris/Qan Dek): Recently two friends of mine passed. I performed the purification ritual for them. I watched Archangel Michael open a portal of Light and they both entered it and were escorted by him. One said- "thank you man...have a good one" and he used to do in the past while I knew him alive. Then I knew it was done and All is well. I watched the Masters in Shamballa provide a standing ovation. (God): There are many thankful for your service. Be Love is all I ask for service. With each step you get closer to me. (Chris/Qan Dek): Thank you Father for your words. I am blessed and all are blessed.
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As I had nothing but faith in God left, as the fears swirled around, as I received a call from the personnel office that I may be out of work on Monday, as I read the news that an agreement wasn't reached on Thursday, I turned to God, the Archangels, and the Masters in Shamballa. It was out of my hands so there was one thing left to do...pray (and send some Reiki too). I prayed to them all and asked that God perfectly resolve this situation. By the Power of God and all great beings, my faith grows stronger.....God is my Rock and I rest upon my faith in God. In deepest gratitude. I feel now
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We are Coming!

This just in: And so it is ~ (snip) the Celestials and Great Higher Beings say, "We Are Coming! The end of the darkness has come and the Light now resides permanently on Planet Earth" and further, "the meek shall inherit the Earth." It continues to say, within the next week. (snip)I am happy to report this great news to you! It changes everything and is glad tidings, indeed, for all our hearts this day and forevermore.Let me explain: Before this could happen enough light had to be projected from EARTH TO HEAVEN and it's taken a very long while in linear years to get there. It seems that the Earthquake visited upon Japan, no matter how dastardly this was from the dark, put us over the top with all the heartfelt compassion that came from it ~ and this allowed much negativity to come forth and be released from Earth to get us over the last hump of darkness and negativity at long last. Stranger yet, the dark never considered this possibility in their deeds against us. Well, too late now there is no going back!A quick review: First it took eons in linear time to receive Divine Intervention. This was only possible once a Feminine Christ Consciousness returned to Earth (this I learned two years ago) but it was limited until another benchmark could be reached requiring enough light, again, to come forth and light up a new grid to overcome the dark that had been unleashed upon the world by our own collective consciousness ~ prior to getting OPEN Divine Intervention. Now we can get outright OPEN assistance to begin cleaning up the Earth ourselves with benevolent guidance from Celestials. We know these to be the Sirians, Arcturians and many others of the Galactic Federation of Light. I call them the Heavenly Hosts because that's what they are comprised of ~ Too many to name here.They know what they are doing and will catch us up on releasing technologies long held captive from us for the last 60 years and longer and then once that is accomplished and new governments are in place, who actually work for us, they will share their own technologies with us.In the interim we will be able to learn about our true origins and purpose and everything will finally make sense. Those who desire to ascend with our beloved Earth can ask for and receive assistance in getting their frequency high enough to ascend ~ if it is the desire of their own heart. Anyone who asks ~ will be granted this gift.There are Crystal Chambers within Inner Earth where we can go with our closest Angel Guardian Mentor with us since birth to work through any last vestiges of negativity that remains from our previous lives and incarnations on Earth; where we will be Clarified, Purified, and Sanctified. We've created many parallel universes within our own beings that require integration and unity of purpose. All the fragments of our many beings can be healed and united into One. Mentors will be made available for any who so desire this and many other great services and kinds of assistance. Something called, the "Knowledge" is a source open to us even now at this moment in time to ask any question and tap into Akashic Records and much more like the contents of the libraries at Alexandra. Again, this will be a free will choice and no one will be forced to do anything that doesn't come from within their own hearts. We will be able to "see" those we have believed were lost to us; our loved ones and family members and other Star families. We will understand for the first time our Karmic choices and ties to those we've chosen to incarnate with over and over again and our real relationship lines; where they come from and where they go.Those who aren't ready for it and who like things as they are now ~ they get to choose ~ it is still very much a free will arena by Universal Law and they are under no obligation to do so ~ as working towards ascension is happening on millions of other 3D planets in various stages of ascension and they can go there and progress at their own pace. There will open, many dimensions, that have been closed to us prior to this time. Our own frequency is the key that opens these doors unto us. For those with lower frequencies assistance will be granted again, if asked, to enable them to achieve higher levels of frequency.No one makes these judgments for or against us. We may not realize it but we are the judges of ourselves and true masters of our own destiny ~ it has always been so. We reap what we sow by the frequency of our own being. Negative thoughts and actions reduce and put us into lower vibrations, attracting events that match and find resonance within our own hearts. It's a pretty scary thought when we were wandering around the wilderness there ; ) Positive thoughts and actions through kindness and compassion increase our resonance with the higher frequencies and bring true happiness and bliss. Unconditional love is the goal and it's frequency is well known to be 528 HZ and open to any willing to put forth the effort to catch up at any time and even go beyond these frequencies.Many hearts will change as the Solar Winds blow Adamantine Particles and blessings upon us ~ to raise our consciousness. This is becoming a joy to watch among our brothers and sisters at this time. Don't know if you've noticed or not. If you are not in tune with these particles it is true, they can damage your body. They tend to bring things to the surface to be expressed whether it be anger, frustration, hate, or love and amplify the effects. Addictions rise up to the surface to be addressed and overcome as they hold us back and limit our progress ~ it is necessary to work diligently to be free of them enough to raise into higher vibrations. All influences will be amplified 1,000 fold! Whether you do good or things of a lower vibration. Frequency has become more important now than ever before. The higher your frequency can be maintained the easier your way becomes when there are less negatives to amplify. Peace and serenity are possible and can be amplified as well ~ even as they increase and are felt more strongly as days go by.New ways to increase our frequency and assist in own healing will flood the earth and we will be assisted if we ask ~ and a vital necessity to receive help ~ is that we ask, and eventually no illness will be found on Earth. Can you imagine a world without the need for drugs, hospitals, doctors? No health plans or socialize medicine needed. Each of us will become the healers we have always been. All of our gifts will be restored as Masters.No money will be needed either as we will be provided literally the Bounty of Heaven freeing us up to create our hearts desire. While I can't speak for anyone but myself and through my own experiences, my Heavenly Father told me of his great love and desire that his children be provided with the desires of their own hearts. It's of the greatest importance to him. I believed him when he told me this and that will never change. He asked me to teach his children how to love again and I have done this on every occasion when I could do so. If we believe, we can all join in teaching about love to one another. It is not asked just of me. He said that we should walk barefoot and let our roots grow deep within the Earth, Gaia. And swim in the oceans and lakes, again growing our roots ever deeper to anchor her in love and light. This, we, all can do and in great joy.Before anyone gets too excited ~ know this: No one is coming to conquer the Earth; what is coming is our own higher selves and Celestial brothers and sisters and even the Agarthans from Inner Earth will be with us again. They have always been here as our Angels and Guides, as our I AM PRESENCE, and Higher Power, and have arrived in great force and numbers to assist us OPENLY. Expect to see millions of Mother ships of all sizes to arrive in the skies above us and do not be afraid when you see them, let your hearts be filled and mirror back the greatest love and adoration between us as in days of old prior to our Earthly experience.They are there now but haven't de-cloaked yet. Many of us can see or sense their presence and it's the greatest show of force I've ever witnessed with the greatest love and adoration towards us. Even now these Mother ships are open~ if we wish to visit them. Most of us have been visiting them at night while we sleep on other etheric and spiritual planes and dimensions. Again, to do so, requires only the asking and is open freely to all.They say that certain media sources will announce them finally and that it will come first to those in communication with them at present ~ as in channels and other spiritual connections before these public announcements. It is said that we each will take these events through our own hearts and find the meaning there.That's what this is ~ for your benefit now. There is a whole different feel in the air today, have you noticed? Time is very short before wonderful things begin to happen. Woo Woo! What the "government" does or doesn't do will not have much effect on us either way since this makes it a whole new ballgame, indeed. Many have ridiculed the idea of Divine Intervention, and now, they can judge for themselves whether it be true or not!I'd like to take this opportunity to express in an open forum, my deepest and abiding love and appreciation for these Great Celestial Beings and Heavenly Hosts who have been with us every step of the way since we left the preexistence to come and experience duality upon the Earth. Although, we may have forgotten it, we were once anxious and eager volunteers, and now, after all the endless incarnations (some say 400 lives) through so much darkness for the last 13 million years, we have arrived back to our origins once again. Full circle. Wow! Let's take a deep breath and appreciate this accomplishment. Imagine our long journey to get here! Appreciate our diligence and passion to see these most exciting times arrive and be fulfilled.We have achieved what no one in the Universe expected and they are thrilled on our behalf that we have done what was impossible to do up until this time! Yes, it's never been done before on any other 3D planet! This comes from the highest authorities! All the World Councils on Saturn and All Universes including 50 New Star Nations and all members of the Galactic Federation of Light are present and watching these developments ~ and at long last, we go forth into the light of a new day! May the trumpets sound the notes of our celebration! I call my Silver Mac Air, my trumpet, as in days of older equipment and other silver and gold trumpets.If the Celestials are amazed at our progress and achievements, don't you think we should be, too! Well, it will all come back to our memories soon! Ask that all veils be lifted, so we can become ready and able to see again.Most of us, have no real concept yet of all that has been achieved but that shouldn't diminish our joy! It reverberates throughout all Universes and Solar Systems in delight! Can you feel the great joy and celebrations? Tune into it, it's available!This calls for group hugs here and in throughout the Milky Way Galaxy and far, far beyond! Let the celebrations and reunions begin at long last! And in my absolute gratefulness, let me express the fabulous gratitude I have to have lived long enough to see this day arrive. It is enough! Let us gather together now and begin to experience all that the Earth has offered throughout these eons but for which we were unable to partake of freely and fully until now in the fullness of time. And so it is... Amen. xoxoxoxoxox
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Channeling April 2, 2011

About Focus

(Chris/Qan Dek): Why all this training to focus, finish tasks, and pay attention?

(God & Great Cosmic Beings of Light): You are being trained to focus. You may ask yourself why? You have abundant mental energy. In the physical density it can be a distraction. But on the other side of the veil, increased mental energy moves things. Thoughts are as powerful there as your form is here. You are being trained to focus to direct your energy on your path. You chose spiritual service and all of us are here to support you in the service in this form and beyond.

(Chris/Qan Dek): Thank you Father

(God & Great Cosmic Beings of Light): Trust. Your words are my words. All is well. Have faith that we are here to support you always.

(Chris/Qan Dek): I'm starting to channel! Thank you Father!

(God): You are welcome. You are blessed.

(Chris/Qan Dek): Is this really the Father?

(God): Yes it is. I have many aspects.

(Chris/Qan Dek): I'm so excited I could write it all down!

(God): Continue writing. Continue your focus. You are doing well. Have faith you are well on the path.


(Chris/Qan Dek): Can you give me advice about 2012?


(God): I cannot give you advice about specific dates. The portal you and the entire collective are going through is magnificent and glorious. You will be amazed.


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Channeling April 1, 2011 and earlier

Have faith. You are perfectly protected. You have my word and honor. ~ Archangel Michael

Tend the fire of your heart, with each act of Love the fire grows more toward me. ~ God 

We are all here for you, watching you, and supporting you. You are doing wonderful things. We are excited with your progress. We celebrate with you. ~ Sanat Kumara and the Masters of Shamballa
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Taking Risks ~




               ~*~  The little flower was afraid.    The day came when the risk of remaining closed away

                      from the world, as a bud, was more agonising than the risk of blossoming.    ~*~

                      The flower bloomed.          ~*~      It gasped and then gave out such perfume that

                      it filled the air with its happiness.      ~*~    Suddenly, all the other flowers bloomed

                     as well, inspired by the little flower.       ~*~    What had been a rocky, soulless place

                          ~*~        became for a short time a garden of wonder and wisdom.        ~*~




                                      ~*~    If a butterfly had too much fear to leave its cocoon,

                                                    it would never know the ecstasy of  freedom

                                                                           and flight !               ~*~


       Shared with Love ~


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Today's Insight



              ~*~   To transform worry into contentment, activate the light of your inner power

                       and fill your heart with love.    Sit quietly and focus on love filling your body,

                       your heart and your mind.   If you allow love to be in your consciousness,

                               your worries will not harm you, and you begin to dissolve them.

              ~*~   In order to release yourself from worry on a daily basis, end each day in thanks

                       and stillness and then release it, along with any worries it brought, knowing that

                       during the day you have done your best.        Tomorrow will be a brand-new

                       experience.   Begin it well, serene and with your spirit full of energy, hope and

                                           courage, ready to do your best once more.

              ~*~    Always strive to be yourself   ~   do not try to be someone else as this is not

                        being true to yourself.       You are irreplaceable, rare and incomparable.

                        By being yourself, you will access your inner power and develop self-respect

                                      and self-love, both vital aspects of real confidence.         ~*~


   (Taken from Tibetan Art of Serenity)

       Shared with Love  ~


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