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Protection from Black Magic- a method

Black magic and dark entities use fear and separation as their tools. Fear is created from an un-awareness of Love. Separation is created from an un-awareness of unity or oneness. Fear like Love exists due to the duality/free will nature of our sector of the universe. While in this density, the choices will always remain as we exist in this density to make choices. That is the primary purpose of this make choices that either separate through fear or unify through love. Choices of one path or the other as an expression of the Creator through duality.

When you feel scared, it is often from a feeling of helplessness or being alone. It comes mostly from being unawakened to reality of more than what you see with your senses. So, focus on having strong support, that you are on a team...Because You Are! Rest on the loving support of the multitudes of angels, ascended masters, cosmic universal beings of light, your higher self, God and many many other beings who watch you all the time and care very deeply for you. Focus on the love that surrounds you and the love that comes from within, your higher self and the spark of God that is always there. It is your choice. The Light exists but it is up to you what you focus it is your choice here.

Focus and visualize all these beings in the same room as you. Because they are. They are here for you. They love you with an intense compassion for you and enjoy supporting you...because you are some of them as they are some of you. You have loving support. You are not have power beyond your comprehension here for you. Why should you fear? You have unconditional love with you. You are unconditional love. There is nothing to fear, it is illusion of separation. It is illusion because you know and feel love and unity and support with you always. You have faith because you have a deep knowing.

Now as black magic tries to strike you- call upon Archangel Michael and the many beings I have listed above. Visualize them around you in a circle of protection and love, absorbing all the black magic and transmuting it into love. Visualize a forcefield of etheric light surrounding you. You are bathed in love. Visualize God, Source, The Creator standing with you in the center of the forcefield radiating eternal love and light outwards to all existence. You are with the sun of all suns and nothing will harm you. You are perfectly protected and you rest in that feeling of love always. Visualize great love being reflected back to your attacker. Bathe them in love, visualize them being freed of their separation and fear. Visualize their fear and separation breaking up in the sea of love. Send them powerful waves of forgiveness....I forgive you and love you deeply as I love all beings. Bathe them in light. You neutralize the power of their tools. Continue to rest in deep love, the support of great love and purity beyond all words. You are that love and purity.

Eventually they will give up and make a free will choice for another target. It is their form of expression. But maybe, and have great faith that it is true and done, maybe you changed them and they choose to unify in oneness and love.
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You can bury my books in a time capsule and uncover them 1000 years from now and the attunements will still be received by anyone anywhere in the world. The Keys to Infinity are here to be shared with the whole world. Why not commune with your God-self now? May the world find love and merge into oneness. We are here together so let's support each other and love each other. Time in incarnation is too precious to waste.
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  • Life is about connections with people and themes. You may ask yourself, why do people show up in the strangest of places and points in your life? It is because they are connected to you and have a role to experience a theme with you and you have a role to experience with them. It is Source learning from both, and thus itself.


  • You are as much your brother and sister as they are you. To hold back from loving others is to hold back from loving yourself.
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by Meg Blackburn Losey, PH.D


a book that offers a witnessing of the author's sensational experience into multi-dimensionality,

describing her work with the Masters, initiations and healing chambers in the old Atlantis.


Not to mention all the references to the cosmic energies and stargate system, Hathors chambers, harmonic alignment of the Giza pyramids in 2018 :   11:11 harmonics   this magic number,  her trips in an holographic pyramid and the mentionning to the sacred places of the world, leylines, pyramids, sun cycles, etc


The book is a 'breathtaking rollercoaster' .... 





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Looking for translators

Blessings all!


If you know anyone who would like to volunteer to translate my book 45 Free Reiki Attunements (online/paperback/hardcover) into spanish, french, german, and any other languages so the attunements can reach a greater audience I will be willing to supply them the source files.

Besides translation, all the translator has to do is on the bottom of the copyright page, write Originally Published in English. Translated into (Language) by ( your name) (this is all written in the language you translated english into). Please only change the words and try to keep the same format. The table of contents and page numbers may change. Chapter headings start on odd humber pages. I can format after for you if you just want to update the text to the language of your choice.


I have set the intent that everything I have prepared is received when the recipients ask to receive saying or reading the words in english or in another language. 


If interested, please send me a message.




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Affirmation for Today



                                  ~**~          My  past  is  nothing  more  than  the  trail          ~**~

                                                               that  I  have  left  behind.

                                                            What  drives  my  life  today

                                                       is  the  energy  that  I  generate  in

                                  ~**~                       my  present  moments.                            ~**~



                            ~**~  Taken from Your Sacred Self by Dr. W. Dyer  ~  Shared with Love  ~**~       

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Today's Insight





                                ~**~   When fear is healed, happiness will be present,

                                         because as you achieve serenity you will also

                                                         achieve happiness.

                               ~**~    And when you heal fear, you recognise that happiness

                                         is not somewhere else but in the place that you are,

                                               and not for another day but for this day.

                                           All you have to do is invite it into your heart.

                              ~**~     Happiness achieved in this way is lasting.

                                          It is present whether you have a good day or a bad one,

                                                    whether things go right or wrong.

                              ~**~     It is a part of you, there with you whatever is going on

                                          around you, dependent only on you and not on circumstances.

                                                      (Taken from The Tibetan Art of Serenity)



                                                      ~**~        Shared  with  Love        ~**~

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The Healing Power of Love



   ~*~  The thought energy of love is humanity's greatest gift to itself, for love can recognise itself

           in all things, and in the worst and best of times love is always where we least expect to find

           it.   From a war zone to the workplace, from the sick bed to the schoolroom, in raindrops,

           in the healing of a broken heart and in the last breath that we take, love is always with us.


  ~*~  Many sick people have turned from abject suffering to bright new lives when they experienced

          the healing power of love.    They may think that it comes from some external force, but in fact

          they have simply attracted the thought energy of love that exists, potent and accessible, within



  ~*~   How can we experience this love on a daily basis?   How can we use it to be healed and to heal?

           Simply by sitting and being still.   By discovering the importance of silence and listening to

           your inner self you will find the thought energy of love.   You do not need to do any special

           meditation or to be qualified in any way, because it is in this one area that all people in the

           human race are equal.     Everyone can experience love.               ~*~                    ~*~

               (Reference: The Tibetan Art of Positive Thinking by  Christopher Hansard)

                                                        ~**~        Shared  with  Love       ~**~

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The Game

Take a breath and look at the big picture. Looking from outside in, you will see the changing of our times as the natural polarity mixture of yin and yang, positive and negative that forms this physical density. It is just how it is formed and exists. Each theme is a player in the game. Now with Divine direction, the events are getting more pronounced, just look at the solar cycle and the solar system's traverse deeper into the galactic core as part of the big picture. Each event is a chance for an increase in polarity either positive or negative. Both polarities exist and will always exist here. But you can look as the events as massive opportunities to serve others or as opportunities to hurt others. The choice is yours. What will you choose? Will you be grounded in love and its unity or fear and its separation? All will eventually return home but while we play the game with the always changing factor of free will, the extremes will continue to exist as chances for choices.
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Generosity and Compassion



               Generosity and compassion are the two structures of life that hold it together.

         They are the underpinning of all good things.   Without them our lives have no vitality;

         they are merely shadows, sick, empty and one-dimensional.

         Generosity is not just the act or mental attitude of giving, it is also a way of living that

                  creates abundance for everyone else.    Generosity is life-giving.


        Compassion, however, is life-making.   It is a transformational state of consciousness

        that gives new life to all living beings who consider themselves defeated by the events

               of their lives.   Compassion is the foundation and identity of humanity.

        By showing compassion as best we can, we become more evolved and more integrated.

T             his creates an enduring wisdom, the nature of which is generosity of spirit.

                                                 This in turn becomes happiness.     Namaste.

                                                      (Taken from The Tibetan Art of Living)

                               10900540479?profile=originalShared with Love ~




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empowerment ray

I took this last night, and today i am filled with new energy, my back is straighter and I feel very focussed.

Watching Japan, i cried, such lovely people, so much destruction and death.

I a sending okiyome and praying the help that is needed is facilitated by the great masters and Source.

It is too easy to become detached about increasingly frequent world tragedies ,I feel outraged, really, so many loopy channelers jumping on the bandwagon  with fingerpointing 'I told you so' type attitudes.

If they had actually told us so, many millions of lives would be spared.

Read more… There is a prelude in the video that last 3.2 minutes prior to the start of the invocation. This is very powerful and drinking lots of water is recommended as always ; )Invocation to the Universal Underworld ~ Day 1I call upon the Overlighting of Mother/Father God,the Ascended Masters, Christed ET's, Ray Councils and Brotherhood of the Light,and all other Beings of Light from On High that I personally acknowledge,as I align with my I Am Presence, and ground myself into the crystal heart of Mother Earth.I now ask to be taken into the Crystalline City of Light above Table Mountain in South Africa,so I may undergo my initiation of Light to serve with empowerment, strength and wisdom,as a Keeper of Light to Mother Earth and all her Life.I am now taken in an external Merkaba Vehicle of Light to the doorway of this beautiful Crystal Temple of Light, where I am greeted by three High Priests to the Order of Melchizedek,and request permission to enter into this Crystalline City of Light.I am a seeker of Light, I seek the secrets of the Universe, the keys of enlightenment,I am in Service to Mother Earth and all her Life,and request permission to enter into this Crystal Temple of Light,so I may take on the keycodes of Light that will assist me to come into a deeper level of empowerment, Love and wisdom,so I may transmute all that is not of the Light,so I may take my Service work to another level of Light.The doors are now opened as I enter into this Temple of Light,walking up a beautiful crystal staircase into an Initiation Chamber of Light.I am greeted by my family and friends of the Light,by the Ascended Masters, Christed ET's and Brotherhood of the Light,welcomed and embraced as a seeker of Light.I am now guided into an Ascension Flame of Light,where I will experience this initiation of empowerment and wisdom,Overlighted by the Ray Councils of Light, my I Am Presence and all the Beings of Light from On High.I am now surrounded in a beautiful red flame of Light,through the first ray of will and power, and through this initiation of Light, I now recite the following:I take back the power I may have given to others and to my sub-conscious mind,releasing any issues of abuse and misuse of power,releasing any addictions or frequencies that hold me back from truly experiencing my Higher Light, as this first wave Soul in human embodiment of the I Am Avatar Blueprint of Light.As I take on this mantle of leadership, I step into a deeper level of my own power, trusting and surrendering to the Divine,and being guided by my I Am Presence and the Company of Heaven.And now, I am surrounded in a beautiful yellow flame of Light,through the third ray of Divine Intelligence.Through this flame of Light, I expand my consciousness to receive the teachings of Light from On High,letting go of "lesser than and better than" consciousness issues,so I may receive the wisdom of Mother/Father God,so I may remember my initiations of Light,so I may assist in co-creating this Golden Age of Light.I now experience the parallel mergers of my Highest Potential through the streams of consciousness of the various times lines, merging into this Now, I now unlock the codes as this first wave human Soul in embodiment of the I Am Avatar Blueprint, coming into full remembrance of my preciousness, uniqueness and individual puzzle piece.I now merge with my I Am Presence and the 144 Soul rays of which I am one,amplifying myself in this energy of Light,receiving these downloads of Light, activating the dormant DNA and aligning me to my sacred contact in this Now.I now receive the appropriate key codes, fire letters and sacred geometries through my body, energy field and hologram.I now direct these higher frequencies of empowerment and wisdom through the Unity Grid of Light for all Life to experience these ray frequencies of Light.I now link through my heart to the Sun,and now to the Central Sun on Alcyone and to the Great Central Sun on Sirius, and from here, take on all the encodings of Light I need as this initiate of Light in this Golden Age of Light.I now find myself back in my sacred space,surrounded in beautiful red and yellow flames of Light,honoring my Self as this magical Master Being of Love and Light.Invocation by Anrita Melchizedek www.pleiadianlight.netCo-created by Adi'El ‪‬Music by Mike Hammer ‪‬To advertise your Light events, go to ‪‬For 11:11:11 Light events, go to ‪
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