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Dream and more

I had an interesting dream. I seem to remember dreams best when I wake up an hour before I wake up and then fall back to sleep and then wake up when I am supposed to. But anyway. Where I work there is a place to eat called Ray's Diner and a Flower shop called The Boutique or something. Anyway, as with most dreams the names got crossed. So I had a dream about a Ray's Boutique. I was called and asked if I would accept a delivery of flowers at my work. I said at first it wasn't mine and then I had courage and said I will take the delivery since it was intended for me. That was a higher self lesson on acceptance and faith.


Fast forward to waking life. I saw a valentine's day candy on the table left over from last month. It had the words No Doubt on them. I had earlier prayed that everything would work out perfectly with my move. It was a message not to doubt and to have faith. My themes of the last few years have been faith, compassion and acceptance. I feel a major initiatory step will approach once I complete the move and show absolute faith that I am accepted by the universe and that the universe has compassion for me.

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A Hopi Indian poem

Here is a Hopi Indian poem very dear to me and very powerful if taken to heart.  I feel it is also appropriate as a description for the wonderful people gathered here.


The Circle


There is a circle here...

There is a web

A network

Strands connecting

Those who share the vision

Who feel the hope

Who sense the mystery

We touch life

We hear the planet's pulse

We work quietly


And alone

Each task

Each piece

Each a part of wholeness

There is a circle here...

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Re activations, an ethical query

I am interested in receiving the activations but am quite unable to afford even a small donation, and I feel would be dishonest to go ahead and take these when I dont have a prospect of affording donations. I dont like to take advantage of somebody's good work and efforts , without being able to contribute, with respect, mary


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Healing Request


Please send healing and pray for:


Those in New Zealand who were affected by the recent Earthquake. Pray that they have the resources they need.


The blessing of the defected Libyan pilots in Malta that made the choice to Love instead of fear and did not comply with their orders and did not bomb the protesters in Libya


Pray for Libya, Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, Morrocco, Iran, Bahrain and wherever else in the region that they be filled with Love, those in need provided for and the area returned to peace.



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I just had an OBE last night. It actually occurred because I woke up at 4 or 5 am and then fell back to sleep. I've been thinking a lot about OBE recently and maybe it was engrained into my subconscious enough to become reality while sleeping. I don't remember leaving my body (maybe because I was too tired to focus) but I could clearly remember it and I know it wasn't a dream because I remember walking through a wide dark hallway and a female with dark hair teleported in front of me but then walked in front of me. I could see through them- like the ghosts you see in the movies. I was consciously trying to interact with this other person and at the time I didn't realize where I was (in an OBE) and thought it was a ghost. So I tried clearing the ghost by thinking- By the power of Archangel Michael....". I could telepathically communicate and think but then I wanted to speak the words. Then I couldn't speak. I was frustrated because I didn't know where I was. I could think the words but I couldn't open my mouth to speak in the OBE. I tried to touch the person on the shoulder but my hand went through the "apparition". They turned around (since I was following them) and they looked at me and smiled. Then I tried to speak again and was so frustrated I suddenly entered my body and heard myself mumble tongue-tied words while I woke up. I guess speaking with your mouth is a function of the physical body and not an OBE.

I read this here to confirm it:

"More rarely they also claim to be able to influence distant events, although the frustration of being unable to speak to people or touch objects is more common."

From this link:

I plan on buying either Robert Bruce or Robert Monroe's book on OBE/Astral Projection
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I am new, just heard your clearing video on and it feels good, thats why i am here.

I live in an area called, Beagh, Ballysteen, Askeaton, Co. Limerick, Ireland, and I have an animal sanctuary.

Since I arrived here many of my animals have been killed and badly wounded, there exists a very ancient stagnant energy which I have been inable to clear.  I would appreciate some help in this regard, if you got sime time. I have now 38 cats and 2 dogs, love them dearly and want to protect them as best I can. Most of the attacks are carried out by humans affected by this energy, I have been unable to have a portal opened sufficiently to shift it, please help. 

Thanks for reading this, love and good wishes and thanks again for that great video, mary

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From ASSISI: A call to pray for Egypt

THANKS TO ARI for posting this at:

~ ~ ~

Dear all
Here is a call to pray for Egypt on Wednesday 9th February 

at. 18 (Italian time = 12 pm New York)

it is strong when the entire world focus at peace at the same time.
the heartiest greetings 



   Prayer Vigil for Egypt
  Join James Twyman in Praying for A Peaceful Solution in Egypt
  February 9th, noon EST US

  Most of you know that the political situation in Egypt has ended in the loss
  of many lives, as well as the complete breakdown of the Egyptian society.

  A. If you believe that focused, intentional prayer has the power to heal
  and mend political and social unrest, then please join in this worldwide vigil.
  B. If you believe that we have the ability to influence world events through the power of collective consciousness, then please join in this worldwide vigil.
c.. If you KNOW that you are a Spiritual Being, and that the real solutionto this and every conflict is not political, but spiritual, then please
join in this worldwide vigil.
  PLEASE pass this email to everyone you know. Together we can help Egypt
turn toward peace and heal the wounds that have caused the current violence.

 James Twyman, The Peace Troubadour, will be performing The Peace Concert
in Assisi, Italy on Wednesday, February 9th at noon Eastern US (6PM in

Twenty-five years ago an historical event took place in Assisi that changed the world. The leaders of the 12 major religions joined the Pope by praying the peace prayers from each faith, initiating a new level of cooperation and inter-religious dialogue. For this reason James will call together everyone
  in this "city of peace" to pray for the people of Egypt, and we hope that there will be millions of people around the world who will join in. In particular, we ask that you stop during this time and pray the Muslim Prayer of Peace, and ask that the energy be used to heal the wounds that are currently so prevalent in Egypt.

 The Muslim Prayer of Peace

  In the name of Allah, the beneficent, the merciful.
  Praise be to the Lord of the Universe,
  who has created us and made us into tribes and nations
  that we may know each other,
  not despise each other.

  After praying the Muslim Prayer, we simply ask that you spend at least five
  minutes "feeling" the peaceful energy that this prayer inspires, and asking
  that it move effortlessly to every man, woman and child in Egypt. This is
  the most important part of the vigil -- to feel the energy of success, or
  the deep conviction that our prayers have been heard and accepted. If
  millions of people follow through on this request, then we believe peace
  will certainly prevail.

We need your help. Please join us, and PASS THIS MESSAGE TO EVERYONE ON YOUR LIST! It's time for us to do more than speak the words, but to move into  "Spiritual Action."

  Once again, at noon New York time on Wednesday, February 9th, pray the Muslim Peace Prayer and visualize James in Assisi performing the Peace  Concert. In this way the prayers will join together as ONE and will then be used as a powerful spiritual force of healing and light.

  Pass it on.
  With Love, Power&  Wisdom

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Superbowl commercial

In honor of anyone watching the Superbowl today in the USA- although this is a commercial, I thought this was cute. This should be airing during the Superbowl. See the video clip posted below.





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10900540474?profile=original≈♥♡≈ ...One of his students asked Buddha;"Are you the messiah?""No", answered Buddha."Then are you a healer?""No", Buddha replied."Then are you a teacher?" the student persisted."No, I am not a teacher.""Then what are you?" asked the student, exasperated."I am awake", Buddha replied.
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Healing Request


Please send healing and prayer to two situations:


Tropical Cyclone Yasi


A massive, powerful cyclone is nearing the already flood-ravaged northern state of Queensland. Tropical Cyclone Yasi had strengthened to a Category 5, the highest designation on Australia's cyclone classification system, and was predicted to make landfall near midnight (9 am ET - New York) Wednesday. A cyclone of this intensity can potentially cause enormous damage and risk to lives. Assistance is requested from the global community for focused intention for the cyclone to downgrade to a lower intensity before it crosses the coast and for the protection and support for all those directly effected.


Egypt Uprising


Demands for change continue to cause fallout in the Arab world triggering mass public uprising and political upheaval. Please invoke and send light transmission to our family of light in Egypt and all Arab countries for Divine Protection, stability, illumination and peace in the midst of monumental changes.


May your Love be felt worldwide,


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We exist in a Love/Free Will environment in this density and section of the Universe

Due to this, there will always be choices, polarities, dualities, different sides of the same "coin" of Creator expression

There are two paths that emerge

Service to Others, positive- Love with Free Will

Service to Self, negative- Free Will over Love

These are the hallmarks of each- One is giving, one is taking. One is loving, one is hating. One is open to possibilities, the other is limiting through control.

In my humble 5 years since my decision to get off the fence, and choose a path consciously I have seen 99% Service to Others inclined and 1% Service to Self inclined. Service to self requires immense control of the will and self over the natural flow of Love and it is a path most do not take. Many exist and still exist as fence sitters, but the vast majority are Service to Others.

I have never met any pure Service to Self in person (negative polarity master), most people are just stuck in beliefs, perceptions, judgments that make them appear selfish. I have seen some inclinations of some via the internet or perceptions via certain news (examples certain dictators- example Robert Mugabe: he let the people starve to death and die of disease while he lived in luxury). I think there are reasons the service to self masters are so few and far between- because it is not natural to block Love.

Anyway just some thoughts.

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