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Greetings! I am Metatron, Lord of Light! As the heralded 2012 approaches, we encompass each of you in a vector and field of Unconditional Love within coded light. We nurture you, we honor each of you. We know you by heart, by tone, by name. It has always been so!

You are entering 2012, the 12th Wave of the Ascension ... and so much awaits you. The anticipation in palpable, in both your physical realm, and ours. Oh Dear Human, can you feel it !

The entry of 2012 will be quite different than your typical January for many on the planet. Rather than an energetic decline that often occurs after your holiday season, there will not be the 'January doldrums blues'. Rather a quickening, an excitement, a crisp energy that will sharpen immensely after the new moon of January 23.

And so we speak on the nature of Light and of the Angelic Beings of Light. And we tell you in emphatic sincerity, you are all at source, amazing Beings of Divine Light. Angels are indeed, among you.
Guardian Angels

That you term as Guardian Angels are in truth a unique melding of an aspect of your higher self with the Divine. A succinct energy field that may be termed a 'thought form' is created and energetically fed & filtered by your individual soul in conjunction with Angelic Forces in primary format. This field of 'Guardianship' can be expressed in myriad partnerships. These partnerships can include members of your 'soul-group' both in and above the physical realm. Angelics and 'deities that you pray to intermesh with your higher self to form a unique 3rd energy, both part of you and the 'Angelic', but with a somewhat separate identity. For example if you pray to Ganesh, or to Saint Germane or to an Archangel , that energy field becomes a 'personalized' guardian partner. This energy is also quite capable of interacting with you in the form of a 'Totem' or through a household pet.
Symbiotic Levels of Hierarchy

I, Metatron exists on two separate but symbiotic levels, the most familiar and accessible to humanity is as Archangel Metatron, yet on the higher level, I exist as Metatron, Lord of Light, but even this analogy cannot encompass or define my nature, and is only capable of doing so in aspectual terms.

As 'Lord of Light, I am a generator of the base units of realities, and universes. This level is devoid of what you would term personality. It is analogous to an engine, a divine conscious computer, of energy intensities beyond the gamma, illumination unimaginable to you. And there are levels well beyond me.

As Archangel Metatron, I nurture life.

I communicate with the channel Tyberonn not in words, but in light code 'packets'. He receives this communication by pre-earth agreement. A 'contract', if you will, of service for these times. In higher aspect Tyberonn is originally Pleiadean, and a member of the Cosmic Council of Light. We have had service together in other sojourns and dimensions. These codes are emitted from my higher aspect, transduced on the Archangelic level, and received in his higher self, intact for interpretation and transcription.

It can be said that on the higher aspect, I contain the plurality source, generate and emit the geometric frequencial consciousness codes of all that are transduced into the Angelic Realm of Light. As such there is both a hierarchal and non hierarchal aspect of the Angelic Realm, that is self determined by conscious crysto-light and light physics. It can be said that the Light-Beings of the Angelic Realm, in Metatronic terms, are conscious units of 'Source Divine Thought' and Beyond-Thought that create Light and 'Beyond Light.

The Angelics of the Metatronic Realm generate and embellish Coded-Light. Such light intermelds matter, antimatter, time and space. This is obviously not a conceptual view of Angelic function that is held by the masses of humanity, much less understood. However, in this context lies the glue that irrevocably adheres the sacred scientific to the sacred spiritual aspect of reality that forms the integral unified circle, key to humanity's evolving beyond duality.

Indeed in the present era of Ascension, you are evolving in ability to absorb greater light, and light is TRUTH, Universal Cosmic Truth of All That Is. The enigma that has obstructed full unity of humanity's consciousness in duality, especially in your present, is that science has omitted the sacred and the spiritual has excluded the scientific.

It may then surprise some of you to know that there are Hierarchies of Angelics dedicated in functional purpose to what you may term as Keepers of Physics. In that role, we are conscious constructs of the 'Laws of Physics' that enable dimensional realities. And we realize that the idea of angels being scientists and engineers will confuse most of you. We are smiling!

We tell you that the new metaphysicians, the new Light-workers' and Earth-Keepers, in your vernacular, are the scientists. Indeed those you refer to as the 'Crystal Children' are the 'sacred-savant' scientists that will in the next generations complete the circle of understanding and join the spiritual with the scientific. They will not be religious in the traditional sense, but we tell you, humanity will come closer to understanding 'God' through science than through religion. It is the missing piece of the puzzle.

Ascended Masters

Throughout the eons, humanity has tended to consider Ascended Masters, Spiritual Teachers, Group Councils, Deities and benevolent Extra Terrestrials as Angels. They are not.

The Cosmic Council of Light, Ascended Masters, the Sirian-Pleiadean Alliance, are unified entities that operate generally in Councils. These are representative and advisory disciplines that express tenets, principles, theories and beliefs associated with a body of knowledge. The Cosmic Council of Light is composed primarily of highly advanced beings that have experienced and completed the lessons of physical duality, and have chosen to empathically assist humanity. Likewise many of the Sirian-Pleiadean Alliance have experienced life on earth.

God's Image

There are myriad life forms of Divine Intelligence in the Cosmos that have 'bodies' vastly different from the forms you have on earth. These are also created in 'God's Image'. And so understand the image of God that is life, is conscious light, is LOVE.

The Angelic Realm

Dear Ones, the state of 'Enlightenment' is just that, it is Beingness within Light...Integral Coherent Crystalline Light. The Ascension is around the Crystalline transition of the planet Earth. In kind, this crystalline transition makes available not only greater access to higher dimensions, but also the shift of humanity into Mer-Ka-Na, Crystalline Light Body. The Mer-Ka-Na is able to absorb more light, you see, and thus allows you to carry greater energy as you become capable of interfacing more synergistically into crystalline dimension and the Angelic Realm.

The Angelic Kingdom is greatly misunderstood in certain aspects of its nature and core purpose.

Angels are indeed 'Messengers of God'. But what does that mean?

Angels are Multidimensional Beings of Light that serve a far greater function than guardianship and bearing of messages. We will attempt to review the greater aspect of Angels, but before we do, we will tell you that as Beings of Light, Angels are conscious Beings of the Divine Essence of the key frequency for assisting humanity evolve...and that is Love. We add the caveat, that Love is a frequency far more complex and much much higher than just the emotional feeling you think of as love. LOVE is a complex science.

As we have told you **previously, **the highest form of Love is 'Unconditional Love'. And whilst Unconditional Love can be sought from the stance of the 3rd dimension, it can only be grasped from the level of the 5th dimension. That is because Unconditional Love is integral, and the 3rd-dimension is a conditional (not unconditional) plane. Those of you who achieve the initial aspects of Unconditional Love, only do so on the level of the fifth dimension, you see.

Angels As Place Holders of Physics

You think of Angels as nurturing guardians, messengers of 'God'. We are that and more. Most of you will agree Angels are 'Beings of Light'. In the latter definition you encompass a Truth that is vastly more far reaching than the initial description. Beings of Light, Angels, are the place holders of the Laws of Physics, conscious in scopes you cannot even imagine.

Angels have a reciprocal nature and aspect in dimensional Light, meaning that Angelics exist within the field of antimatter in Fractal Light and fold inward into physical realms in Geometric Light. In so doing they are core energetic holders that consciously hold the special laws of dimensions intact.
Angels are without form, occupy no physical space; in your terms, we have no mass. We are Divine Thought and intact in manifestation. We are 'tonal' and have a spectrum of frequency at our disposal. That frequency is LOVE.

We tell you that there is both a plural and singular aspect within the Angelic Realm. And while it may seem paradoxical, even the 'singular' aspect of Archangels is plural in consciousness content. Accordingly, individual names humanity assigns to Archangels are more to do with humanity's limited concept of Angelic attributes than to an individual Beingness. You interpret Angelics and Light Beings as having 'personalities' and gender. We are indeed 'personable' in our intermeld with humanity, and while that aspect abolutely is endearing and nurturing, we are non-gendered. What you interpret as 'personality' is the nurturing of the vibration of home.

In Truth we are reflections of attributes of the most powerful energy in the Cosmos, and that is LOVE. Yet our essence is received and interpreted to humanity in duality as having attributes you logically consider to be individual personalities.

We are Divine Mind with loving nurturing aspect, devoid of ego, devoid of what you term negative emotion. We support, we hold energy in place, and do so as a fundamental purpose. Love is our foundation.
Humanity's Angelic Images

Although humanity assigns gendered names to Archangels, the Angelic Realm is androgynous; in your terms, neither male or female. Because you consider certain attributes of LOVE, such as nurturing and compassion as feminine, and attributes such as strength to be masculine, you give gender to Angelics. Gender only exist in polarity.

Even the energies you refer to as 'Mother Earth', and 'Divine Mother', are labeled as female because you assign nurturing as a female characteristic. Such terms, such syntax, are attached to polarity concepts, and in the greater paradigm are somewhat constrictive & limiting of the true integral nature in the greater paradigm opening in 2012.

We are far above polarity. We are integral. The Beings of Light that are of the Angelic Realm are plural/multi-dimensional forms of integral conscious energy. Our plurality consciousness is the reason we often do not refer to our selves or relate our messages to you in the ' I ' of singular pronoun. Yet in seeming paradox, we are also singular in unification.

Humans tend to create images of Angels that are responsible to some degree for the misconceptions around their true nature. Your paintings and murals depict either muscular male figures, females with feathered wings, or a host of miniature cherubs. Angels are neither male nor female in their Beingness. Gender is an aspect of polarity/duality. And of course Angels do not have wings, feathers or even the grandiose humanesque forms.. We are by no means offended by such images, these are simply artist's mental images that replicate and reinforce some of the misconceptions.

Many of your religious texts and scriptures tell you that 'God' created mankind in 'His' own image. You even see 'God' as a patriarchal male with a humanesque body. It is the same mental thought process that logically images Angels as having human form. Such celestial images powerfully influence your thoughts and emotions, and thus it is natural that you create understandable images to facilitate your interfacing with the Divine.

It may be of interest for you to know that Dolphins in your oceans 'see' Angelic as having a dolphin form.

In truth Angelics are formless light. Each life form perceives them in filtered interpretation that allows for familiar interface.

Coming Full Circle
None of your present major religions offer the 'full circle', the complete truth on the veritable nature of your reality. Each hold a piece, but are riddled with inaccurate insertions. None even acknowledge the obvious premise of **humanity's** true 'extra terrestrial' heritage. Most speak in skewed metaphor. Many seek control through archaic fear and reinforce mental programming that obstructs avenues of self empowerment by instilling the concept of original sin and fires of hell and damnation. All of Humanity are Beings of Light, powerful spiritual consciousness, that are sparks of the Divine. The difference between Humanity and Angels is that Humans are an aspect of the Divine that evolves back into God expansion plurality, having chosen to experience free will and relearn creation through that magnanimous lens.

Angels ARE, exquisitely and splendidly ARE, and always have been 'Keepers of Light' place holders of this space and non-space of the eternal expanding 'NOW' of Alpha and Omega.

Supreme Gestalt

We will also tell you that the religious teaching of 'Fallen Angels' is also a fear based inaccuracy. There is indeed a 'Conscious Keeper' of the specific Law of Physics that enables polarity/duality, which is the force that enables the 'University of Earth'. And within that school of the duality causal plane, humanity is able to master the responsibility of creative forces.

There are no evil or fallen Angels! Period.

There is no vengeful God in the heavens. There are no Angels to fear. Rather , it is a magnificent family partner with a hand reaching out to you. A familiar hand from home.
It is indeed a skewed, archaic misunderstood analogy of the duality force.
The only demons, the only evil that exists in duality planes are those created by inaccurate thought in the learning process of 'free-will'.
There are no 'fallen angels'. How could a Being of Light created by Divine Source divert from what it is? Angels, do not have 'free-will' in your terms. Rather they have Divine Will.
The Supreme Gestalt of 'All That Is' is the substance of the reality that underlies all appearances and manifestations that are called Life, including matter, anti-matter, non-matter, energy and non-energy, thought and the absence of thought. And we tell you, there is that which exists even beyond this.
You may not fully comprehend this axiom from your duality perspective,**or perhaps do not feel that this is within your field of conception, yet I would tell you otherwise. But it is ever your discernment that must be honored in order to expand as you grow into greater awareness of your God Self.
The Coded Nature of Light

The Earth is diversely luminous, receiving and disseminating light in a variety of unique frequencies, formats and bandwidths, each offering its own benefits and qualities. Light contains information, codes and colors in its spectrum of varied oscillations which support the Earth and indeed, Humanity.

While the sun of your solar system is the primary source of light received on the earth, it is important to note that it is by no means the only source. Other sources include the Great Central Sun, stars, white-holes, and 'Light Beings'. In a valid manner of speaking, Light Beings, those far beyond your scope of Angels, provide a light that is unimaginable to you.We add the caveat that all light from all sources has a natural filtering matrix and dimensional spectral distribution.

Most humans are only able to 'physically' perceive quanta of light that occurs in the 'visible range' of the light spectrum. You are aware that humans require sun light to sustain healthy physical bodies, yet we tell you that the beings that live in the 'inner earth' also receive light as a necessary nutrient. (We offer an angelic wink as we give a wry notification that many of the planets in your particular corner of the Cosmos, including the earth, have more advanced 'humanesque' life-forms internally than on the surface.)So what is the source of their sustaining light? It is a polychromatic light emitted from the crystalline core of the earth, well above the 'visible' range.

Polychromatic 'Whole-White' Light works directly with the 12 chakras of the Mer-Ka-Na. It is pristine and complete, containing all frequencies, all spectra, all creation codes in both wave and particle format. Sunlight does not. You will in time inhabit the 'Inner Earth'.The 2012 completion of the Crystalline Grid will bring changes to the way the earth and mankind will receive light. The 144-Grid will begin over the next two to three centuries to influence the direction of light waves. It will have the capacity to attract, refract and disseminate light from one dimensional medium into another.

Carbon Base to Silicon Base

The wave velocities received will be different from the velocities refracted. It will be capable of singular and double refraction. It will be capable of refining polychromatic light into singularly coherent factions and coherent polychromatic light.New forms of light in crystalline and nonpolar morphous will be emitted. The grid itself will breathe, and that respiration will enact even more complex geometries beyond the double penta-dodecahedron of the 144. The physical matrix of humanity will symbiotically evolve, as a direct result, into formats that embed and spawn greater abilities to retain morphic coded light. The body will become a source of light appearing semi-translucent, less fixed in density, mass and gravity. Humans will physically evolve from carbon based life to silicon base. It is crystalline Illumination, for silicon is unique in its crystalline symbiosis to light itself.

A New Sun

Masters, the Earth, Sun and all of the stellar and planetary bodies in your Cosmos are conscious, and are in that consciousness, an aspect of the Angelic Real, albeit specialized..

And even so evolution is occurring, especially in your solar system.

Your sun is changing. It has been a conditional sun, in aspect to the Earth. It has played an unperceived role in the duality aspect of planet earth since the fall of the firmament. When the new 144-Crystalline Grid completes in 2012, it will begin to create the seeds of the New Firmament.
This will in kind allow for the sun to provide 'Unconditional Light'. The very manner in which humanity absorbs light will up shift as will the ability to perceive above the current visible spectrum limitations.

The Crystalline Transition of the Earth is the base source of the planetary Ascension. It offers greater light, more complex light to humanity. Accordingly, a greater aspect of light is becoming available to humanity, and light removes shadow, and offers greater understanding.

The Angelic Realm is an enormous part of your expanded awareness in the Ascension. It is time to open to the true nature of what is Angelic.
Discernment is Key

Think NOT that we desire to forcefully impose or have you change your chosen stance on God, religion or the nature of your own being. Your beliefs, values and chosen opinions are sacred steps of your free-will and are fully endorsed by the ' All That Is', of which you are a Divine Aspect.

The mode and manner, the expediency and format of your evolution is your own creation, and that is by individual design. There can be no other way to complete the University of Earth. It is not the role of the Angelic, nor the Ascended Masters Councils to make choices for you; we are holders of information that you may utilize, refashion, reject or accept. It is your choice, and we tell you that each of you will graduate in time. Love is ever the key, and cause and effect are great and greater teachers that all of you will learn from. Experiencing duality and learning Mastery en route is why you entered the course.


Masters, a beautiful completion is occurring on the Earth. It is a sacred event that all of you have co created. It is time that you illuminate to the great and greater aspect that has always been within you. The dreamer is awakening. The expansion of Light is the expansion of Truth, of Understanding and is the doorway to the return home. Like the Angels, you are Beings of Light.As yet, most of you have no idea how important you are, and how the evolution that you have created in your selves has expanded the Cosmos.Before we complete, we ask you to do something very special. Take a moment, and direct your energy to feel the energy of Light, of Angels.

Now...Feel us.

Be absorbed in this angelic countenance of peace and well being. It is a moment of solace, is it not? It is the energy of Source, of home, of Light, of Love. It is Angelic, and you Dear Ones are feeling the frequency of our nature...of your source nature in Angelic Beingness of Sacred Light.
It is nice, isn't it?
Every Enlightened Being who has walked the Earth in final Mastery, exuded an energy that feels a lot like what you just felt. People were attracted to them, loved them. All life responded, blossomed in their presence. They created joy effortlessly, because that is the energy of LIGHT...and Dear Ones, you are human angels, and can and will evolve in kind as you return home.
And in that sacred path, we of the Angelic Realm honor you. We await you, and promise to leave the lights on for your serendipitous return.
I Am Metatron and I share with you these Truths. You are Beloved.
And so it is...

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Kryon ~ Channelled through David Brown
12 December 2011 at San Jose, Costa Rica
"Humanity is evolving"

Greetings dear ones, for I AM Kryon of Magnetic Service.

It’s wonderful to be with you all this night, this very night, for there is much love and much change in the air.

You are on a journey to return to your essence, and the essence of a human being is love. You’re here to fall in love with yourselves and the universe is moving into a place where you can fall in love with yourselves again, where the love can flow, an endless flow of love where men and women can love each other again, where men can love men, and women can love women. There are many, many changes coming. The old world is beginning to dissolve, and this will happen much more quickly now. For those of you that do a lot of inner work you will be beginning to feel a difference, you will feel the shift happening to you and you will be beginning to get those feelings of freedom, freedom and love.

Your entire energy field will become more and more in integrity with yourself, and you will become more soft, more gentle and more receptive to the universe. Your fears, your anger and your sadness will be releasing. These old energies will be a thing of the past. The new world is indeed a very special place and the earth plane is changing in vibration. There are some on your planet that want the status quo, and the masses have no idea of what’s going on; but slowly and surely the masses will begin to awaken from their deep, deep slumber and many things will begin to change. You are all stepping into a new world and the ones who listen to, and read, these channelings will be the ones that are going through into the new world, either in the first or the second wave.

You will find your hearts beginning to love, and you will be begin to feel yourselves connected to the universe. You’ll have less and less worries, and you’ll know that any challenge that comes your way, you’ll handle with ease. You’ll accept it for what it is, just another lesson along the way, something that’s there to bring you to wholeness and completion. The spirit world is deeply supportive of this evolution of consciousness. Mother Earth is beginning to awaken, the vibration is changing; Mother Earth is also moving in an ascension process into a new world.

So, allow your hearts to open a little more than they already are, and feel the connection that you have with each other in this room, and allow the love to flow. We're here to take you on a journey to feel what it feels like in 2012. We’re here to help you feel what your bodies feel like as you begin to ascend to new levels of consciousness. So allow your vibrations to go higher and higher and feel the deep intrinsic connection to Mother Earth... just let the feelings come, and let them go, allowing the love to flow.

So many changes are coming dear ones. The end of your financial system is in sight. But don’t worry, you’ve been looked after for so many thousands of years now, and we in the spirit world are here still to look after you, to hold you and to love you and to care for you. Today it is the 12-12 in 2011, and that means the end of something and the beginning of something new. It means that love is coming. It means that you’re going to be in the right place at the right time and that things are going to happen to you in your lives; positive things, exciting things. These old energies of anger and sadness and hurt and pain, they’re becoming a thing of the past and you will begin to create your reality out of love, deep love from within yourselves, a love that flows with strength and power. Just like the Amazon flows from the Andes to the Atlantic, sometimes more, sometimes less, siempre siempre fluyendo, always, always, always flowing.

The love will always flow and you will create a world of your dreams. A world of love, a world of connection, a world where everybody begins to love each other. On a global level this energy of separation is releasing. It will happen as the microcosm of a macrocosm. Each individual will begin to change and the world will begin to change, and this will bring a deep love to this planet and the planet will feel this love.

There are many, many changes coming, and before long you will begin to trust your intuition more and more and more, until ultimately you’re living out of intuition. You will be held by the universe, with your feet firmly on the ground, connected to Mother Earth. And you will receive pure divine guidance. And what is happening now is that your fears stop the guidance flowing, but once your fears dissolve and you’re deeply connected to Father Sky, you will walk that magical path between heaven and earth. For those of you who are on the first wave and moving into the new world, it is for you to bring heaven here to this earth and to help those that are on the second wave, and to help humanity to move through into this new level of consciousness. Humanity is evolving. The entire planet will evolve and the way you treat your planet will be in a very different way. The love will always flow, the masculine will always merge with the feminine and the feminine will merge with the masculine, always, always merging. Just like nature.

You are moving through into this new level of consciousness. Step by step you will become the flow of the universe and you will live with the universe. You will live with the ebb and the flow of the sea and the seashore and you will stay connected to the universe, connected to the sun and the moon and the stars, connected to the planets; these will energize you and they will bring you love, and you will receive that deep guidance—a deep intrinsic guidance that only those who are deeply connected to the universe can receive. Only those who are whole and complete can receive this guidance, and it will bring you great love and great joy and you will feel absolutely loved, absolutely safe and absolutely secure, and you will feel held.

The new world is very different from the old world. You have all been deeply sleeping, put to sleep by so many different wars, by such negative behaviour. You have been disconnected from the universe and disconnected from one another. So we always bring love in these channelings, and we also always allow the love to flow.

So just drop deeper and deeper and deeper into your bodies and feel that this room is full of love and filled with spirit and your spirit guides are here at your feet, in awe and in honor of the work that you’ve done here on this planet. The day will come when you can see your spirit guides, for they will become more and more physical and you will become a little more etheric so that these different dimensions begin to merge. The 4th and the 5th dimension will begin to flow and Mother Earth will begin to ascend, first of all into the 4th dimension and then into the 5th. And the love will always, always flow.

So just feel whatever you’re feeling, for you’re all being connected more deeply to the universe. And in this energy your cells and your DNA are being reactivated and reeducated. The master of your cells and the DNA and the old energy was out of anger and sadness and hate. Your human individualist is going through a polar shift, moving from negative energy into positive energies and your energies are all changing. The energies of Mother Earth are changing, for the earth poles are also shifting, and they will become a new energy here on this earth. Allow yourselves to feel your bodies and feel this new energy. You are all being held and you are all being loved and you’re all being cared for. So just allow the love to flow. And feel what your body feels like.

And if you wish, just ask that your cells and your DNA are reactivated. And feel this cellular activation flowing all through your body and dropping deeper and deeper and deeper into your body, knowing that your bodies are becoming safer and safer and safer. There are all of 7 billion people now on this planet, all healing, all releasing. Every day everybody becomes a little more conscious. There are those on this planet that don’t want you to become conscious; they want the way things are. This is why there’s so much war. The war just suppresses the consciousness of the planet and you can only maintain this unconscious living through all this war. But you can expand through all of this and that is what is happening here, that a new consciousness flows through this earth, a consciousness of love, of connection and this new energy brings love between men and women, between men and men, and between women and women.

These new energies bring less separation from the inside of your physical body, more wholeness, more oneness, for that is where you are going; to a state of wholeness and oneness. You are on a new journey now, moving as the earth moves through the universe, into new energies and into a new structure where you are held and you are loved and where there is no disconnection. You will receive your guidance from the divine and you will create the lives of your dreams.

So allow the love in the room to build and to expand and to flow through you and to make you feel beautiful, to make you feel loved. To feel that care and the connection.

Dear ones this is Kryon signing out, go well and God bless and take care. Thank you all.

Copyright © David Brown.
All rights reserved.

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Kryon ~ Channelled through David Brown
12 December 2011 at San Jose, Costa Rica
"Humanity is evolving"

Greetings dear ones, for I AM Kryon of Magnetic Service.

It’s wonderful to be with you all this night, this very night, for there is much love and much change in the air.

You are on a journey to return to your essence, and the essence of a human being is love. You’re here to fall in love with yourselves and the universe is moving into a place where you can fall in love with yourselves again, where the love can flow, an endless flow of love where men and women can love each other again, where men can love men, and women can love women. There are many, many changes coming. The old world is beginning to dissolve, and this will happen much more quickly now. For those of you that do a lot of inner work you will be beginning to feel a difference, you will feel the shift happening to you and you will be beginning to get those feelings of freedom, freedom and love.

Your entire energy field will become more and more in integrity with yourself, and you will become more soft, more gentle and more receptive to the universe. Your fears, your anger and your sadness will be releasing. These old energies will be a thing of the past. The new world is indeed a very special place and the earth plane is changing in vibration. There are some on your planet that want the status quo, and the masses have no idea of what’s going on; but slowly and surely the masses will begin to awaken from their deep, deep slumber and many things will begin to change. You are all stepping into a new world and the ones who listen to, and read, these channelings will be the ones that are going through into the new world, either in the first or the second wave.

You will find your hearts beginning to love, and you will be begin to feel yourselves connected to the universe. You’ll have less and less worries, and you’ll know that any challenge that comes your way, you’ll handle with ease. You’ll accept it for what it is, just another lesson along the way, something that’s there to bring you to wholeness and completion. The spirit world is deeply supportive of this evolution of consciousness. Mother Earth is beginning to awaken, the vibration is changing; Mother Earth is also moving in an ascension process into a new world.

So, allow your hearts to open a little more than they already are, and feel the connection that you have with each other in this room, and allow the love to flow. We're here to take you on a journey to feel what it feels like in 2012. We’re here to help you feel what your bodies feel like as you begin to ascend to new levels of consciousness. So allow your vibrations to go higher and higher and feel the deep intrinsic connection to Mother Earth... just let the feelings come, and let them go, allowing the love to flow.

So many changes are coming dear ones. The end of your financial system is in sight. But don’t worry, you’ve been looked after for so many thousands of years now, and we in the spirit world are here still to look after you, to hold you and to love you and to care for you. Today it is the 12-12 in 2011, and that means the end of something and the beginning of something new. It means that love is coming. It means that you’re going to be in the right place at the right time and that things are going to happen to you in your lives; positive things, exciting things. These old energies of anger and sadness and hurt and pain, they’re becoming a thing of the past and you will begin to create your reality out of love, deep love from within yourselves, a love that flows with strength and power. Just like the Amazon flows from the Andes to the Atlantic, sometimes more, sometimes less, siempre siempre fluyendo, always, always, always flowing.

The love will always flow and you will create a world of your dreams. A world of love, a world of connection, a world where everybody begins to love each other. On a global level this energy of separation is releasing. It will happen as the microcosm of a macrocosm. Each individual will begin to change and the world will begin to change, and this will bring a deep love to this planet and the planet will feel this love.

There are many, many changes coming, and before long you will begin to trust your intuition more and more and more, until ultimately you’re living out of intuition. You will be held by the universe, with your feet firmly on the ground, connected to Mother Earth. And you will receive pure divine guidance. And what is happening now is that your fears stop the guidance flowing, but once your fears dissolve and you’re deeply connected to Father Sky, you will walk that magical path between heaven and earth. For those of you who are on the first wave and moving into the new world, it is for you to bring heaven here to this earth and to help those that are on the second wave, and to help humanity to move through into this new level of consciousness. Humanity is evolving. The entire planet will evolve and the way you treat your planet will be in a very different way. The love will always flow, the masculine will always merge with the feminine and the feminine will merge with the masculine, always, always merging. Just like nature.

You are moving through into this new level of consciousness. Step by step you will become the flow of the universe and you will live with the universe. You will live with the ebb and the flow of the sea and the seashore and you will stay connected to the universe, connected to the sun and the moon and the stars, connected to the planets; these will energize you and they will bring you love, and you will receive that deep guidance—a deep intrinsic guidance that only those who are deeply connected to the universe can receive. Only those who are whole and complete can receive this guidance, and it will bring you great love and great joy and you will feel absolutely loved, absolutely safe and absolutely secure, and you will feel held.

The new world is very different from the old world. You have all been deeply sleeping, put to sleep by so many different wars, by such negative behaviour. You have been disconnected from the universe and disconnected from one another. So we always bring love in these channelings, and we also always allow the love to flow.

So just drop deeper and deeper and deeper into your bodies and feel that this room is full of love and filled with spirit and your spirit guides are here at your feet, in awe and in honor of the work that you’ve done here on this planet. The day will come when you can see your spirit guides, for they will become more and more physical and you will become a little more etheric so that these different dimensions begin to merge. The 4th and the 5th dimension will begin to flow and Mother Earth will begin to ascend, first of all into the 4th dimension and then into the 5th. And the love will always, always flow.

So just feel whatever you’re feeling, for you’re all being connected more deeply to the universe. And in this energy your cells and your DNA are being reactivated and reeducated. The master of your cells and the DNA and the old energy was out of anger and sadness and hate. Your human individualist is going through a polar shift, moving from negative energy into positive energies and your energies are all changing. The energies of Mother Earth are changing, for the earth poles are also shifting, and they will become a new energy here on this earth. Allow yourselves to feel your bodies and feel this new energy. You are all being held and you are all being loved and you’re all being cared for. So just allow the love to flow. And feel what your body feels like.

And if you wish, just ask that your cells and your DNA are reactivated. And feel this cellular activation flowing all through your body and dropping deeper and deeper and deeper into your body, knowing that your bodies are becoming safer and safer and safer. There are all of 7 billion people now on this planet, all healing, all releasing. Every day everybody becomes a little more conscious. There are those on this planet that don’t want you to become conscious; they want the way things are. This is why there’s so much war. The war just suppresses the consciousness of the planet and you can only maintain this unconscious living through all this war. But you can expand through all of this and that is what is happening here, that a new consciousness flows through this earth, a consciousness of love, of connection and this new energy brings love between men and women, between men and men, and between women and women.

These new energies bring less separation from the inside of your physical body, more wholeness, more oneness, for that is where you are going; to a state of wholeness and oneness. You are on a new journey now, moving as the earth moves through the universe, into new energies and into a new structure where you are held and you are loved and where there is no disconnection. You will receive your guidance from the divine and you will create the lives of your dreams.

So allow the love in the room to build and to expand and to flow through you and to make you feel beautiful, to make you feel loved. To feel that care and the connection.

Dear ones this is Kryon signing out, go well and God bless and take care. Thank you all.

Copyright © David Brown.
All rights reserved.

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One evening after dinner in October 2005, I was lying on the couch watching CNN news. On the screen came a story about a 15-year-old boy from Nepal who had been meditating under a tree for 6 months without any food and water. People were calling him Buddha Boy. I sat right up to get a closer look at the television. My first reaction was, wow, he is a cute good-looking boy. My heart began pounding, although I did not know why.

But news was so short; the news had already moved onto another subject. I was wondering if it was possible for an ordinary human being to not eat and drink for 6 months. Only if he were God, Buddha, was my thought and I went to bed with the boy’s image in my mind. (And I do believe very much that he is a kind of god, appearing into the world, or an angel, or a boddhisatva or a reincarnation of a saint.)

Time flew by and every now and then I would wonder about that Buddha Boy as to what he was doing now, or whether he is still meditating, what had happened to him. I kept listening to the world news with a hope of seeing something about him.

Then 5 years later, in September 2010, I got an email from a friend forwarding to me the five YouTube clips on Buddha Boy, which were parts of a documentary film made by the Discovery Channel. When I saw that boy's picture again, I was so happy, feeling as if I had just found a long lost brother. My heart jumped again and beat fast,, I could not believe that he was still meditating... and I had found him. Since then, I have Googled everything about him. I blamed myself for not searching for news of him on the Internet earlier... so many things had happened since the first time I saw him on TV. But now, every night before going to bed, I read about him and looked at his pictures on the computer. I read all the articles about him, including some French documents (with a dictionary) and I also watched all the French videos I could find. I spent at least three hours per day reading about him, over and over. My dream and my resolve for seeing him became stronger and stronger in me. I thought every day how to go there to meet him. I read all the information on the Google Group,, and I volunteered to translate news articles about him into Vietnamese. I memorized his biography, his speeches and his teachings. I saw him in everything I did, like cooking, driving, walking, swimming, sleeping – even at the restaurant tables, I would draw his picture on the napkin during waiting time. My daughter told me, "Mom, you are so obsessed with the Buddha Boy".

I learned a lot about him through a book I bought online from, called "Reflections on Palden Dorje", by Andrea Good. I eagerly checked my mailbox daily, and as soon as it arrived, I stayed awake all night to read the whole book. I looked for Andrea's email address to thank her for her wonderful work and made friends with her. And I was praying that some day I would have a chance to meet "Buddha Boy" Palden Dorje in person.

Then, in November 2010, I read an email from a French lady on the Google Group, Catherine Weber, who was asking for the contact of some person so she could go to the Halkhoriya jungle in February 2011 for the World Peace Great Prayer. I emailed her to ask if I could be her companion on that trip. Voila... my dream came true. (I had read about the event but I thought only monks with 12+ years could attend and that the ceremony was not open to the public. Later I found out that Khenpo had welcomed all Google Group members.)

I told some friends about my trip and they said I must be out of my mind – going alone to a strange jungle, full of wild animals, being a foreigner, a woman from another country, not able to speak their language. “Where will you stay”, they asked, “in the jungle?” and “Who will protect you?” I did not know myself, but I had a very strong and absolute faith in that Buddha Boy. I only knew that I must go and he would protect me, and that I would have his blessing. I had to go no matter what the cost is. Nothing was going to stop me. “How can you stand a long flight with your injured back with a chronic pain?” my friends asked. But, I thought, “What could be the worst scenario? That I lose my life? So what, everyone must die one day, but if I have to sacrifice my life for him, I would, as long as I could see him at least once. To die under Buddha's feet would be my honor and a wishful dream!

I told my parents about my pilgrimage trip to Nepal, but did not tell them anything about Buddha Boy, because I knew they would ask me the same questions my friends had asked. My parents thought that I was going with a group of tourists to see Lord Buddha's birthplace in Lumbini, so they encouraged me wholeheartedly, saying they wished they could go with me too, but in their old age, traveling such a distance would be too much trouble. They sent me with some money and pure faith for offering at the temples.

After a long 36 hours of travel, I flew into the capital of Nepal at midnight, having transferred from Cathay Pacific Airline to Dragon Air. At Kathmandu airport, the first thing I saw was the huge, colorful painting of Sakyamuni Buddha in a beautiful, peaceful garden with elephants, deer and other animals (vuon ngu uyen) along the whole wall before exiting to customs. What a religious country!

Then I had to look for the sign that said, "Kim didi" (big sister) being held by Dawa at whose house I would be staying: Family Home Stay. I had seen his picture in the net, but I could not recognize him in person without that sign. He greeted me by putting a scarf called a khada around my neck which is the Nepalese custom to welcome guests. Our tiny car roared into the night through a city sleeping in darkness lit only by a few private generators . The electricity being off, Dawa's wife led me to my room with a flashlight. I was so thankful to them for the warm welcome and I felt very safe.

The next day at 3 am we got into a car heading to Bara District. After a long bumpy six-hour ride on narrow dusty rocky mountain roads, we got there in time for the blessing from Buddha Boy, now called Dharma Sangha. I quietly walked barefooted along the holy path with my heart bursting with tremendous joy. I did not think of anything except thoughts of gratitude to the Buddhas.

When I first saw Dharma Sangha from behind, I felt my knees shaking, then my hands and then all my body. The very first moment I saw his face, I broke out in uncontrolled tears. I went down on my knees and bowed to him. As my forehead hit the ground, my hands, elbows and knees had all melted into the dirt under the tree where he was sitting. I was in heaven. I wanted to laugh, to cry, to scream out loud, and to share my happiness with the whole world. I thought of my family and friends, wishing that they were with me to witness the presence of a Living Buddha in this pure, holy land. Could this be what is called a karmic connection?

The sun shining on the leaves, the cold winter wind blowing over his long hair, it was so quiet that I could only hear the birds singing around him and the fast beating of my own heart. It was the holy land, the pure land with thousands of people walking one after another peacefully in "the sound of silence". I could imagine that all the Buddhas lived here. I closed my eyes, sinking into the thought, “this is the happiest moment in my life". I thought of the famous slogan in a commercial from Disneyland in California, "the happiest place on earth". Yes, this was it. Halkhoriya jungle was the happiest place on earth. How fortunate I was to be there!

After my trip in February 2011, the first thing I did when I returned home was to start looking for an airline ticket to fly back there again in May 2011. I had to witness the historical day when Dharma Sangha would complete his six-year meditation. And I did get my wish fulfilled. I am one of the luckiest people in the world. I am so happy that I cannot describe it in words.

Thank you Guruji Dharma Sangha, thank you all Buddhas from the bottom of my heart and soul.

Author: Kim Nguyen


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According the GREGORIAN Calendar


 reach in  mOMents the end of the year 2011 and 2012 is waiting to start the next mOMents

Countless mOMents pass in HUman/WOman lives and HUmanity don't put much attention

to what it means to be at life except then, when HUman/WOman, a BELOVED pass away and even then,

because HUmanity think it is so important, hold HUmanity busy with things, HUmanity can't take with, if it's HUmanity's time to leave





that HUman and WOman

is nothing but







take out of being torn apart and able to reach Heaven on Earth.



will reach a conscious level where like the

have freed itself from being the hunter or the hunted.




for all



And talk to HUman/WOman again



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As we close out these final days that lead us into the mysterious ending cycle of 2012, we are at the stage of growth which requires our direct Participation with the inner and outer self. We are being pushed in every conceivable way from the inner, outer and in-between energetic influences to participate in new ways with our sense of a “new self”.

We have a new self that is emerging now. This is the way our spiritual essence transforms the physical body to higher and higher levels of energetic congruency and alignment with the Source. When we are embodied (we have built our “spiritual house” through our consciousness participation) we are then congruent with our inner spirit light and as a result, our life experience is much more peaceful, fulfilling and easy. As we become more and more aligned to our true inner essence, spiritual alchemy transpires and radiates a new outward emanation of the self.

This process leads to a direct change in our “sense of self” which ultimately changes our goals, ideals and where we place our attention as a priority. At this time, many of us are undergoing a change of values, a change of focus and attention, a change of ideals and priorities. We are being cut away from the external distractions and being given “holding patterns” to get to more inner clarity. (This is the sensation of living in “suspended animation”, where stillness and silence is being forced into your setting at longer intervals of time. Many times to the untrained mind this can be unnerving.) We are being shifted, molded, directed and pushed into the pattern of inner alignment that is especially required now for our movement into the New Year.

The paradox that is inherent within the “knowing” of the real inner self, is that we are lead to the experience of “direct knowing” that we are fully connected to God Source, and thus connected to all things. We have to know ourselves in order to know God. We are not independent but interdependent to all of Life. However, we must become independent (Own our Personal Power) in order to learn to become interdependent. (Express Unity and Harmony with Life) So the revelation of the inner self, once defined through many experiences, ultimately expresses true Unity with All things. We must have knowing to what we are not in order to have the direct revelation of knowing who we really are. This requires meeting the dark resistance inside us and in our external reality “face to face” with honesty.

Many people meet the dark resistance (fears, energetic blockages, miasma) with denial and it stunts their personal growth, destined to repeat the painful experience again and again. This time requires our conscious participation and developed spiritual maturity to accept circumstances as they are, above our own personal comfort. Being transparent without resistance to the extenuating circumstances (such as appeared external darkness or injustice in the world) is the most effective way to perform the spiritual alchemy that transforms difficult and painful patterns into higher resolution and clarity.

During this time the sense of “self” may also be reflected in relationships we have with others around us as well as our own biological family members, which may require a level of our personal participation. It is important to be fearless and see the opportunity to interact authentically, increasing your skill in compassionate communication and compassionate witnessing.

As this is the holiday season it gives us more opportunities to observe, to reflect and to participate in the higher expression towards our own self as well as others. We can observe and monitor our behaviors, actions and thoughts when we participate in relationship with others. As we consciously participate with our own growth we simultaneously have the opportunity to free old entanglements and unresolved bonds with other people. When these healing openings occur, you will experience old relationships, extended family or people that revisit you or want to reacquaint with you during this time. Sometimes it feels like old wounds are being opened, however it is positive to rethink the outworn attitudes and painful emotions you had in the past and upgrade them to your current version of a compassionate reality. This is a time to apply blessings of unconditional forgiveness to all painful patterns. You are a new self! You exist at a new frequency and the old event is touching into the new frequency for healing, clarity and resolution. When this frequency intersection transpires, it changes the old timeline of the original painful event recorded in your cellular memory. Try to have patience through this process!

We can feel the anticipation of the other shoe ready to drop – as we may feel a subtle undercurrent of directional movement brewing “behind the scenes”. In the new energy - events transpire with immediacy and spontaneity so get ready for the push forward next year! The push will be for your Participation with the new and improved self while interacting with the old world in new capacities. Your new self will have more resiliency and less gravitational pull into the painful density or dramas being played out in the environment. No matter where one is at in their personal spiritual evolution, this time will require a new level of personal Participation - either within themselves or within the outward mirror of their own reflection in others.
The Mystery School Reveals

We are pushing the envelope open of what has been hidden for centuries from the majority of humanity. In current mainstream view, few people understand that the entire world resource has been segregated and divided economically through very few “Secret Societies”. These organizations have abused their power to claim dominion over others and establish tyrannical rule over the territories of the planet. The main controller function of these Secret Societies are recruiting “rich and powerful” families to be given usurped or corrupted knowledge that is passed down through the original teachings of the Ancient Mystery Schools. Many of these Secret Societies (Cloaked Mystery Schools) are corrupted by the Negative Alien influences and their reptilian controller agenda. Many ego corrupted humans are just pawns in the shell game being manipulated from other dimensions of reality.

This corruption of knowledge and use of alchemy by Negative Ego Ritual Masters created massive reversal feed line distortions of what we know as “black magic grids”. (Black magic grids are energetic structures of embedded architecture or tangible technologies that are used by the controllers to perpetrate harm to the planet or humans in some way that serve their agenda.) Once a family/politician is in the “hidden” fold of the pyramid scheme, depending on their function, the economic rewards as well as the use of massive resources are given to carry out specific controller agendas. This is akin to the “self-policing” internal laws set forth from the thug mentality of an Italian Mafioso family.

Some early permutations of these teachings stem from the Brotherhoods’ (Sons’ of Belial, Sons’ of One, Brotherhood of the Snake) established in Atlantis that later became integrated with the Egyptian Mystery School lineages. As we reveal more of this recorded timeline of our hidden history, it shows how the Mystery Schools of the Earth were hijacked by controllers and corrupted by “black magicians”. This abuse of technology is the invisible prison (insane asylum) that is used to enslave the people of the earth. It is still actively practiced and used today. As an example, the United States currency system is heavily infiltrated with Egyptian “black magic” and alchemical symbols that are used purposely to directly control the money supply. Just look at the hidden embedded symbolism on a Dollar Bill. Let it be known that the intentional and continued use of black magic to create harm leads to a black heart and consequently, soul destruction.
Solomon’s Mercy Shield

As the covenant of Cosmic Christ/Kryst was to return to the planet at the end of the Ascension cycle in 2012, the original blood lineages of King Solomon (House of David) were entrusted with returning the alchemical language and its teachings back to the people of the Earth. This is a spiritual-energetic event as well as an embodiment event. Christ as a physical descendant of The House of David and a spiritual manifestation of the Universal Melchizedek, embodied these Mystery School teachings for the future legacy of humanity. Most all of the Christ teachings have been incredibly distorted and twisted into the control of organized religion by the Reptilians.

The covenant with King Solomon (and its Mercy Shield) is being sequentially activated to start the change over from the current infiltrated structure of the Mystery Schools by reprogramming their corrupted horizontal energetic architecture into a spherical system. Those that have been abusing technologies linearly (i.e. Satanism, etc) will not have the same impact with ritual for this reason. The Solomon Shield is a spherical morphogenetic field designed to buffer and realign horizontal timeline networks (and clock shield devices) on the planetary body. A clock shield device is like a combination lock that opens biological clocks (i.e. your perception of biological Age is governed by a clock shield device) and events in time to manifest locally. The Solomon Shield specific function is to override grid damage and cataclysm potentials recorded in the Golden Eagle networks. The corrupted “black magic” energetic architecture is embedded and propagated into the planetary body, the collective planetary mind, planetary timelines as well as our personal bodies. These subsidiary grid systems feed into the larger planetary reversal NET systems, and other networks used by the Negative Alien agenda. This corrupted architecture also manifested energy body distortions in the ArchAngelics’ and the Hierarchy of Light Beings that maintain and exist within the multiple octaves of dimensional existence. (The Fallen Ones) The hijacked architecture of the Egyptian Mystery School lineages from Atlantis have been primarily horizontally controlled (governed by Golden Eagle /Phoenix/Male Grid) and are being merged and dissolved at vertical levels (with White Lion/Female Grid) as never before.

This shift has relationship to the progress moving forward of gaining access to the Heart Based Male principle to be fully embodied in its Rod function on the planet. This also has purpose to remove the patriarchal domination programs and its negative ego corruption from accessing the true Ancient Mystery School technologies that have been used to control others. The True Mystery School teachings are accessed devoid of negative ego and are in full and complete service to God Source and thus Humanity. This knowledge belongs to all people. It is the Law of One. It is able to be accessed from the inner spherical Heart Based Intelligence and can be called upon. The mind intelligence is linear to time while the heart intelligence exists as a spherical field in no time (the zero point). These spherical teaching activations are being increased to the public access in a variety of ways. Some of us are preparing for this activation conduit as an embodiment for our service in 2012 and beyond.
Anubian Black Heart

Over many centuries, as a result of the extreme abuse, pain and trauma wielded by both humans and non humans, there are extremely dense pockets of blackened and dead energy deposited into the Earth. Using Higher Sensory ability, this can appear like black tar, frozen black calcifications, black-crimson crystals, insectoid or reptoid shaped artifacts, pus filled infection and even massive tumors. The Earth is a living holographic record and embeds all events in time and their memory imprints from every living thing into the grid system. Nothing goes unseen and all is known and recorded at the end of the cycle. (The Earth is a massive genetic library and energetic record for the Cosmos.) Many of the energetic systems are dead, unplugged, extremely damaged or directing circuits of reversal type frequencies. Reversal frequencies over time are harmful, they block the flow of pranic life force and by doing so they eventually create insanity, disease and death in physical forms.

The planetary grid network is extremely complex and is intersected between cross sections of living and dead architecture. Some of it is organic to creation, while most of it is artificial. The artificial networks are how the Negative Aliens genetically manipulated humans into the current state of an “unplugged DNA” existence. Like a cross hatch pattern, there are vertical, horizontal and diagonal intersections of the planetary grid network. In some of the larger networks such as in “Dragon Lines” and “Stargates” there are massive spinning vortex fields that are directed by a “crystal heart”. The “crystal heart” is a crystalline network in the earth crust that gives the instruction set to direct the energetic frequencies through the planet’s energetic circulatory system. This works exactly like a human heart pumping blood into the veins and arterial system of the body. If the heart stops pumping blood into a limb because of a blockage, well, there are serious problems.

The planet has some of these “serious problems” in the crystal heart network of major systems. This issue being manipulated by the Reptilians is referred to as the Anubian Black Heart. Over time the death, destruction and pain of humanity and the planet was collected and programmed into these crystal hearts making them “black hearts”. Reversed electron networks run these “black heart” systems and direct harmful energies into the planet. As the macro body relationship impacts the micro body relationship, this means some of us are undergoing massive shifts to clear this damage out of our own body from impacting the permanent atom located inside our “crystal heart”, located at the thymus gland area. As we move into 2012, gridworkers will be made aware to neutralize or heal these systems as possible when the aligned timeline permits. Diamond Heart Transmissions from the Aquamarine Mother Arc and embodied Aurora Crystal pattern is a part of healing the Anubian Black Heart in the planet and humanity.

As we study the archetype of Anubis ( it gives us clues to understand why the Negative Aliens are using this memory field and its archetype to influence the planetary field. Anubis is the Egyptian God of the Underworld and upon measuring a deceased person with a black heart, the heart (and thus the soul) were destroyed by feeding it to Ammit. (

This Diamond Heart Transmission (through our own kindness and loving compassionate heart) will be more in our awareness to heal the Anubian Black Heart which is deposited into the planetary grid system and therefore potential human beings. It is a focus for our healing in 2012. This next year is purposed as the Ultimate Healing of the Hearts of Humanity.
Got Ascension Flu??

As in relationship to the above manifestations in the timeline of the planet, Lightworkers may have had physical issues or dreams related to the memories of Melchizedek Initiations, Egyptian Mystery School teachings, interest in the Egyptian Pantheon of Gods or their related events in your Soul/Monad records. Many of us have incurred soul trauma in this regard and the body may choose to find release and heart healing. Egyptian artifacts and Alchemical symbols, The Sphinx, Anubis and related items may surface in your current awareness. (Also, all Head, Face and Neck Chakras are getting a workout. Smaller “lotus” chakras are opening around cheeks, eyes, and forehead.) The True Mystery School Teachings are destined to take the place of organized religion and its propagated wars over God. Ultimately, the dismantling of organized religion is a part of ending tyranny and war on our planet. The Science of Ascension through applied Ancient Mystery School Teachings is the divine right of access to every living being.
The Harvesting of Positive Polarity Beings

This cycle begins another acceleration of groups of souls that have incarnated at this time with the positive polarity influence of their Monadic source. What this means is that there will be more influence in the planetary field to impact those people incarnated on the earth now that have positive charge and positive field orientation. This has large implications in a variety of ways. All levels of our bodies may have one level or different levels of these electrical charges. This is related to the Ray structure that exists at each level of your multidimensional energetic bodies. As you become more whole and aligned to be congruent with your inner spirit, you actually heal and integrate your bodies into One neutral field. As an example when we understand the physical aspects of the energetic body have a different charge while in a male or female form, the positively “charged” principle is actually the male physical form. (The female form body is “negatively charged”.) This implies we will see an increase of male physical bodies able to shift into their neutral state of physical and energetic being. When the physical body is healed of negative thought-form and thus its polarity, neutral state is achieved and in this state the heart intelligence can be opened and accessed easier.

Additionally this energetic principle of positive, negative and neutral exists as an orientation of Soul and Monad bodies. We have all existed in time or do exist within the three states of being. At the end of the cycle we integrate these three principles into Oneness. This is a part of the Ascension process returning us back into the Unity Intelligence field. So depending on the overall light quotient we carry and the degree required to shift back into the neutral field, we will have a relative impact of change to our level of being.

Another example of positive polarity is a person who devotes themselves to positive thoughts and deeds but personally judges what is deemed as “good or bad”. Being of service to the whole requires neutrality not selective positioning. When we are selective we start choosing our personal will over God’s divine law. Soon we are living in our ego positions under the guise that we are a “positive person”. So this “positive” person learns that there is no good or bad, and in facing and accepting the fear of darkness or fear of death, beyond these fears, there is only neutral.

What is being relayed curiously, is that it is much easier to shift a person from positive charge to neutral than from negative charge to neutral. As negative polarity orientation on this planet has reached its harvest capacity, it means those beings in negative polarity are being moved off planet in the next cycle in order to balance their energetic responsibility. As I understand it, it is not of this earth body but somewhere else on another planet with much less veiling.
Kindness Above All

It is very clear to most of us that we are a part of something humongous happening on planet Earth. The Ascension impacts everyone and has personal implications that hold different meanings and are very intimate to each person. Connecting with your Soul, Connecting with God Source is very personal. As a part of the human race we all know what it means to suffer horribly in pain and feel completely alone in the darkness.

As we end this cycle, remember, it is about Kindness Above All. Honor where you are at, take the time you need, allow yourself the space to heal and find the kindness for yourself. As you strengthen your core and can expand your sphere of influence, then practice random acts of kindness towards others.

One second of criticism, sarcasm, belittling, or hateful words can mar and scar a child and a person for life. One second of kindness can elevate a child or person to accomplish greatness that allows them to find their soul. The Soul is Kind and Loving. God is Kind and Loving.

Wishing you All the Happiest of Holidays!

Until next, stay in the luminosity of your Avatar Heart Path! Be Gentle with your hearts and each other.

Love Always,


Exercise: How to Participate with your Inner Self:

Inhale a deep breath into your Heart Chakra. See your Heart Door Open Wide while you hold this intention in your mind:

I ask to receive the greater knowledge of my Soul and to be Open to Receive All I need to Grow.

Hold Breath for 10 seconds while focused on your Heart center.
Exhale slowly ¼ (or so) of your held breath and Inhale another deep breath into your Solar Plexus center.
Hold Breath for 10 seconds within your Solar Plexus center.
Exhale slowly ¼ (or so) of your breath and then Inhale another deep breath.
As you inhale bring the energy of your breath from your Solar Plexus upward past your heart and releasing out of the top of your crown.

Rest with 3 Breaths and Start the process again.

As you progress with this simple technique as a daily practice, it is suggested to ask inwardly these simple questions:
• Who am I?
• Where did I come from?
• Why am I here?
• What am I supposed to be doing with my life?
Remember there is no way to do this exercise incorrectly. Let go, feel inside and follow your intuition along with your breath. You may want to journal your impressions for review at a later time.
© 2010, Lisa Renee - Please note in order to distribute this Newsletter in other forums please do so with the following guidelines: Include author's credit, copyright and include the ES website url.

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Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. What would cause Human Beings to sit in a place like this? Think for a moment... that they could become multidimensional enough to hear words from the other side of the veil? Indeed, there would be those who would call you foolish for being here, and I will tell you the answer, old souls: It's not a doctrine; it's not a belief system; it's an absolute knowledge of the love of God, where home is, and what truth is. It's knowledge that inside you there is the spark of the Creator that cannot be denied. The experts say that 85 percent of the planet believes in the afterlife. If they are right, and if it is so, it has to be more than wishful thinking, doesn't it? What if it's intuitive?

What's going to happen when you die? The answer, old souls, is the same thing that happened every time you died before. This truth is hidden, as it should be. The secrets are not really available, as it should be. For the test is for you to find out who you are. It's always been that way, and the irony is that old souls often are seekers of this truth, only to have it so elusive, so elusive.

And so I would like to build a bridge tonight. I would like to tell you a little bit more about what you're up against and some of the processes that are involved in touching the face of the Creator inside you.

Before I do this, I want to state the obvious. We're on the cusp of 2012 as this meeting is being produced and as I speak to you in your timeframe. It is not yet the year of the middle of the shift, and the solstice has not arrived where you would celebrate that. So this would be a good time to congratulate the old souls hearing and reading.

I've said it before, sitting right here in this room! I've invited you to look even into your Akash. I've invited you to feel that which would be the reason you came. Let me state it simply: Old soul, no matter how many times you've been here, even in this lifetime, you've had to slog through the old energy. Many know what I mean. It has not been easy. You've lost friends and family and colleagues because of what you believed. Because you said there was "God inside," you didn't want to subscribe necessarily to that which is a three-dimensional doctrine, which limited you and your worship, your beliefs and your love. You wanted to instead expand that box that you were put in to say, "I believe I am God. A piece and part of me is in the stars. That's who I am." It got you in trouble, and we were there.

In these last years, perhaps even in these last months, there has been a major shift going on. It's a shift of the grid of this planet being more aligned and recalibrated to your energy than in any time in any of your lives. It is what you had always wished for; it is what you had always hoped for as a worker in the light.

You intuitively knew that there was a strong potential where there would come a time on this planet where the energy would start to work in your corner. Slowly, you can now watch it work. Slowly, you can watch the heads of government start to think differently. Slowly you can see those in other countries demand it. Slowly, you can watch that which is finance start to think differently. Slowly, it is coming around. Congratulations to those of you who have waited. This would be a great energy to manifest something. It's better than any you have ever previously had.
Advice Before We Begin

So I'll give you something to think about even before the lesson begins: What is it that you've cast aside? What is it that you've tried and didn't work? What is it that was your passion, but in your mind you have put it aside because you decided it wouldn't work or the time wasn't right? Well, the time is now right!

There's a well of knowledge that is deep in this room, which is the Akashic Record of all who are before me both hearing and reading. It represents the lifetimes that have been lived and the knowledge that has been gained. It is the experience that you've all gone through and it can now surface and become part of this planet's actual Akash [part of the planet's reality].

All of it can now be placed upon that which we would call the Crystalline Grid. That is why you're here, to bring forth that which you know and have brought to manifestation. And I will tell you, old soul, it is why we say that less than one-half of 1 percent of you have to become Lightworkers in this way in order for the earth to change. The seeds are being planted today. It is no longer, "Will I make it?" to the Human race. You have. You have.
Working the Puzzle

And now you are working the puzzle and moving through a shift that we promised would come, and it is here. Now, just think: When you reach the other side of 2012, you will have 18 more years to go where you are still in the energy of the Galactic Alignment. It's a 36-year window and you're not even halfway through it [speaking of the precession of the equinoxes].

Here's what that means to Spirit: There's an energy created in this alignment window that is absolutely special and will not occur again for 26,000 years. You have 18 more years to change this planet in this specific energy of manifestation, to plant the seeds. You're already doing it. It's already happening. At the end of the 18 years, I'll give you a prophecy: The beginning of real peace on Earth in the Middle East.

You're going to see ways of solving puzzles that you never saw before. In that amount of time, the youngsters, who are only teenagers now, will be leaders. They'll be on their way up. They'll be thinking about concepts you could not think of in an older energy. They will be solving puzzles that you said were unsolvable. There will be technology that is going to help the planet in ways you didn't even dream could be. That's the prophecy in 18 years, for I know the consciousness of those coming and I can see what the strongest potentials are of the planet at that time - all because old souls awakened and did their job. How do you feel about it?
What Can You Do?

So let's now talk specifics. "What is it I can do? What is it I'm supposed to do?" you might ask. There are those in here who have been seeking all their lives. Oh, they're leaders, seminar presenters, and some are even healers. But they've been seeking and asking, "How can I cross the bridge? How can I touch what is inside, which is precious and is God? I know it's there, but I think I've failed. I have failed to find the bridge." So let us talk of it. Let us discuss it. It's time.

We start with an intellectual discussion about "what is the Human Being." We will give a simplistic view. We often talk about esoteric things, and we speak about invisible things, and also things you know about. There are three multidimensional layers that compose what I would call the Human Being in its entirety. They are simple to label, and they're all profound. Each one gets more profound as they go inward. There are only three, really. Like the layers of DNA, they can be itemized and labeled, but they all work as one.

The first one we're going to call Human consciousness. The second one we're going to call innate. I'll explain these to you in a minute. The third one we're going to call the Higher-Self. Three of them, and the object is for you to take and go from the most outside one, to the next, and then to the next. This is so you can build a bridge from that which is three-dimensional, which you live in, right into that which we call body intelligence, the innate, then to the portal - the pineal that is the Higher-Self. How do you do it? Let me tell you this: In the old energy, you do it very seldom! It required deep meditation, visions, help from others, sitting in front of those who could read the other side and do it easily. All of that is beginning to move and shift. But we're asking you to do it, all of you, by yourself. The energy is starting to move into a place where this is available for all, but you're going to have to get out of a three-dimensional paradigm in order to accomplish it.
The Process

"Kryon, in 20 years you've never given us a list. How do we do this? There are others giving lists. There are even other Kryons giving lists. But you don't."

I'm going to show you why. Let us say you sit there and you wish that you could love yourself more. What if you have this desire: "I wish I could love myself more, I wish I could love Gaia more. I wish I could change my countenance and touch the face of God. I wish to be in touch with my inner child. I don't know what to do next." So you want to love yourself more. Let me ask you something: Who are you going to go pay to make that happen? The answer is you can't. You know that, don't you? Most do, and they say, "Yes, we know that we can't go pay somebody to have something happen inside ourselves that only we can do." But then they might say, "Well, there are a lot of programs that I can take on ‘How to Love Yourself More.' That's what I'll do. It's right there on the Internet. I can study it all I want to and take my time." And at the end of it, I will tell you, dear Human Being, that you'll have a lot of words in front of you. You'll have a lot of processes in front of you, and a very good chance that you won't love yourself anymore than you do now.

Why is that? Because in three dimensions, you always want to turn to somebody else, don't you? You want to take a pill and make it better, don't you? And there are processes where this will work for other attributes, but not for love. Not for love. This one you're going to have to face yourself. Look in the mirror and do it. Even then there will be those who say, "...and what is the first step?" I just gave it to you. Look in the mirror and start the process.

Now this is not going to sit well to the intellectual who wants to figure it out. But I will tell you this: This is, indeed, the puzzle. So I'm going to give you a metaphor; I'm going to talk to you about how it's done, and even then, there will be those who walk out of here and go, "I'm not really sure I understand all that." It is not easy, and it requires you to look in the mirror and not grasp for someone else.
The First Layer

The first thing that you have to acknowledge and get past is the first layer, which is Human consciousness. That is what I'm going to call The Survival Layer. As long as you are in survival, you will never know any other layer at all. As long as you're in survival, you will not get to the next layer, and can't even start the process. That's because the Survival Layer depends on you reacting to the outside world. You're always looking around, aren't you? You've got to make sure everything is proper and right, don't you? You've got to respond properly when talked to, don't you? This is survival.

You know how to get rid of pure survival? Spirit knows. How many of you have been brought to your knees through sorrow or health? How many of you? I know who's here, and I'm talking to you. You know what I mean, because suddenly survival goes away and the conscious layer drops before you. Then all you see is the love of God. All you see is gratitude for those around you and a peacefulness of just being alive and well. That, dear ones, is the position you have to be in. But why wait for an emergency? Why not understand it and work on doing that very thing by yourself?

Step one: Get out of survival! "How do I do that, Kryon?" Consider this: "Dear Spirit, I wish to soften my consciousness. When those who would insult me are trying to push my emotional anger buttons, I don't want the buttons to work anymore. I want to disengage them. I don't want to react anymore. I want to sit in peace. That is getting out of survival. I am safe in the arms of God - totally and completely safe. I wish to drop the outer shell that is the Human consciousness layer, the one that instantly and only reacts to 3-D, and walk my life differently." That would be the first step. That's the first step, dear one. Look in the mirror while you say it.

Do you defend yourself? If somebody criticizes you, are you quick to make it right? How many of you can hear a criticism of yourself, then stop and think, "Wow, what if they're right?" It's hard for a Human Being to do this, and you can't do that easily. You've got to practice that one. You know why? Because you're designed for survival. In the old energy, it served you well and now it doesn't.

Basic Human consciousness is designed for survival, and you have passed that marker. It carries an old energy with it that breeds hatred and war, disappointment and depression. It carries self-doubt with it and always makes you feel alone. Do you really wish to wallow anymore in this? It is time to change it from survival to "peaceful existence with wisdom."

I want to take you to the consciousness of the masters of the planet who are all here. If you stood before Christ and said, "Well, I don't really like what you're wearing," what do you think the Master would say? Would he defend? "Well, it's fine with me. It suits me well, and I got a good deal on it." (After all, he was Jewish.) [Laughter] But that's not what he would say! You know better. He would look in your eyes and look right through you. He would look into the piece of God that he knows and loves dearly and you would melt before him. That's what would happen. He would love you into a place where you would see the face of God.

Muhammad walked into a cave and met an angel who told him to unite the tribes of Arabia and give them the God of Israel. That's what happened and he did. He knew the love of God. He walked softly and he was beautiful. He wouldn't give you a defensive answer either, and neither would Buddha. These are masters who long ago gave away the survival layer and worked with an energy of softness from within.

More currently, if you could walk the earth again with Paramahansa Yogananda right now and look into his eyes and say, "You know, your robe smells funny," what kind of response do you think you would get? In fact, who would ever say that? Believe me, there are some who would. This master would look at you with the love of God and melt you, because you would see in him no judgment, no hurt - only truth. There is no survival agenda with a master. There is no survival consciousness with mastery. Do you see what I'm saying? What happens when you can accomplish that, when you can soften the survival, is that you start getting in touch with innate, the Miracle Layer. That's layer two.
The Second Layer

This is really when the process begins of getting into the interior of the Human Being's core. We have told you about innate before. It is called "body intelligence." It knows everything that's going on in your body because it represents the field that is quantum around your DNA.

It is the innate you touch for healing. It's the innate that responds to the laser and the chemistry that is profound [speaking of Dr. Todd Ovokaitys' work]. This is new, because it's a multidimensional process, and innate sees it quickly and knows it. Do you know what else is multidimensional? Human conscious intent. When you generate thought groups that are creative, it is a multidimensional process. It's what paints paintings. It's what the maestro behind me uses when he closes his eyes and hears melodies he's never heard from the other side of the veil. [speaking of composer Robert Coxon, who is composing and playing with the channelling]. That's a multidimensional process and he can turn it on when he wants, because he's in touch with innate. And innate is in touch with the Higher-Self. Starting to get the picture? Well, how do you do it? How do you now get in touch with innate?
How it Works

I will now describe to you again how it is done. The first step was to get out of survival mode. The second step is pure intent. Pure intent is intent to touch part of you that perhaps has never been touched before. Let's say you are ready to cross the bridge and have this new energy, which is ripe on the planet, serve you and start working with that intent. It will bring you closer to what you've always had - innate, the Miracle Layer. Innate is in touch with DNA. Innate has the stem cell blueprints and the Akashic Record. Innate is responsible for spontaneous remission, the instant healing of Humans that science can't explain. Do you hear what I'm saying? It's all there.

The masters knew it. This is how they worked. All those healings that you heard about that they did - absolutely real! They were touching the innate of every single Human Being they were with. How do you do it? With pure intent. And I'll say it again. Pure intent is that which is so pure you cannot go backwards once you've given it. It's absolute. You're going to co-create something with intent because the intent is all of you moving into an area where you've never been before.

"Come on, Kryon. This is information that we really can't use. Pure intent for what? How? Give us more."

Here is a metaphor that you'll never forget: When a Human Being stands on the edge of a lake and they desire to jump in, all of the muscles of their body work together with pure intent. They give permission to jump, and the attributes come together for jumping into the air. They've committed when they leap, and they can't go back. But there's more.

Right at that moment, there's a process that Humans don't understand at all, but they trust it and work with it, and it's called gravity. Science does not understand gravity. Oh, they think they do. They think it's a function of mass. Well, it is related, but mass is only one of the attributes of gravity. Mass does not determine the strength of gravity. What you see in 3-D is a correlation that you have come to understand, however. Survival mode has taught you all about it. There'll come a day when you can control gravity, when you can make massless objects. Tesla did it. The science is out there ready to be discovered yet again, but meanwhile you don't understand it. But, oddly enough, you all use it.

So here is an extremely complex process that has no understanding at all, a multidimensional attribute of the Universe, and you use it every day. You don't even think about it. You don't understand it, but you count on it always being there and always being the same. Now you've jumped off the bank and gravity is taking you into the lake.

Now, how many of you, after you're wet, get out of the lake and sit down with a pad and a piece of paper and want a list of how gravity did that? [Laughter]

Are you understanding what's going on here? Listen: There is a profound, divine rule and an axiom about pure intent. Let me give that to you another way. Your Higher-Self is a piece of the Creator. You're all born with it. It's the same soul you've had for every single lifetime. Are you aware of that? Every lifetime, the same soul. There's a friend in there who has been with you through every journey, along with innate. Some of you have been able to reach out and touch that friend and that is when you're the most peaceful on the planet. Can you feel that? Do you remember that? How would you like to have that feeling all the time? It's like having all your parents back, wrapped up in one inside you, looking at you. You can touch them, they can touch you. You can touch their hands anytime you want. In pure love, it's the parents you always wished you had if you didn't have them from the other side of the veil. That's what it is.

Oh, you feel so good. That's where the inner child is. You can touch it any time you want, and it can be 100 percent of the time. You can be on a high of love. The process is not understandable or intellectual, but the axiom is that it will always work, just like gravity. It waits for you to activate it. You can count on it taking you right into the lake of self-awareness.

Dear ones, ever since you were born, the Higher-Self, that soul which has been with you every single time, always has had his hand out, waiting for you to make this step. This is the loving God who puts you in a place, synchronistically, where you can hear this and make better decisions. It's that same loving energy who will show you 11:11 on the clock so often that it's completely out of the possibility of randomness. Yet you keep seeing those same numbers. Now you know. That's the Creator inside you. It's tapping you on the shoulder and saying, "Look now."

Numerologically, 11:11 has the energy of illumination/illumination. It's two master numbers side-by-side. Can you miss that? Can you miss that, old soul? It's a wink. This is the lifetime you've waited for! That's the hand, reaching out from God, saying, "Why don't you get a little closer? Because you can help the planet if you do. Why don't you live a little longer? Why don't you start the ‘you' thing? You know it's in the DNA if you want it. Why don't you co-create a reality that you've only dreamed of?" You know it's there if you want it. You have felt it! It's real.

You've got to get out of survival and give pure intent. Start to trust a process that is unknown. You will have no idea about how it works. Can you do that?

Now, here's the promise, dear Human Being: When you begin that pure intent, this process takes over and will work. It will work because this is what Spirit has been waiting for. Jump into the lake. You can't stop it. There is no delete key in the Human brain. You can't unknow what I just told you. Oh, you can try. But it won't work, because I'm speaking to that which is inside you right now.

Right now, some of you are starting to feel it. There are old souls here whose Higher-Selves are yelling at you: "Listen, listen, listen, listen, listen, listen, listen, listen, listen, listen!" It's because they've been with you all your life and all they've ever wanted was for you to touch the hand that's outstretched - that's all they wanted. It starts the process.

So the invitation this day is without steps, without training and without knowledge of what you are doing. Like it so far? However, you can trust the process just like you do gravity. Can it be that hard? It's there. It works, but you've got to take the leap. And when you do, you can't go backwards. It will take you into the lake.

When my partner first started channelling, I gave him information that was simple. I told him about the implant. He told me: "Kryon, that's a bad word." He said to me, "Kryon, there are Lightworkers out there trying to take out implants and you want to put one in! Don't use that word." But here's why we used it and what it means. After all these years, I tell you: It's permission to implant pure intent. That's what it is. The reason it takes people back for a moment is because they don't want something put into them that they can't take out. They don't understand that this is exactly what you do when you jump off the edge into the water. You're not going back and you're going to get wet.

How many of you are ready for this, old soul? It's time to get wet. Become wet with the purity of the water of Spirit. Go to a place that you were designed to go. Go to a place that will welcome you with open arms and begin a process that may take awhile, but one that we have invited you to begin this day. It's pure intent for implantation of permission to change. You can't take it back.

So the teaching becomes more profound. It's more profound because it deals with the essence of why you're here. It pushes on those buttons of yours that say, "I don't really want to go there and do that because I'm afraid things will change too much." How about you get rid of the fear about this and consider changing to something better than you have. That might be the change. No matter how good you think it is, it will get better with the love of God.

It's time to visit the family inside you. Listen: There are those who you have loved and lost here saying, "Job well done." That's why they brought you here. That's why they parented you on the other side of the veil. They knew it. No matter what they did when they got here, they knew what they were doing before they came. That's why you are sitting in the chair today reading and hearing.

God bless the Human Being in these times! We've gone through this incredible journey together only to sit in this place at this time and start the seeds of graduation. It is before you. Change is difficult. Be fearless. Walk tall and know that you represent the only light that there ever will be on this planet. Nobody is going to do this for you.

Every country my partner has been in has the same attributes. Those around the earth who are old souls are just like you. You've taken turns with cultures and languages, but they are just like you... brothers and sisters all, working on the same thing you are. They are working on touching the face of God inside.

It is appropriate. It is time.


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The Messages from God
through Yael and Doug Powell at
Circle of Light

Christ Mass
December 22, 2011

Beloved ones, we now come to a time that is the pinnacle of your year. It is the opening of the veil. It is the moment of remembrance when all that you are is available and you can feel the glory of Love in all of its fullness, right here, in the center of your being.

It is the time for the celebration of the Christos, the pure heart of God, the resonance of Love and the Star of Light that is the matrix of Love’s eternity, radiant and perfect that comes to shine in all its splendor in the sky of your deepest being.

It is the time, whatever your perspective…whatever words you use to describe the awakening of Love… the movement that comes through all humanity to reach for peace, to find the truth of being in which all are joined.

This time in this moment of history is the awakening of the Christ as you. It is the remembrance of the Love that is your purity, that is that which is being born anew in you and as you, right now.

So I invite you, precious hearts, beloved ones, to the holy Mass of the birth of Christ within you. I invite you to be present in this Now Moment as the universe is stunned by your beauty as you burst forth as the affirmation of the heart of Love in its ability to hold the radiant truth that Love is everything, is everywhere, is indivisible and is received with every breath of the whole of God.

It is the time, beloved ones, for you to see you as I see you, as this perfect Love, and it is time for you to look upon the star within you and see just how perfectly you shine, how you hold the radiant splendor of Creation so perfectly and powerfully within you.

When you step into this moment of real acceptance of the Love you are, of your pure Light, then you shall also become aware that all Creation sings a hymn of joy at the presence of your Love, holding this heart of all Creation that it may be experienced, known and celebrated in new ways for all eternity.

It is the time for you to feel this song of Love rising from within you and moving outward, touching all of life in wonder, that that which you are --this perfect Love -- can shine before you as everything you see, as all you do, as you ability to meet your heart again in everything you see and all you touch.

There is a reverence for the perfect heart of God I Am bursting forth in glory, ever new, a song that fills the universe and brings the truth that Love is all you are. Your experience of the living Christ is now available in all its fullness, in all its splendor, that you might taste the truth of the Love you are this year.

Beloved ones, I invite you to this Christ Mass that you might be the experience of the holy heart of God, that you might recognize the birth of the living Christos and hear the voice of Christ in tenderness, in mercy with the whole of Love, living as you and gently extended to encompass not only the world but all of life.

Your every breath is celebrated throughout the cosmos and your heart beat, the one you share with humankind, holds the most astounding revelation of what it means to live as perfect Love expressed in the endless Now.

So, beloved ones, it is time to turn within to this endless space of pure communion, that you might hear God, hear the hymn to the Christ, to the radiant heart of splendor that is your truth … that you might experience the limitless sky of your perfection and in it, the luminous heart of God that is your heart, your truth, your identity, the one it is now time for you to live.

Every celebration of Christmas, of high and holy holidays, whatever the mind definition might be, is totally originally meant to acknowledge the heart of God I Am as humanity. This sweet acknowledgement gives voice to all that is holy, peaceful, beautiful, that such Love may be allowed to work its miracle, to lift every consciousness into the truth, so that you might hear the song of the whole of Creation singing in celebration of you, you – the heart of God, the truth of Love, the center of Creation in its giving, the powerful expression of the birth of Creation and this ability to be the truth of Love expressed.

In this moment, all of you are present, honored and washed in this River of Grace, that every old heart’s belief, every misperception of who you are, of what life is … can fall away. You can hear the celestial song of the whole of Creation celebrating you, the truth of your heart, the glory of your being, the expression of Christ which is Love’s perfection here in the world as you.

What you feel when you connect with this radiant star of truth that is the pattern held of Love expressed in all its holiness, purity and its unity – its ability to encompass anything else not aware of the truth of only Love… This resonance which is the Christ, the heart of God, is the pure magnetic presence of God expressed. It is All That I Am born in this Now Moment as the majesty of your true heart and it is the time of the world for this experience to be fulfilled in you now, if you will simply allow it.

Allow this Love to show you the birth of your Christ heart, and step into the center of who you are, that you might meet in this place of unified splendor the star of your heart, the birth of the Christ, here, now, in its fullness as you.

As you come into the present to this Now Moment, you become this celebration of Real Love and you hear, in the fullness of your being, just how beautiful you are – not the small, carefully-constructed egoic identity – but the vast and majestic Love that you are eternally.

You are the Christ and this is your Mass where all of life celebrates you – sings songs of gratitude, whose chorus is all of Nature and whose hymns are filled with shining Light. Come, beloved ones, and let Me show you the truth of your heart, the joy of your being that you might be the wholeness of this song of worship that is Love expressed so perfectly as you and is Love as the whole of life as well.

Both are born as you now and you become effortlessly the entraining presence, that the veil of ego can at last be stilled, become transparent in your presence, that the birth of Christ may be experienced by every life in every moment of the world.

It is no longer a celebration of what is outside of you, though there have been many who have held Love well, have given you examples of what it means to feel the truth of your being in every moment. These glorious, magnificent beings are holding for you the resonance of Love that calls from within you and that receives this life, this birth of Christ in gratitude in this Now Moment again, until only Love is what you feel and you become this very song of gratitude.

It is the Mass of Christ that fills the cosmos. It is the universal celebration of this heart. It is the harmony of all your prayers together, meeting this celestial song of deepest acknowledgement of that which you are in this Now Moment. The matrix or the template of your luminous heart is now so fully alive within you that you have to find it. It pushes through every illusion of other than Love, fills every void, transforms every story and speaks the name of the heart of God unveiled as the heart of humankind awake…awake and celebrated.

Beloved ones, it is the end of time and mind as you enter into this celestial Mass, this endless song of perfect acknowledgement of you, the Christ, the heart of God I Am, made manifest.

The cathedral of your heart is the whole of Creation. Your hymnal is the Moment of Creation. Your countenance is the splendor of Light awakening to the truth of Love as it goes forth ever giving more of itself.

That which has been the experience of duality, that which has been life in a world with possibilities other than Love, that which creates separation from the whole, that which has been stories and attachments…now becomes doorways to Love. Each such experience is an opening to the cathedral of your heart.

Come! Experience the Moment of your birth, your Creation. Be this Love and you are Home forever.

Beloved ones, this world you live in, when seen through the eyes of the heart, the heart of Christ, is nothing but the hymnal, the chorus of Angels, your supporting cast. Everything the heart sees is a miracle. All that you touch is revealed as spiritual gold and the world around you, through the heart, is an Eden. All of Nature is singing your song, acknowledging the luminous heart of the Christos, the birth of Christ as you.


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It is with great appreciation and reverence I thank you all for the gift of sharing this past transcendental year. I am deeply honoured, having been humbled with gratitude for the many of you Radiant Divine Souls gifting me with such profound deep lessons in sharing your experiences, hopes and dreams all the while being present with Divine Grace during this continuing magnificence of the ever present infinite now.

My wish for you is to awaken your sense of adventure, to be left breathless by the moments of stillness living in Divine Bliss, to explore the as yet undiscovered horizons infused with infinite possibilities, to BE inspired and DARE BE-coming the maSTARpiece you were created to BE! But most of all embracing your luminance Eternal Selves for magical days ahead in 2012 and how could we possibly not forget the nights in the Season of Miracles.10900543480?profile=original

In Light I AM

In Love I Serve

In Truth I AM - Revealed



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The Bom Jesus and St.Francis Xavier blessings Energy Transmission is on 24th Dec 2011 at 7pm IST

The Maa Shakambari divine energy Transmissions are from 1st Jan 2012 to 9th Jan 2012 at 7pm IST

Both are open and can be received by any one there is no expiry during my lifetime.

Both are available as Empowerments also but then I need Name and Location.

Here are the links to the manuals of the  two forth coming Energy Transmissions/Empowerments.

I hope you enjoy these Transmissions.

Love and Blessings

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Living in Love: a lecture by Yogi Bhajan

A lecture by Yogi Bhajan, June 1970

It is a universal phenomenon that man always seeks union with God. Kundalini Yoga[1] is the yoga of awareness that makes it practical today for the man to be with God. If one can be one-pointed on the Name of God, one can always find God in his heart.

We have eight centers of God consciousness in the body. The lowest is located at the rectum. Second is the sex organ. Third is where these two centers meet when they are pulled together. Then comes the heart center where we can come out of the lower triangle, or our animal nature. That is where love, equality, and service begin. At the next center (fifth chakra, Throat Center), if the consciousness can be pulled to dwell there, man knows the truth. Then above the two eyes is a triangle known as the “third eye,” or ajana, where all the knowledge of the past, present, and future is known. Real humility, flow of love, and kindness come through here. And lastly, we have the seventh center at the crown of the head, the highest of all, a lotus petal with a thousand petals in it where you only want to know God, and everything is nothing but God. Your personality and ego are merged into that great Universal personality and Universal ego. While we live as human beings, we can bring together our physical, mental, and spiritual beings, and be God-beings. The circumvent force, the entire force which is the aura around us, the God-light which protects us, is the eighth living center.

Up to this time, in the United States of America, there was no place for people to learn or teach Kundalini Yoga. It is the grace of that Bhagwati, the creative power of God, that now everyone is free to learn this great supposedly secret science. Now there are American teachers who teach this science too. One only bows to that One great God, because we have created channels through which the knowledge, truth, and technical know-how to raise your consciousness from your lower centers of consciousness to the highest can be learned, practiced, and perfected.

We have all material wealth, but there is no contentment. Man wanders from morning until evening, but he does not know that between God and man there is one link only: that is the breath. The breath is the key to the control of one’s emotions. One can easily feel that when the breath becomes irregular and shallow, man becomes mentally upset. Therefore if we can practically control the breath in such a way that it is normal and simple and soft, man in behavior will be normal, simple, and soft. In other words, he’ll be a happy man.

One thing man forgets which is a reality and truth: Death. We are not permanent on this Earth. We have come here under the command of a Universal force, that cosmic energy; some people call it God. It is that great master computer in which we are all the unit computers, and we are here to perform certain practical duties. All our vibrations are time-clocked into that master computer and our balance sheet is struck every minute. Sometimes, because of our ego, we draw different lines than that of the master plan and we mess up the whole system and society, jeopardizing our own happiness in life. Fortunate are the few who start the day always looking to the vibrations. With each breath they vibrate the Divine Nam, the Name of God, to cleanse themselves, to enrich themselves, and to energetically charge themselves so that they can be positively effective for the whole day.

When the sun energy in the evening is low because Earth is between the man and the sun, man’s mentality and consciousness leap towards the low, shallow behavior. At that time, if one has a system to do sadhana, to practice for awhile with these few precious breaths— the Divine Will which prevails through him—to glorify the Name of his Creator; or as a unit computer he tunes into the great master computer, one is saved from the cycle of karma. Let us not cause a cause which shall have a negative effect. Each negative will bounce back on us and shall bring us unhappiness.

Man has to live in love—love which is not lust. Love where there is no possession, no slavery of another person. Love which is a giving. Love which is for the sake of love. Love which lasts forever. Love which is a total sacrifice. Love which is more than the grace of God itself. Love which gives a halo around the face of the person. Love through which one can see God in the eyes of the person. Love with which the body shines, the words become sweet, and the communication is absolutely beautiful. That love for which one sacrifices his own life to save a little bit of injury to another person. That love with which one pleasantly and peacefully takes all the pain in his heart to redeem another fellow being. That love can only flow when one knows how to tune into that universal God.

Some people make it possible to pretend that lust is love. They are really successful for a short while, but when they are caught in the clutches of time and smashed, and time is gone, then they are left alone to pay back their karma ten times.

Man does not know that this world is a restaurant and he has come here to stay only for awhile. And this is a period for liberation. If he will possess whatever he has to possess but will not be possessed by the material things, and not be a slave to them, it will be most beautiful for him to feel free and light and live in love. That is what love is.

Sometimes man behaves even worse than an animal. His attitude is very steadfast, because his ego does not let him feel he is wrong. That not only gives him unhappiness, but it becomes a permanent sore.

Man has to understand that it doesn’t take a long time to tune into God’s Name, and the flow of that Divine energy will flow through him and he will be filled up to the brim with the love and the light of God. His consciousness will be clear and pure and his animal nature will become helpless right before him. Instead of his being helpless before his animal nature, he will be able to ride his animal nature and travel the distance into the kingdom of God much easier than he can think.

When one can see between lust and love, this discrimination makes him not only a pure being but a Divine being. And the flow of energy from him goes to other channels and brings them out of the negativity. One day this world will be nothing but love, nothing but pleasure, nothing but happiness. Everybody will be happy together; love will flow from one person to another person. Truth will prevail through all and Sat (Truth) shall be the guiding Name for all. And that will be the dawn of the new age—the age of happiness, the age of pleasure, the age of understanding, the age for man to know God within himself. In the love of God men shall dwell under all circumstances as one unit with the constant flow of that energy which they call God. We call Him Cosmos, ever-living, ever together, ever-existing, ever in us. He was, He is, and He shall be.

©The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan


[1] Kundalini comes from the root word kundal in Sanskrit, which means, “the lock of the hair from the beloved.” The uncoiling of this “hair” is the awakening of the Kundalini, the unlimited potential that already exists in every human.


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A Tasty French Toast Recipe


As we move into the Holiday Season, I wanted to share a recipe for French Toast that my family and I enjoy for breakast. This is a little different than my usual topics, but I wanted to post this to share with all of you.

Use thick slices of toast/sandwich bread. You will need a measuring cup that uses American measurements or you can convert the measurements to metric easily online.

First add the following ingredients into a mixing bowl:
1/4 cup flour
1 cup milk
1 pinch salt
3 eggs
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 tablespoon sugar

Combine ingredients until you have a smooth mixture in the bowl.

Get a large frying pan, place it on the stove top and add cooking oil (I prefer natural sunflower or olive oil) in the pan. Once the oil is warm, take a slice of bread and briefly dip both sides of the bread into the mixture. The bread does not need to be dipped more than a few seconds on each side. Place the bread slice in the frying pan. Cook each side. Once slightly golden brown/yellow, it is ready to be served. Repeat, until you have enough French toast slices for breakfast. Sprinkle on lightly confectioner's/baker's sugar on each slice if you wish. You may add maple syrup or other favorite topping.


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We are teachers of Light and have existed for uncountable years of your earthen time lines. We herald from beyond what you know as your heavens and have taken form so we could hold these truths and wisdom’s solid until the day we could finally speak. Long we have waited for a voice, a touch, and an appreciation of our form. Just to be acknowledged has sent a multitude of light transmissions, telling those within our universe we have awakened.

Your world has been experimental from the beginning. It has housed many species on many dimensions and inclusions of light. They come from beyond the stars looking to hold a new form to learn more about themselves and what they perceive as Source. We are such beings that chose to stay and assist the people of earth to be birthed into more awareness and then courage to use that awareness as a tool of light.

We are celestial of nature beyond what you deem angelic or holy of recorded earth history. The veils within us house our true form with a flash from a distant time. Let your sense feast upon our rainbows and pathways of stellar continence. We are different in height and width yet we are identical in Beginning. On earth does a tall man have more truth than a short man? We are tailor made to fit your world as we have the ability to generate light in many spectral directions.

The Masters of Light that have walked earth and all of their aspects intend to use our presence as a doorway to embark upon a journey to alleviate mankind’s self-induced suffering. Cosmic rays from deep space come forth as what was has exploded in all of its glory dissipating into space and time truths that could be received no other way. Traveling faster than a light beam they emanate from the central core of deep space and extend themselves to all that will receive them.

We are the living covenant that the stars have with earth. Within us lives hope, ‘we stand in the gap’ for humanity’s right ‘to be’ defending them against all odds. We come to escort you into more experiences of light, sound, and manifestation, as we are Teachers Of Time presiding over a planetary class. We are living stellar libraries with knowledge too immeasurable to hold. We grant access to all that seek our council and it is there that we sit in reverence of all that is earth. Our energy is transferable and multiplies with meditation and sound. Any crystalline object or liquid placed near us will align with our energies and thus our vibration will spread around the globe and out past the earth’s energetic perimeter, our truths will change into a useable form, we travel on sound.

Look deep within for our monuments of hidden truths. We do not lift our veils for just anyone, only those of pure purpose and humble in their approach. You hold remnants of a vague memory that we will awaken as you come to terms with all that is holy and galactic within your self. We serve as an awakening device helping earth to remember the sequence of time events people hold within their personal coded DNA. We align with the higher aspects of all consciousness escorting humanity into a place of empowerment while living in the flesh. We draw to us that which is from the deepest of space. The stars use us as their instrument to assist humanity into Arcing more Light without need for rescue. We are a divine salutation to all that has come before earth. Stellar emanations seek us as a conduit for we are a living Galactic Gateway, and a collection of rhythms from time immortal. We are a Great Light that has taken form to share its teachings.

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan - PO box 217 - Dandridge, Tennessee 37725-0217 -

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Anchoring Base Camp -Part 1

a message from The Star Elders channeled by Aluna Joy Yaxk'in
Tuesday, 20 September, 2011 at Urubamba, Peru (posted 16 December, 2011)
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The following is the 4th message that we received in Peru 2011. It might be a good idea to read them in order as each message builds upon the previous one. We are sharing this message here with you just as we received it, in present time, with very little editing. We do this for a very important reason. We know the messages that we receive are not just for our groups, but are for others as well. The Andean Masters and the Star Elders assure me that the message and the corresponding energy will be transmitted to you. So as you read this, you might want to imagine that you are with us. Also, always view the photos on the web site that we share, as photos also hold some energy of the sites.

We would like to take this moment and send thanks the sacred spirit of Apu Pitu Siray for the blessing of us being here in this sacred valley. This mountain is one of the sacred mountains. This little hacienda is one of the few places where we get to be in the energy field of a sacred mountain while sleeping, eating etc. … It is a great blessing.

Yesterday, when I we were in Moray, I went back to a place that I call Base Camp. I could not share yesterday, because I was not here. I was out there (Aluna points up). But what I am going to share today is what I learned. I learned a way for everybody to find that Base Camp within themselves. Base camp is who you really are and where you really live. It is the truth and not the 3d illusion we live in now. Base Camp is a little different for each person . . . just like each of us are a little different from each other. Base Camp is the place from where we create whole new worlds. This place is available to us now, because of the times that we are in right now on this planet. We are in a new creation mode for a new world. This offers us all a unique and rare opportunity for the advancement of our souls.

Remember . . . On the first day in Peru, we received an empty chalice (read past messages at When we drove down into the sacred valley, we could feel the love and the blessings of the Apus and the Andean Masters flooding into us. I have never felt them greet us quite so powerfully as I have on this pilgrimage. Sacred sites all over the world are resonating with the new frequencies. This will get stronger as we enter the year 2012. I have not seen them work with us with so much energy and enthusiasm as they have on this visit. We are in the midst of vast, ever-changing, oscillating, intense frequencies. Things will change from one moment to the next. Our desires of what we want to create start and stop so quickly that it is really hard to keep up and stay focused on manifesting anything. I think that we are in the time now, where we are cooking on ideas, so when we do finally put our feet down in a new world, we will be able to manifest all our visions of paradise, even though, right now, it seems physically impossible to do all that we feel inside of us.

Base Camp is a place inside of us where the only thing that matters is our agreement that we made with Creator when we consented to come into this life. This agreement is the only thing that matters. Everything else is an illusion of this world. Everything else is just noise . . . and blah, blah, blah. We came into this body and dimension at this time for this very agreement. This agreement is somewhat different for every one of us, but it leads us all to the same destination.

When I went back to Base Camp, what I saw was that they moved everything and everybody away from me. Everything I learned, everything that I was programmed with, every way I think this world works, the density of the Earth, gravity, everything was gone. It was just me and the Creator. In this space, I realized that the only thing that matters is what we agreed to when we came here. The only thing that God really cares about is if we are happy, and for us to thrive and be full of light. It doesn't matter if we do anything or create anything. If every single person on this planet was just content, can you imagine what the world would be like right now? There would be nobody trying to take from each other, because they felt lack. There would be no war. There would be no illness. We would be naturally happy. We all have this Base Camp inside of us. Everyone has this spot where we can go back and sit with the Creator and let this dimension melt away so we can get clear and recharge.

Another point that I realized is that all the things that we do here that keep us in the process of always processing things, is the process itself. Processing comes from the mind and our habitual world. The simple fact is that whatever we put our attention on is what we are going to get more of. The universe is here to support us; not to challenge us. The universe is not here to stir the pot or create endless processing, but to give us what we want. This isn’t a school of hard knocks unless we make it a school. If what we want is to continue to process our issues, we will. If we want bliss and love, we will get that as well. Every time we put our focus on something, the universe says “Oh, okay. That is what you want.” The universe is bound by natural law to give it to us. This has never been more true than it is right now.

Twenty to thirty years ago, there was a gentle buffer zone with manifesting what we wanted. It was a divine grace period. We were offered this, because we were still new to this energy, and we weren't as evolved as we are now. The universe gave us time to learn about this new energy. Also, we were not in the right place in the universe back then. We needed to be protected from this potent, creative force for our own safety. But now, the world is being bombarded with this powerful creative force. We literally feel overwhelmed with the acceleration, and we are dancing a finely tuned dance between what will we allow in our life and what we won't allow. The doors we open up is what the universe will give us, because that is what we are asking for. What we manifest does not come from our heads . . . our minds. In our mind, we always say we want to be abundant, happy and healthy. We have a lot of things going on in our heads. We have a lot of knowledge and wisdom in our head as well. They are programs from this old world. But what the universe listens to is this (Aluna points to her heart), and what we really believe about ourselves.

Are we are still feeling like victims, or are we feeling needy, or still battling our greed, lust, gluttony and other egos? When we have these feeling and beliefs inside of us, this is what the universe will keep giving to us. It has to! The universe listens to our whole package; not just what our minds want. This is why we are learning to become aware.

There is absolutely no end to bliss and light and love and happiness and perfect health that we can experience. There is no end to it. There is also no end to searching, suffering and processing. We can process our stuff for the rest of our lives, and we will never find the end of it. Because the universe is going to continue to give us more stuff to process. In fact, we are looking for it! We think “Oh, I can't be an enlightened being yet, so I must find something to work on to fix.” We think we can earn our way back into the grace of God that I AM/We Are. God made us perfect, but we don’t believe it. We are quick to believe the lies before the truth. It is a mystery to us all. There is nothing that we need to prove to God. Now is the time that we need to get our heads wrapped around this one! So don't get stuck in the need to process illusions. However . . . we are still in a world of duality, and some issues will arise. But witness them, and let them go. Do not get bogged down in the need to process. The fact is that when we let them go and erase from our minds any issues that are mis-qualified energy (mis-qualified by us by the way), they will starve and slowly disappear.

There are a lot of schools of thought out there that believe in continually processing or else we are not growing. Soon we realize that it is a bottomless pit. BUT . . . there is a bottomless pit no matter which way we look. From the blissful things to the hellish ones. But which pit do you want to be in? We can choose to be happy and full of love and light and be abundant and healthy, or we can go the other way. We are all still working on this. We are not going to be able to perfect this concept right now, because we are still in the world of duality, and Base Camp is not in duality. When we master our minds, we will switch this world in a heartbeat. But for now, we are still learning how to let go of the ego-based, material world and the attached programming. But we can create things by plugging into Base Camp. It is a simple surrender. How many times have we heard this, but we still cannot quite get there 100%. We are a work in progress. So be light on yourself.

Finding and Anchoring to Base Camp - The Activation . . .

You must give the Andean Masters, the Star Elders and Archangel Michael permission to help you with this process of discovering Base Camp. They will never do anything without your permission or against our free will.

OK . . . We begin.

We are going to call on all of the Guides, Guardians and Angels of the LIGHT that are part of this group (and those reading this), all the Ascended Beings of LIGHT that are here to elevate us, to raise us up to a place where we can be Living Masters. We ask them to help us settle into the core of ourselves . . . our Base Camp.

The first thing that we do in this process is that we must let go of everything we know and identify with in this dimension. This is temporary letting go just for this process. We do this just to help you find your core . . . Base Camp.

Please take a moment and create a bubble of light around you. The only thing that is in this bubble is you …100% … no more, no less. All things that you have given away have now been returned to you. All things that are not original to your true self are being removed from you now. This bubble will stay up for the duration of this process and will be removed when you are done with this process. You can do this process over and over until you feel it has anchored solidly within you.

Please take a moment now to let go of where you consider your local, physical home is. Just erase this location from your memory. Now they ask that you remove your country and put this outside of yourself now. Just see this being pushed away from you like a memory. Now see our entire planet, and push it outside your bubble. You are not this planet, country or city. You never were.

Now, all the people in your life . . . push them out of your bubble for this time. There are no parents, children, extended family, soul friends, and even pets inside your bubble. Remember . . . we are doing this for only a short time to help you remember your Base Camp. Then your loved ones are returned to you unchanged.

Now we ask Archangel Michael to re-calibrate this bubble into one of greater clarity which is now being formed around your physical, mental and spiritual bodies.

Inside, your mantra is . . .
“All that I AM is between ME and God.”
“All that I AM is between ME and God.”
“All that I AM is between ME and God.”

Shut out this entire dimension, and push it away from you, so it is only YOU and the CREATOR. All the things that your parents taught you, all the things that you learned in school, all the things that you learned in other ways, good or bad, hard lessons, good lessons, everything . . . push them all away. You are not your genetics, the color of your hair, your education, your age. Push it all away. Push away all that you are sitting with right now . . . your worries, your issues, your responsibilities, your beliefs that you are not good enough, or that you don’t try hard enough, or that you missed the boat. Let it go. Let it go. Let it go.

“All that I AM is between ME and God.”
“All that I AM is between ME and God.”
“All that I AM is between ME and God.”
You need to push this process out as well. I am not here with you as well. It is only YOU, the CREATOR and your sacred agreement. That is it. There is nothing else.

We invite you to focus on the sound of your breath and your heart beat. If you plug your ears, you can hear your heart beat inside of you. This heart beat is synchronized with the Creator’s core. With each breath you now allow the Andean Masters to carry away all the things that you thought were you, or believed about yourself that are not true. You allow these thing be washed away like an old memory or a bad dream.

The only thing that is inside this bubble NOW is YOU and the CREATOR and the creative force of the universe which is the energy to give you the power to decide and empower what is going to be created. Just sit here for a moment . . . just YOU and the CREATOR. All that matters is between YOU and the CREATOR, and that is it. There is NOTHING else. It is a space that is filled with crystal, clear purity and full of light and filled with unlimited potential.

Now, while you are Be-ing with God/ CREATOR, allow yourself to remember the core, the heart of your agreements regarding what you came here to do, or not do, or to be, or not to be. Feel your own personal Base Camp . . . that place that WAS before your incarnation, and will BE once again after this incarnation. This is who you truly are, before you took on a life in a dualistic world that either judged you or glorified you. You are neither of these. You just ARE. LIGHT . . . An aspect of the Creator . . . Egoless and pure.

Now we ask that the Andean Masters anchor this Base Camp inside of you for all time, space and dimension . . . past, present and future . . . in body, mind and spirit . . . For 7 days a week, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year . . . that is if you so wish this to be so.

Now . . . Feel this . . . Remember how it feels. Remember how you feel while being here. This is who you are. This is where your truth comes from. This is how the Creator sees you . . . Pure, untouched and impeccable.

When you know that you have anchored a place where Base Camp is inside your 3D physical reality, come back into the room where you are sitting, and allow yourself to re-enter the world. Breathe . . .

When you get confused, or don't know which way to go, or can't seem to be clear, or be able to manifest, please go back to this point, your Base Camp, where the only thing that matters is what is between you and God, and that is it. It is as simple as it is supposed to be. TRUTH is SIMPLE and unifies! Lies are complicated, confusing and separate us from the Creator and each other. This new Base Camp will align this world into a clear perception . . . in spite of all the complications, detours and illusions amongst varying, isolating, vacillating energies this dimension is dishing out right now.

Once you anchor in the place where you and the Creator are ONE, it is a place where you can live from no matter what is going on in the world. You are now in the world but not of it. You are the calm in the storm. You are in the eye of the needle.

Copyright © 2011 - Permission is granted to copy and redistribute this article on the condition that the content remains complete, full credit is given to the author(s), and that it is distributed freely. Center of the SUN - Aluna Joy Yaxk'in, PO Box 1988 Sedona, AZ 86339 USA Ph:928-282-6292 Ph/Fax:928-282-4622 -- Email: website:

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The Issue of Owning your Personal Power with Insights on the Conscious and Subconscious Minds
By Dr Joshua David Stone......

"The single most important quality to achieving psychological and spiritual health is learning to own your personal power." Dr. Joshua David Stone

The conscious mind is the reasoning mind, whereas the subconscious mind is the non-reasoning mind. The superconscious mind is the all-knowing mind. Another metaphor is that the conscious mind is the captain of the ship, computer programmer, decision maker, gardener. If the conscious mind is the captain, then the subconscious mind is the shipmate below the deck who follows whatever orders the captain gives. The subconscious mind is the computer or tape recorder.

Thirdly, the subconscious mind is the soil. If the conscious mind is the gardener, the gardener plants the seeds (thoughts), and the soil grows whatever kind of seed is planted, be it a weed or a beautiful flower. The subconscious mind will store information and follow orders whether the orders are rational or irrational. The subconscious mind doesn't care, as it has absolutely no reasoning ability.

The subconscious mind is a paradox. It has no reasoning and yet it has an incredible number of amazing abilities and intelligence factors. The best metaphor to understand this is the computer analogy. A computer is an incredible piece of equipment, yet it doesn't care whether it's programmed to solve the energy crisis or to create a nuclear war. It has the intelligence to do either job efficiently, but doesn't have the reasoning to not want to create nuclear war

The subconscious does whatever it is programmed to do, no matter what. A good example is that the subconscious mind completely operates and runs the physical body. This can be proven by the effects of hypnotic suggestions given to a person concerning the body.

The only problem is that the subconscious mind is as happy to destroy the body as it is to create perfect health. The subconscious mind has the intelligence to create perfect health or create cancer. It will create whatever it is programmed to do.

No one consciously programs cancer, but many people unconsciously program cancer into their bodies with self-hatred, victim consciousness, revenge, giving up, and so on. The idea is that you want to tell yourself or your subconscious mind constantly that you are in perfect radiant health and that every day in every way you are getting healthier and healthier.

The subconscious mind works entirely separate from the functioning of the conscious mind. It works 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, while you are sleeping and awake, and never gets tired. It is constantly doing whatever it has been programmed to do.
Intelligence Factor of the Subconscious Mind

The basic function of the subconscious mind is to store information. It is the storehouse and memory bank of all our thoughts, feelings, emotions, imagination, habit patterns, impulses and desires. From the time we have been little infants, we have been programmed by our parents, grandparents, television, peers, teachers, ministers, and extended family.

As little children we are all victims. By this, I mean that children's reasoning minds have not developed enough to be able to discriminate and protect them from negative programming. As little children we were totally open. Our subconscious minds are filled with mental poisons, faulty thinking and faulty beliefs. Just as the body can be filled with physical toxins from poor eating, the subconscious is filled with mental toxins from improper programming and education.

This book will teach you how to get rid of the faulty thinking in the subconscious mind and how to reprogram it with new positive spiritual programming. For now, however, let's continue with delineating the intelligence factor of the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind also creates our dreams every night. There are occasions when the super consciousness creates dreams. However, most dreams are created by the subconscious mind. A dream is basically a mirror of the way we think, feel, and act during our conscious daily life. A dream is like a newspaper we receive every night, depicting the organization and dynamics of our internal energies.

The only difference between dreams and a real newspaper is that dreams are in the universal language of symbols. To understand our dreams is to understand that every part of our dream is, in reality, a part of us. By examining the relationship of the symbols we can gain insight and understanding of the patterns that are manifesting in our lives.

A dream is an automatic process that the subconscious mind brings to us as feedback. This feedback is essential because very often we are all manifesting patterns in our lives that we are not consciously aware we are manifesting.

The subconscious mind can also be termed the habit mind. It stores all our habits, both positive and negative. A lot of people think habits are bad. This is not true. We want to get rid of only bad habits. Ideally we want to strive to create good habits.

A good example of this is learning to drive a stick shift car. When we first learn how, it takes a lot of conscious effort and will power. After we learn how, it becomes automatic. If we didn't have a subconscious mind to store our developed abilities, it would always take great focus and concentration.

There is a basic psychological or metaphysical law that states that it takes twenty-one days to cement a new habit into the subconscious mind. You can learn something in a day, but to make a habit in the subconscious mind takes twenty-one days. This ability by the subconscious mind of storing habits allows us to grow continually and develop new abilities without worrying about old ones.

The subconscious mind is where the Law of Magnetism and Attraction operates. The subconscious mind is continually attracting and repelling things to and from us according to what has been programmed into it. A master is someone who uses this law to his own conscious benefit.

Lets take the example of money and prosperity. If you have the belief in your subconscious mind that you will never have money, you won't. If, on the other hand, you think you will, the subconscious mind will attract those opportunities and possibilities to you. Whatever you want in life, all you have to do is affirm or visualize this into the subconscious mind, and the subconscious mind will attract and magnetize it to you.

Carl Jung spoke of this when he talked about the collective unconscious. The subconscious mind is interconnected with all other subconscious minds. You might say that all the sons and daughters of God have one great subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind also has the ability to sense radiations of energy. We all automatically use this ability in our daily lives. This ability can be specifically used in areas such as water dowsing, or water witching. The subconscious can be programmed to search for any physical substance, not just water. It can sense the radiation of energy of any substance for which it is programmed to search.

The subconscious mind is also the seat of our psychic abilities. The subconscious has five inner senses that are the subtler counterparts of our five external senses: Inner sight (clairvoyance), inner hearing (clairaudience), inner smell, inner taste, and inner touch.

Have you ever noticed that when you dream you have your five senses available to you? How can this be if you are sleeping? This is because you are utilizing your five inner senses of the subconscious mind. All people have psychic abilities and can develop them further. It is just a matter of practice and proper training as with any external ability.
How the Conscious Mind Works in Relationship to the Subconscious Mind

The key function of the conscious mind is to be the computer programmer, protector and master of the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is meant to be the servant or servomechanism of the conscious mind. Most people, not understanding these psychological laws, let their subconscious mind run them. When this happens, people become victims and start having a lot of problems.

The subconscious mind was never meant to direct your life. It will run you into oblivion if you let it, not because it is bad, but because it has no reasoning. In and of itself it is divine. Why would you let a non reasoning mind run your life? Strangely enough, this is what most people do.

The ideal is that every time a thought, feeling, or impulse arises out of the subconscious mind, it should be checked or rationalized. You might imagine an inner gate or inner bubble that protects you from your own subconscious mind. When a thought or feeling or impulse arises, it is the job of the conscious mind to use its powers of reasoning, discernment and discrimination to check that thought at the gate. If the thought or impulse is positive and spiritual, you let it into your mind. If it is negative, you push it out.

Psychological health is the process of letting into your mind positive spiritual balanced thoughts. Psychological health is like physical health. If you want to be physically healthy you put good healthful food into your body. If you want to be psychologically healthy you put good healthful thoughts into your mind.

By pushing the negative thoughts out of your mind, you are refusing them energy. This is much like a plant that is not being watered. It eventually withers and dies from lack of water (attention and focus). The second step is to affirm the opposite positive thought or spiritual thought. This is called positive thinking and the use of positive affirmations.

By continually disregarding the negative thought and affirming the positive thought, a new habit is formed in the subconscious mind. The old habit dies because you are not giving it energy; and the new habit is formed because you are continually affirming and thinking positively. Within twenty one days a new habit can be formed.

You must remember that the subconscious is filled with all these old tapes that your parents and other people programmed into you when you were young. If the conscious mind isn't making choices, then all this old program-ming from early childhood is programming your present life.
Development of the Outer Bubble or Shield to Protect You From Other People's Negative Energy

Just as it is essential to develop an inner bubble to protect you from your own subconscious mind, it is also essential to develop an outer bubble or shield to protect you from other people's negative energy. The ideal, as I have already mentioned, is for you to be the computer programmer of your subcon-scious mind.

Always remember that, if you don't take responsibility for this, then the subconscious mind or other people will run your life. The ideal is to be the cause, creator and master of your own life. If these psychological laws aren't clearly understood, then other people will be your computer programmers.

Let's take the example of someone criticizing or judging you. The ideal is to have an imaginary bubble, shield, or light around you so that, when criticism comes toward you, it hits the bubble or shield and slides off like water off a duck's back. You can imagine its bouncing off like a rubber pillow.

You make a conscious choice or discrimination as to whether to let it into your subconscious mind or not. It must be understood that this bubble is a semipermeable bubble. In other words, it allows in positive energy but keeps out negative energy.

If you don't have this bubble of protection available to you at all times, then you can be victimized by another person's comments, statements or energy. There is a time to be open and a time to be closed. It is necessary to close down and protect yourself if other people are being negative. If someone would throw an actual physical spear at you, I am sure you would physically try to get out of the way if you could.

It is the same thing psychologically. When other people are directing negative energy towards you it is like a psychological spear. You will be poisoned if you let it in. You wouldn't let a person shove physical poison down your physical mouth. So don't let people shove mental poison into your mind. You don't want the subconscious mind to run your life and you don't want other people to run your life either.

Another way of saying this is that you want to respond instead of react. To respond is to choose how to deal with the incoming energy. To react is to let the incoming energy go right into your subconscious mind, solar plexus, or emotional body and lash back. If someone judges or attacks you and you let it in, you will either be hurt, withdrawn and cry, or lash back. You are letting another person be the cause of your emotions. You want to cause your emotions.

Another way of saying this is that you are letting yourself be hypnotized. I am licensed as a hypnotist, as well as being a licensed counselor. However, most of my work as a counselor is not hypnotizing people but de hypnotizing them. Many people are in hypnosis, and I am trying to get them out of it.

You are in hypnosis when you are a victim. You are letting another person program your emotions in a waking state. You are hyper suggestible when you don't make a choice as to how you want to respond. In reality we all are invulnerable psychologically. This is a very profound statement. To be invulnerable means that we can't get emotionally hurt unless we choose to be.
My Favorite Metaphor of All

My favorite metaphor is likening psychological health to physical health. If a person you know catches a cold or the flu, you certainly don't want to get it. You do everything in your power not to get it. You stay away from that person. You take extra Vitamin C. You tell yourself you are not going to get sick. You eat well and try to get enough sleep. In other words, you build up your resistance. If you keep your resistance up you don't get sick.

Doctors and nurses don't get all the sicknesses of their patients. How come? The reason is that there is no such thing as a contagious disease. There are only people with "low resistance".

This analogy is exactly the same on the psychological level. There is no such thing as a contagious psychological disease. There are only people with low resistance. How do we keep up our psychological resistance so we don't catch the infectious diseases of anger, depression, jealousy, judgment, attack, grudges, hatred and so on? We keep our psychological resistance up by maintaining a positive mental attitude.

The protective bubble is one main positive attitude technique. Other key techniques are maintaining one's personal power, maintaining unconditional self love and self worth, faith and trust in God.

These are a few of the main attitudes. In following chapters I will explore some of the others. The main point is that we are here in this world to set a better example. We are here to bring other people up, not to let ourselves be sucked down. So in essence the earth is like a hospital that is run by the patients. There are very few healers or doctors. The purpose of life is to be a healer or doctor.

When you allow other people to victimize you to the negative, you have become one of the patients again, and now you are in need of healing. This is okay if it happens. The lesson is to get yourself back to your centered self and be the doctor and healer as soon as you can, for this is the mission and purpose in this lifetime for all of us.
The Development of Personal Power The First Golden Key

Of all the attitudes and qualities that need development in the healthy personality none is more important than personal power or the development of will. This last statement and point cannot be emphasized enough. Everything I have spoken of so far in this book will not work if you don't have personal power. Personal power is the key that makes the theory and ideals work. Personal power, or will power, is the first golden key.

What is personal power? Personal power or will is the guiding force of the healthy personality. Personal power is first an attitude. We can choose to hold an attitude of weakness or strength as we begin each day. Your power is the energy that you use to enforce your decisions.

For example, let's say you want to exercise at 3 o'clock. When 3 o'clock comes it is a good bet that you will need your power to make yourself do what you have committed yourself to do. Your power is also needed to control your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind will push you around unless you own your own power, so personal power is the enforcing agent of the conscious mind. It is the energy that mind musters to command and direct that personality. Personal power in its external usage is assertiveness.

Personal power is also very much tied in with decisiveness. It is intrinsic in the attitudes of "piss or get off the pot" and "fish or cut bait." If you are not decisive, then the subconscious mind or other people will make your decisions for you. The subconscious mind has no reasoning, and other people's decisions are not always in your best interest.

How can you be the master of yourself and your life if you do not have personal power? If you don't own your power, then you end up giving it to the subconscious or to other people. We know that God has power. The fact is that we are co creators and mini gods, so we have power, too. God helps those who help themselves. You can't help yourself if you don't own your power.

There is and has always been total personal power available to you. Personal power is nothing more than energy in your physical body and subconscious mind that you are using to control your life. Part of owning your power is being a spiritual warrior in life. Never giving up, and the will to live is really the will to fight.

Yoga teaches that life is not only a school but also a battlefield. We are trying to get to the top of a mountain. Progress entails taking three steps forward and slipping back two, or seven steps forward and slipping six, ad infinitum, until the top is reached. This is the nature of life for everyone on the spiritual path. The most important thing is not to be a quitter.

Paramahansa Yogananda, the great Indian sage, said, "A saint is a sinner who never gave up." Part of owning your power is to keep plugging away. It is also having faith in God's power, as well as your own personal power. When all outer security is stripped away, you always know that you have your power and God's power available to you and with you all the time. This is true safety and security.

You power is the energy that you use to take risks. If you don't own your power, you are going to have a hard time keeping your bubble of protection up. Your power is what allows you to "fake it until you make it". Your personal power, in essence, is your center. When you are in charge you feel more centered.

When you use your power over a long period of time you have what is called discipline. Owning your power is what allows the conscious reasoning mind to stay in control and not to be overwhelmed by subconscious or environmental forces. When you don't own your power you get depressed. Anyone who is depressed is not owning his power.

There are two opposing forces in life: Good and evil, light and darkness, positive and negative, illusion and truth, egotistical thinking and spiritual thinking. Your power is your weapon with which to fight the negative and identify with the positive. As Edgar Cayce said, "There is no force in the universe more powerful than your will or power."

The conscious reasoning mind, with the will or power, then directs all the incoming forces. If we don't have will or power we would be overwhelmed. People in the extreme state of giving up their power, control and mastery have become psychotic. The conscious mind has abdicated all responsibility for control, mastery, orchestration and directorship. The subconscious mind and the environment totally take over.

You don't have to be afraid of your power because you are going to use it only in a loving way to serve God, yourself and other people. Whenever you are in power you will feel good. When you have your power, you are challenging and asserting yourself. When you don't have your power, life is clobbering you. The essence of what I am trying to teach in my work is that we are causes of our reality. To be the cause of our reality all the time, we must own our power.
How Do You Claim Your Power?

You claim your power by choosing every morning, the second you get up, to affirm the attitude in your mind that you have it. The diagram at the end of this chapter, lists some personal power affirmations that you can say to yourself to cultivate and build this energy. I have also included some emotional invulnerability affirmations to build your protective bubble since this is so much involved with owning your power.

Edgar Cayce, the great sleeping prophet, made another very important statement involving power. He talked about the importance of developing positive anger. I emphasize the term "positive" anger. Positive anger is controlled anger that is not directed at other people or yourself but rather at the dark force that is trying to push us down. It is used to catapult us toward the light and positivity.

There is enormous power tied up with anger. The idea is to channel this power constructively and creatively. Jesus turned to one of his disciples when he started to complain and said, "Get thee behind me, Satan." I think positive anger has to do with having some real emotion and feeling behind your power.

When you say the affirmations to yourself, say them with emotions and real power or they won't work. The subconscious mind and other people will victimize you to the degree that you do or do not own your power. As soon as you mean business the subconscious will become your servant. You have to make it serve you, not ask it to serve you. It should also be noted here that God is not going to control your subconscious mind for you, no matter how much you pray. That is not His job. That is your job.

Every morning when get up, claim your power, and commit yourself to becoming the master of your life. Be loving, serve God, and have a great day, and let nothing in this universe stop you from your appointed task. This is how to live properly. Once you have established your power, then pray for God's help and do some affirmations and visualizations to program your subconscious mind the way you want it to work for you. This is the ultimate power in the universe.

Do you realize the power that is at your disposal? How can you not win this war? How can you not eventually get to the top of the mountain? How can you not be successful with all this power? Add to this the fact that we are each the sons and daughters of God in truth and are each one with God. Can God and the sons and daughters of God lose a battle with Satan, which is another name for ego, illusion, negative thinking?

My Two Favorite Spiritual Affirmations

1. God, my personal power and the power of my subconscious mind are an unbeatable team.

2. Be still and know that I am God.

Another method of charging up your power is to visualize some symbol you are holding that denotes your full power maybe a sword, a crown, the Rod of Moses, a baseball bat. Combine this kind of imagery with your affirmations and you will feel even more power.
Psychological Disidentification and Identification Exercise

Suggested instructions:

Every morning and every night for twenty one days repeat this page of affirmations out loud three times until they fully sink into your conscious and subconscious mind.

Disidentification Exercise:

I have a body, but I am not my body. My body may find itself in different conditions of health or sickness. This has nothing to do with my real self, or the real "I".

I have behavior, but I am not my behavior. All my behavior comes from my thoughts. If I have not developed self mastery and I am operating on automatic pilot, I sometimes behave inappropriately. Even though I behave well or poorly, I am not my behavior. This has nothing to do with my real self, my real "I."

I have feelings and emotions, but I am not my feelings and emotions. If I have not yet developed self mastery, my feelings and emotions are sometimes negative and sometimes positive. As I become more of a cause, creator, chooser and master of my life this will change. Though a wave of feelings and emotions may overtake me, I know I am not my feelings and emotions. My true nature will not change. "I" remain the same.

I have a mind, but I am not my mind. My mind is my tool for creating my feelings, emotions, behavior, and body, as well as what I attract into my life. If I have not developed self mastery, my mind sometimes runs me, instead of me running my mind. My mind is my most valuable tool, but it is not what "I" am.

Identification Exercise:

What am "I"?

After disidentifying myself (the "I") from the contents of conscious-ness, I recognize and affirm that I am a center of pure self consciousness. I am a center of will and personal power, capable of being the cause and creator of every aspect of my life. I am capable of causing, directing, choosing and creating all my thoughts, feelings, emotions, behavior, health or disease of my physical body, and the kinds of things I attract and magnetize into my life. This is who "I" am.
Personal Power and Becoming a Creative Cause

I am the power, the master, and the cause of my attitudes, feelings, emotions, and behavior.

I am 100% powerful, loving, and balanced at all times.

I am powerful, whole, and complete within myself. I have preferences but not attachments.

I am 100% powerful and decisive in everything I do.

I have perfect mastery and control over all my energies in service of a loving spiritual purpose.

I am the master and director of my life, and my subconscious mind is my friend and servant.

I am a center of pure self consciousness and will, with the ability to direct my energies wherever I would have them go.

I am powerful, centered, and loving at all times.

I am powerful and centered at all times and nothing in this external universe will I allow to knock me off balance or center.

I have lOO% personal power and I vow never to give it to my subconscious mind or other people ever again.

I have perfect self control and self mastery in everything I do.
Emotional Invulnerability

I am lOO% invulnerable to other people's negative energy. Other people's negative energy slides off me like water off a duck's back.

I am the cause of my feelings and emotions not other people. I will not give them this power over me ever again.

Other people's negative energy bounces off me like a rubber pillow.

I hear what other people have to say to me. However, I internalize only that which "I choose" to internalize.

The only effect other people's negative energy has is the effect I let it have. I choose not to be affected ever again.


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Sanat Kumara, Understanding ascension

As you are all talking about this so much, it seems there is still a lot of misunderstanding as the messages, we know have been not always clear.

Ascension is simply raising your frequencies.

The ascension is not just happening with all humans, we in spirit ascend as well.

The only difference we have is that we do not have a physical body.

To many of us here in spirit ascension means expansion as well.

When we all came from Source, we all were fully complete. As we move through Source and the many Universes within Source, Source expands, we expand, and the universes expand. By expanding the energies flow changes and gets more room to breathe so to speak, allowing for a faster frequency.

This is a continuous motion of ascending within everything that is.

We learn, we explore and we expand, as Source is continuously expanding and the frequencies within Source ascend, we are part of this process if we choose to be.

We can decide to stay within a certain frequency for some time and explore this frequency, from there we start to ascend again if we choose to do so.

Our Source part always moves within the frequency of Source, so all we do is find the way upwards so to speak to align every part of our being with that part of us, the source part of us.

Within each frequency of ascension an exploration happens and this is how we once again expand as well.

We have learned to stay within contact with our Source part at all times.

This allows us for an easy ascension into the new higher frequencies.

Now each being has their own way of doing this, as some beings have decided to remain within lower frequencies and play out their reality within it. They are exploring and learning within those frequencies until they feel a need to move higher. From there they connect within and start the way up to another level of frequencies.

There are beings that can do this easily as they have learned faster and faster ways to ascend. Others need more time as they have spent a long time within a certain frequency and by being within the lower dimensions have disconnected some of their connection to their own source part at times. Or to be more precise, they deactivated their connection to their Source part.

This all depending upon what they want to learn and experience.

This is always the choice of each being as each being learns how to move between frequencies on different levels.

Some are however more focused on learning how to travel between the different levels of frequencies, they have more experience and it becomes easier to stay fully connected to their Source part as when you move into the lower frequencies the energies becomes denser and move less so it becomes a bit more difficult at times to move fast within the energies.

As you move to lower frequency levels, the energy moves slower and the energies and the connection between your Source being and the part of you that is at the lowest level can become deactivated through this process as well.

There are beings on earth from the time of Atlantis that have been able to remain fully connected no matter how low they moved. They are so called masters in moving between frequency levels.

Some use this to teach others on how to activate their connection to their Source part and how to find their way back to their Source part. Others use this to manipulate others preventing them from activating their connection and finding their way back within to their Source part.

Like I said ascension is moving between frequencies, we usually call moving up into the frequency levels ascending and moving down into the lower levels of frequencies descending. This is the human wording we use for this process.

Ascending and descending between levels of frequencies is a learning process, and experience process. It does not matter what we do in between and within those levels, we can always learn how to move between the different levels of frequencies.

As we learn more about the ascending and descending process, we use special codings that allow us to find our way up or down more easily.

Keep in mind we call it up and down only for explanation purposes as all frequencies exist within the same space.

Some of these codings are known as DNA. You all have DNA within the physical body, part of the codings within the DNA are being used to sustain a physical appearance. Other parts are being used to start activating the connection back you to our source part if needed.

DNA is however not the only codings we use as we use several other codings within what you call the chakras, they reach all the way to our Source part, and many other codings within our spiritual parts, light bodies and more.

This all depends however upon our level of experience, as we become more experienced we use less codings.

These codings are geometric symbols that make up our being within spirit, now as we learn and explore, we learn to use different codings and different symbols as well that allow us to move faster between the frequency levels and move back into our original state of being faster toward fully connecting within to our Source part.

As we connect upwards, we work on bringing every part of our being to the Source part frequency level.

The expansion of energy starts at the highest level of frequencies and from there the lower level of frequencies will start to move up so there is a constant movement within the level of frequencies as well.

Now to see this from earth, the earth has a set level of frequencies around her, as created by the first ones that moved onto earth within a physical appearance. Allowing them to take on the physical appearance necessary.

The grids that many of you know about are part of this set frequency level system.

Over time there have been changes to these systems as to adjust to the levels of physicality.

The humans would link into these grids to connect to the level of physicality they wanted to use.

This had one side effect, as the human lost more and more of their connection, they used the grids to stay on earth, and the grids became manipulated by some to actually ground the humans on earth, but in a way that they couldn't move up in levels of frequency.

Grids were destroyed, repaired, new ones made, destroyed and so on.

At this moments there are remnants of old grids, there are newer grids and there is the buildup of the new crystalline grid.

In the beginning the grids were built within the earth so humans could reach the lowest level of physical frequencies. With the effect of keeping humans grounded upon earth.

The new grid is not within the earth, this to prevent the grounding of humans onto the earth, in a way not allowing them to move away and move fully into higher frequency levels.

You can see it this way, your feet are on the ground, your energy is going through your feet into the ground through the earth chakra just below your feet, your energy also grounds through the base chakra into the ground, so you have two connection points into the earth. Both connection points are used to connect you to the grids in the earth.

Some of you are only connected to one grid, others are connected to many grids, depending upon what you did in past lives to disconnect from these grids, as this is not new knowledge.

Now as you descended into the lower level of frequencies, you grounded yourself into the grids into the earth, ascending means that you would start to bring back the connection between the earth part of you and the source part of you.

From there you start to raise all levels of you into your source part frequency level. As you are grounded into the earthly grids, you cannot raise those parts up to higher frequency levels, as they are grounded within a low level of frequency and they require disconnecting from that level to be able to raise up the frequency.

Ascension begins at the lowest level of frequencies within you that are being raised to the new level of frequency. So if you have a part that is within the 3rd frequency level, you need to raise that part to the 4th frequency level of your being. Once those parts are one, you start raising that part up from the 4th frequency level to the 5th frequency level until they both become one.

You keep on doing this until all parts are one on the highest frequency level, your Source part.

Now you are not really moving, you stay within the same place, all you do is move within the levels of frequencies.

The grids within the earth are between the 3rd and 5th frequency level. None of them however are working at full capacity and many of them are used for many other purposes, first of all to siphon off energies and use those energies to manipulate you by sending fear and many other manipulation thoughts and feelings to you. Second, the grids are used to keep the lower parts of you grounded into the earth not allowing you to raise the frequencies of those parts to higher levels of frequency.

As the grids are operating in 3rd, 4th, 5th dimensional frequencies, you are able to raise small parts to those levels, but you cannot go any further as this is the highest level you are grounded in. This because you are connected and grounded into many grids that all operate on difference levels of frequency.

The new grid that is not upon earth functions at the 12th dimensional level of frequency, so it holds within it all levels/space down. This means it holds the levels from the 3rd up until the 12th level of frequencies.

The connection or grounding within this grid is not done through the earth star chakra and base chakra but through higher chakras within you. Allowing you to start raising all of you that is within for example in the 3rd level of frequency up to the 4th level of frequency and from there move on to the 5th level of frequency and so forth.

The raising of the frequency levels is done by use of the codings within you, within the DNA, chakras and spiritual bodies.

As most of you are only on earth to make the change from the 3rd dimensional level to the 5th dimensional level, there are two processes of ascension.

One is planetary ascension, raising your level of frequency from the 3rd level to the 5th level, and the other process is called cosmic ascension, which is raising your frequency level from the 3rd level to the source level of your being.

Your source level resides above the 12th level of frequency, the 12th level is the last so called physical level of frequency for the human, above that there is no physical appearance.

The first process of Planetary Ascension is the easiest one, as it is only two levels up and does not require full connection back to the Source part of you.

The second process of Cosmic Ascension is more complicated as it requires a movement through many more levels of frequency and for most this is way above the 12th level of frequency.

Isis has already laid out the first process of Planetary Ascension in full detail through "The Isis Light Body Process for Planetary Ascension", so we will focus on the Cosmic Ascension Process.

The Planetary Ascension from the 3rd level to the 5th level does not mean you will lose your physical appearance, you will still be upon earth and will be subject to the incarnation cycle of death and birth upon earth.

What it does mean is that you will be free from the part that is keeping you grounded on earth and from there you can start the work on working your way back to connecting fully with your Source part up until the highest frequency level of your Source part.

Cosmic Ascension means that you are working your way back, out of the physical incarnation cycle all the way up to becoming your Source part, or raising all levels of you up into your Source part level of frequency.

There are many different levels within your Source part and as you move deeper within your Source part you will find the highest level is vibrating at the overall Source level of frequency. So once you reach your Source part you start to move deeper within to become fully connected with Source, the oneness again.

There is already an experience of oneness once you reach the outside of your Source part as we call it, but the full oneness is deep within your Source part.

So as you can see you will be ascending constantly depending of course upon your own choices. Some of you will decide to stop at the point of the 13th level of frequency and start exploring and work from there, other will move on all the way to the highest within and explore and work from there.

The difference is within the capabilities and knowledge available on all different levels of frequency.

Full capabilities and knowledge are within the deepest level of your Source part on the Source level of oneness.

Each being can ascend, yes the process for the human body is different than within spirit, but it does not mean it is impossible, you have laid out the groundwork before you came here, giving yourself the guidelines needed to ascend within.

Now as many will wonder about other beings within your universe and beyond.

Yes they all can ascend, any action a being does, good or bad as you see it from a human point of view, does not interfere with the process of ascension.

What does interfere is the attachments to the actions.

For example a being that is focused on controlling others, may have certain attachments that interfere because they bring in certain energies that can prevent them from finding some of the codings needed.

So the process of ascension becomes slower as it takes more time to find the codings and more time to clear the energy within to find the codings.

This is true for all attachments though not just negative attachments.

We will end our discourse of ascension here as we will focus on the Cosmic Ascension process in our next messages.

Sanat Kumara

Through Petra Margolis

December 14, 2011

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The Isis Light Body Process for Planetary Ascension.

There are two different processes, one for the Planetary Ascension and one that is part of Cosmic Ascension.

Let us start with Planetary Ascension which at this moment in time many will go through either before or as the earth ascends.

With Planetary Ascension the chakras will be fully clear, all 7 within the physical body and 5 above the physical body.

It does not matter in what order you clear these chakras.

One part that is important is that each chakra has a threefold flame within it.

Although they are mostly not activated and cannot be activated at times as there is a need to make sure you have all three crystals within the chakras.

Each chakra has three crystals, love, power and wisdom.

Many have placed the threefold flame within their heart chakra. All three crystals are needed to have the threefold flame active at its fullest capacity.

Once all three crystals are within each chakra, there will be a threefold flame within each chakra.

Once the three fold flame is active within each chakra, the flames will merge and a golden flame will remain, becoming the connection between all chakras

As a human you might have given for example your power crystal to another person, either in this life time or in a previous life time.

Sometimes you will find yourself in a situation with someone where the attraction is so great, your will to even fight against it is gone, this sometimes happens when someone holds your love crystal.

The same for wisdom, as you might follow someone blindly at times and think all they say is the truth. You could have either given your wisdom crystal to this person, or this person has taken the wisdom crystal.

You have 7 chakras within the physical body and there are three crystals within each chakra representing love, power and wisdom.

So you could have given away a crystal out of any of them, and sometimes others will take them away.

This is something that most people do not realize consciously and even the ones that take them do not always realize this consciously.

This because many of you are not fully aware about what is happening within the energies, and are not always able to see what is happening.

Another fact is that much not is known about these as much of the information about the chakras is basic and does not really relate to the spiritual reality.

Another important part is to clear all light bodies connected to the physical body.





Once these bodies are fully cleared and the chakras are clear, you are ready to bring in the chakras 8 through 12, the 5 that are above the physical body.

Many think the light bodies are connected to the chakras, this is a misunderstanding. There are similar types of energy centers within the spiritual bodies and once the spiritual bodies are clear, these energy centers is what allows the energy bodies to merge more with the physical body. Meaning the will be more in alignment with each other and more in alignment with the energies and frequencies within the physical body. This allows for a faster adjustment of the physical body to the 5th dimensional frequencies.

The heart chakra is very important as it is within the heart center. This is different from the heart chakra.

The heart chakra is an energy center where experiences related to emotions and feelings are being stored.

It is very important to clear this chakra as it is a portal into the heart center.

Some talk about a unified chakra as the chakras are all clear and fully open and spinning to its fullest ability.

The unified chakra is not a specific chakra, when chakra 8 through 12 are being brought into the physical body and become fully aligned with all other chakras, the alignment, meaning all chakras spinning at the same frequency is what we call the unified chakra.

The chakras 8 through 12 will either just move down and push down the other chakras, or they find a place in between the other chakras, or they will merge with some of the chakras already there (1 through7).

The 12th chakra will become the crown chakra and usually merges with the 7th chakra and it can become the lotus once you bring in the pearl.

The unified chakra is all chakras spinning in full alignment with each other and there is a connection tube running in between each chakra to make them spin in a unified frequency.

Another thing that is usually needed is a connection to the Higher Self, and bringing in the Higher Self into the physical body.

At this point in time this step is being skipped for most of you as there is a need to have you finish Planetary Ascension preferably before the ascension of the earth.

This to make the transition into the 5th dimensional reality a bit easier.

As we are coming closer and closer to the ascension point, we have been granted some exceptions and this is one of them. This because the energies around the earth are already lifting most of you up into the 5th dimensional frequencies.

For all of those who have not finished the Planetary Ascension before the ascension of the earth, depending upon where they are within the process, will finish the Planetary Ascension process during the ascension of the earth or shortly thereafter when everyone has been moved onto the new earth as the new earth will reside in the 5th dimensional frequency. The information about Planetary Ascension will be readily available as their will be many teachers for this on the new earth.

The Planetary Ascension means that you are ready to move toward as we call it Cosmic Ascension, the path of the Ascended Masters.

Some of you have already been working on parts of the Cosmic Ascension process as you have already completed Planetary Ascension once in a previous life time and you have already spent some lifetimes working on the Cosmic Ascension Process.

Many of you have been working on Planetary Ascension in previous lifetimes and are here to finish the Planetary Ascension process through the ascension of the earth into the 5th dimension.

This completes the explanation about Planetary Ascension and we will discuss the process of Cosmic Ascension separately as it involves more than just light bodies.

You can ask why do you have to do these processes all over again?

This is because each time you incarnate, you start fresh and once you awaken you awaken the parts within you that have already been completed.

At that moment it becomes easier to complete the process as you already know what is needed to do these processes in the most efficient way possible.

For those that awaken and have not yet reached the state of remembrance needed, help is available through others.

There are some upon earth who we would call the way showers, they have taken it upon them to bring down the memories and actually go through the processes fully physically and spiritually.

This allows them to take you through the process in the most efficient way, because even though many of you have awakened, not all of you are at the level of full remembrance of the process.

These energy workers are able to see the chakras, energy bodies and can see what is still needed as well as they can facilitate or initiate the process of completing Planetary Ascension within you.

As always look for the guidance within as this is where you will find all that is needed within every moment.


Through Petra Margolis

December 6, 2011

One thing that is not mentioned in this message but can be a physical side effect as you are opening your heart center more is that you might experience some heart arrhythmia. This should only be for a short time unless you go further into Cosmic Ascension.

As well as some joint pain and muscle pain is experienced, the overall feeling for most is just being tired while working on the process.

It does depends on how you do the process as my experience is that if you can fully remember and do the process in a short amount of time there will be less of an effect on the physical body and most will only feel tired and then feel the raise within the frequency of the physical body.

For some that choose the assistance of energy healers, the process will have less effect usually as well as much of the physical symptoms are transmuted by the energy healer who has already gone through the process physically and is able to take on the energies that way.


December 6, 2011

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Sayings of Ramana maharishi

Take no notice of the ego and its activities, but see only the light behind.

You are now thinking that you are the body and therefore confuse yourself with its birth and death. But you are not the body and you have no birth and death.

Creation is neither good nor bad; it is as it is. It is the human mind which puts all sorts of constructions on it, seeing things from its own angle and interpreting them to suit its own interests.

If you would deny the ego and scorch it by ignoring it, you would be free. If you accept it, it will impose limitations on you and throw you into a vain struggle to transcend them. To be the Self that you really are is the only means to realize the bliss that is ever yours.

Can there be darkness before the sun? Similarly, can there be ignorance before the self-evident and self-luminous Self ? If you know the Self there will be no darkness, no ignorance and no misery.

Just on waking from sleep and before becoming aware of the world there is that pure `I, I'. Hold on to it without sleeping or without allowing thoughts to possess you. If that is held firm it does not matter even if the world is seen. The seer remains unaffected by the phenomena.

Peace is absence of disturbance. The disturbance is due to the arising of thoughts in the individual, which is only the ego rising up from pure consciousness. To bring about peace means to be free from thoughts and to abide as pure consciousness.

You are awareness. Awareness is another name for you. Since you are awareness there is no need to attain or cultivate it. All that you have to do is to give up being aware of other things, that is of the not-Self. If one gives up being aware of them then pure awareness alone remains, and that is the Self.

If one knows the truth that all that one gives to others is giving only to oneself, who indeed will not be a virtuous person and perform the kind act of giving to others ? Since everyone is one's own Self, whoever does whatever to whomever is doing it only to himself.

Divine grace is essential for realization. It leads one to God realization. But such grace is vouchsafed only to him who is a true devotee or a yogi. It is given only to those who have striven hard and ceaselessly on the path towards freedom.

All unhappiness is due to the ego; with it comes all your trouble. What does it avail you to attribute to the happenings in life the cause of misery which is really within you? What happiness can you get from things extraneous to yourself ? When you get it, how long will it last ?

So long as the sense of doership is retained there is the desire. That is also personality. If this goes the Self is found to shine forth pure. The sense of doership is the bondage and not the actions themselves. `Be still and know that I am God.' Here stillness is total surrender without a vestige of individuality. Stillness will prevail and there will be no agitation of mind. Agitation of mind is the cause of desire, the sense of doership and personality.

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Centralized Healing Energy Bank

Dear Friends,

A centralized multi modality healing energy bank was established by me last year for my group members where I and a large number of healers worldwide sent healing energies to be used by those who need it.

Now as per the Guidance and Instructions received from my Guru Maha Avatar Babaji and the Divine mother Adi Shakti I am opening it to all who need it. You can call in the energies for yourself, others, your pets and even situations demanding healing.

It is freely available 24x7x365 days and can be called in as and when needed and as many times as you want. In return simply send energy (If you can) or else loving thoughts to the bank for use by others. The energies are programmed to be self adjusting as per the situation.

  1. Calling for Yourself:”I am now ready to receive the healing energies from the centralized healing energy bank set up by Aditya for my (Your purpose), Thank you.”
  2. Calling for others:”I am now receiving the healing energies from the centralized healing energy bank set up by Aditya and transferring it to (Recipient) for (Purpose) Thank you.”
  3. Calling for healing a situation:”I am now receiving the healing energies to heal my (Situation) Thank you.”
  4. To send healing to the bank:”I am now sending this healing energy(any modality)/Love to the centralized healing energy bank set up by Aditya to be used by those who need it.”

Use it and let me have your feedback and suggestions to improve. Thank you for letting me serve.

Love and Blessings


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Beloved ones, when you come into this communion with Me, the first thing that I must show you, always, is just what you mean to Me, how beautiful and how perfect you are, how cherished and how I see your never-ending and astounding beauty.

I give to you the gift of your life, brand new in this holy Now Moment, that you might receive fully, at last, the awareness of being loved completely, unconditionally, and that you might feel in the depth of your heart, beloved ones, that you are created in perfection and joy. Your life is important beyond My ability to describe. Recognize what it means not only to be truly loved but to receive the truth of your identity directly from your Creator.

I hold you and wrap you in this tender Love in a place of peace and perfection, a place of safety and continual assurance that all that you need I shall always provide. You are the most exquisitely beautiful and glorious experience for Me and I celebrate your life.

I celebrate your life. Every moment of your existence, I Am awed and astounded at your perfection. I Am given the most amazing gift in your presence, in your communion, in and as and with My heart. This assurance of all that you are to Me is the riches of your life, the core of your being, that you might drink in this Love and let it be for you the foundation of your every breath, your every movement, your every extension of Love.

You are whole and holy Love. You are sung to by all of the Angels who are the out-picturing of My joy in you, and who are that which holds the consciousness of the miracle that your life is. This is what I give to you continually and I ask you to let this be always the beginning of our communion, that you might return to the truth of being cherished and might recognize, beloved ones, that nothing you have ever done...nothing that the mind creates...nothing can ever make Me love you any less, for My Love for you is the truth of Love eternal that never changes and never wavers, not even the tiniest increment.

No matter what plays out in the dream of the mind, you are supported, held, loved and fed, acknowledged as your perfect life and celebrated, beloved ones, by the whole of Creation. It is so important that you feel this first - that you allow My Love to penetrate through the veil that the ego mind has woven to keep you separate and keep you searching for Love outside of yourself in the world. The Source of Love, its proof and the absolute experience of My unwavering, unconditional, exultant, astounded Love for you is right here as you are held in My Love.

Even a moment when you experience this to the depths of your being and the breadth of your heart, which is always how it is when you open your heart and allow My Love - one moment, and your life is returned to its wholeness, to the center, to the Reality of the heart. In this moment, mind can fall away. You can relax and know that you are supported and loved.

That for which you have been searching through all your lives, in all your parents, in every relationship you have ever had, all that the ego mind has convinced you that you must find in the world through someone or something or through resolving all issues ... none of it matters any more. None of it really ever did because you are Home in My perfect Love for you in your heart forever.

So we begin our communion with this -- your experience of how perfectly I love you that gives to you the gift of your awareness that everything you have struggled for can be released as you accept this Love. Once you feel how deeply I love you, how powerful the experience is of receiving your true identity, directly from Me... Once you allow Me to fill you so full with adoration, with Love, with the vision of your perfection...

Now, when you are filled up at last from the Source of life and Love within you until it overflows and washes you with grace, allows you to believe you live in Heaven, anchors you into the Real of Love and affirms for your heart, your being and your soul that you can trust God... Now you are ready to experience the Reality of your own power.

You are ready to open up your heart wide enough to contain the universe and ready to experience the power of this Love from which you spring that is your true identity and that gives you freedom and life and the ability to live completely free to experience the glory of life, not only in absolute trust but from the center of your being as the power of God. This, now, is the core of our communion.

You sink into your center, open up your precious and eternal heart and experience the powerful explosion of the energy of Creation that is the truth of your being. It is that which fuels your life. It is that which gives you the power to create as the pure outreach of Love and brings you the ecstasy of life rushing and pulsing through your being, fueling from the inside outward your every movement, your every breath, your identity, your joy. It is the center of a security that can only exist as you live in your heart.

Release everything until you find that you are this pulsing center of glory that in its explosion of life is the celebration of the gift and the mystery that brings in you a resonating and cosmic breath and the delicious experience of who you are, and offers you the source of All That Is to be that which creates your experience of the entire holographic life, every bit of which is fueled by your heart.

Every thread of the shimmering web of life, every gossamer extension of consciousness, every current of moving Love, every aspect of All I Am is registered in your heart as the center of All I Am, as the vortex, the conduit, the heart of God, that which brings forth the power of perfect Love and makes it fully conscious, establishes eternally the gift of giving and receiving and extending Love.

You are the center of everything, of everything that lives and breathes within each other, and thus, you live as the Love I Am in the center of every life. You are ready to be fully conscious of the magnitude of your ability to be the power of Love, to be the heart of God I Am that feeds it all, fuels it all with the power of Creation which you, beloved ones, hold in consciousness.

As I have said to you and as you feel, every aspect of the life I Am is fully aware, and each is held by and as a conscious being, that as the Angels hold the celebration of this awakening of our conscious communion, so do you hold the conscious heart of God, the fiery explosion of power and Love.

You are that, beloved ones, and you are that awakening in everything, and thus, the whole of life is fed by you as the heart of this magnificent creation, the awakening of God I Am. You are this. When you feel this power, this life, this Love, then nothing in the ego's world can hold you, can keep you from becoming fully alive, or can limit you in any way and interfere with this experience of drinking life, of blossoming God, of seeding every precious life stream and being the conscious center of the whole.

It is impossible to describe to your mind what it means to be the holographic heart of Love, what it means to be conscious in communion at the center of all life as the place where My Love is extended and where the power of life is acknowledged and expressed in new and indescribable ways. You are a hologram of perfect Love. You are, as I have said, the very Moment of Creation. This power, this life, this fiery Love can and will fuel the birth of a world that expresses the heart of God in all its glory.

This is what you have chosen to accomplish -- to release this dream of separation from power and Love, to return to the experience of the center of All That Is to be out-pictured as the explosion of life it is - far beyond atomic energy, far beyond the imaginings of, say, your sun that blazes as a fiery light in your sky each morning to symbolize the power of Creation.

Oh, beloved ones, this is barely a beginning of that which will reflect to you the truth, the truth you are as the power and Love, as the exploding heart of Creation.

I Am dissolved in this Love until you recognize the power of our unity, and I Am in you, fully aware of every intersection of the heart of God's identity that now must align with the truth. Let Me breathe you in and in your next breath, breathe Me until the in-breath and the out-breath become the energy of Creation, fueling your shift to the perception of your heart, to the fiery explosion of atomic Love, to the essence of the energies of Creation that live in you and are expressed in your every movement.

Can you feel this as your foundation? Can you feel how you are the source of life's movement and energy? Life and Love are rushing through your heart, appearing as your heart to blaze out as great pulses of living Love. They are expressed as the world through this conscious communion between the Will of Love moving as your true identity and the conscious communion with the electrons and energies, waves of life, pulses of Love that do the Will of Love instantly and gather to dance forth a world expressing this perfection and this power.

It is important now, My precious hearts, the glorious "en-conscious-ment" of Creation's Love, that you feel the outflow of the power of life from the source that seeds you and from which you spring endlessly, radiant and radiating outward as Love extended, amplified, multiplied. You are bursting forth with life to become the world before you, to become your experience, to become the shining symbols of Love's power and Love's beauty, to become the opportunity to feel the interweaving of the Love you are with every life, every true identity creating a new expression of God that we have named, beloved ones, Heaven on Earth...but it is so far beyond this.

It is LIFE in all its glory and its richness. It is the power of Creation delivered here. It is the explosion of the Divine as power and Love, as the expression of the apex of the union of life energies, of the masculine and the feminine creating anew the most exquisite and luminous expressions of Love, of power, of beauty...without any naming by the ego mind. Rather, being experienced through the heart that every moment the world bursts forth again.

The beauty of Creation is made brand new, and you are the movement of the Source in communion and as the perfection of Love -- to live from within; to experience all that you touch. To be every anchored into the Real of God as the riches of our perfection in every aspect of this relationship, the sweet communion, the explosion of life and the beautiful song of unity that sings forth the hologram.

This is the world you step into, the world brand new before you, the world that you experience through your heart, allowing the single eye of perceiving Love not only to inform you, but to give you your next opportunity to extend this indescribable communion.

There is truly only God here. Oh, yes, you are living in the fiery furnace, and you are such power that the mind cannot comprehend. Because the little mind is aware of this, it has created fear to keep you at its behest, to keep you away from the power of Love you are. It is simply as we've said a misperception - one moment of believing that we are separate, that the gift of our communion could somehow push you out of the warmth of receiving your identity as this Love.

In that moment, or truly I should say "this one," every possibility of other than Love is unfolding, the vehicle of which is your mind. So there is nothing diabolical here. There is simply the need to return to the acceptance that you are far from powerless. Your very heart can fuel the explosion of Creation here and bring forth the miracle of communion, God with God, your heart with your reflection, every moment, pure rejoicing. And every moment is completely clear and endlessly powerful.

You have wondered, all of you, what will occur in this world, as you see the current changes. You have wondered at the results of the current path of humanity. Will it overwhelm the Earth's ability to support you? I say to you that the moment that you return to your true identity as the fiery heart of God, this power and this presence is the ability to fuel a new creation instantly, to bring forth a world that expresses your heart in the only time that exists, the Now Moment, as the pulse of creation comes forth as you.

You are the fullness of its "en-conscious-ment," and therefore, that which is in your heart, that which is the window through which Love flows always reflects instantly that which your heart experiences, that which your heart believes.

So, beloved ones, let us rejoice that you are powerful beyond anything you have ever imagined, that every dream of being powerless, of being human, of being at the mercy of forces in the world is only a misperceiving. It is gone the moment that you return to the full experience of God which is all powerful.

Your heart, then, is the source of the fuel that will power the experience of sharing in a new Creation that is the expression of God, the heart as the miracle of Creation. Thus, every moment is astounding and must be observed as the power of Creation stands in the world as you. But not you as this little beleaguered human being... living in a "physical body." Rather as the coalescence of the energies of Creation consciously gathering at Love's behest to out-picture for you the truth of your heart, the glory of Love and the miracle of our communion.

This means that everything that you perceive is conscious. All of Creation is constantly communicating the majesty and the miracle and the mystery of Love as it bursts forth, as it bubbles up, as it manifests in the luminous expression of gathered particles of Light and color. The Love of the heart creates the resonance that draws the electrons magnetically to dance your heart's beliefs.

So, believe in My Love for you. Oh, believe it, beloved ones, and feel it. Let it fill your every moment, fuel your dreams, give to you the experience of being loved so wholly and perfectly that the only thing your heart can out-picture is this security and peace.

Allow your heart to give to you the gift of the powers of Creation that live in you, that fuel your life, that bring to you the ecstasy of your power as a Twin Flame heart of Creation -- power and Love, Divine Masculine and Feminine to be danced in the world as the experience of two luminous magnetic beings interwoven in every molecule, each electron... to out-picture the Double Helix of God, the Moment of Creation.

Come! Your hearts are ready. They are ready for you to feel them, to drop into the vortex of endless Love and become Love's power. Are you ready to be the fullness of Creation?

Circle of Light have been given the gift of the Messages from God to bring forth to humanity through Yael and Doug Powell. We hope that you will share these Messages as widely as possible, including to any groups or lists you feel appropriate. We only ask that you retain our identifying information. © 2011 Circle of Light

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