This is not really a tool per say, although there are lots you will be able to do with this. This is about you consciously choosing to stand as the true master of self within your rightful state of being. This is you becoming the real you. It’s a preparation level and there are three initial aspects.

This will, open, purify, re-align & energise your being, taking what is out of date, un-needed, causing difficulties & blockages; everything you want to get rid of.  It also has a protective aspect and repairing aspect, especially for the aura.

You may feel: dizzy, disorientated, spinning, waves rushing around & through you or like you are being gently squeezed. You may hear of feel pops, rushing wind, heat and/or coolness. If you feel nothing, it is a good indication that you are not sufficiently grounded into your body. It’s a good idea to quickly ground before & after. Take lots of water with this too.

The colour of the MWF is Golden/White/Yellow, although there may be colour changes during use, as determined by your needs; but it will start this colour and end this colour, which gives us an extra indication of when the work is complete.

Methods of use:

  1. Request the ring to come. It will descend from your Monadic Self, down the charkra column 5 times, expanding through each of the immediate bodies, going into Mother Gia and returning to Source; taking with it all that should not be and all that you wish to be rid of.

Timing will differ for each of us, but a good guide is about a minute for each passing or 5mins in total. You have not done it wrong if it takes a little longer and you may receive information during it progression through your being. Please do not overuse, energy overuse drains you and causes internal conflict & friction.

      2. As above, but will purify all bodies at the same time. This can happen very fast indeed and is more about immediate need, such as protection in a lower energetic environment or self defence against energetic attack (seen & unseen). This can also happen without warning, but we must give permission for this to happen first. It can be very intense. The energy will download and explode out of you. It made me physically jump and I will blog this experience later today. It was truly immense.


You can state this permission in your own way, but here is an example:

“I give consent to access my being, on my behalf, in accordance with & in support of Divine Plan & Divine Outcome to my Monad, Spiritual Directors & Personal Assistance Teams and ask for The Monadic Wheel of Fire to be ignited within me during moments of immediate need.”

      3, Ask a question which needs a Yes or No answer. Ask for the Wheel to descend with the answer. It will come down to your heart & then up to your third eye through the throat chakra. So, you will actually receive the answer three times. This is to cover all three kinds of learning, whether you are auditory, visual or kinaesthetic (feeling).  

If you are unsure about the answer or do not get a direct Yes or No, you can ask again. But the chances are that there is more information you need in order to make the choice. Maybe you asked the wrong question; maybe it does not matter which choice is made; maybe there is an important lesson involved; maybe something has to happen first, such as an insight or an event; maybe it’s a choice that seems undesirable that you need to walk through (that your mind does not like), but will lead then to a wonderful opportunity. Relax, be open & go with the flow. This aspect can be used as often as you wish, wherever you wish.

The most important aspect of using this is just to relax, trust & be open to whatever happens. It is sent by the Monad, so you don't have to worry about anything, or even ask for this & that to be taken, but you can if you want to.


"Most are under the impression that our first desire for you is to ascend, this is not true. Are you surprised? When you were created, you were given three gifts; The Freedoms of Will, Choice & Expression. Our first desire is for you to just be, to experience all that life has to offer. In other words your path, your creation, your destiny is entirely within your own hands. This does not mean that we are not here for you, guiding, advising and encouraging you to come back to full consciousness of your true self. It simply means that you are your own master. All that has been created & given to you, is in support of your freedom to choose to re-join the One Soul, as you truly are – free of all contaminations of un-real love. Our first desire is to simply be able to communicate with you on a conscious level again, to commune within the sharing of our beingness. You do not need to ascend to begin to experience this communion (for you already have it), but one must choose to be within the higher energies of life, of love, to be conscious of it. This is what this empowerment was created for. Ascension takes effort & time, but it need not be as difficult as some are choosing it to be. Nor need it be so confusing or complicated. Ascension is but another choice and we desire to clarify that journey for each of you and make it more direct for all. You are ever loved"

The Monad.

PDF Download link:

Hope you have fun with this and do let me know of your experiences.


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Comment by Nazario Cruz on August 7, 2013 at 5:38am

the link seems to be unavailable? any help from the crowd who is so kind to share their manual? thanks and blessings of Love and Light!

Comment by Yohanes Hans on July 23, 2013 at 4:05am

Ah... this is great. We need a somekind of notes and manual for this kind of things, so we can understand about how we could work with the system it self.

about a hours ago I tried to call in the Wheel of Monadic Fire, and It's feels wonderful into my body about 15 minutes or more. I hope after getting an attunement into this system, the energy will work stronger.

Thank you  Gordon Gladstone, we wait for your other update about this. Namaste _/|\_

Comment by Gordon Gladstone on July 23, 2013 at 3:19am

Above information clarified & updated today.

Comment by Gordon Gladstone on July 23, 2013 at 1:54am

This initial level is juat a taster level, a gift from above. There will be an attunement for the additional aspects, as it needs to be anchored into the Earth Star for expanded uses. I am going to re-write the above today or tomorrow at the latest, as I received clarification about it last night. It may take me a while with the rest, there are several levels to sort the information into. So, just enjoy & have fun with this light connection.

Comment by Yohanes Hans on July 22, 2013 at 8:46pm

Hello  Gordon Gladstone... this is very interesting.

is this a spiritual tools that we can use it without a spesific attunement?

Comment by Gordon Gladstone on July 22, 2013 at 11:14am

Thank you Nazario,

All insights are valued & welcomed. You cannot fail brother, enjoy the ride. Peace.

Comment by Nazario Cruz on July 22, 2013 at 6:52am

thank you dearest Gordon for this sharing! i will try to connect with it. keep you inform when i was able to do it with success.

Comment by Gordon Gladstone on July 21, 2013 at 3:28am

Yes, not a good idea to do while driving, lol. Thanks for the insight & tip, will do.

Comment by Brian Maloney on July 20, 2013 at 6:37pm

I tried this last night and found that I felt a little light headed. All in all, it was a delightful, if somewhat disorienting experience. I did feel pleasantly different afterward, but can't quite describe what the change was. I'll be using this on a regular basis, but noy while I'm driving. Thank you for sharing this Gordon. Very much appreciated! You should add this to the events section!

Comment by Gordon Gladstone on July 20, 2013 at 8:49am

Thanks Christoffer, all insights are welcome. Today was interesting; while out & about, I kept catching people just smiling at me. One lady in particular had the most hilarious confused expression on her face as well. Another obviously avoided getting to close to me (she did a total turn around the moment she hit my aura), but then made an effort to sit right at the edge of my aura. People are being effected; they don't know why, but they are liking it and so do I.

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