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The Unified field

God's breath/God's fingers is Spirit (Soul within Unified field (Oversoul+ level)) touching the body. Like an etheric wind. It is what touches our bodies when our crown chakra tingles. We enter and leave the body through the crown chakra. The Soul then moves (at conception or following a NDE) into the heart during the incarnation which channels Life Force into the physical heart to make it beat via electromagnetism. The Oversoul/Unified field hovers above the crown chakra until enlightenment, which is the creation of the rainbow body, merge of chakras with Unified field. So to become Unified field in manifestation- making Heaven on Earth, first connect with Soul through an open heart (uncovers your life purpose) and serve/embody love, then connect with Oversoul through an open connection with Source (connects with your group), and keep on serving/embodying love. It is a process. It's all vibration and frequency match. Never forget, we get to Heaven by bringing others with us. Shine on my glorious magnificent brothers and sisters! All my love.

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  • There are 2 threads we can consciously build in life to connect to our Soul or higher levels. One is the Consciousness thread (meditate, read wisdom, connect to Soul), the other is the Energy/Creative thread (Service to others and Love). The third thread is the Life thread, this is managed by the higher levels to establish the incarnation's body clock. Read this article for a deep dive into the threads (antakaranas)

    Antahkarana: The Bridge to the Sacred
    Antahkarana   ~ The Bridge to the Sacred ~   The search for the sacred is present in many forms. We see it in our attraction to the wonders of natur…
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