Once you realized you are in prison, then and only then you can design your escape. DAN MILLMAN

This post is about our emotions and thoughts enslaving our lives to the point that they cloud the light of Our Divine Nature ...

It is about Self-observation and Being in the Moment,

freeing the energy that is being used for negative emotions

to return it to the I AM and its fulfillment.

This post is for who feels the Beauty and Sacredness of their Soul,

and yet feels in a maze as far as overcoming one of the most, IF NOT THE MOST, important requirement in the Stairway to Heaven, or Ascension as you may like to call it ....

the Control over our Thoughts and Emotions .... without this control Initiations cannot take place, and it may take more than a physical life to be able to master them.

With Love and Reverence for you All,


Once you realized

you are in prison,

then and only then

you can design your escape.


Downloadable pdf and at the end of the post downloadable FILM (A MUST SEE !!!): 
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It takes courage, a lot of courage,

to get begin deliberately eliminating beliefs

that make us suffer.

Maybe you don’t believe

you have the power

to create your own reality,

but if you accept this premise

you can truly create a different reality from the one that you’re suffering.



Everything starts with a thought that appears within our Field of Consciousness.
Initially, this thought is essentially an image, a vivid flash, which is not accompanied by any words, because it comes from a place where words do not have any importance. It's a thought/image that has enormous power, because it is the initiation of a creation: a thought that outlines a possible reality, that we might choose to create or not, knowing that we have the possibility to choose. What we do, however, as the result of little or no knowledge of the phenomenon, is to comply instantly with it like conditioned androids.
Until we intervene to shine a light with our Consciousness, these powerful thoughts/images are generated involuntarily, unconsciously and focused on repetition and the rooting of experiences to which it’s generating, or has already triggered, a strong emotional attachment. These experiences will become habits, and habits will become emotional addiction, that is the primary support of the Opponent, and one of the primary means of our energetic and vital disempowerment.

So we can say that until we intervene to shine a light with our Consciousness, almost all of what we call free actions and creations are under the control of the Opponent.

Your anxiety is nothing but the anxiety of the Volador; always fearful that his stratagem is discovered and his food denied.Through the mind that, after all, is their,the Voladores instill in the lives of human beings what suits them best;guaranteeing a certain level of security that will calm their fear.


A Warrior has control.Not on other human beings,but on his own emotions.He does not repress them,he expresses them,fearless,but only at the right time.


An emotion usually represents

a pattern of thought amplified and loaded of energy.

It wants to control you,

and usually succeeds,

if you get drawn into an

unaware identification

with the emotion

for lack of Presence.




Concealment is the passive phase of the Opponent, in which it momentarily moves back, and uses the advantage unconsciously acquired on us to keep us in a low energy state and out of balance, so as not being able to cope a later attack with Energy and Consciousness. How does it succeed in all this? Through over-feeding the Surface Mind, with a useless tangle of thoughts that will produce low energy emotions and moods, such as anger, jealousy, envy, resentment, concern, and similar ... all shades of the same emotion: Fear.

Which is ultimately the Opponent's fear of being discovered.

Thoughts that are facing automatically, changeable, erratic, contradictory, which trap us in a very simple way: they think theirselves with the 'I' pronoun. 'I think'. 'I feel'. 'To me, what he did is bad'. 'Did you see what she did to me'. etc.. etc..
But who is this 'I'? How many 'I' are in your head? Is it possible that this 'I' wants one thing, and five minutes later wants another, sometimes very against the first one?

It is not possible answering these questions without Consciousness.


All it takes is a choice,a simple decision:

whatever happens,I will not create pain for myself anymore.

Although it is a simple choice,it is also very radical.

You won't make this choice unless you are really tired of suffering,

if you did not really have enough.


As we have seen, the Disempowering Spiral is triggered by a thought/image generated by The Opponent in our Surface Mind; thus, before going back to the source, in the meanwhile we can act into our inner selves to reduce at the minimum possible the energy losses caused by the Disempowering Spiral.
To counter this loss, there are two powerful disciplines:
•The non-expression of negative emotions
•The resurfacing of the Deep Mind
One of the Opponent's primary goals is generating negative emotional energy, capable of paralyzing our good intentions, making us prey of any kind of emotional addiction and transform our lives into a hell totally powered by unreal illusions. However, this outcome may effectively achieved if and only if this emotional energy is expressed in an action that manifest it. If internally we perceive an emotion of anger, and we transform this emotion in action venting it against something or someone, we have taken the final step in the energy support of the Opponent because, we could say, the Opponent is greedy of the emotional short circuit generated by actions that manifest negative emotions.

Do not express negative emotions, and therefore do not transform them into action, means introducing an element of detachment between our perception and the action. The negative emotion continues to exist, but we do not express it, basically because it was generated by a force that we are not, through tools that have been, let's say, usurped from us without us noticing it.

But beware! Not expressing a negative emotion does not mean denying it, or pushing it in deep, because this would introduce an additional element of suffering in our Field of Consciousness. Not expressing a negative emotion means accepting it totally within us, letting it be everything it has to be and burning it in the fire of our Total Attention. Means being totally present in front of it without any backward step, but without turning it into action. Means observing what we perceive and realizing that our Surface Mind is interpreting an unpleasant bodily sensation, such as tingling or tightness in certain parts of the body, and is giving it a name associated with a series of actions, or rather, reactions, to turn it off or push it back or in deep.


Not expressing a negative emotion requires much, much energy, because normally what we do as unconscious human beings is exactly the opposite. It seems paradoxical, but human beings typically do not exhibit positive emotions and turn into action the negatives. It seems paradoxical, but it is not because it's a precise tactic result.
Yet, emotions are very, very important: all traditions of inner research show us tools aimed to develop and express them at their best. For example, in Kabbalistic language, emotions are called measures, since it is right through them that humans can measure theirselves to realize how much they have really progressed on the path of the growth of Consciousness. In the normal state, however, human beings come to produce emotions by the misuse of the 

Surface Mind for the only benefit of perpetuating the presence of the Opponent within their Field of Consciousness.
Do not express negative emotions, can and must begin with small steps. There are big demons handled by the Opponent within us, and it is crazy beginning the reconquest passing through them. Something simple enters our Field of Consciousness, shaking our views on the World, and generates a negative emotion: anger, contempt, depression. Face the emotion that occurs; see how this emotion springs from a thought automatically generated by the Surface Mind; look at the nature of this emotion, its taste, the purely physical sensations produced in the body. Look, let the emotion be, but don't manifest it in action. Do not vent the anger or contempt we feel, against us or something else. Do not express our depression in actions that confirm it. Observe emotions, but do not express them, because none of all this is us. 

If you can remain vigilant and present

watching everything perceived internally without being overwhelmed,

you'll be given the opportunity for the most powerful spiritual practice

and a rapid transformation of all the past pain will become possible.


A negative emotion, intended as an emotion that dissipates energy, which is unbendingly observed without being fought, without being denied, without being expressed in a reactive manner, passes quickly and starts almost immediately to decrease in intensity. Then, with our inner being so cleaned up, if it will necessary an action to ensure that all of the excitement passes away entirely, we will act, but our action will be clean, creative and not reactive. All qualities that will make the situation functional and in support of our Field of Consciousness, rather than a new, umpteenth and unaware energy supply paid to the Opponent.

Do not believe yourself.

Do not believe all the lies you are telling about yourself.

Do not believe what you say when you affirm not to be enough of something.

Do not believe in your limits.

Do not believe all this,

because it is not true.


Enjoy the movie!

Lo Sfidante: download documentary movie
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Part II: The Reconquest
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