Identify Animal Totems Invoke and Observe

Another method of identifying your animal totem is by purposefully observing your environment at all times.

Specifically, you can invoke an animal spirit by mentally or verbally setting an intention that you wish to contact your animal totem, and then set about your daily routine, or go on nature walk.
To set this intention before your walk or routine, simply say the following phrase, or use one of your own:

"As I go now on my way,
I affirm my animal totem show itself today.
I am thankful for this sight,
I receive this gift with delight."
Be confident in the repetition of this or a similar phrase of intention. Confidence will inspire your animal totem to show itself to you as you go on your way through the day.

Your animal totem can show itself to you in several different ways. To identify its presence you will need to be observant, patient, and sensitive to your surroundings.

One way an animal totem will come to you is if you actually see an animal during your daily routine or nature walk that calls to you in some way. For example, if you see a red fox walking through a hedgerow during your morning commute after you set your intention to meet your animal totem – this is a potential totem for you.

How to confirm this? Ask the spirit of the animal that revealed itself to you. Be still, and the answer will come to you. It takes practice to be still and listen – but once we are able to do this, our animal spirits will begin to confirm their presence to you, and serve as powerful totems in your life.

For the Native American Indians, totems were encountered when they set a similar intention while in a trance-like state or while journeying in nature. The animal totem would be revealed in the either physical form or in a vision to the Native American.

Australian Aborigines go on "walk-about" and often encounter their personal animal totems during this purposeful, observant walk through the realm ofnature.

Many cultures use invocation and purposeful observation to identify animal totems. The trick is to remain intent, patient, and observant as you expect your animal totem to reveal itself to you.

Don't eliminate obvious revelations either. Say, for example, you walk by a billboard every evening, and on it is a beautifully depicted octopus.

You don't know why, but it calls to you every time you see it. It draws you in, and even comforts you when you look upon it. This is a very big sign that a octopus is identifying itself as one of your animal totems!

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Comment by lu on December 12, 2011 at 10:00pm

this actually served me a great service ... thank you so so much ...

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