Clearing negative spirits and capturing spirits with Reiki.

Hi! In this post I will teach you how to clear a room of negative energies and spirits,

and how to capture a spirit in a jar!(More on that later.)

Clearing a room is pretty simple. All you need is a chair or something you can sit on and relax on in the middle of a room.

So to begin, sit on it! Now, depending on how many walls you have in the room, most have four, you will need to do this at each wall -- direct the Reiki Power symbol, Emotional symbol, then Power symbol again, towards each wall, as if you are making a 'symbol sandwich'.

Now, direct Reiki to these symbols and will all negative energies or spirits back to their home in the light.

If you don't know that there is a spirit in your home, learn a basic Chakra meditation and practice it for a week or two, to attune yourself to the spiritual energy around you, when you meditate you will be able to see the spirits.

Now, what about putting a spirit in a jar? Well, it is all the same general stuff, but with a twist in the 'home in the light'.

So, again, sit comfortably, not necessarily in the middle of the room -- hold a jar of any size, in your hand. I suggest you put a gemstone in the jar or you may not be able to keep the spirit in.

I also put some sand in the bottom, to make it look pretty and for an emergency grounding, if this goes wrong, you want the spirit back in its' body, wherever it is in our physical world.

As it is, you may not actually HAVE a spirit about, this is really simple to overcome as you just need to get one.

Sit there and meditate for a short while to get into the 'zone of energy' then ask your higher self for a spirit, make sure you are clear on whether it is a positive or negative spirit, as this may be a bit tricky for your first time in clearing energy.

Now, just as you did before for the room clearing, will the spirit into its' home in the light, but this time -- will it into the brilliant light of the gemstone in the bottle, request that is stays there until you ask otherwise, and that it does not harm to anything or anyone, unless you ask otherwise. You may want to ask your spiritual guides to help keep it there, if it is a negative spirit it may make up its' own mind.

Make sure you put Reiki into the bottle to keep it full so the spirit does not anger and become negative.

For this point, remember also to keep clearing a room how I showed you above to ward of spirits, just in case they want to hang around. Do it every few days for maximum safety.

Thank you for your time to read my post.

Love and light,


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