Be Your Divine Self With Your Every Breath By Steven Hutchinson

Be Your Divine Self With Your Every Breath By Steven Hutchinson

What I was divinely guided to share with you very much focuses on using your breathing together with the prayer affirmations to help you experience Your Divine Self & expand your experience of God's Presence within you and 'All that you are', for the more you experience & embody this, the more these Divine Vibrations will naturally reach out to others through you to help bring Peace on Earth & help uplift others as well !
So you can use this as a guided meditation, calling upon your Divine Self & the Heavenly Host to lead you in the meditation, and consciously breathing in the Divine Energy in each affirmation.
So when you are divinely led to do so - you may also want to pause for a few moments with some of the affirmations and just be fully conscious in the moment & breathe in the divine energy & receive any Divine Guidance that comes to you.
And remember - what you consciously think & affirm every day is what you become and experience in your life....and the Divine Light & Love in you reflects the Divine Light & Love in every human being - helping uplift us all !
Infinite Blessings of Love & Light to all,


Mediation Practice:

With my every breath, my mind & my Whole Being are united in Oneness & Unity with the Creator... & with my Soul... & with my Divine Self. The Creator, together with my Soul, Soul Group, & my 'I Am Presence', are embodying me with my every breath.

And with my every breath, the combined Energies of the Universe of the Creator with the original 144 extensions of the Creator & the Golden Christ Consciousness continually flow in my whole Being & in all of Gaia (Mother Earth). As I breathe these Divine Energies into my Whole Being - they are all aligned with every cell in my body, & with all of my DNA, & with my Whole Being; and they are also being embodied in all of my chakras, and in my spiritual, emotional, mental, & etheric bodies. And So It Manifests with my every breath!

I Am the Christ Consciousness ! I Am The Creator! I Am My Divine Self ! I Am the 144 original extensions of the Creator !  I Am My Divine Self & the Mahatma synthesizing the Divine Energies of the Universe of the Creator with the Energies of all the original 144 extensions of the Creator to manifest the Creator's Perfection & Christ Consciousness in me & in every human being & all of Gaia with each breath of Gaia & each breath of every human being! In Love, Joy, & Happiness, my Whole Being, and every beautiful cell in my body, are continually being bathed in these Divine Energies of the Creator ...and these Divine Energies are continually radiated throughout my Whole Being and into all aspects of my life & to every person on earth & all of Gaia. Focusing on your breathing, take a moment breathing in the Creator's Energies & let yourself feel  their effect in healing & uplifting you & Gaia.  And So It Manifests with each breath of Gaia & each breath of every human being!

 I Am My Supreme Love Body anchored now in my Higher Heart Chakra ! I Am My Divine Power merged now with my Supreme Love Body in a sphere of Golden White Light in my Higher heart Chakra. Now feel or imagine this sphere of Golden White Light, with your Supreme Love & Power Body in it, expand throughout your Whole Being and anchor in your Earth Star Chakra..... and now expand and encompass all of Gaia & every human Being ! 

Affirm: "I Am My Supreme Love & Power Body in a sphere of Golden White Light encapsulating every human being & all of Gaia... & helping awaken every person to God's Presence within themselves... & expand each person's experience of their Divine Self... & expand each person's experience of the Divine Love, Peace, & Joy of each of your Souls... & also helping manifest the Divine Healing that every person & Gaia needs.  A divine field of energy encapsulates every person on earth from the time each person is in the womb and throughout each person's life, and encapsulates Gaia as well - so that with each breath of each person on earth, as well as each breath of Gaia - the divine energy is helping each person & Gaia with their ascension, and with the expansion of their awakening to God's Presence within and the Divine Love, Joy, Peace, & Abundance of each person's Soul. And So It Manifests with each breath of Gaia & each breath of every human being! " Take a moment & let yourself feel this.*

 With each breath of every human being, the Supreme Intelligence of God & the Christ Consciousness of my Divine Self, together with the 144 extensions of the Creator  - governs, guides, & guards the functioning of every cell in my body, & also guides the manifestation of "All That I Am', and the Creator's Perfection in me & in every human being. My mind & the Divine Intelligence in every cell of my body are united in Oneness with this Supreme Intelligence...and I surrender to the Divine Energy & guidance of this Supreme Intelligence with my every breath! The Creator's Divine Energies and Creative Intelligence continually flows in me & thru me as I breathe them in with my every breath, creating my reality & 5th Dimensional Self in a healthy body...& everything in my life is always unfolding with Divine Grace in the Creator's Perfection. With my every breath, my remembrance unfolds of the totality of my Soul...and of my Soul Group...and of everything I Am to embody in this incarnation. Thank You God ! And So It All Manifests with my every breath! 

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