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This special meditation was recorded live within a full size pyramid under a rare blue moon and within a crystal skull grid with the Tibetan Crystal SkullAMAR while energized crystal skulls (including Nuummite - the oldest stome on Earth) to support transformation and ascension beyond 2012.

This guided visualization is designed to align your chakras and attune your energies to the higher frequencies of the crystal skulls so you can commune with higher consciousness and receive higher guidance. This meditation also connects you with the crystal skull grid, raising the vibration of the Earth and all living things, while raising your own vibration to the optimal level to support your greatest joy, prosperity and wellbeing.

In celebration of December 21, 2012 you can listen to this meditation as our gift. Click this link and scroll all the way to the bottom of the webpage to find the audio player to listen to the meditation for free:


" I did the [Crystal Skulls Opening] meditation. Thank you very much. I hope to do this everyday until Dec 2012 is over. When I was communing with all the Crystal skulls infinitely beyond the twelve crystal skulls in your meditation, I felt so empowered. I saw myself happily moved into a home in Texas, with my guy. I saw myself helping with the Ascension and helping others on the Path, as a Light Worker, a Wayfinder, a Shamangelic-type. It was moving, and I began to cry. I began to say, "I am a skull whisperer," over to myself a few times. Then, the name "Ixtar" or something like that, came into my mind, and then I was holding a very large, very clear crystal skull. I walked away with it down the crystal steps. Hmm.

Infinite Blessings back your way!"

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