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What are your thoughts about your ascension process? Have you reached Layer 4 as mentioned here


If so, (or if not yet) what are your experiences?


Layer 4 is also the singularity level that Aaron Abke discusses here. My perspective is the singlarity level is the abandonment/surrender of the soul/atman ("the witness/silent observer") as the guide in favor of the existence of All That Is. The end of individuality. The end of the Self.


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Effortlessly deprogram & re-program all your internal matrixes in 60 Minutes!


This special ‘Celestial Programming’ session will help to clean-up and ‘free up’ your internal system allowing your true heavenly programming to shine through!  This effortless 60-min process will also strengthen your soul’s destiny matrix, enhance your unique personality traits and creative soul templates.  It will also dissolve any fears, addictions, accumulated toxins, phobias, negative social programming, environmental allergies, radiation/electromagnetic frequency damage, mind control, stress and many other issues.  Ultimately, it will make you feel much lighter, happier and relaxed…promoting your ability to think for yourself and solve daily issues more quickly and easily.



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Everything you need to know about the current planetary situation...lots of great links to watch as well!

this Saturday at 6 PM (US/Las Vegas/Pacific Time) $10 

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LIVE! International Tele-session with Bryan  -  January  7, 2023

6PM (US/Las Vegas/Pacific Time)  $10  30 min

For more information, please visit....



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