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Saturday April 17, 2021  9:00 AM  (Pacific Time) - $35

Who are you really…and what are you truly capable of?  Your personal array of amazing spiritual gifts is varied and highly unusual, whether you are aware of it or not.  This session is designed to help you access ancient memories and learn to shift and change your energy into other forms and substances. Join us for this amazing, groundbreaking session that will diversify your spiritual skills and enhance your unusual talents!


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The "Replay" session is for all of you who live in different times zones and for those who cannot attend the morning session.  The 1-1/2 to 2 hour 'Replay' link will be available and sent to you by 6:00 PM (US/Las Vegas/Pacific Time) and will close at 8:30 PM (US/Pacific Time) make sure you start listening to the session by 6:15 (US/Pacific Time)!  Also, your payment is for one session only....after the dial-in codes or replay link is sent to you, we cannot refund or transfer your payment to the later or different sessLive! International Tele-Activation with Bryan

Saturday April 17, 2021  9:00 AM  (Pacific Time) - $35

Who are you really…and what are you truly capable of?  Your personal array of amazing spiritual gifts is varied and highly unusual, whether you are aware of it or not.  This session is designed to help you access ancient memories and learn to shift and change your energy into other forms and substances. Join us for this amazing, groundbreaking session that will diversify your spiritual skills and enhance your unusual talents!


New Replay Session! 


The "Replay" session is for all of you who live in different times zones and for those who cannot attend the morning session.  The 1-1/2 to 2 hour 'Replay' link will be available and sent to you by 6:00 PM (US/Las Vegas/Pacific Time) and will close at 8:30 PM (US/Pacific Time) make sure you start listening to the session by 6:15 (US/Pacific Time)!  Also, your payment is for one session only....after the dial-in codes or replay link is sent to you, we cannot refund or transfer your payment to the later or different session.



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Biological Decoding of Illness

Insofar as we observe illnesses through a watching and a listening that are biological, we realize that they all begin with a shock, a precise, punctual event in space and time.

8:01          8:02          8:03          8:04*          8:05          8:06          8:07

All is well until 8:04. There is a before. There is an after.

This event, indicated with an asterisk in the time line above, enters into the biology when it is not managed by its subject. For example, one day I see my daughter slapped in the public park. In a second, that enters me and becomes an agitation; through my senses it makes contact with my history, which renders a meaning – a meaning that becomes a sensation: "It's awful! Not right! Rotten! Embarrassing! Unthinkable! Depressing!"

And if I am without an immediately satisfying solution and this emotion does not get expressed, this sense perception becomes a biological felt sense: 
"It's indigestible" (which would affect the stomach); "it's suffocating" (which would affect the lungs); "dismantling" (bones); "disgusting" (colon); "a breakdown" (kidney).

Unspoken Emotions Reside in Our Organs 

An event becomes a sense and then becomes a sensation. It enters through our five senses and then it tries to leave. 
When it is impossible for this sensation to be spoken, it moves into the unconscious, into the biology, into the mind, the brain, the body, the energy field. 
Each of these elements tells us about the others.

Taking a Chinese pulse informs us about the energy level of each organ. 
Since each cell of the body is connected to a group of cerebral neurons, which itself is linked to a biological function, observation of the brain allows us to determine the type of felt sense that has been hurt and remained unspoken and which organ is affected. 
And conversely, each type of illness, and therefore the cells that are affected, tells us about which felt sense needs to be freed for healing to take place.

If healing does not take place, the patient will remain under unconscious stress with respect to the shocking event – sometimes for years at a time – and a part of his being, of his energy, is appropriated.

As Carl Gustav Jung has written: "Everything that does not rise into consciousness comes back as destiny," and I would add that it comes back as a symptom, as an illness, as an accident, as a failure, as a discomfort; and au contraire: everything that rises into consciousness no longer comes back as destiny, as fate, as illness!

Biological Dangers

In the real world, when an animal swallows a bone (which is a biological danger for it), the animal has a biological felt sense of something undigested, for which the solution is to produce more hydrochloric acid. That is the archetype.

If a morsel of bad meat ends up in an animal's intestine, the felt sense is one of something rotten that needs to be excreted. 
The biological solution for survival in this case is to make a tumor in the colon in order to produce more mucus, so that this morsel of bad meat can slip away toward the outside.

If the biological stress is one of being attacked by the sun, the solution will be found at the level of the dermis
More melanin must be produced. We call that tanning, and it has the function of protecting us from solar aggression.

If I'm in a critical situation for which the biological felt sense is that I must do something very fast, this affects a precise area of my brain that then orders my thyroid to manufacture more thyroxine, which accelerates my metabolism and gives me more chances for getting out of a conflict of slowness.

Biological Reality and Reaction

Imagine an old stag who has his territory and his herd of females. 
This stag impregnates the females every year. 
Then one day in autumn a young rival arrives, and the two males fight. 
The biological reality of the old stag is that he risks losing his biological survival territory. He has to optimize, increase his chances for survival in order to hold on to the territory that sustains him. 
The coronary arteries are the organs that can help him with this. 
He will then ulcerate, scour his coronary arteries in order to allow more blood to flow, increasing the irrigation of his heart. 
In doing this, it will be oxygenated more quickly and fully, cleansed of all debris, and will be able to send more blood to his muscles, which then will receive more oxygen and sugar. 
In this way the old stag has more energy to devote to holding on to his territory.

These are primordial, biological reference situations, which we call archetypes.

A man came to consult me who showed signs of problems with his coronary arteries. 
He didn't have any issues with his harem, no one had come to butt heads with him and take his wife. . . . 
But just the same he did have a territory, or something he considered as such, and that was his small business. 
His son wanted to take over this business and told him one day, when he was in the midst of transmitting an order to one of the suppliers, "You don't have to order anything. 
This isn't your place anymore."

The father found nothing to say in reply. 
From one point of view he was happy that it was his son who was carrying on the business. 
But in one fell swoop he was confronted with the reality of the fact that he was losing his territory. 
But there was nothing to say. 
There was no solution. 
His felt sense at that moment was that he was losing his territory. 
And at that moment he activated an area of the brain in the right temporal cortex – the peri-insular area – which then ordered his arteries to be scoured.

It was senseless since it wasn't going to help him get his business back, but the order had been transmitted. 
To use a metaphor, it's a little like someone who shoots an arrow. Once the arrow has been released, it can no longer be stopped.

At a given moment, there was a felt sense and that was it – the coronary arteries were activated. 
This is the solution of biological adaptation that had been programmed into him, one that has been a solution for survival for millions of years and which has allowed us to adapt to the real world.

Real or Virtual: The Reaction is the Same

But sadly, our man was in a virtual world, only his brain didn't know that. His brain didn't know how to distinguish between real and imaginary.

Just imagine . . . One day I found myself among delightful friends where there was a stunning cocktail. 
The cocktail I'd been served consisted of lemon juice with a dash of strong mustard. 
If I tell you that I've prepared this same cocktail for you, some of you are going to wince. 
Why? Does it burn? 
But it hasn't touched your mouth! 
You're completely in the virtual world and yet you're already disgusted.

For this businessman it was just the same. 
All at once, his mind, his brain, and his body received a shock. 
All at once, there was a memory, an association with an ordeal; in the second that followed, a belief appeared that consisted of: "Without territory, life has no meaning."

There was this felt sense: I'm losing my territory. There was a void. There was nothing left. 
Then came the survival solution in the biology: I scour my coronary arteries, I get the blood flowing.

Down the road our man managed to resolve his conflict. After a few months, he was finally able to say, "How wonderful after all – I don't need this business anymore!" 
He dropped it, he let go. He could then begin to reline his coronary arteries, because there was no longer a conflict with the young stag. He also healed his right temporal cortex. 
A little cholesterol came to the help of this relining; it's a reconstruction material that allows the body to be repaired.

What Is the Illness Intended to Heal?

Jung said we aren't here to heal our illnesses; our illnesses are here to heal us.

A woman came to consult me one day because she had a tumor in her left breast. 
We looked for the strongest, most dramatic event she had lived through and was able to speak about, because once we speak of something, it is expressed. 
If it is not expressed, it is imprinted. In biology what is not expressed is imprinted.

The first breast that a right-handed woman usually gives to her baby to nurse from is the left breast. 
The infant then has its right ear over her heart, it hears the cardiac rhythm and it is calmed by that. 
But what is the biological meaning of the breast?

The breast is the only organ that has no use for its owner – it is for someone else. 
If both breasts are removed, a woman can continue to live. The breast is for someone else. 
A problem in the breast is therefore a problem in relation to someone else. 
The breast is there to make milk, to nourish someone else, to give of oneself.

So I explained to the woman, Mrs. L, that with this felt sense there was someone else, a child or someone in maternal relation to her, who had been in danger. 
We moved back in time, Mrs. L "rejuvenated" and suddenly she collapsed in tears. 
She then related this story:

She had been at a fairground with her grandson. 
Wanting to ride on the ghost train, the child had rushed forward and fallen with his hands on the rail just as the train arrived. 
Within one second, Mrs. L envisioned the child's hands cut off, and all the problems this handicap would cause, including her daughter's depression. 
Mrs. L immediately saw one thousand and one things and felt guilty for each one. It was unthinkable. 
She would have wanted to do something, give something of herself, but there was nothing that could be done. 
She was caught in a maternal impossibility. 
What she told me in the course of half an hour took place in her head within one or two seconds.

In fact, the child was unharmed. 
He had long sleeves and his hands were not on the rail, but she hadn't seen that. He was just fine, with only a few scratches on his knees
But at that moment, a very sharp emotion had entered into her. 
The arrow had been released. 
After the incident, using her reason, she convinced herself that all was well and the child was safe. 
But the important element was not what she thought in her head. 
What counted was what she'd felt in her body – what happened in her "gut." 
This accident could well happen again, and this time for real. She began to have nightmares about it. 
She relived these possible events in her guts. In her head, she was settled; there was no problem. In her gut, she was no longer living in the present; that moment in time was fixed, frozen.

When scientists drill into an ice floe, they discover dust and gas that date from prehistory. 
Similarly, all the stories are present in the history of a person, in the deep layers. Everything remains.

And for this woman, if a few years later she happens to see something on television – a child in trouble, who falls or is knocked over, anything like that – that's all it will take for there to be an effect, for that previous experience to be awakened and unleash a symptom of adaptation.

Someone else who has not experienced the same ordeal and has not then been programmed for that event will not experience the events in the same way. 
Mrs. L, on the other hand, has been programmed and she carries within herself the thought that it could happen. 
She has this program in her mind, in her memory, in her cells, in the nucleus of her cells, in the genetic code of the nuclei of her cells – which eventually manifests as a tumor in her breast.

If she were to conceive a child following this event, she would unconsciously assign the child a mission: she must give the child all the winning solutions, all the things that helped her, everything that was important for her. 
One of the winning solutions for her is always to be ready to help others, to be a mother for others. 
That's in her neurons and in her genes. In giving birth, she would transmit this program, either through her genes or through education, or from brain to brain. . . . 
And perhaps this future child would be named Christian, Christine, or Christopher. . . . 
That is, he or she would be like Christ in caring for others, in his disregard for self. 
Perhaps he or she would become a nurse, a therapist, or a social worker, but, in any case, he or she would be a pair of breasts. 
In a professional way and in a physical way, he or she would incarnate unconscious fidelity, unconscious loyalty to this survival program.

This explains how we can meet people, both men and women, who have a strong chest and are very sensitive to the troubles of the world without their knowing why this is so. When we look into the line of their ancestors, we can find the program that was installed at a given moment.

I remember another patient who had been told that her son was autistic
That very evening, she had milk flowing from both breasts. One diagnosis was enough and no follow-up was needed. 
In some cases, the shock is so strong that, right away, the biological program appears.

The Onset and Phases of Illness

The following list summarizes the biological progression of the onset of illness:

  1. The external event occurs
  2. The event is perceived by the five senses
  3. Immediately, the unconscious memory of another event having something in common with this event floods in
  4. Beliefs rise up
  5. Feeling is invoked
  6. Feeling is transformed into biological coding in the brain, which has a finite assembly of options that correspond to our biological reality
  7. In the final analysis, these options consist of everything that relates to the body, which expresses the adaptation program
  8. Whenever the dramatic intensity is strong, the biological program may be transmitted to the gametes (ova, spermatozoa) and any subsequent child will be unconsciously faithful to this coding through his illnesses, through his name, through his job, and so on

The Phases of Illness

All illnesses have two phases: The first phase extends from the shock to the resolution of the shock. 
This is the stress phase. 
The second phase extends from the resolution until the return to normal. This is the inflammatory, healing phase.

All of our biological reality, whether it's the mind, the brain, the body, the energy meridians, the Chinese pulse, the spots in the iris – all develop at the same tempo. 
If the person is in conflict, then the whole is in conflict. 
If the person resolves things, then the whole is resolved.

One day a man came to see me because he had developed a rectal tumor. He had been passing blood from his anus since the month of February. 
I asked him what was the positive thing that took place for him in February.

The man was stunned. It didn't seem logical to him. 
But if there's blood, if there's a large inflammation, it means that someone is in the process of resolving something. 
He was in the second phase.

He found the ordeal, which had happened one year before. He had five children, and his second child (who was like him and with whom he got along the best) brought his fiancée home with him for the first time. 
And all during the meal, she continually made jabs at his son by making embarrassing remarks about him. 
It was the father who experienced a shock at that time, but he was unable to say anything about it. 
She was his son's choice and he loved his son and respected his choice. But when he spoke to me about it, he said, "Oh, my goodness! It was hard." 
And he made certain movements with his hand. 
So I asked him, "What is your hand telling us?"

"Well, I wanted to get rid of it. It was crappy what she did in my home." 
This man was speaking to me with his rectum. His felt sense at the time of the ordeal was that someone had deposited a rotten bit of meat in his home, in his territory, and he wanted to get rid of this rotten bit but he couldn't. It was stuck.

Then, at the end of January, his son called him saying, "It's over. 
She's a pain in the ass. 
You'll never see her again." He had no idea it had been an ordeal for his father, who was no doubt delighted at this breakup. 
The next day, the father began passing blood. 
Because at that moment, he was resolving his crappy conflict. 
There was no longer any need to manage a filthy, rotten item. He had moved on to the repair stage, to the solution.

The delay in the appearance of symptoms is very variable depending on the felt sense. 
It is unleashed in the same second as the original event, but the symptom itself appears after a delay. 
For someone who has a conflict that is at the level of the skin, the symptom appears quickly, since the skin is immediately visible. 
If it's a decalcification at the level of the bone, it will take time, months even, before it's noticed. 
The delay depends on the organ, and therefore on the felt sense.

Sometimes it seems to me that the human is like a passenger seated in a vehicle.

A woman came to see me, saying, "I want to have children." At that moment, it's the passenger in her who is speaking, and who is suffering from being sterile. 
She wanted to go to the right, toward the forest of fertility, and yet her car kept taking her to the left, into the desert of sterility. I explained to her that it was her unconscious that was driving the car. 
This sterile woman carried in her unconscious mind a memory that was a message: there is a danger in being pregnant, even a danger of dying. 
Her grandmother had died in childbirth; therefore, in her unconscious mind, pregnancy was dangerous. 
Within it's own system of logic, the unconscious mind is always right. It goes toward life, and in this case, life meant not being pregnant. 
Once she understood that, she could deprogram, and then make babies with the conviction that this problem was a "granny" problem and that there were lots of other women who make babies and survive!

So, it's a question of becoming aware of who is driving, who is at the wheel. 
When I do this or that, when I produce a symptom, who is directing my life, and why?

Another woman was into bodybuilding. She went to the gym every day for an hour. 
One day, right in the middle of a workout, she became aware that she was doing this as a compensation, connected to her father, who put her down all the time, telling her, "You're ugly, you're thin. . . ." 
She had forgotten that but it was still there. Right in the middle of a workout, she realized, "I'm doing all this for him! I'm boring myself stiff just for him." 
She took off her outfit, took a shower, and never went back. She was doing it only in terms of a compensation. That's what was driving her car. 
There was no passenger inside who wanted to do bodybuilding. Bodybuilding could be continued if there was another reason. 
But when it's just that one part that wants to do bodybuilding or that wants to be sterile, for example, in such circumstances there's no reason to go on.

The Electrochemical Whispering of My Cells

The appeal and specificity of the biological decoding of illness is to propose a biological meaning – in the emotions, never in the intellect. 
If we could find meaning only at the intellectual level, it would be annoying or amusing. 
But when it relates to our personal history, it's no longer intellectual, it's emotional.

Emotion is the song of the cells, it's their whispering; it's the electric light, warm and chemical, the subjective reality of the nuclei of the cells. 
Emotion is a little cell speaking about itself and showing itself to be fierce animal, modest monk, naked artist. 
It tells itself this openly, with satisfaction or in frustration.

Article Source:

The BioGenealogy Sourcebook: Healing the Body by Resolving Traumas of the Past
by Christian Flèche.

©2008. Reprinted with permission of the publisher, Healing Arts Press, a division on Inner Traditions

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INSOMNIA, emotional and spiritual meaning

Difficulty falling asleep or waking up frequently or early. It usually negatively affects the performance of the affected in their daily life.
The sense of suffering this symptom is to remain on alert due to an unresolved danger (often at the mental level).
Conflict of the controller and the perfectionist. Fear of losing control of a situation. 

The impossibility of sleeping expresses a deep fear of loss of control, of abandoning oneself.
"When I lose control danger comes".
"I have to control everything".
Persistent daily insomnia expresses a severe lack of confidence; when we have little faith in life, when we lack confidence and try to keep everything controlled, directed, verified and mastered and we do not know how to delegate to others, the thought never stops and makes the person wakes up frequently during the night.
Conflict of urgent need to guard and defend the clan. Who are we watching?
Examples: A person who is alone and is afraid that something will happen to him. "I run the risk of hurting myself or something terrible happens to me while I sleep".
A lady who has the responsibility of caring for a physically and psychologically diminished family member and has to be constantly watching over her.
Conflict and need to watch over a dead person.
When insomnia begins at a very young age, we must review the environment that the child lives at home, if his parents fight, argue or if he has suffered some abuse, preferably at night and the child is watching because he is very afraid. "I am on alert because something is going to happen".
We must also review the genealogical tree, because there may be a command to "watch over the dead", real or symbolic. 

Watching for a dead person may actually be because there was one dead in the family who could not watch over or mourn.
The "dead" can also be the altercation of today in the work, the discussion with my partner, the problems of our son, etc.
Conflict of fear, guilt, anguish, negative thoughts, surrender ... Nervous depression concealed or patent. Insomnia can be strongly related to conscious or unconscious guilt. 

For one reason or another, we may have the feeling that "we do not deserve to rest". 

Maybe because we feel guilty about not being successful in life, not doing everything we need to take care of our children, our parents, etc.
Conflict and difficulty making decisions. I do not accept things as they are and I need to change them, act now, without delay. In this case the mental process is activated and prevents rest. 

If we do not find the source of the conflict, we can hardly command our mind to stop, so we must find our negative thoughts and solve them (during the day) and with that satisfaction go to bed.
Conflict of fear of death. During sleep we are in a state of vulnerability and abandonment; we feel as if our ego and our survival are threatened. 

The person who is afraid of death will also be afraid of the night, since sleep is the younger brother of death, forcing us to abandon ourselves to the unknown.
Recommendations for restoring physical, emotional and spiritual health:
Are you one of those who believe that the night will bring you the solution to your problems and you can not sleep until you find it? 

We cannot turn the bed into a place of conflict resolution, for we will accustom our minds to being alert to it instead of resting.
Better stop thinking and sleep. 

Things look different when we are relaxed.
Who suffers from insomnia should learn to release the pressure, to abandon, to relax.
You should practice surrender, get rid of perfectionism, let go through life, accepting that you cannot control everything and deepen the sense of trust in life and meditate on death.
We can be helpful to move from the active side of the mind (male) to passive (female), practicing a ritual goodnight, prayer, meditation, mantras, observation of breathing, listening to relaxing music , etc.
If you suffer from insomnia because of you could not say goodbye to a loved one who has died, it is necessary to hold a symbolic duel.

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ARRHYTHMIA, Emotional and Spiritual meaning

Arrhythmia: Altering the normal rhythm of the heartbeat. When bradycardia and tachycardia slows down when we are accelerating.
Healing phase of a conflict of territory and home.
Something important in my life invades my intimate territory "house" or escapes from it. 

Experience of oppression in relation to orders received from the authority, executed against our desire or will.
The metronome of life is spoiled. Metronome = Metro (as) no (negation) and homo (man). 

The man does not measure, does not control. Lack of measures, limits, references, father.
Tachycardia: emotional conflict by "false security" of not getting enough love. 

We are living an experience that makes us think that in the future we will not receive enough love, that we will die soon.
"My kids do not call me often”
"Nobody hugs me”
"Nobody loves me".
"You do not love me".
"They do not love me as before”
When it occurs in women with active sex life, tachycardia may indicate that she does not practice sex enough, "I do not love enough”
Bradycardia: Too slow heart rate (below 60 beats per minute).
Conflict with the father. 

Lack or total absence of my dad at home and, as a consequence, I don't feel guided in life. 

I have always been waiting for my father to guide me with love and to set limits for me. 

If my father never tells me what I have done wrong or good, if he does not show me the way, I feel without a guide. 

I have to dose love because my father was not or is not present at my house.
Healing phase of a territory conflict.
It produces a slowdown of the rhythms in general, and within the heart in particular (house, home), so that we are not too noticeable and go unnoticed.
Transgenerational conflict. Conflict of keeping a dead person (ghost) inside us because we are the heirs and guardians of it.
Ventricular bradycardia: "You have to dose, reduce love." 

It can be related to having to keep certain family secrets at home.

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(Jim Channeling)


Q’uo: I am Q'uo, and we greet you in love and in light. We are pleased to be called to your circle again today. We were amused that this instrument was waiting for us to speak through another instrument as this instrument was somewhat perplexed itself. We appreciate the service to others aspects of waiting for another to speak. However, in this instance, it would be more helpful if this instrument had more awareness of our presence. We do not walk with heavy feet. So, we need to be invited. And we thank each of you for the invitation this day, that we may be with you as you seek to be of service as instruments of what you have called Confederation philosophy—the philosophy of unity in which there is One Creator that has made all that there is, and all that there is seeks to return in some fashion, eventually, to be One. Today we are happy to be able to utilize each instrument, and at this time in this process of practicing the art of channeling, we would seek to practice through the one known as Austin. We transfer this contact, therefore, to this instrument. We are those of Q'uo.


(Austin channeling)


Q’uo: We are Q'uo, and we are with this instrument. We appreciate the fluid nature of how your group navigates the strangeness and confusion of the channeling process. And we ourselves find much comfort in the dedication and intention shown by this group and all aspects of approaching this service that we perform with you. As such, we offer our typical request that all who may hear or read these words spoken through these instruments trust their inner heart most of all, for no thought or notion, offered by us, may override that which you know in your deepest self to be true.


We offer our thoughts without attachment and ask that if you find any to be a hindrance upon your path to—as best you can—set them aside, and in doing so, you will allow us to speak more freely and participate in this sharing more as equals with us.


At this time we ask if there are any questions among this group to which we may speak?


Gary: Q'uo, thanks to receiving a Kindle as a gift recently, I've rediscovered the joy of reading fiction. And in fact, I've read 2,200 pages over the course of 30 days by reading just before sleep each night, often cutting into sleep. It has been bliss. In the immersive experience of story, I find a place of rest, a quelling of anxiety, a balm for the soul, and an engagement for other or deeper parts of myself.


My question is, why is story so compelling? Most of the reading I mentioned has been an epic fantasy series. I know that I am reading fictional characters in an entirely fictional world, yet I come to know these characters, I come to see their world, and my emotions rise and fall with their fates. What power does storytelling hold on human consciousness?


Q’uo: We are Q'uo, and we are aware of the query, my brother.


We appreciate the joy and passion with which this question is asked and suggest that this underlying magnetism that compels the joy behind this question be seen as one of the uniting threads that binds the individual to what you may call the imaginary realms in which these stories take place.


When engaging with a so-called fictional story, one in which it is made explicit that the world, the character, and the situation are indeed derived from the imagination, there is a certain release of attachment from what you may somewhat mistakenly call the “real world.”


If you look out upon what appears to be your objective realities, you will see many stories containing many highs and many lows. You will see a cast of characters that no imagination could come close to conjuring. Yet all of these aspects that weave together to form the story of the so-called real world are so innately complex, their energies so bound by the illusion that you experience, that the effect that they have on consciousness, more often than not, is one of burden. For it is by design that your third-density illusion carries a certain weight within your consciousness. What you call the real world is indeed intended to feel more significant than those realms imagined in the stories that you reference.


This significance—or weight—has a purpose, for it is necessary to generate what you might call the metaphysical friction necessary to move your consciousness in a way that polarizes it towards what has been called service to others or service to self.


Yet, this weight also obscures and hides the more essential nature of the underlying energies playing out upon the stage of the real world.


An entity within the third density, understandably, may become predisposed to seeing the characters and the worlds and the scenarios that play out in this story as requiring more consideration and more attention than those in imagined stories. We reiterate that this is by intention.


Yet, when one is able to remove the weight of these real-world stories by engaging in what you might call an imagined world, the energies that these two worlds have in common become clearer. You are more easily able to perceive that which moves you and moves those about you, because the weight of significance has been alleviated.


We assure you that these energies that you perceive, that draw you in, are indeed very real. And story allows you to engage with them in a way that evokes a much more direct connection, unburdened by the tangle of complexity of the story of the real world.


In creating this seeming dichotomy, we do not intend to place significance upon one over the other.


It is indeed also by design that you as beings, veiled within the third density, are blessed with the capacity to imagine, to create worlds, to share all manner of fantasy, of emotion, of joy, of despair, and of the entire spectrum of your experience separated from the shared objective reality around you; thus creating a dynamic in which one may feed the other by engaging in story and the energies more readily perceivable therein. You may imbue your orientation to the seemingly more real world with that connection and by engaging with this real world in more and more organized and light-filled ways. The limits of imagination available to you as a storyteller yourself, or to others about you as storytellers, expands, and more of that essential energy of the Creator in more and more distilled form become available to share through this inspiration and imagination.


Is there a further query, my brother?


Gary: In a similar vein—and that was outstanding Q'uo, thank you—for those who do tell stories, wherefrom in the being or in the creation do they come? Which is probably similar to asking: where does creativity and imagination itself come from, but specifically with regard to story and seemingly invented worlds and invented scenarios. Is it possible to speak to the source of these creative undertakings?


Q’uo: We are Q'uo, and are aware of the query, my brother.


It is impossible to speak directly to the sources of inspiration, for doing so is to speak to the nature of infinity. Yet we understand the more basic intention of your question and may offer examples of the pathways of inspiration that inform the imaginative storytelling. At the most basic and primal level of creation in this octave of experience, the energy available to the inspiration is that which has been harvested from the previous octaves. All subsequent manifestations of energy—those that are found by the individual's inspirations—have been increasingly reiterative examples of this original energy.


And as this plays out within this octave, what you recognize as basic archetypical energies, recognizable in your world as consistent themes among mythology and the old stories of your peoples, these energies become more and more complex and reflect more and more of the evolution of the Creator as it is seen from your perspective through the octave.


And so, you may see a direct line within all inspiration to that seed at the beginning of your octave, for the energy of that initial harvest is present in all aspects of creation on an even more relevant level for you in your third density. Such inspiration may have many sources in terms of previous experience harvested by the individual or by the collective to which the individual belongs. When a storyteller depicts any aspect of an imaginary realm, this is a reiteration, a retelling, and an outgrowth from a previous iteration of archetypal energies. With each iteration, some energies may be woven in more complex ways, and some may be unraveled to reveal more easily recognizable patterns within those energies.


Yet we reiterate that within all is the energy upon which this octave was born, and even deeper, the love and the light of the Infinite Creator from which every octave unfolds.


Is there a further query, my brother?


Gary: Excellent, thank you so much Q'uo, and one more in a similar vein. And a quick comment to say that your previous answer regarding the reiterative nature of inspiration having a direct line to the Original Thought, as I interpret it, reminds me as well of the sub-Logoic nature of all of creation.


Now, to my similar question: I was contemplating how Ra calls the fourth density the density of “love and understanding,” [1] and I was considering the interrelated, if not synonymous, nature of the terms "love" and "understanding." And I was thinking about how storytelling may give some insight into how fourth density, or rather into how love and understanding relate. Because in a story, one may gain a fuller window into an other-self than [one] may be able to in the illusion of the real world. Thanks to the window that the author offers, you may be able to be in the thoughts of the character, to see their motivations, to see the circumstances that helped form them, to understand their intentions. And in the light of understanding, one has compassion for the character, even if, or regardless of, their misdeeds and the way they may hurt others. Now I'm wondering if this authorial window into a character sheds light on what Ra means by “understanding” being related to love in fourth density.


Q’uo: We are Q'uo, and are aware of your query, my brother.


We appreciate the insight offered through the question and can confirm that the relationship between the fourth density and what is called in this question "understanding" may be explored in the analogy of the author and the story and the reader.


As we spoke earlier, the weight of your third-density illusion can create certain barriers in the perception of other self and of the environment around oneself. On a most basic level, you may see this barrier as a barrier to understanding, as you have described within your thoughtful query.


It is very common, even among those exploring the energies of the green-ray chakra, to look out upon your world and evaluate action as it appears to play out upon the surface, if you will, of your reality. It is less common to imbue this perception of action with the understanding of intention, or those energies that underlie such actions. As you have described, in gaining insight into an imaginary world authored by an individual who chooses to give the reader the benefit of various perspectives typically unavailable to the third-density entity within their everyday life, a reader may take in a more holistic view of such energies, seeing how there is much more to what one perceives than the direct actions and consequences upon the surface level.


In the fourth density of love and understanding, the perspective that an entity has is much more of the reader of a story. As the veil falls away, the underlying actions—we correct this instrument—the underlying energies that contribute to those actions and consequences that play out upon a surface level become immediately apparent so that the two are seen as inextricably linked.


And furthermore, the authorial nature of every entity and every scenario is made quite apparent to the fourth-density entity. And that is, that no matter what is playing out in the story witnessed by the fourth-density entity, it is always understood that the author of this story is the One Infinite Creator, and the story is made of the love and the light offered by the Creator to its creation.


We thank you for these thoughtful questions my brother.


At this time, we take leave of this instrument and we transfer the contact to the one known as Trish. We are Q'uo.


(Trisha channeling)


Q’uo: We are those of Q'uo, and we are now with this instrument. We would like to begin by providing some encouragement within this instrument to relax a bit deeper into acceptance and allow us to speak more clearly to her. With this instrument now, feeling as though she has strengthened and widened her connection with and through us, we will ask if there is a query at this time?


Gary: Yes Q'uo, in descriptions of the positive path, there seems to be a necessity placed on loving the self. And I'm wondering if you can elaborate on what the key is to loving the self, supporting the self, trusting the self, allowing the self to fail, etc.?


Q’uo: We are those Q'uo, and we understand the query.


We apologetically, perhaps, feel a desire to smirk or chuckle, perhaps, on behalf of this instrument and this question, knowing full well that this has been a life-long lesson for this instrument to learn. However, we are very appreciative to speak through her on this topic.


In terms of the positive path, and the key of loving oneself, we present this instrument with the image of a vessel, and how in the positive path, being one of service to others, the entity strives to gift other selves in need, or not in need, with portions of that which they keep in this beloved vessel of their heart and soul. What is within this vessel is love and compassion; and what a noble task to take upon oneself to gift the love and compassion [which] one keeps [with] their heart and soul [in the], shall we say, illusionary vessel within them.


However, this vessel being used so frequently in service to others requires replenishing if not taken upon the self to mind its quantities, if you will. And herein lies the moment when the love and compassion of self make an entrance into the positive path and the service to others journey.


For you see, your vessel of love and compassion from the heart and soul is built 10-fold, 100-fold, 1,000-fold with each experience and treasured opportunity the self has to see the self as Creator and love the self and accept the self. For you see when one is able to see the true nature of the self being one with all, one is able to release the inhibitions or bars one keeps around one loving oneself.


To view the self with the eyes of a beloved parent witnessing the growth and learning of the child, one can begin to see how the gentle and forgiving and accepting perspective and disposition are far more nurturing, and, for lack of a better word, influential to one's ability to continue on this trajectory of growth.


It is also worthy of being noted that as a minute grain of sand within your illusion of the vast—we correct this instrument—of the vastness of experience the Creator is offering moment by moment within this illusion, one can see how moments of perhaps mis-forecasted or unexpected or even unfavorable outcomes are simply moments of opportunity to take on the responsibility, if you will, of allowing the experience for the creatorship that is all.


We know that it can be difficult in moments of pain or confusion to accept outcomes, especially when the self may perhaps feel at fault, for lack of a better word, for the outcome. But we stress that this is but a moment within a greater play, a greater cosmic tapestry, and you are but one small thread in each experience or knot.


We hope that we are conveying through this instrument that the kind and gentle hand that extends to the self within oneself creates the environment or conditions wherein the self can grow and learn and open one's heart fuller and move along that positive path. And with each moment of acceptance and loving the self and seeing the Creator in oneself, accepting everything that may be seen as folly or misstep, with gentle eyes, one's vessel becomes larger, and more love and acceptance and compassion for others can be held within to gift outwardly.


So, we ask that each seeker who may struggle with moments of self-criticism and self-doubt imagine the warmth of a tight hug, a kind warm hand upon the face to wipe away the tears and see yourself for the beautiful, unique, yet completely encapsulating-of-all-that-there-is self that you are the portion, we correct this instrument, not the portion, but the all, the Creator that you are.


We feel that this instrument is saying that she has milked that cow dry. We will attempt another query if there is one.


Gary: Thank you so much, Q'uo, that was excellent. And I don't think that cow is dry but it was a very beautiful and full answer. And another question that is related to, if not an extension of, the previous question, this one comes from Spencer, who asks, “How do we rise from the ashes of a mistake that we feel is irredeemable?”


Q’uo: We are those of Q'uo and we are again with this instrument and appreciate the follow-up query. And we see that indeed, this instrument has not milked this cow dry, and I appreciate this opportunity for humility. To begin through this instrument to speak through, or rather, we correct this instrument, to the question put forth by the one known as Spencer, the instrument feels heartache and familiarity with this specific experience.


And we of Q'uo sense that deep pain that many on your planet experience related to this perspective many of you take. We understand that you and every other seeker in this illusion dance within this sea of identification and relationship and compartmentalization, if you will, of seeing oneself as separate from other, or perhaps separate from outcome while simultaneously being a full participant with responsibility for one's actions in your incarnation. However, we stress that there are truly no mistakes.


What feels like an action or a thought that is irredeemable is rather a spotlight upon the self where the self can pour love upon. With this we mean that the sensation of having done upon another self or a situation or oneself a great injustice, is something to sit with and find the truth behind that sensation. Ask yourself, what is this telling me? Where do I need to send my love and learn to accept my actions with gentleness and a zest for growth and learning?


As has been said previously within the many generations of this particular circle, we are all but bozos on the bus, and moments like this are opportunities to take a small step back and see the self with loving and kind eyes, knowing that the experience itself is an opportunity rife with potential. The...


We pause to try to deepen the contact with this instrument.


We ask that a seeker dealing with guilt, and perhaps devaluing thoughts of oneself because of actions or thoughts previously experienced, that one remember that you are divine, that you are a participant in this chaotic, but perfectly formulated, almost cosmic reaction of various components. And we remind the seeker just as we are reminding this instrument that all is well and that a path of service to others and love and acceptance of oneself may not always be easy or confidence-boosting, but is fruitful and righteous.


Feeling that she is fatiguing and potentially making up new words in the English language, this instrument will now release our contact and transfer to the one known as Gary. We are those of Q'uo.


(Gary channeling)


Q’uo: We are those known to you as Q'uo and we greet this circle again through this instrument. And we would ask if there is a query to which we may respond?


Austin: Yes, Q'uo. The first one comes from an unnamed seeker. There are several kind of smaller questions about the same topic in this. They write, “Ra has said that some of their complex have served as far wanders to those of another Logos, and the experience has been one which staggers the intellectual and intuitive capacities. With this in mind, how varied is the experience of entities across the universe, that others of our sun have elementary schools and traffic and banks, and then the entities outside of our Logos have staggeringly different cultures. Does the One Infinite Creator benefit from the same way of each experience? Is an infinite continuation of the exploration of manyness infinitely satisfying? And how can we as individuals celebrate our differences and seek to understand, not to be understood?”


Q’uo: We are those known to you as Q'uo, and we appreciate the variety of questions packed into that one. And we would speak first to that which caught the attention—that being the variation and the diversity on an infinite creation such that an entity built within one seeming paradigm might find their capacities for comprehension staggered when entering another paradigm which may have a cosmic location elsewhere in the universe. And indeed, we can confirm that this is so, for our perception is molded of the rules, the physics, the boundaries of the environment within which the self gains self-awareness and learns about itself within such a container. Indeed, the identity of the self consists of these aspects of their native paradigm, for identity itself is an identification with the contents of consciousness, the contents of experience and one's environment.


For example, if one were to breathe a combination of gases into their lungs, to respirate their body and bring vital life and energy and supply into themselves, then an identity will be shaped in that regard, a mythology will evolve, which includes air as you call it, in this manner. And this breathing of air will permeate the foundations of that entity's collective such that, were an identity so set-in-stone, shall we say, to experience a completely, seemingly different, environment, say one which takes in a liquid form for its energy supply and manifested beingness in the space/time illusion, [then] this, in simplistic example may be confounding to the archetypal roots of such an entity. However, we emphasize that this is but a simplistic example for we cannot speak beyond the creative imaginings of this instrument to describe accurately just how staggering and wondrous are the differences between Logoic systems in our octave. We would add that while these differences are befuddling, the infinite adaptive and creative capacity, and indeed fluidity, of mind/body/spirit complexes is capable of calibrating to new environments, though it does test and challenge the self and is only undertaken by, shall we say, specialists.


Is this diversity satisfying to the Creator? The quality of satisfaction, as any named quality, has in your experience personification. That is to say, named emotions are known to you through the limited containers of human experience. To speak to that which the One experiences on its level is nigh impossible through the limitations of your language, but we can point to a certain, for lack of a better term, fulfillment in the Creator's experience of Itself across infinite octaves, infinite entities and scenarios.


If it could be said to be called a hunger or a need, it might be appropriate to say that the Creator has such a desire to know Itself in every possible capacity, and to give Itself, again to speak only in metaphor, the thrill of discovery through novelty. And it has been impressed upon us that this shall continue without [end] and cyclically into the eternal present moment.


And if there are aspects of this question to which we have not spoken, or if there is another query, we open the floor again. We are those of Q'uo.


Austin: I've got a related follow-up to the last topic that you were just talking about, in regards to the variety of experience that the Creator, you said, has a desire to experience. But then, within our octave, and within our experience, and from what the Confederation has told us, there is also a desire for efficiency of polarization, as the Logoi continuously revise their experiments to help entities polarize. So I'm wondering where does this desire for efficiency and polarization come from? Does it come from the Creator or is there something else that is causing that desire?


Q’uo: We are those known to you as Q'uo and we appreciate this perceptive question, for indeed, the characters on the Creator's stage, the agents of the Creator enacting the great story of the Creator knowing Itself bend their efforts toward increasing this efficiency or aligning with efficiency; and if evolutionary processes unfold which are, or shall we say, [which] deviate from efficiency, lag behind—fail, you might say—in their purpose, or otherwise do not complete the task or fulfill the design before them, then the gears are put into motion to assist such entities to help, if possible, encourage them forward in their task and their mission.


And at the high level, shall we say, there is a constant review of the experiment itself: the design, the inputs, that which contributes to efficient or inefficient use of catalyst and experience. Wherefrom does this desire for efficiency arise? We give this instrument the notion that it is an expression of the Original Desire, which is for entities to seek and to become one. [2]


At the heart of all Creation, even in those things which seem inanimate and inert to you, lives this desire, for all things are alive expressions of the One, and all things in their manifest illusionary state seek to return to the One. Indeed, they have a, we correct this instrument, they have an inbuilt trajectory, which in blueprint pattern is embedded into their beings to help carry them on their journey such that a—and we use this word without judgment or a pejorative connotation—failure to complete the tasks appropriate to that level of consciousness does kick into gear that which will help create some counter-balancing mechanism to push or encourage toward efficiency.


The Creator at the earliest, if we may use that misnomer, stage of becoming aware and designing the universe does desire upward movement. It does have a design or impulse, a setting of intention as you might perceive it. It, however, desires that those who journey forth as manifest entities in its game of play of knowing Itself will do so as a function of their free will; and as such, may in a way [have the freedom to] deviate from that Original Desire by blocking it, rejecting it, or retarding its experience. And that too, of course, is part of the design. But it is also, shall we say, akin to blocking the flow of river or blocking that which naturally seeks to move, to reach, to ascend upward such that that blockage will call into play that which seeks to unblock, even though, due to the incarnate free will, this figurative blockage may remain for quite some time as you would perceive it.


May we ask if there is a final smaller query at this time?


Austin: I think this is smaller. Sorry, if it's not. Paul writes, "In 60.16 Ra states 'it is our observation that due to the complexity of influences upon the unmanifested being at this space/time nexus among your planetary peoples, it is best that the progress of the mind/body/spirit complex takes place without as you call them, training aids.' What are these complex influences upon our unmanifest beings at this time?"


Q’uo: We are those known to you as Q'uo, and we appreciate this question from the one known as Paul. We give the instrument the image or idea of a simple existence with fewer inputs and variables versus a complex existence with a greater variety and quantity of inputs and variables, that is considered the, what you would call primitive, peoples, or perhaps those early in their experience in self-awareness of third density.


Their day-to-day experience prior to the formation of complex societies, though not without social experience, may center on much fewer considerations than you in your present experience might entertain—the acquisition of food and shelter, the necessity for procreation, protection from danger or threat—perhaps done in consideration of mythology to help them intellectually grasp their situation and the natural processes around them. We encourage the questioner to spend some time considering just how much less stimulation and input and ethical considerations there are for the third-density entity in this situation, and then to contrast that situation to your present experience, which would be impossible to inventory in full; but we may make some headway by asking the one known as Paul to consider the sound or cacophony even that the increasing awareness of voices from around the world create for both the manifested and the unmanifested self. The diversity and range of cultures, archetypal motifs, worldviews, biases, is outstanding and overwhelming, [producing] a society that has perennial difficulty unifying as a globe, much less as even homogenous cultures unto themselves.


Each day, even on the unmanifest level, is filled with so many more considerations, complications, and difficulties even being with the unmanifested being, as the influences about one tend to occupy the attention fully as they move in rapid succession from one to the other, making it difficult to sustain the attention on the unmanifested being.


The instrument looks to us for slightly more before releasing the contact.


And perhaps we can say that in a simpler society, a more harmonious and unified society, the unmanifested self has, shall we say, greater space for being, greater capacity for a unified, less challenged focus. At this time, we give thanks to the circle and transfer this contact to the one known as Jim. We are those of Q'uo.


(Jim channeling)


I am Q'uo, and I'm with this instrument at this time. We are now available for the query that this instrument may share our response with those present. Is there a query at this time?


Austin: I do have one myself. We're currently experiencing a changing of the seasons here in the springtime, and it makes me think about how this seasonal nature can relate to our spiritual journeys and different cycles of our spiritual journeys. And I'm wondering if you can talk about the correlation to the changing of the seasons on our planet, and in our environment, and maybe even how we can utilize those to benefit us on our spiritual paths.


Q’uo: I am Q'uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. Indeed, each entity within all of the creation is affected by the movement of the sun, the moon, the stars, the weather, the light, the dark. All of these cosmic forces are streaming into your environment at all times in various degrees of intensity, so that in one season, such as the winter season which is now ending upon your planet, [3] there is the paucity of light and the majority of darkness that has an effect upon third-density entities. They are more likely to be retiring into rest as the trees and flowers and grasses become dormant in the winter, and find themselves more contemplative, meditative and more able to realize their own limitations as mind/body/spirit complexes in that the weather may require that they remain indoors, find activities of a limited nature to pursue.


Then comes the spring, the light begins to increase, the temperatures begin to rise, the flowers and trees and bushes come to life, and there is the feeling of growth, of expansion, of expression that comes from within the being that is sustained, inspired, supported by the changing of the season, so that there is the feeling of new life, new possibilities, new directions in which to move and expand one's activities to move into the outer atmosphere, the yard and garden, the larger world around one, to move in and out as the rivers of light begin to move within the being as well as without the being.


These are the two more extreme examples of how the weather and times of season change for an entity that is sensitive to such changes. For there are other changes as well that are in the form of the cosmic streamings of intelligent energy that come from distant stars and galaxies that have an effect as well as the seasons upon the planet.


As the galactic clock face has to offer the inspiration of the unity of Creation, the particularization of creation, in various and sundry ways, so that the entity upon your planet has these cosmic rhythms beginning to pulsate within the spirit that then moves into the mind and the body and inspires certain kinds of feelings, and expressions of these feelings, that correspond to the changing of the seasons upon the planet itself. For all are part of the great galactic cosmic oneness of all Creation, and each part has an effect that it plays upon each other part so that all may make their contribution to the great puzzle and mystery of unity.


Is there another query, my brother?


Austin: I have one somewhat related one, as people are starting their gardens in this area. Ra talked about how a third-density entity can interact with the second-density entity in the form of a pet, and how the pet might benefit from that relationship by being imbued with love and becoming enspirited. I'm wondering if there's a similar relationship between a human and a plant that it cares for, and how these relationships might be same or differ from that between a human and a pet. And then how can we cultivate that with the plant?


Q’uo: I am Q'uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. The second-density creatures of the plants and the animal variety are examples of simple awareness that has the capacity to be imbued with the love of the third-density entity that is either the master or the gardener, shall we say.


This capacity to be able to receive love is that which in both the plant and the animal is then fructifying the ability to give love by these second-density creatures. This interaction between the gardener, the master, the plant, and the animal is one which reflects the larger overview of how each third-density entity is imbued with the love of the One Creator that enlivens each fiber of its being in each day of its incarnation. So that, if the heart is open, and the love moves freely through, then this love may be given wherever it is needed, wherever it is called for.


The animal and the plant are those which, having this simple conscious awareness, call for that which gives them the inner feeling of being imbued with what would be called love and which they see as a kind of food, for their very nature of being—perceived by the animal through the mind and through the beginnings of the heart, by the plant, through the tender care of the gardener, the watering, the fertilizing, the attention, the intention—perceives that which you would call love.


It is a fertilizer for the plant; it helps the plant to grow. In fact, the love is even more efficient than the water, or the fertilizer, for they are very basic in their ability to grow a plant. And yet the love of the gardener is that which imbues the plant with a kind of awareness that it is receiving something more, something greater, something inspiring, something that is so supportive at the very basic level of its being, that it wishes to move towards that gardener and its ability to inspire the plant to grow, to become that which is more than it was, not only turning toward the light, as each plant will do to receive the nourishment of the sunlight, but turning toward the gardener, to receive the nourishment of the love that moves from the heart to the plant.


All are part of the great cosmic dance, wherein one form of life inspires and imbues another with a greater expression of that basic quality of love that has made the creation all about each entity, in which each entity can perceive in a more specific fashion from the pet owner, from the gardener. In this way, all are partaking in the dance of Creation, the movement of consciousness, the expansion of perception, the opening of the heart, in whatever form it may take, so that the infinite love and light of the One Creator moves through all and gives all the greater experience of the One Creator.


At this time, we will ask if there may be any other queries from anyone in the group concerning their experience this day in channeling our words and thoughts?


Gary: Thanks for the opportunity Q'uo. I think I have, but let's see if I can formulate it.


Being so steeped in the philosophy of the Law of One, I have a pretty decent grasp of it. So while I am channeling, there's part of me sometimes that is analyzing what's coming through. And sometimes I find myself dissatisfied with the content being channeled, maybe even concerned at times that it's not quite as accurate or correct even as it could be. So I guess I'll just ask if it's possible to speak to that experience, if you have any advice.


Q’uo: I am Q'uo and am aware of your query, my brother. Each instrument, in fact, each entity within the third density has a witness that is the, shall we say, “critic.” Each entity is that which is performing upon the stage; it is that which is watching from the audience; it is that which writes of the performance and the reception by the audience of the performance. You are all things here. In this instance, it is well for the witness or the critic to wait until the performance is complete before offering its insights, for the insights that are offered suggesting what is falling short of the desired performance is that which is likely to become a self-fulfilling prophecy. It is better, then, to wait until the channeling has been completed, and then look back upon it as you see it upon the paper, and perhaps discover that you have performed far better than you realized.


Is there a final query at this time?

Gary: Q'uo, this question comes from Lou who asks, "Dear Q'uo, I would like to know a general overview of how both Mother Earth and its precious inhabitants is faring in the ongoing turbulence as we push our way into higher vibration. Also, from the vantage point of harmony, has there been any notable progress that can be shared at this time?"


Q’uo: I am Q'uo and am aware of your query, my sister. We look out upon the landscape of your third-density illusion and see that there is much disharmony, separation, and confusion that is rampant upon the world stage. We see these elements as being potentially helpful if those entities upon your planetary surface are able to take a larger view and see beyond the personal sense of self that is so engaged in gaining the needs of the self, the desires, the opinions, and the rightness of the self. The catalyst is thick upon the ground, shall we say.


If it can be processed more and more successfully, so that each individual entity takes a larger and larger view—moving beyond the individual self, the family, the community, the nation, the world and begin to see each as an expression of that which is sacred, that which is holy, that which is of the One Creator, that which exists in all entities—then it is possible that the confusion and anger and separation and disillusionment may be melted away in the refining fires of love.


For this is the opportunity at this time for your planetary population. If the catalyst is great, and is faced squarely, there is the possibility of moving further and further into the fourth density of love and understanding, for there is yet a short period of time that remains for this movement to be made. And a great deal of catalyst would have to be processed in order for this movement to be made. And a great deal of catalyst exists in order that such movement can be made, for all knew before the incarnation that this could be the situation and this would be the way in which movement forward could be made for all. It is our great hope that this step will be taken, the dance will be completed, and the fourth density will be reality.


At this time, we shall take our leave of this instrument and this group. We thank each for your conscientious efforts to improve as instruments. Each has made great strides forward. Whatever you think you have done, you have done better. We are known to you as those of Q'uo. We leave you now in the love and the light of the One Infinite Creator. Adonai vasu borragus.

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