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Saturday January 23, 2021  9:00 AM  (Pacific Time) - $35

It’s surprising, you can find light in the most unexpected places!  But can you actually recognize all the different types of light (and your best energy choices) which are present around you every day?  During the days, weeks and months that make a year, you have at your disposal many things that can lift and energize you in different ways such as various personal & group activities, movies, music, rural roadway drives, foods, outdoor spaces, interesting stores etc.  Often people run on a daily “convenience default” in regard to these and many other things that may or may not have the level of light you need. Come join us to see the light and expand your horizons as a lightworker and ambassador of this world!  In addition, we will be sending healing energy and light around the planet to humanity and all life streams living here.  Not to be missed!


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Spiritquest – The Path of the Shaman

Take a Mystical Journey to Enlightenment!

Live! International Tele-Activation Saturday January 9, 2021  9:00 AM  (Pacific Time) - $50

Come take a exciting personal and collective journey with us to enhance and strengthen your spiritual awareness and multidimensional consciousness.  This Live!/Online event is an inner self and outer world journey that will strengthen and enhance your spirit-connection to everything and everyone around you.  This journey begins with a Live! tele-session that will guide us all through the accelerated enlightenment experience and will continue with an easy 5 step/5 day process that will include daily webpage updates with easy one hour activities incorporating a guided audio by Bryan, focusing techniques, dream programming, videos and imagery to assist in your great awakening & reconnection.  Join us as we all embark on this adventure together!


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PROSTATE, emotional and spiritual meaning

This small size gland secretes a liquid that is mixed with the sperm. It is specifically male and is related to sexual function in men.
It is linked to the feeling, is that of the own power and sexual ability, is the man as a social being towards life.
It is also related to parenting, that is, with the image we have as a man and as a father. The equivalent in women is the body of the uterus.
Prostate problems are much more frequent after the 50 years old, and mainly affects men who have been very active or have developed a relationship of domination in life.
The most common are inflammation (prostatitis), benign tumours (adenomas) and cancer.
Major conflicts that can affect the prostate:
A) Conflict is not found within the "sexual norm" (You can refer to other family members, children, grandchildren, nephews, etc). "I want to have sex, but I cannot" "I will not be able, I cannot satisfy her"
Dirty sexual conflict. Anogenital conflict.
B) Conflict by dramatic situations with their children, grandchildren or other close people as a result of death, accident, divorce, illness, rape, fights, infidelity, etc.
Prostate cancer can occur as a result of a serious or professional failure after retirement, especially for those who live their profession with passion and for whom work is the only thing that gives meaning to their life.
Similarly, prostate cancer can appear after a serious conflict in which his image as a man, as a parent or grandparent has been damaged. As the case of the father who suffers a great disappointment to see that his son walks along a different path to that he expected or has entered the drugs or homosexual or lesbian worlds, etc.
There are also other conflicts that can develop prostate cancer. For example, when a man is separated sharply from their grandchildren or when you think you will never be able to have grandchildren, etc.
Or, when the bride dumps him for a younger man. It is experiences that plunge you into a deep sadness and before which feels helplessness and despair. Is it worth living to come to this?
Recommendations to recover physical, emotional and spiritual health:
These people have to understand that their value is not in that to which have been delivered (profession, position, etc.), or image (as a man or father) who have forged himself throughout his life but what they really are, spiritually, in the depths of their beings.
We must not allow our essence to impregnate the activity we do or our image. The essence must take precedence over everything else.
For these people would be very important to increase body contact with the female and performed at the opposite pole.
It would also be very positive find another way to harness the energy. Create other things, using the experience and youth delegate physical effort.
Spiritual - Psychic growth.

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