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At the biological level, iron is involved in the formation of haemoglobin and its main function is to carry oxygen from the respiratory organs to all other organs and tissues of the body. Oxygen is related to life/oxygen and death/ absence of oxygen.

The sense of anaemia is to preponderate the survival of the clan or my offspring above my own. I must leave the resources of life for another to take advantage of them.

If I have anaemia, it means that I feel devalued with respect to what was my reason to live. I no longer feel encouragement for life or do not feel that spirit with respect to what is happening in my life.

Devaluation of what makes us live, what carries life. Devaluation within the family:

"I have the feeling of being a nuisance, I do not want to bother my family, and I have to live as little as possible".

It may also be that a family is very serious, possibly with breathing problems, and unconsciously wants to give oxygen to recover.

Who do you want to unwittingly give oxygen to save his/her life?

Anaemia, iron deficiency: If I file anaemia, it means that I do not receive enough affection from my father or my mother. Calcium (paternal function) + Magnesium (maternal function) or I do not feel a good mother or a good father.

They may love me, but I do not feel loved. Maybe I need them to hug me, be told that I am loved, and need emotional strength. I need them to tell me I'm a good parent, not devaluing me because my inability to be it.

Toxic family environment.

"My family drowns me, does not support me".

"I need help in my role as a mother".

Anaemia expresses the exhaustion of the person, either by using too much energy to act without allowing time for recovery (regeneration of red blood cells); or it may be that the individual has done many things for a while but has not picked any fruit or obtained any results yet.

As a result, a feeling of powerlessness seizes him/her, not power, not worth enough and not being able to operate things, which further reduces their capacity and makes him/her fall into a fatalistic attitude, giving up,

"Meh ... what for?”

Anaemia expresses that the individual goes back because does not find the emotional meaning of life and action.

Anaemia occurs in people with lack of self-confidence, lack of courage and joy, to face life. This is usually occurs in sweet-natured and dreamer individuals and, therefore, they have great difficulty in surrendering to the concrete physical reality. They lack motivation, either because they feel discouraged or because they feel misunderstood, or perhaps by his/her own angst.

Recommendations to recover physical, emotional and spiritual health:

The person with anaemia needs to stop relying on others and start creating his/her own life from a positive and cheerful outlook. He/she needs to do what it needs to be done, but without thinking about the results, just enjoying what he/she is doing, without expecting anything. We must learn to trust and surrender to the rhythm of life. The person who refuses to accept what life puts in his/her way is denying life and is seeking death, rhythm; even unconsciously.

"I can be happy without the recognition of others".

"I take my life as I want".

"I love life and I love myself".

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The thyroid is a neuroendocrine gland weighing 15 to 30 grams and is formed by two lobes in butterfly shape on either side of the trachea. Involved in the production of hormones, particularly thyroxine (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3).

These hormones regulate the basal metabolism, affecting growth and degree of functionality of other body systems. It is through these hormones that the thyroid performs one of its main functions, manage the rate of metabolism; that is, it produces hormones that accelerate, causing the heart to go faster, digestion... or slow metabolism, and the production of these hormones is reduced.

The thyroid, symbolically represents the body's biological clock, and always will be related to conflicts related to "time".

I feel overtaken by events. I cannot keep the beat to everything that is happening to me. I have a conflict of urgency. I have a conflict of not being able to take something of mine.

Lived in female (right-handed women or left-handed men): Having thyroid problems represents a fear of forehead, I feel powerless to solve what is coming.

Lived in male (left-handed women or right-handed men): Do not introduce thyroid problems, but in the lymph.

"Despite having this almost certainly, I can lose" "I'm not fast enough to get such a thing". "When will be my turn?"

It affects people who feel they can never do what they really want, coupled with the fact that they have hidden a feeling of being humiliated or that what they do is humiliating.

Right lobe: Conflict of not being able to catch the piece quick enough.

Left lobe: Conflict of not being able to get rid of the piece quickly enough. "I cannot act fast enough" Conflict of being overtaken by events (in the sense of time urgency). Or because there are several facts that need to be faced urgently.

Conflict of not being able to catch something vital to us is unattainable. "Despite having this almost certainly, I can lose" "I'm not fast enough to get such a thing". When will be my turn?

Excretory thyroid-channel: Conflict of helplessness: "I'm tied hand and I cannot act on something urgent" "We must do something and nobody does anything"

Frontal fear conflict against a danger, an attack, a component cannot give the alert, but stay on the territory when danger comes.

Afraid to fight and feel powerless: "You cannot overcome the obstacle. Always wait until the last minute to do something and then realize that it does not succeed.

Fear of dealing with problems. I have to fight fear and feel helpless. "Can anybody do anything fast?".

Thyroid - follicular tissue: I cannot get or catch the prey, to bite, etc. I'm slow. (The dam can be a boyfriend, a promotion, a job, etc).

Anaplastic carcinoma: To be losing place in the world. The only option that seems feasible is dying fast.

Follicular carcinoma: Conflict of having to protect myself because the danger is indoors.

Medullary carcinoma: Conflict of impairment for not being fast enough to save or save someone from destruction.

Papillary carcinoma: Need to flee from danger quickly (Female solution).

Hyperthyroidism: If there is an excess production of hormones, is to go faster, to produce more thyroxine, allows us to catch the "piece" quickly. We are living a conflict of "urgency". Urgency felt the time go faster or that the term will end soon or, feel urgency of this or that fact happening now.

We have to go fast, faster!

Conflict of not being fast enough to swallow the piece: "I have to go even faster”

"I have to do this faster"

"Although it is in my mouth, I'm not sure I could swallow or spit the piece" "I cannot act fast enough" and has to do with feeling for example, that in life everything is very slow and we want to speed things up or feel that they arrived on time or going too slow and we want to get there on time.

We must hurry!

For example, a child who loves to play and his/her mother almost always spends all the time of the afternoon aware of the time.

"I have to hurry, anyway I'll get"

A public woman worker is intended to cover a spot to another province for one year, which is the time remaining for this vacant in her city of residence. This move represents the distance of her husband and the rest of her family. She was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism because all her attention was on the time passing quickly.

The person suffering from an overactive thyroid is in constant action;

Think you always have to act quickly, "we must be quick" but does not reflect to know what your own needs, so that your actions are not based on what you need and do not feel motivated.

Exophthalmia: This is the conflict of the dam which increases its visual field to see the danger coming, in order to escape in time.

"I have to catch the image of danger as quickly as possible"

Hyperthyroidism is a direct cause of exophthalmos (bulging or protruding eyes) as it is also about the conflict of wanting to catch the piece with eyes, want to see something done.

Hypothyroidism decreased production of thyroid hormone occurs and corresponds to the resenting: "I want you to stop time"

Conflict: Patience/slow. "I wish that time passes slowly"

"I need more time to enjoy it”

"I have to go slow to not ruin things"

"I need more time to do more things"

Overall are situations where everything goes too fast and the solution is to stop time, for example, when a diagnosis of a terminal illness of a relative, one can feel that you make the time go slower to be with this person.

Similarly, you can translate a feeling of powerlessness to act in an emergency situation.

Conflict of failing to act fairly quickly, to be hamstrung, unable to do anything, when it is urgent. "Fear of having to fight and feel helpless" It is unbridgeable! "Fear of dealing with problems" "Unable to get something, not be fast enough" "I have to go fast, but still do not get it".

Frontal fear conflict against a danger.

"We must do something fast, I cannot, and there is so much to do..”

Controversy always wait for the last minute to do one thing and then see that we are not able or "never will be”

Faced with a conflict of female frontal fear reaction is of utter helplessness, escape. In the male mode, it is passed to the attack.

Left-Handed: Fear of disease. "The body will fail me" "I cannot count on my body" "I'm afraid of what comes from my body"

Fear helpless in an emergency. "I have no right to defend myself" "Being that I want and I have to protect is sick, and that's worse than if I were sick"

In the case of the person suffering from a lack of activity of the thyroid gland (hypothyroidism), your body tells you that want to take action, which does not do enough to get what he/she wants in the depths of itself demands. It's sure not be fast enough to achieve what you want. It is not in sufficient contact with their "want".

Decrease in the concentration of somatotropin: The conflict is in the intention: "I intend to get it but never get it"

Goiters and multinodular goitre: We feel powerless, bound hand and foot. Someone should do something but nobody does anything. I always wait until the end to act. I feel life or something or someone chokes me.

Fear of strangulation; each node corresponds to a conflict. "He/she wants to move, but cannot" "The need to act quickly to a dangerous situation and do nothing". "We should have acted quickly and did nothing". For example: a child falls and hits his/her head, parents only comfort him/her, but hours later falls into a coma.

If multinodular goitre, with hot and cold areas, the mind is in active conflict against certain everyday events. It is in solution phase for other past events.

Hashimoto's disease: autoimmune hypothyroidism. There are autoimmune diseases that affect the thyroid and in this case the same still find resenting hypothyroidism, autoimmune diseases because they destroy the gland and can be manufactured less amount of hormone.

Stress phase of the conflict of impotence.

"I was born under circumstances that happened too quickly" Girl, eleven months after birth, her mother gave birth to a brother. Her brother was born too soon. She wished to stop time to enjoy more of the attention of parents.

"I feel like they love my older brother more than me, and I have been born before so I want more, and to get it, I self-destructed my thyroid"

Teen girl complains, at home, because she is forced to make quick cleaning her room before going to school and she refuses.

"I have a right to exist on condition that slows down time".

Calcium accelerates certain vital biological processes. Conflict of "not doing enough".

"I do not get to do what it takes to catch the piece" "I want to get the piece fast and spit it out" "I want to get away from it fast, spit it out" "I cannot spit in the face" "I want to build myself" (calcium).

"My parents want me to submit; I struggle to find the balance (calcium and phosphorus) between my parents and me"

Thyroid - Cancer: Controversy of feeling overtaken by events. Conflict of urgency. Conflict of not being fast enough to catch the piece, or even with the "piece" in the mouth, not sure swallowing.

We want to feel stronger in what we are or do. Feel unsupported. I desire to be strong and solid.

"My hands are tied and I cannot do anything" or "I would have to do something urgently, but nobody does anything"

"I do not feel strong enough to level my structure"

"I need to be strong, need you to hold me, but I have no one to do it" "I need support and I do not have it".

Cancer always is a long-standing conflict.

People with thyroid problems feel they can never do what they really want. They conceal a feeling of being humiliated or think that what they do is humiliating.

Recommendations to recover physical, emotional and spiritual health:

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The Silver-Violet Flame

The silver violet flame can be invoked, by simply stating
'I now invoke the silver violet flame to release the negative
energy associated with (your perceived problem)'.
It effectively can be used, with an open heart, mind and thanks
to the universe, to reverse the effect of karma.

Ebook Download Silvervioletflame.pdf

What is the Silver Violet Flame?
The Silver Violet Flame is a high frequency spiritual energy, which has been
known to spiritual adepts for thousands of years. It was re-introduced by the
Ascended Master, Saint Germain, and is the seventh ray of God’s / the
Universe’s consciousness. The Violet Flame is for those who hear the call of
community or spiritual service to mankind, and it also provides the wisdom
needed to overcome the selfishness in our lives.
It can be invoked by reciting special kinds of prayers known as decrees or
mantras, and when combined with meditation and visualisation, the violet
flame has the power to change or transmute the negative energy manifesting
at physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. This negative energy may
take the form of illness, stress, anxiety, fear, doubt, hate, anger or unwanted
habits etc, all of which prevent us from experiencing the beauty and joy of our
higher spiritual nature.
The Silver Violet Flame possesses the qualities of freedom, alchemy, justice,
joy, forgiveness and mercy. When the decrees are recited with devotion, the
Silver Violet Flame permeates every cell and atom of our body, mind,
emotions and even our subconscious memory. It actually steps up the
vibration of the electrons, so we resonate more with the pure cosmic energy
that comes from our God Presence. As a result, the Violet Flame transmutes
anything negative that is lodged within our spiritual or physical being, including
everything from self-hatred to physical viruses.
As well as expelling toxins lodged in our physical organs, the Silver Violet
Flame can also transmute the karmas and traumas of our present and past
lives, which are recorded in our etheric, mental, emotional and physical
bodies. Sometimes our personal karma feels like a heavy weight, but by
invoking the Violet Flame we will feel lighter and less burdened since it literally
consumes the cause of our personal problems. In other words, the Silver
Violet Flame clears the records of past lifetimes, thereby raising our selfesteem and helping us to be happy with ourselves.
In receiving the Silver Violet Flame attunement and using it in conjunction with
the regular process of decrees, meditation and visualisation, you will speed up
the transmutation process.

Attunement Preparations
The Silver Violet Flame attunement is a pleasure to both give and receive.
Everyone will have their own personal experience of the attunement, along
with some form of internal transformation. Afterwards you will be more
compassionate to others and you will also be more concerned about others
rather than yourself. As your intuition grows, you may suddenly become
aware of angels, spirit guides, etc. and if you already work with guides then
your spiritual connection with them will become stronger.
Each of us has our own way of preparing to receive attunements that we feel
most comfortable with. There is no wrong way to do this, as long as you listen
to yourself and not some other person. You may wish to bathe or shower, light
some candles or incense, play relaxing meditation-style music in the
background, pray, meditate, chant, etc. This is a personal process and it is not
necessary for me to know what you do. I only need you in a place with the
intent to receive this attunement at the pre-arranged time and the energy will
work itself out.
When your preparations are complete, say aloud or silently to yourself the
“I am prepared to receive the Silver Violet Flame being sent to me by
Stephen Lovering.”
Then sit, relax, and rest for about 15 minutes, or until you are signalled to quit.
Afterwards, you can contact me via email if you wish to share the experience
or if you have any questions:

Using the Silver Violet Flame Energies
Silver Violet Flame energies are highly transformational and can be used on
both yourself and others. You can call upon the angels/guides of the Silver
Violet Flame and also on St. Germain before going to sleep at night, asking
them to work on whatever issue requires healing. By the morning, the issue is
typically released, although for deeper problems you can repeat the procedure
for up to 30 consecutive nights, for example to break through barriers, or to
overcome addictions or deep-rooted fears.
Painful memories can be healed using the Silver Violet Flame, and it can even
help resolve difficulties in relationships. People who have directed the Silver
Violet Flame into relationship problems report sensing a tremendous burden
being lifted and feeling free to move on with their lives again.
The Silver Violet Flame can also be used to cleanse and purify the aura and
major chakras by invoking it on a daily basis.
When using the Silver Violet Flame to heal others you should call upon the
angels of the Silver Violet Flame and St. Germain, and then visualise yourself
in a violet flame with them. Imagine yourself healing the person, and see the
angels and the Silver Violet Flame transform their issues or illness. This
visualisation can be modified to meet your personal needs and can be done
both in-person or distantly.
The following is a channelled message from St. Germain by Hari Das
Melchizedek, founder of Shamballa Multidimensional Healing:
Silver Violet Flame
I AM Germain, Keeper of the Violet Flame or, the Violet Flame with the added
dimension of the Silver Violet Flame. Because, as times change and the
vibrations go faster, the vibrations are accelerated, we have to add other
colours to assist those that you’ve already been using.
Higher vibrations mean different times, so different cures and different
methods are called for. So, the Silver Violet Flame. There are many things
you can do with it. One thing you can do is you can get it to consume all your
negative feelings and emotions. Just consign all that aggravates you in that
way into the Silver Violet Flame. So, when you find your thoughts moving in
directions that you don’t want them to move in, thoughts that are interrupting
that flow of Christ Energy into your physical body, when you work out what

these interruptions are and as time goes on, it becomes much easier for ones
to do this, just consign them into the Silver Violet Flame.
There are also Mantras you can use. Of course, it only means that you have
to add the Silver bit to the Violet Flame Mantras, the most useful or easiest
many ones find to use is:
I AM a Being of Silver Violet Fire. I AM the purity God desires.
Now, I give this Mantra to you to use in your daily lives for several reasons.
One is that this is a Cleansing effect. You could say that the Silver Violet
Flame Mantras are Spiritual antiseptics. You can flood your consciousness,
your minds, your physical bodies, with this spiritual antiseptic and ALL will
become clean. But, if you chant this Mantra in the mornings when in your bath
or on the loo, you will find that it brings the Silver Violet Colour, the Silver
Violet Energy into your space, into your living room and of course, this
heightens the vibration. We’re not suggesting you take up this system of
chanting on beads or an exact number of these Mantras every day and taking
it up as a discipline in that way.
Although if you are going to take up the chanting of Mantras, if you chant this
Mantra day after day, this is one Mantra that is very worthwhile thinking about.
But just use this Mantra in your daily lives, chant it a few dozen times a day
and you will find that every thing starts to become Silver Violet. The vibration
gets into the walls of your house, into the metal work of your cars, into the
metals of your jewellery, into your energy system, both physical and spiritual.
You will actually start shining Silver Violet!
So, we could chant a few repetitions and see the vibrations:
I AM a Being of Silver Violet Fire, I AM the Purity God desires.
I AM a Being of Silver Violet Fire, I AM the Purity God desires.
I AM a Being of Silver Violet Fire, I AM the Purity God desires.

This is very good because many are putting the emphasis on ‘I AM’, because
the important part of this Mantra is I AM. The important part of the Ascension
process is realising that you ARE the ‘I AM’ Presence.
So use this Mantra in your daily lives. It need not take up much time. No need
to put hours into it. Use it as a matter of course. Allow it to flow into your
consciousness. Allow your voice to speak it. It is better spoken out loud and
with intent because, saying it to yourself, although it has an effect on your
physical body, your four body system and what can be termed your Spiritual
Body, you are not having an effect on everything that surrounds you. So when
you think about how much Service you can do for creation just by chanting
your Mantras out loud (because the business end of the mantra is the
vibration of the Mantra), so you will be affecting everything around you. So
when you get into these situations, as well as using the Protection of the Pillar
of Light of Archangel Michael, use these Silver Violet Mantras. They will help
to bring nice high vibration Energies into your space.
Any questions? A deep heartfelt ‘thank you’ to all from … There’s no need to
thank us, that’s our job. We accept your thanks with Love but all the time,
there is no need to thank us because we are giving you Service from the heart
with unconditional Love. It is because we love you, we give you the Service. I
do take your acknowledgement and accept your Love, thank you.
So again, I say to you that you can use this Mantra out loud but also you can
meditate with this Mantra, which will trigger your mind into meditation. Then
meditate on this Silver Violet Flame.
I have now with me, some helpers to help put the Vibrations and energy of
this Silver Violet Flame into your working space and now you have chanted a
couple of rounds of this Mantra, some of you if not all of you, must be seeing
this Silver Violet energy that is building up within the space. We are putting it
too into this small Stargate and spreading it into the room. So, just take some
time to think about this Mantra. Ground it within your bodies and your
consciousness and bathe yourselves with the lovely Vibrations of it. You must

all now be feeling in your physical bodies this Raising of Vibrations. This is a
reasonably Energetic day on many levels so of course on the second day,
many are feeling the results of that. Many feeling somewhat disorientated,
feeling somewhat tired, but you see, there IS a heightening of Vibrations here.
So, use this in your daily lives, use it to transmute situations that are
undesirable to you. You can also as well, leave this Violet Flame behind you
wherever you go. You can bring down the Fire and install it in many Places.
Install it in the streets of your towns, on the rads of your Island, in the energy
points of your Island. It will be there then for the transmutation of all, not only
of the humans but the animals, the birds. Work with these instructions. We
Love you.
Channelled by Hari Das Melchizedek (aka John Armitage).

How to Give the Attunement
You may wish to bathe or ground yourself of excess energies before
commencing the attunement procedure. Make sure you will not be interrupted,
and if you are a Reiki practitioner/master or spiritual healer, feel free to use
whatever preparation methods you feel most comfortable with.
Once you are ready, focus on the person to be attuned by thinking or looking
at their name. Request the assistance of your guides, the angels of the Silver
Violet Flame, the assistance of the attunee’s guides and St. Germain. They
are the ones that actually make this attunement - you are only the antenna
sending the signal to a particular person. Then visualise a violet flame around
you, inside you, and all around.
Say the following either aloud or silently:
“I call upon the keepers of the Silver Violet Flame. I ask that St. Germain
assist me here now in attuning (person’s name, address) to the Silver
Violet Flame.”
See the flame surround the person, entering their heart and chakras. Allow it
to flow through them for a few moments. Then say:
“(Person’s name), you have been attuned to the Silver Violet Flame, the
fire of unconditional love and spiritual service. Go in peace and attune
others to their spiritual flame.”
You may wish to elaborate, but it is unnecessary. The attunement is complete.

Ebook Download Silvervioletflame.pdf

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During the last 20 to 25 years, there have been numerous studies in France, Germany, and Spain about fetus’s life and receptivity to outside influences such as the emotional states of both the mother, the father, and other relatives involved during the gestation period. The fetus is also influenced by events, dramas, concerns, and anxieties that occur around them during life in the womb.

In BioNeuroEmotion, we call this time the Parental Projection Period, which begins at six months before conception, and can continue up to three years after the birth and principally involves the mother and the father. Our studies adjacent to the Parental Projection Period and focus on the fact that it is the mother who brings the most emotional information and incidental circumstances to the child during pregnancy. This includes both simple and complex stuff. The fetus will be “affected”, “influenced”, and “defined” by what the mother hears or sees. But above all, by the way the mother reacts to everyday events. The mother could leave small personality traces in the child or affect him/her completely in his/her health, physique, temperament, or self esteem. It will all depend on the type of emotions and reactions that the mother transmits to the baby. If the mother is strong, safe, confident, courageous, and expresses these qualities both in her words and actions, her child will be someone who possess similar qualities.

If, however, the mother is weak, insecure, fearful, or has low esteem, the child will also possess these negative qualities.

The Thoughts and Feelings of the Pregnant Woman

Most women, fortunately not all, are oblivious to these studies. Many women are ignorant to the big influence that their words, thoughts, reactions, and emotions have on the child. They believe that their child does not share any of these ideas, and therefore, feel that they are free to have any thought, emotion, or action without affecting the unborn infant. This is where they are wrong. The mother’s behaviour and belief system affects the child mentally, and even physically. In the novel Elective Affinities, Goethe tells the story of a woman who, during her pregnancy of her husband’s child, couldn’t stop thinking about another man she loved. The girl who was born had the same eyes as this man. So great is the power of thought and feeling in pregnant women! So why don’t women decide to work for the benefit of their child during pregnancy?

 The True Nature of the Baby is Determined at the Moment of Birth

A woman waiting for a child should have affirmations such as:

  • During these nine months, I have every chance to make my child a healthy, beautiful, intelligent, noble, full of love individual.
  • During these nine months, I have every chance to make my child a blessing for the whole world.
  • During these nine months, I should look at my thoughts, my feelings, my desires, my actions, and provide only the purest elements to contribute to his/her molding.
  • During these nine months, I must act knowing that my child, hears me, feels me, and sees me.

Preparing to be Parents

The true education of the child begins before the birth with the education of the parents, who must prepare their interior beings well in advance through a better understanding of love, to attract an exceptional soul to the family. They must strive to conceive this child in the greatest light and purity. Once the child is conceived, the mother, aware of the power that has been given to her by nature, will work to give this soul a physical and mental body made from the finest materials. If thousands, millions of parents around the world decided to make this work, humanity would really be transformed in three or four generations.

This is an English translation of an article originally written in Spanish by: Elizabeth Romero Sanchez y Edgar Romero Franco

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