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Poetry of light.

Light, as in, physical light, is a magnificent thing. Without it, none of us could exist!

But light isn't just what gets you up in the morning, it's something fundamentally complex, something that our understanding of has been given to us by Science! 

Light, is powerful, it has the ability to create life by sparking chemical reactions. It can form a planet, or it can destroy it.

Light exists because of Einsteins most famous formula, E= MC2, where the Energy of a substance is proportionate to it's mass times the speed of light squared. That means that within a single atom, you have enough energy to produce an atomic bomb, the explosion of which is released as light!

An awful lot of light exists within every single cell, every single particle of your body!

Science has given us an awfully empowering thing, just to see that we truly are, energy based beings, for without energy, we wouldn't even have physical bodies!

But light isn't just the rainbow we see! The human eye is not advanced enough to detect all lightwaves. We see just a fraction of the spectrum. Ultra violet, infrared and beyond exist at the ends of the spectrum we see. These other lightwaves, whilst not visible to us, have very different properties to the visible spectrum. Some can pass through walls, allowing your radio or television to receive information from space! All of this light dancing around, that we can't see, and yet, it's there!

But invisible light can be picked up by cameras, a television remote glows brightly when you press a button, if you look at it through a camera or computer webcam!

Sometimes, light is not just empowering and life-giving, but can also be the most powerful crusader. 

Light, as explained by E=MC2, is energy, and therefore has to carry a bit of mass. This mass is incalculably small, but it DOES mean, that it can be effected by physical conditions. Glass and water can cause drag, electromagnetic fields and gravity can bend it, it's the universes fastest travelling putty!

But along wit hit, comes a great burden. One of the most dangerous types of light, emanates from a black hole. As a black hole consumes a star, it can become over-fed, too much is entering the black hole for it to condense at once, and so it 'belches' some into space. These are powerful radiation surges, some of which we cannot even detect. Cosmic blades cutting through space at the speed of light, destroying everything in their path. What a remarkable power, and we can't even see them with our bare eyes! They could wipe our solar system to dust in less then a second, and leave next to no visible evidence they exist!

Light, as well as existing in invisible forms, can sometimes be dangerous when it isn't present. Black holes are so dense, that they can suck light in with their gravitational wells, and this means that any light travelling to them, cannot bounce back for us to see. Instead of bouncing back, it goes there and gets consumed. We simply cannot see a black hole, even a camera would be torn to shreds before it got close enough to give any sensible information! In this way, light has been beaten, and it has left us 'in the dark' on a pressing region of our universe, that we simply cannot understand in full!

The last thing I wish to say about light, is it's ancient story. Light, from the beginning of the big bang, has been travelling all over our universe. Bouncing back and forth, these giant beams are billions of years old. When you see the light of a star that is 140 million light-years away, it has taken that light 140 million years to get here! That light is telling you the story of what that star was like all that time ago. That star might not even exist now, but the light has taken a long time to get here, so it's an old story! In the same way, as we peer into the nights sky. All of this light, comes together collectively from the ancient galaxies, and they piece together for us, the story, of the universe. A light show of pure splendor!

Thank you for reading.

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The benefits of reiki healing

This natural, holistic, complimentary form of healing can restore and maintain your health by balancing the chakras and auras. Reiki/access healers use energy to balance the mind and body without a hands on form of healing/massage. This healing surprisingly works just as good and leaves you feeling light and refreshed just how you would feel after a deep full body massage. Firstly, the healer must KNOW what they are doing and be in a good frame of mind before interfering with somebody else' energy field. Although reiki healing is safe without the use of drugs/medication. If there is a certain area of your body you need focus on the most, tell your reiki master and they will work more closely on clearing that sector for you.
With reiki healing you are more than likely to start feeling the positive results straight away, after your first session which usually lasts upto an hour.
Sometimes the healer places their hands/fingers on certain access points (normally the head or feet) especially when clearing away toxins or unwanted stored energy. This can sometimes make you feel fuzzy at first, but is nothing to worry about, the body has to get use to this extra space that has been created and will adjust accordingly. You will feel very light and relaxed after a reiki healing so, it is important to drink plenty of water, do not drive for at least 20 minutes after a session. The healing can relax you so much, you are sometimes left in a meditation state and shall feel very relaxed. You must give yourself  time after a healing to become more alert for when driving.

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