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Channelled through Natalie Glasson-


Beloved shinning beacons of light on the Earth, we bow down to you with tremendous respect and love. We, your guides, friends and loved ones of the inner planes are here to support you as you move through an immense process of your ascension.


 Maybe you feel as if you cannot or do not fully understand why certain experiences, creations and expressions are manifesting in your reality, why you choose certain choices over others. I wish to share with you that the instruction book, the planned circumstances by your soul, the limitations and boundaries set for you and set by you in the past are now being cast aside. You are being rewarded for all your devotion to your spiritual connection and awakening with the reality that is free from limitations. There is no longer a goal to work to in a certain time, the clock is no longer ticking to push you forward along your spiritual path, and there are no longer goals that need to be achieved in or with certain limitations. In truth there is no longer a goal to be achieved. The boundaries, limitations, goals and inspiration which led you through the past phase of ascension are fal ling away. In truth you are being given responsibly and freedom. It could seem as if your purpose has been taken away from you. It is far easier to energise yourself and passion to achieve certain levels of growth when you feel that time is running short or when there is a goal post in sight. As you exist in this new reality and phase of energy, there is no goal post for you to strive to reach in a certain time. Your purpose remains the same, to experience oneness with the Creator and all aspects of the Creator, to master and know yourself and therefore the Creator more fully and to open your heart to be a channel of love and all that is the Creator. Your purpose has maybe never been so vivid but you now have the tools, the time, the freedom to achieve these goals as you wish, where you wish, with who you wish and in the time that you wish.


Ascension for you could take four days, five months, sixteen years or in truth as long as you choose. There are no set rules as to how long ascension should take, whether you achieve it in a group or as an individual, whether you choose to ask for help or not. There is no longer a wrong and right. In truth everything that you have held onto as truth in your reality and realisations about your spiritual self and practices is falling away. As if you are being suspended in space or suspended in energy. You are supported, loved and have the ability to choose and create all that you need in order to move further beyond limitations and boundaries. It may feel as if pre created security is now falling away. With greater freedom come experiences of being, having, doing, existing as nothing or without restrictions. In the past even time has brought you security and yet you notice that time doe sn’t have the same meaning any longer. You are being given and are creating your freedom, which is one of the greatest gifts of this new phase.


You may wish to contemplate the many situations, thoughts, perceptions and understandings that you hold on to in your reality to create a deeper sense of security. Allow yourself to see this as your creation alone and that they do serve you in awakening the power, strength and immense love within your being. Do you actually need security in your reality? Do you need to create boundaries and limitations? Do you need to recognise your limitless self and expansive being? I ask that you take time to practice this contemplation and self-discovery within your reality, if only once, to assist you in releasing from your being, energy and perspective energetic habits and patterns from the past.


With the quality of greater freedom that you have accepted within your reality so it may also bring up aspects of your reality, personality and creations that do not serve you or offer you freedom. As these aspects of yourself come to the surface to be released it can seem that you are being encaged and have less freedom than before. You begin to see yourself in many new ways which may not always be pleasant to witness. Some people may feel that they have more issues to deal with and heal than before 2012. The energy of freedom and responsibility is awakening new aspects of your being that wish to be healed and released.


Freedom for a light workers and awakened soul of the Creator is a powerful lesson to overcome and digest. You all expect and desire freedom but also fear freedom due to its ability of allowing you to access your power and sacred abilities. No longer is anything in your way, blocking you or hindering you, only what you choose to create. No longer is anything pushing and driving you forward and yet you are placed in the centre of freedom with the opportunity to choose whatever you wish. It can be an experience of exhilaration but also of being fearful.  There is also the question which many light workers face, which is how does one experience and interpret freedom and what does one choose to create? Through many lifetimes on the Earth you have been limited, restricted, condemned and maybe even abused for trying to be your truth, now is the time to truly let go of these past energie s, understanding that you have the freedom to choose to create what you wish. If so with many opportunities and possibilities available how does one choose what they wish to create?


The guidance, knowingness and truth of the soul is extremely important in this energy of freedom, your guides also act to you as a mirror of your soul and its guidance. Do not be afraid to ask or to follow the inspiration within you, it is this inspiration that will lead you to the experience of greater freedom. You may find at first that your personality isn’t satisfied with the guidance shared from within your being, but the perspective and desires of your personality also need to shift to bring greater happiness, joy, love and peace within your being.


You may also notice that due to the greater sense and energy of freedom that you are more aware of the consequence of your actions, thoughts and creations. Your awareness of the consequences of your situation is your own creation to assist you in choosing and understanding what is appropriate for you. You truly understand when you have created a situation that doesn’t serve you, but it is often that you see it as a failing when in actual fact it helps you understand yourself more fully, you begin to recognise your own vibration, realising when you create something that is not from your true vibration but is from a limited aspect of yourself. It is in this moment and phase of ascension that you are truly being allowed to experiment. This stage of ascension has been chosen by you because you have mastered abilities of connecting with the Creator, your truth and you have a beautifu l understanding and desire to create love. In truth you can trust yourself to deal with the freedom, the responsibility and choices with and from the purest sense of love which will ensure that you do not harm or cause pain to yourself or others. It is a very beautiful reality and stage of ascension that is now unfolding for you to experience. Enjoy the feeling of no longer being pushed to achieve goals, of no longer having boundaries and limitations. Enjoy the process of your own boundaries and limitations created by you coming to the surface and most of all enjoy becoming one and getting to know yourself more fully. It may be time to realise the reality that you are currently experiencing on the Earth, the game like quality and the powerful ability that you hold in your choices and your ability to manifest.


I am aware that there are many messages and interpretations within my message and communication with you but I wish for you to realise that you have the most beautiful gift within you of knowingness. Your ability to simply know the most perfect choice, truth and manifestation instantly within your being which will serve you and all aspects of the Creator is most beautiful and tremendously powerful, so allow yourself to use it well within your reality.


I wish to share with you an invocation to be of service to you,


‘Archangel Metatron, Beloved Creator, my soul and soul group, I call your presence and love forward to support and love me unconditionally. I ask you to assist me in listening with greater care and clarity to the intuition and knowingness within my being. I recognise my knowingness as guidance from the Creator which brings me freedom, truth and greater experiences of love. I accept my inner knowingness and am able to interpret it into my reality with ease with each new day upon the Earth.


I ask to accept the energies of freedom from the Creator deeper into my being. I realise and acknowledge I am the energy of freedom, I willingly dissolve all boundaries and limitations of my creation and let go of all energies, situations or people that represent security or a false security.


I realise that I have a powerful tool and ability of choice and manifestation; I ask that my ability is always aligned with the truth and love of the Creator and my soul. Support me as I adjust to the energy and reality of greater freedom allowing myself to become an expansive and limitless beacon of light. Assist me in understanding and experiencing this phase of freedom with tremendous ease and perfection.


Thank you.’

With blissful blessings,

Archangel Metatron

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As channeled by Julie Miller
The very foundation of the path many of you are on to unite not only with your own true heart but with all of humanity truly does begin within your soul. The process which your journey takes is based on the energy that moves within you and all around you. You are drawn to many interests and each one helps to develop your Self. It is well understood dear ones that each of you are already living within your eternal consciousness. When you climb the ascension ladder to reach higher realms of consciousness you are indeed reaching new heights within yourself that is undeniably demonstrated through the purity of your actions. Your soul dear ones does not require ascension as it is already enlightened and infinite perfect. It is your experiences that you meet that provide you all the growth required to connect once again with your natural self that is intertwined with Mother Earth and with your infinite Self on a Universal level. When you are able to recognize this connection that is within you, you will then find yourself home with the Prime Source of ours and of your creation and that would be God dear ones. 

The grand illusion of separateness is a ruling thought form that was born through an Egotistic complex of ideas derived to have you believe you were truly separated from your soul and from Spirit. With the Ego under the spotlight, many people that walk among you are realizing the Ego is contentious and because it is such a trouble-some division of the mind it is unable to contribute clearly with the Miracle of your Life and has been known to be a menace to your independent conscience and natural connection with Nature at a spiritual level. The Ego is filled with mechanical behaviour that causes divisions within your complex spiritual nature that has the ultimate ability to be in balance with all that you are within your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical faculties. The Ego will create false forms in your mind of how you are to live by guiding you through your emotions, actions and reactions. By observing others that manoeuvre through their journey with their Egos directing them you are able to learn from their experiences. Second-hand experiences: learning from other’s experiences is a beneficial way of increasing your own wisdom. You are able to see and learn what happens when people allow their Egos to rule. The person that lives through their Ego lives within an artificial form of Self. When you are able to walk away from the controlling Ego, and begin living through the purity of your heart, you soon discover how much more liberating and naturally healing it is to live in balance of your whole self that you are able to discover when you go within and find your true beauty that is a perfection of nature. When you add substitutes to increase your journey’s experience and development you are really disconnecting rather than connecting – becoming asphyxiated through your own humanness thus bringing your eternal soul into behaving in a robotic automatic way.

When you take the time to connect with the divine nature of your own wisdom and intellect, your soul rises and over-rides your Ego’s concept of control and reality and you begin to discover the spirit that has always been within your body and you work to ground and reconnect this spirit into every fiber of your being. When your soul is unhindered with its own divine abilities and divine intellect you now are able to contribute openly with the Miracle of your Life that is one with the Living Earth to reach deep spiritual understanding through direct communication with the Divine. This Somatic enlightenment described is a simple concept and is available to each of you dear ones. 

Of course there is a blending within all things even those that are different. It is within the union that enables the connection to the multiplicity of your relationships – bridging together different ideas and concepts together as one from working with the important life energies as well as the patterns that were produced from the inter-relationship development as a multifaceted, essential and flexible approach into inner organizational change and development. Even though there are many beliefs, values and feelings that can range from one extreme to the other, help to develop a kaleidoscope of prospective possibilities. Definitely dear ones there is a doorway that enables you to cover the synthetic aspects of your nature and it is up to each of you to know when to learn when it is time to let the illusions go and embrace your true self. 

When there are multi-layers of synthetic density there becomes a common purpose to blanketing the falseness and that is to allow yourself to regain any amount of tangible natural human essence which will also encourage a re-organization of your alignment within your somatic self and fusion with the creative and spiritual energies that flow through the frequencies of the Universe which each of you are an essential part. When you move closer to the inner sanctum of your Inner True Self, you will begin to illuminate that natural Child of Mother Earth that you are and this inner knowingness unfolds your creative purpose that has come into the physical body which you currently inhabit. 

The inner sanctum of your Self is an intense essence of altering luminosity that is found through diamond-like structure of your beautiful heart. When you recognize your Inner-Diamond dear ones, you then see your soul as a crystalline recorder that is found within your heart and this matrix of pure feeling is increased when you receive true unconditional Love, Grace and the unmistakable brilliant Light from God. Understand dear ones with the clarity found within your heart that duality is Not the nature of the Universe. We encourage you to understand that duality is an illusion created of a certain reality held by commonplace accord. Duality dear ones is the end outcome of definitive balance that is distressed. 

Many of you comprehend that Polarity is all about opposites; attraction vs. repulsion, positive vs. negative, etc. and that polarity flows through the masculine and feminine energy. It is understood that creation does bring dynamic opposites through its developmental outward force. On the surface yes there is opposition and within the central core the centering that is taking place generates equilibrium, understandably opposites have known beginnings that are within the basic center of unity – understood as the two in the One. All Unions is the merging of two becoming One; therefore the attention of masculine and feminine spiritual energies is to discover the creator being within the other. 

In order to come together and unite within the center of Love, any inner separations or holes in the consciousness must be fused and connected in order to truly identify with the other on a profound level of awareness. There is a certain amount of separateness between your head and your spiritual heart and there is no exact measure because it is very individual and is based primarily on your perception. 

Your initial energy pattern rests within the integrated masculine and feminine forces of your natural self and within these aspects of your life is your potential to develop balance, peace, and most definitely transformation of your Self. Although it is understood that not everyone is on the same track and there are some that are missing important content that causes difficulties in this development. Understand dear ones, the ability to integrate the polarities of both masculine and feminine concepts and approach to life that is balanced does require you to expose any inhibitions in order to enhance them through development and aligning their inner and outer multi-layered complexities that will in time and with great effort bring them into fruition that will be for the greater of good. A fusion such as this dear ones will align you with the Divine energy that is found through the Wholeness of Unconditional Love. With your pure intent and tireless effort you continue to bring yourself closer to your True Self that is authentic and natural and this energy that flows through you reweaves your progression in order to fill in any holes that may have been created from fear, trauma or pain. When you are finally on the path of love, you and the energy you emit enlarge the boundaries of your own perception. And through your ever-expanding awareness, your Self learns and discovers the necessity to persevere during any commitment made towards change and allows you from the inside to experience the fullness of the moment – an endearing and loving relationship with your Self is admired and worth the effort to realize its specialness. 

So much growth and development is always possible when you make your journey a priority and you embrace your journey with love that is pure and love filled that is always unconditional. All your answers dear ones as soon as you mutter them can be found by paying attention to the answers that are found within you. 

I AM Melchizedek through Julie Miller 
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Being in love is a wonderful thing.


Everyone needs and deserves to feel that kind of love from both sides -- to love and be loved.


But love can be complicated these days . . .


Well, I suppose it may have always been at least a little complicated, but it's often more complicated in this modern age, because our lives are more complicated now.


And even when we are in love, it can be a challenge to make a relationship work in ways that are satisfying to both partners.


A recent poll of couples reported that only 30% consider themselves to be even "semi-happy."


That seems like a terrible shame, to have found a mate who feels like the right person for you, and still not be fulfilled in the relationship.


But this is a problem that has many solutions, and my wonderful friend Arielle Ford has gathered together 50 experts she thinks have discovered quite a few of them. And now, to celebrate the promise and possibility of the new year, she wants to share them all with you.


Announcing The Art of Love Relationship Series << A No-Cost Online Event


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Here are just a handful of the 50 love and relationship experts you'll hear from during the series: John Gray, Harville Hendrix, Marianne Williamson, don Miguel Ruiz, Alison Armstrong, Jack Canfield, Katherine Woodward Thomas, Gay Hendricks, Katie Hendricks, Arielle Ford, Craig Hamilton, Claire Zammit, Debbie Ford, my good friend Jean Houston, and . . . me (though I am anything but an "expert" on relationships, I have been told some wonderful things in my conversations with God about "Making Love a Spiritual Journey").


The whole Art of Love Relationship Series has been designed to help singles preparing for love, as well as couples who want to deepen their connection to each other, improve their intimacy skills, learn immediate and productive conflict resolution, and so much more.


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How about this incredible scene

How about this incredible scene

If you thought Britain was cold how about this incredible scene? The picture shows a warehouse that was encased in ice after water used to put out a blazing inferno froze in Chicago. The city has been suffering from bitterly cold weather, making it difficult for firefighters. The sub-zero temperatures can seal shut fire hydrants, weigh down buildings and firefighters and make the ground treacherous with ice (Reuters)

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Weather: Snow Storm Brings M6 To Standstill

Weather: Snow Storm Brings M6 To Standstill

Snow Storm Brings M6 To Standstill.- People Bilt Snowmen On The Carriageway

Hundreds of drivers spent up to eight hours trapped in their vehicles on the M6 in Lancashire after heavy snow brought the motorway to a standstill.

The motorway became blocked in both directions between junctions 25 and 27, near Wigan, on Friday night after vehicles became stuck in more than a foot of snow and some drivers abandoned their cars.

Many drivers were affected along the stretch between Wigan and Standish after struggling to make it up inclines in the treacherous conditions, while a number of accidents including jack-knifed lorries also blocked lanes.

Prime Minister David Cameroon tweeted: "Huge sympathy for those affected by heavy #uksnow. Govt working closely with transport operators to minimise impact on everyone."

Mountain rescue teams were brought in to help police and the Highways Agency clear roads and assist those who were stranded.

One man had to be taken to hospital after becoming ill in his car while it was stuck.

And some of the stranded drivers passed the time with snowball fights and building snowmen.

The M6, as well as the M56 and M58 which were also blocked, are now all moving again but remain heavily congested with long tailbacks, Lancashire Police said.

Motorists contacted Sky News overnight to share their tales of woe.

Kevin Collister, stuck on the motorway just past the M58 junction heading northbound, said: "There is absolutely no movement whatsoever on my side of the carriageway, all the snow is squashed down into ice and there are wagons trying to move and sliding sideways.

"It's an absolute nightmare, we've been here for three hours so far. A few people are saying we might be here for the night but we're just hoping we can get through."

Conservative MP David Morris, stuck on the southbound carriageway, said: "We've ground to a halt on both sides. Nothing is really moving.

"But the emergency services have been fantastic and are doing the best for us, and everyone is in good spirits.

"I've just seen a snowball fight and the man next door to me has built a snowman on top of his car roof ... it's very surreal."

Barry Pinches, on his way to Blackpool, told Sky News: "At one stage we didn't think we would make it but it looks like things are moving slowly now. We saw some snow ploughs on the southbound carriageway but there doesn't seem to be too many of them - they have their work cut out."

Pete Martin, from the Highways Agency, confirmed to Sky News that the carriageways had been gritted before the snow came down.

"We had an extremely intense fall of snow across Lancashire between 8.30pm and midnight and basically there wasn't enough traffic to keep the lanes moving," he said.

"A number of HGVs lost traction between junctions 25 and 27 and once they blocked the carriageway the snow stacked up and the result was a number of stranded vehicles."

The agency worked throughout the night to clear the routes with snow ploughs. It is urging those who had abandoned their cars to return to them as soon as possible.

A spokesman said: "With the rain falling and ice melting onto very cold road surfaces, we are now warning drivers of the danger of ice."

Hazardous driving conditions led to collisions and delays on many routes across the north of England, including the M18, M60, M65, M56 and M58.

Meanwhile, all flights were suspended at Leeds Bradford International Airport during the morning as a fresh blanket of snow covered most of the Yorkshire region.

North Yorkshire Fire Service said a couple had to be rescued from a snow drift on the North York Moors last night.

North Yorkshire Police said some main roads were blocked by snow and abandoned vehicles including the A59 between Harrogate and Skipton and the B6265 at Rylstone.

Weather experts have warned of the risk of flooding this weekend, as heavy rain moves in and rising temperatures spark a rapid thaw of the built-up snow and ice.

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Reincarnation Evidence by Dr Ian Stevenson.


Reincarnation Evidence by Dr Ian Stevenson.

Some children can remember exact & verifiable details of their prior
life they never could have come to know in this their current child life.

These details can be objectively and independently confirmed…

Remarkably & quite biologically enigmatic: Some of them have birth
marks and birth defects at very same locations as the lethal injury
causing their often abrupt and violent past life death. Eg. Born with 5
missing fingers after a prior life accident where they were cut off...

Birthmarks at the exact location where they got gunshot wounds in their
prior life, which could be confirmed from the autopsy report of their
deceased individuality. Furthermore: Some can speak a language they
never have learnt in this life (xenoglossy) corresponding to their past
life language & nationality. They can in some cases remember names of
siblings and other family members in their past life family, who they
never have met in this life...

The pioneer on this research was the late Dr Ian Stevenson:
He founded The Division of Perceptual Studies (DOPS) at the
Department of Psychiatry & Neurobehavioral Sciences at the
University of Virginia, in Charlottesville, VA.

Selected Ian Stevenson Bibliography:

(1974). Twenty Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation
(1974). Xenoglossy: A Review and Report of A Case.
(1975). Cases of the Reincarnation Type, Vol. I: Ten Cases in India.
(1978). Cases of the Reincarnation Type, Vol. II: Ten Cases in Sri Lanka.
(1980). Cases of the Reincarnation Type, Vol. III: Twelve Cases in Lebanon and Turkey.
(1983). Cases of the Reincarnation Type, Vol. IV: Twelve Cases in Thailand and Burma.
(1984). Unlearned Language: New Studies in Xenoglossy.
(1997). Reincarnation and Biology: A Contribution to the Etiology of Birthmarks and Birth Defects.

Volume 1: Birthmarks. Volume 2: Birth Defects and Other Anomalies. Praeger Publishers.
(1997). Where Reincarnation and Biology Intersect. Praeger Publishers
(2000). Children Who Remember Previous Lives: A Question of Reincarnation
(2003). European Cases of the Reincarnation Type. McFarland & Company.

Summarized in the 2012 recent book:

Science, the Self, and Survival after Death: Selected Writings of Ian Stevenson

by his colleague, Emily Williams Kelly:

Ian Stevenson was a prominent and internationally-known psychiatrist, researcher,
prolific author, and well-regarded figure in the field of psychical research.

Science, the Self, and Survival after Death: Selected Writings of Ian Stevenson is the
first book devoted to surveying the entirety of his work and the extraordinary scope and
variety of his research. He studied universal questions that cut to the core of a person’s identity:

What is consciousness? How did we become the unique individuals that we are?

Do we survive in some form after death? Stevenson’s writings on the nature of science and the
mind-body relationship, as well as his empirical research, demonstrate his strongly held belief
that the methods of science can be applied successfully to such humanly vital questions.

Featuring a selection of his papers and excerpts from his books, this collection presents the
larger context of Stevenson’s work and illustrates the issues and questions that guided him
throughout his career. Our esteemed colleague, Emily Williams Kelly,
is the editor of this collection of Dr. Stevenson's writing.

Have a nice & noble day!

Friendship is the Greatest!

Bhikkhu Samāhita _/\_ 
Related Buddhist site:

Group Home:

May all beings become thus Happy!

Friendship is the GREATEST!

Have a Nice Day!

Bhikkhu Samahita

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Australia floods: Sunshine and Gold Coast covered in 'sea foam'

Tourists, residents and emergency services were left bemused by the huge swathes of foam which were whipped up by high winds and then thrown onto land in eastern Australia.

Foam fills Australian town by itnnews

This was the bizarre scene on Australia's Sunshine Coast over the weekend, where extreme weather has blanketed coastal towns with several feet of 'sea foam'.

Tourists, residents and emergency services were left bemused by the huge swathes of foam which were whipped up by high winds and then thrown onto land in eastern Australia.

Videos have emerged of cars attempting to navigate through the thick 'snow-like' sea foam in Alexandra Headland and nearby Mooloolaba.

The sea foam forms when powerful storms force water into the air before it is washed onto the beachfront.

The foam may have provided beachgoers with a unique photo opportunity, but it has also had serious consequences as local business have been affected during travel chaos.

The extreme weather has provided some spectacular images on the Sunshine Coast with foam being stirred up by the …

Onlookers said the foam reached three metres high at its peak, with emergency services urging residents and tourists to cancel all non-essential travel.

Dozens of Australians have been left stranded by severe flooding in northeast Australia in the last few days.

The extreme weather has also killed three people and affected thousands of homes.

Thousands have evacuated their homes across Queensland and neighbouring New South Wales with widespread flood warnings in the southern path of ex-tropical cyclone Oswald.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard said the "wild weather had broken a lot of hearts", with some Queensland residents experiencing their third flood in two years, including the devastating 2011 inundation which killed 35 people.

Worst of Queensland flooding still to come
By Alex O'Hara

Thousands of homes have been flooded by torrential rain in eastern Australia, and more rain and high winds are expected in Queensland and New South Wales.

Four people are reported to have been killed, including a three-year-old boy who was hit by a falling tree in Brisbane.

Officials are preparing for another day of evacuations after the Burnett River in Brisbane burst its banks.

Flood waters swept through homes in Ipswich in just half an hour, and residents used containers and canoes to save their belongings.

More than 2000 homes are underwater in the worst-affected city of Bundaberg, but that's not the most immediate concern for residents, who are just desperate to leave the area.

Bundaberg, in Queensland, has been hit the hardest by floods (AAP)

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Many buildings in the region were destroyed in the floods two years ago, now locals are trying to save them from another flood.

The Gold Coast was spared major flooding - but there is plenty of damage as roofing was ripped off and boats driven ashore.

Further up the country in Queensland's Sunshine Coast, sea foam 3m deep covered streets and walk ways, whipped up by huge waves.

There was enough to almost cover a bus, and to completely cover a car.

Queensland premier Campbell Newman is urging residents to prepare for the worst in the coming days, with the Brisbane River set to peak at midday today.

3 News

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Thousands urged to evacuate as Queensland floodwaters rise

With floodwaters rising in Queensland, 5000 Bundaberg residents are being urged to get out now – or risk their lives.

So far three people have died after being caught in the rushing water, and now a mandatory evacuation warning is in place after the Burnett River broke its banks.

An elderly man was washed out to sea when he went to check on his yacht in southeast Queensland. His body was recovered yesterday.

Today another two bodies were recovered, including that of a motorcyclist who was swept away whilst crossing a bridge.

Australian Deputy Prime Minister Wayne Swan says Bundaberg is one area which may be hit harder than it was in 2011.

“I’m told by people up there that this is likely to be the worst in the history, in terms of the level of the river – and that is posing some very special challenges up in that region.”

Currently 225,000 Queenslanders are without power, with the Bremer River and the Brisbane River also expected to cause major problems overnight.

Emergency responders are said to be extremely frustrated at needless rescues caused by people driving through floodwaters or going outside to watch rising rivers.

Deputy State Emergency Services Commissioner Steve Pearce says they've received more than 700 calls for help, and in some cases, rescuers are being forced to put their lives on the line because of foolish behaviour.

“The majority of flood rescues are [of] people attempting to drive through flooded roadways or causeways – so it’s people just rolling the dice, which is really concerning obviously,” he says.

Helicopters are scrambling to rescue those stranded on car roofs and houses, while 1200 properties are flooded in the east coast city of Bundaberg, 385km north of the state capital Brisbane. Most parts of the city are expected to be underwater at some stage.

Deputy Mayor David Batt told ABC Radio on Monday that hundreds of people need to be evacuated from their homes.

Queensland State Premier Campbell Newman says emergency crews are trying to rescue 30 people trapped on roofs in city.

In Ipswich, around 40km west of Brisbane, Mayor Paul Pisale is bracing for the worst, saying that after the deadly 2011 floods it's a case of déjà vu.

“I know I’m finding it very hard to deal with the emotional stress this morning, just talking with people,” he says.

“They’ve worked their guts out to get to this situation and now [ex-cyclone] Oswald’s come around and just kicked them in the guts – it’s very, very hard emotionally for me to feel, as you can imagine, what my community’s feeling at the moment.”

While the water peak is not expected to reach the levels seen in the devastating Queensland flood two years ago, 5000 homes are expected to be inundated.

The tail end of ex-cyclone Oswald is due to hit Sydney tonight.
RadioLIVE / AP

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Uncharted spiritual territory

In many ways last year was easier than this past month of January for me.
After all I had a goal.
I had inner direction.
My heart told me that the goal was to release,clear and let go of anything that did not serve the highest good.
And I had a deadline.
December 21st,2012.

I understand deadlines.
Was always very good at meeting them.
Tell me what needs to happen,what I need to do, give me direction and I am gone.
And so it was that December 21st came and went, and for me my whole world changed as I experienced a deeper,stronger,more expansive connection with my Source.
So the deadline helped me to reach for something,helped me to keep going,gave me something to aim for.
I accepted the emotional releases, and everything else, because I had a purpose...

But now?
I no longer have a carrot guiding me as I move forward into this uncharted spiritual territory.

The energies have been intense.
When emotional releases occur...they are a doozy.
And my body is also taking an energetic beating...
Had a crazy virus going on, my throat,my head,my lungs, which is now finally better...
(I feel this was a release of dormant illness within me that the energies released)
And the headaches have intensified hugely, often so debilitating that I lose a day...
(I feel that this has to do with my pineal gland and changes occurring in my brain)
I am goofy as can be.
I forget things so easily.
Got no sense of time.

Find myself looking at a world that looks the same...but feels so different.
Like an overlay of energies on top of what I see,as if things are not quite real.
I completely stopped remembering my dreams, almost feeling like at night I go into the void and no dreaming occurs.
Nausea comes and goes and my eating habits are plain weird.

Am I here?
Am I there?
So after last year, this month has kicked my butt.
And it can be so easy to question myself...for I no longer have a finish line to conquer, a race to finish.
A reason to do.

So now for me the main question is "Now what?"

I feel that last year was the year to balance the energies of the earth.
So much fear was attached to the 21st of December that it needed to be balanced with love so that the end of the world scenario did not manifest.
So that the shift could occur for the highest good of all in a non-destructive manner.
And I feel this was all accomplished beautifully.
We are still here.

And now I need to walk my path.
I need to set my own goal, for myself, guided from within.
This can be hard,because all my life I have had goals, something to DO.
Outside influences dictated how I lived my life.

And now I just need to BE.

Big difference for me.
The difference between doing and being.

So while I feel last year was for the earth,this time is for me.
For as I become more connected, as I remember more, then that is when I can be the change I want to see in the world.
I can live my life in the Light.
Help the beautiful souls around me who are awakening.
And I see it, this awakening all around me, and it brings such joy to my heart.

With no rush.
With no deadlines.
With not expectations.
With no judgement.

And this is my new carrot.
My wish to continue to remember, to become who I really am.
And I have to admit that I am looking forward to seeing all the change I feel is happening within me.
In every way possible.
And I am perfectly okay with that.

So now many seem to be in uncharted spiritual territory as well as myself.
Feeling lost.
With no direction.
Like a rolling stone...(woke up this morning with the Bob Dylan song playing in my head LOL)

But it will sort itself out.
Things always do.
And on those day when it gets hard, I reach out to my Source and I connect with nature.
I baby myself and I remind myself that I am not just a body.
That I am so much more.
And that I am finally free to just be me.
And that I am not alone, never was,never will be.

Thank you my beautiful family for going through this with me, as we all explore this amazing new world filled with Light.
Shine On
In Light and Love

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My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Today we will speak about the nature of patience. As we look into your hearts dear ones we see so many of you anxious and eager to “get on” with your lives. This is wonderful! You are excited. You have dreams and plans that cause your heart to jump for joy! And while we love that you are looking to the future with such zeal, we also know that being fully immersed in your present day, celebrating what you can find to enjoy in each moment, then you will create a vibration to draw you forward into that very future you desire so much faster. For as we have said on so many occasions, the universe always provides you with a match for the energies you are sending out – both consciously and unconsciously.

For example, say you want to create a new career. When you think of doing something that fulfills you you sigh with relief. You feel excited. You can’t wait to get going. However, if you want to create that new career faster, then dear ones, don’t go into your present job with a heavy heart, saying, “I can’t wait until this is over. I can’t wait to get out of here,” because then you are not putting out the highest vibration into the universe. Instead say, “Well here I am, and I am excited that I am creating better, but let me put as much love as possible into my day, right here and right now.” In this vibration of love, all things come so much more quickly!

Likewise say you want to create more financial prosperity in your lives. By all means sit and visualize and feel how life will be like with more money. Enjoy imagining all the wonderful things you will do with this money. But if you want to create it, don’t in your very next breath allow yourself to feel trapped and limited by your current circumstances! That puts a vibration of lack out to the universe. Instead find what abundance you can find now, in this day. Look at the sunset! You are rich! Hear the birds singing! You are wealthy. God gives you so many gifts right now. Yes, we hear you right now. Appreciating the birdies doesn’t pay the bills,” you say. Dear ones, we say, yes it does, for the vibration of gratitude and a full heart will always attract everything you truly want and need. An appreciation of the richness of life seeks out and attracts more.

Patience, dear ones, comes from faith in God’s love and an understanding of how the entire universe works. Patience is an appreciation for what you have right here and right now. It is a willingness to seek the love, the abundance, the joy, right here and and right now, knowing that God loves each and every one of you so much that what you truly want and need will come in right timing, when and if you are in the energy to attract it. You have lessons to learn here upon the earth. You are exactly where you need to be.

Perhaps you need to “try out” the belief that you are loved. Every time you feel fearful or impatient, simply say, “I know you love me God. I trust you will move me in the right directions. I know you care about my heart and my dreams, because you put these dreams in my heart to begin with.” Then you go about your day, patiently knowing that God is with you and God cares. Patience should not be associated with a willingness to suffer through your days until they get better! Patience should arise naturally because you choose happiness now.cake

How is it you have the patience to bake a cake, but you cannot wait for your manifestations knowing that if you combine the right ingredients within yourself, and warm them with the vibrational frequency of love, surely they will arise into the heavens and give you back such sweetness? Impatience is fear wearing a mask. Impatience is pulling the cake out of the oven to check on it, to pacify your fears, and thereby ruining it. Impatience is digging the seeds you planted out of the ground to see if they have sprouted yet, thereby ruining their growth. Impatience is putting out a vibration that interferes with your creations.

So dear ones, practice patience, for in truth you are practicing living in a reality of truth, where you know and choose to focus on the fact that you are deeply and dearly loved.

God Bless you! We love you so very much.
– The Angels

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, JANUARY 22, 2013

"I AM St Germain. And I bring you the greetings of all of us who come as Lights - Light bodies, and in my case, in body. To be here with you on this momentous day, and on behalf of Mother/Father God, I will say that God is so grateful to have been included in every part of the inauguration which took place yesterday in Earth time, because this country was founded in Divine Inspiration, and indeed is to be a model for the entire World, and yes, the Universe beyond!

"Freedom - that is my responsibility, which I have taken on joyfully and unreservedly, on behalf of all of the people of Planet Earth. And I humbly submit to you that I have been quite instrumental at times in inspiring the many difficult steps that have needed to be taken to bring this Freedom to Planet Earth. That song expresses all that the United States of America was founded to be.*

"Now you all know that there has not been an easy transition to even get to where we are on this day. But you all know that I and the others have been with you this entire time, even when the times seemed so dark! I was with the Founding Fathers of this country. I have been made welcome since then, most notably by your President Lincoln, and yes, by your President Kennedy, and many others who have walked the halls of Congress, and your Courts, and your state and local governments, whose ideals sometimes have been called foolish, and sometimes have called for the highest sacrifices that they could make. But they have persevered, as have I!

"There never has been any question of giving up, despite those who have been in control all of these millennia of time, even when it seemed as though they would give the victory in what you call your Second World War to the one called Hitler. And that was their plan at first until - not for any humanitarian purposes you must understand - but until they realized that they might not be able to control Hitler, they threw their weight to the Free World - the so-called Free World.

"There has been divisiveness deliberately created. There have been lies and propaganda throughout the ages. But now the Light is shining so bright, there is no question, no question at all that Freedom is here, and Freedom -restoration of Freedom, or shall we say making true all that the United States of America stands for in theory, is about to happen!!! Be ready! Stand tall! Yes, be courageous, but most of all be Love! It is by being Love, sharing Love, and providing examples of the Love You Are, that you will teach and inspire others to do the same!

"Now I would make some comments. Yes, I was standing with Obama the entire time. I AM with him constantly. He walks with me and with Sananda, because he understands that Freedom is more than just a set of written laws, more even than what is given in your Declaration and your Constitution, more than is given in the Emancipation Proclamation, or in the Dream of Dr. King.

"Yes, Dr. King came to the Mountaintop, and it is so wondrous that his birthday celebrated not only the Freedom, but the inauguration of Obama on the same day - imagine! Mother/Father God was everywhere. The Ashtar Command was totally in charge. I was with everyone in that vast audience. If you watch it, and you see when the cameras focused upon the crowd, and everyone was waving those flags, the red, white, and blue flags - the color that showed was purple! It was a sea of purple, lavender, blue-violet, purple - my colors! That was the people together as One; one great community, one great audience of Joy!!!

"There are those who saw me there. I AM more visible than some of the Ascended Ones. I AM finding it quite useful to take on the appearance of the human, that is, a body. Oh, I'm a little Lighter, and I'm a little shorter than the average, as suits me. It's particularly useful when I make an appearance, because you see I'm still Light enough, even in the body of the human, that I can walk through the walls!

"I'm sure you can imagine the drama that occurs. Why am I doing drama? It's to get the point across. It's to get the point across to those who think only of power, and enslaving others so that they can be powerful, and rich, and all of that, and so meeting some of their delusions with a bit of drama can get the point across.

"They knew I was there yesterday. There were many of them there in the audience, participants even in the ceremonies - they knew I was there. They were a bit uncomfortable, but that is all right, because sometimes it is best to make someone shake a little bit, or we should say shake them up a bit - not to frighten them, but simply to jar loose some of the most stuck of programs! Get them to focus upon what's really important: 'How does jail sound to you? Then why do you want to imprison your brothers and sisters in any way? If you don't think it feels good, why do you want them to feel bad?'

"In other words, they're getting a pretty heavy dose of 'Walking in their brothers' and sisters' shoes.' And it's working! They know their day is done. And yes, they're going to try some shenanigans, but the great Freedom which has come is here, and if you did not catch this before, go back. Obama had some 'help' with his speech, and he was exuberant, because he could finally say these things that he has been wanting to say all this time, but he has had to understand.

"And with great humility, and dedication, he has allowed those who would continue to enslave to do their thing, in order to enable greater understanding, and in order to inspire people to appreciate their new Freedoms, while at the same time listening to Mother/Father, and all the messengers who counsel Love, and Compassion, and Forgiveness, and Gratitude, and Peace in the Heart. It starts - Peace on Earth starts in the individual Hearts. And so it is that we see such a bright road ahead!

"Look for Truth. You know this one, this Voice, asked why Obama did not wear a purple tie, and I told her it was because he wore the Blue of Truth, because it is time for Truth to come out, and Archangel Michael is very much with him, and counseling!

"So, this is a most momentous time for all of you, and for all of us who come to be in loving assistance and guidance to you! And I should like, while we are together in this most precious time, I should like for all of us to join together in what I will call a Pledge of Commitment to Being Citizens of the Golden Age. And so I shall ask if you would repeat after me, and if you would, do what is necessary to open up the lines,** so that we can all be heard. I shall say the first phrase - we have done this before - and then you can repeat it after me:








"Well, Beloved Ones, I, St Germain, congratulate all of you. I know that there might have been some interference on the line, but it makes no difference. You were heard, and it is not just we gathered here who heard you! Our sounds, our words, and indeed the Light from our Hearts went out throughout all of Planet Earth and Beyond. And I salute you all in the Brother/Sisterhood of the One We Are. And I tell you that your lives are now free to be as easy as you choose them to be! Your Abundance is unlimited, and most of all your Light shines so bright that you truly are Leaders in Freedom and Peace unto all of the World!!!

"Thank you so much for being with us, and if you will, please accept the special Roses of Kumara, which are Lavender, just for you, for this occasion. Put them into your Hearts, and know that you were here, and you can listen, and repeat this pledge as often as you wish. It will only raise you Higher and Higher in your vibrations as you feel the energy of our Community of Love, and Light, and Service.

"And so we all thank you for being One With Us. We love you beyond words, and we rejoice that We Are One With You. And so it is! Namaste!"

* My Country 'Tis of Thee, sung by Kelly Clarkson
** (Speaking to Fran)

Transcription by Arnold Neal Troeh
Given through Susan Leland, 1-22-13.

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2013 Chinese horoscope prediction

2013 Chinese horoscope prediction


Chinese Horoscope 2013: Year of Snake

Which Chinese animal sign you belong to? Are you willing to know how year 2013 will be for your animal sign? Free Chinese horoscope 2013 prediction available here offers you to know how the year 2013 will be for each Chinese animal sign. It is not only interesting to know, but also very fruitful for you to read forecast of 2013 Chinese horoscope, as it unearths how the year 2013 is for your career, income, family, love life, and for other areas of life. 2013 is 'year of snake' in Chinese Astrology and, of course, 2013 is certainly the special year for the person who is with animal sign Snake. Perhaps, it is also true that from beginning of any new year most of us wonder to know how the whole year will be for them. Reading your Chinese horoscope 2013, you'll definitely get shock or become happy to see the color of this year for you. Relax! Chinese Horoscope 2013 forecast has not shown to you in any complex way. You will love to read your 2013 Chinese horoscope in simple language that is easily understood to you.
Now, you also may be wondering what your Chinese animal sign is. In Chinese Astrology, there are twelve animal signs that are represented in twelve-year cycle. For finding what your Chinese animal sign is, you can visit here - Chinese Zodiac Astrology. In the given link, you will see a table that will show you which animal belongs to which year. And, the year of your birth is year of your Chinese animal sign.
If you do not know your Chinese Zodiac Sign, please visit - Chinese Zodiac Sign calculator.


Rat Horoscope 2013
Both comfort and struggles are indicated for you for year 2013. You're a rat and you will be fair smart to tackle your troubles. Somehow, there are chances that you may feel irritation because of obstacles in your path. However, support from your near dear friends is also indicated. You'd not feel alone, in fact, you will be constantly getting good support from your family and friends. Year 2013 will offer you fresh energy, strength and positive vibes to remove all your tensions or problems of past year. Perhaps, you can also face conflicting situation. A big achievement is waiting for you in this year. Year 2013 is fortunate for your career, health, finance and love life. However, you will also experience barriers before achieving anything in any area of life. You highly need to neglect afflicting energies or negative thoughts. This year indicates your involvement in making new friends. The rat will find immense enjoyment as well as disheartening situations in year 2013. Person with Chinese sign rat will get many propitious unexpected opportunities but they need to be prepared themselves to seize the chances. The 2013 year of snake will bring hindrances for the rat. But sharp or witty character will protect the rat from many minor and major blockages in life this year. Beginning months of the year 2013 offers many fresh opportunities which will keep Rat busy almost all the time. Due to this the person with sign rat will be unable to balance the personal life. This can create misunderstanding in their relationship.


Ox Horoscope 2013
If you are OX born, the year 2013 is bringing many ups and down or changes in life. The year can seriously take taste of your patience. 2013 year of snake offers you many chances to express your point of views confidently. Luck is in favor but your outburst nature can weaken the shine of your fortune. The Ox needs to be calm and polite in all situations. Person born with Ox sign will try to learn trick for tackling many complicated situation this year. The Ox will completely enjoy nurturing their love life. But heath issues can give troubles. Using imaginations and creativity the Ox can get maximum desired result for their objectives. In year 2013 the Ox can face unexpected accident in mid months of the year. However, the Ox will find fewer obstacles but some professional problems may irritate always. The person with sign Ox may hide many secrets in their heart which is not good for running of healthy relationship. You will see many chances coming into life especially in matter of your luck. You will make best efforts to make things easier, and time will favour you. But you need to come out for clear conversation and guts of expressing yourself very apparently free from fear and mistakes'. Based on your animal sign you may find some difficulty in stabilizing your career for some time. But, don't worry the year 2013 is overall good for you.



Tiger Horoscope 2013
The person with sign Tiger will always study to focus mind on one target. But The Tiger need to accept challenges of multi-tasking this year. Year 2013 brings not so momentous achievements but offers satisfactory growth in all terms for sure. Your intuition is strong. You will predict some favourable or evil events and will know which matter can give profits or loss associated with your future events. Like last year, your positive vibrations and great enthusiasm of work will make you fresh. Financial condition is good in middle of the year. The year 2013 indicates that The Tiger will build good social contacts. Love life will go smooth without hurdles, but little misunderstanding or clash is part of life. 2013 as year of snake will define your power or strength. The person who forgot you in past may come back to you in middle of the year to ask for forgiveness. Your aggressiveness is sometimes out of control, however you're enough capable to control your temper. But if you fail to do this, you can weaken your close relationship.



Rabbit Horoscope 2013
The year 2013 is not much favourable for the Rabbit. Health issues, struggle, low confidence and slipping of good opportunities are indicated. 2013 as year of Snake will prove inspiring time-period and will give lessons to learn. However, the Rabbit needs to avoid over confidence. The people with sign Rabbit are, no doubt, very smart but their over smartness can hammer result of their own objectives badly. The Rabbit may also face unfriendly response from the near dear people during this year. Diplomacy and patience can help people with animal sign rat to handle hostile condition this year. 2013 the year of Snake brings fair amount of success in life of rabbits. But their hasty nature can turn success into failure. Rabbits need to be alert all the time, as their rivals would be waiting to chase them at any condition. Rabbits will aim to do something new for family that can cheer their family members or relatives. Innovation in ideas of rabbits is predicted for the year 2013.


Dragon Horoscope 2013
2013 will be a time of mixed fortunes for the Dragon. It is predicted that there will be vast opportunities as well as disappointments in your life, especially when it comes to relationships. You may face situation where you can feel lack of good will. Perhaps, you may be involved in worse conflicting situation. But it is only possible if your response is harsh. You're advised to think for any matter deliberately before reaching a final decision. Being angry and hitting back rowdily will serve no good but only make matters worse and disturb you adversely. You're advised to bring Buddha at home. It will bring back peace, harmony and confidence in your life. Besides many problems, there are fair chances of satisfactory achievements in your career or business. Your politeness and patience can help you coming out from many obstacles peacefully. It is very fruitful for you if you keep your secret friend close to you. Their hidden help and support will endow you not only power but a little success too. 2013 year of snake brings mix of fortunes in life. However, harmony and good time depends on your response and activity.


Snake Horoscope 2013
2013 is the year of the snake. The time will help the Snakes to emerge. However, mix of fortunes is indicated for them. They will look for the opportunities to protect themselves. But there are also fair chances that they can come in limelight. Name, fame, popularity is indicated for them in this year. Relationship with close friends, relatives and with near dear people will go smoothly. There are few chances of facing adverse crisis. Snakes are very speedy and this year they will not miss any opportunity to show themselves how good and active they're. Year 2013 enhances luck of snakes and this time-period helps them flourishing their intelligence. However, snakes are not advised to take major risks during year 2013. Any wrong decision or risk can create dilemma in their life. They always need to protect themselves from conflicting situation. Besides challenges, love life of snakes will face ups and downs, but will also experience pleasant moments.



Horse Horoscope 2013
The people with sign Horse need to take lot of care during year 2013. They are advised to ignore taking big risk. If care is not taken, they may have to deal with conflicts, violence, financial loss and a host of others problems brought by ill-intentioned stars. Despite the innumerable sufferings, their chances of getting success are still strong. Be diligent and smart in taking the right steps to erase all the negative vibes from your body and mind. With many triumphant moments the person with sign Horse will enjoy year 2013. Care and support of family and partner are foreseen for Horse. Close friends will help Horses to minimize difficulties of life.


Sheep Horoscope 2013
The year 2013 is predicted fair for all areas of life of the person with animal sign Sheep. Whatever Sheep will like to achieve can easily achieve in this fortunate year. Year 2013 brings propitious time for progress in income, wealth, and career of Sheep. People with animal sign Sheep will love to work hard to achieve their aims or objectives during this year. Their many of problems will get solved automatically from time to time. Stars are favouring Sheep for enjoying pleasantly this year. However, they may have to face a little assault from rivals or enemy.


Monkey Horoscope 2013
Misfortunes, bad luck, and unfavourable results are foreseen for Monkeys during year 2013. They will have to work hard to achieve even a small success. Hostile conditions and violence can also be predicted for Monkeys this year. People with sign Monkey are advised to avoid gossips and negative thoughts and negative influence of others. It will be wise if they listen to both their mind and heart. Despite challenges they will grab good opportunities in year 2013. But engaging themselves in wasteful gossips can weaken their strength.



Rooster Horoscope 2013
2013 year indicates cheerful growth in career of Roosters. The people with sign rooster will be glad to see their inclining growth-chart in this year. Positive energy, hard work, motivation, achievement and fewer problems are seen for Roosters during year 2013. They will get full support of their family members and close friends. Social contribution is indicated for them. Stars are in favour of roosters. However, their health can make them a little worried. The Roosters must take advantage of their superb inner strength and earthly luck in 2013 to reap the benefits of the year. They are advised to keep their mind open.


Dog Horoscope 2013
Like last year, this year will also take test of your diligence. The year 2013 is indicating challenging time for the people with animal sign Dog. After many efforts, they may get nothing but disappointments in life. In some situation, they may also lack their good will or decision making power. Still they do not need to loose their heart. They should keep going in their efforts and success will certainly meet their path. Year 2013 also bring enormous love and endurance of family members.


Pig Horoscope 2013
Pigs are in easy ride in year 2013. But for some cases this is also a tough year for Pigs. However, misfortunes, obstacles, mishaps, loss and general bad luck are predicted, Pigs will take troubles lightly. But influence of negative energy on Pigs is also foreseen. It is important to make the effort to overcome the negative energies. Year 2013 indicates progress in income or wealth. Health, love life, and financial condition are good for Pigs in this year. It is not necessary that things will go smoothly but their effort can make things easy and smooth. Pigs also have the chances of getting a fair amount of success.


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I AM Light. I AM Infinite. I AM The Channel. I AM Expanding. I AM Psychedelic. ... I AM Vibration. I AM Timeless. I AM Unity. I AM Activating. I AM Resonant. I AM Galactic. I AM Radiant. I AM Defined. I AM Electric. I AM Lunar. I AM Magnetic. I AM Planetary. I AM Balanced. I AM Organized. I AM Connected. I AM Inspired. I AM In Harmony. I AM In-tegrity. I AM Perfect. I AM Manifestation. I AM Dissolving. I AM Releasing. I AM Liberated. I AM Dedicated. I AM Universalized and Divine, Transcending Mantra. I AM Being. I AM Communicating. I AM Spirit. I AM Breathing. I AM Cosmic. I AM Essence. I AM Power. I AM Action. I AM Dreaming. I AM Abundance. I AM Intuition. I AM God. I AM Extreme. I AM Internal and External. I AM Flowering. I AM The Clocking. I AM Aware. I AM Lifeforce. I AM Surviving. I AM DMT. I AM Spiraling. I AM Arc. I AM Accomplishing. I AM Healing. I AM Beauty. I AM Elegance. I AM Pure. I AM Flowing. I AM Love. I AM Chakras. I AM Co-inciding. I AM Playing. I AM Magic. I AM Elusive. I AM Free Will. I AM Wise. I AM Exploring. I AM Space and Time. I AM Waking Life. I AM Vivid. I AM Enchanting. I AM Timelessness and Complete, Infinite Design. I AM Alien. I AM Human. I AM Receptive. I AM Vision. I AM Energy. I AM Mindful. I AM Questioning. I AM Answering. I AM Intelligent. I AM Fearless. I AM Evolving. I AM Opening My Third Eye to the Unseen Vision, Translating. I AM Synchronicity. I AM Reflecting. I AM Endlessness. I AM Order and Chaos. I AM The Tao. I AM Crystalized. I AM Self-generation. I AM Affirming. I AM Enlightened. I AM Blind. I AM The Tone. I AM The Color. I AM Electronic. I AM Lunar and Solar, Opposite and Polar. I AM Language. I AM Radial. I AM Particles of Plasma. I AM Endurance. I AM Cosmic. I AM Releasing. I AM Liberating. I AM Perfect. I AM Pulsing. I AM Realizing. I AM The One Because The One Are All. I AM Form. I AM The Infinite, Nothing That Becomes The Everything. I AM Symbolic. I AM Relative. I AM The Divine Spirit that Harmonizes with Laws. I AM Projecting. I AM Controlled Experience. I AM Desire. I AM Being. I AM We, We Are You


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As channeled by Suzanne Lie, PhD
Mytre Speaks:
Mytria and I arrived early at our Holoschool, which is the name we had given this holosuite, expecting to again find the Arcturian sending another Transmission to Earth. To our surprise, It was patiently waiting for us, even though we were early. The Arcturian warmly greeted us and asked if we were ready for our bi-location into the timeline in which our Pleiadian society ascended.
In sequential time that Ascension occurred long, long ago. However, in the no-time of the fifth dimension and beyond, time flows like a great ocean. Hence, one can enter the Flow of any Timeline to participate in that reality. The Arcturian told us that the Ascension of our Pleiadian society was quite similar to the Ascension of Earth. Therefore, our bi-location into that event would provide us with important information that would help us to assist with Earth’s Ascension process.
Since Mytria and I had both had previous experiences of bi-location, we would be able to maintain our ascended state of consciousness while we bi-located into our third/fourth dimensional forms and levels of consciousness. In this manner, we could more deeply understand the dynamics of pre- and post-Ascension states of consciousness.
On the other hand, the Ascending Ones from Earth would eventually bi-locate into their fifth dimensional SELF to assist them to further expand their consciousness and learn more about Ascension.
“We are about to begin our Earth Transmission” spoke the Arcturian, actually using a voice. “Please watch and listen.” The Arcturian then turned towards some form of membrane, similar to the Akashic Membrane, and began It’s transmission:
Dearest Ascending Ones of Planet Earth,
Today we are preparing you for your first experience of bi-location. Since bi-location is a fifth dimensional and beyond endeavor, you will leave one area and return back to it within only seconds of time. Of course, “leave” is not the correct term.
However, during your first few bi-locations it will be difficult for you to remain in constant contact with both of your realities. Therefore, you may feel as though you have left your body. Therefore, it will be important for you to check in on your body in order to train your thinking to encompass more than one location at a given time.
Before we begin our transmission, please tune deeply into our FEEL of unconditional love and relax into that sensation. The secret to bi-location is to NOT want anything, but instead to enter into the Flow of the ONE. In this manner, you are ensured that your lower frequencies of expression are “in the back seat.” These aspects of your Desire Body are of a third/fourth dimensional resonance.
Hence, as a safety mechanism set up by your own Soul, desires of this resonance are limited to your physical expression. Therefore, in order to bi-locate, especially while one of your realities is still wearing an Earth vessel, you must “turn off” ALL third dimensional thinking. Then, you can more easily surrender into the FEELING of the inner call that beckons you to bi-locate into a higher frequency of reality.
In other words, all bi-location must be ego-free. This rule is a protection to you, as the drag of your low resonance ego limits your bi-location to another location on 3D Earth. While you are first remembering this innate multidimensional ability, it is best that you only bi-locate to a fifth dimensional and beyond reality.
Bi-locating to this frequency of reality ensures that you will be met with unconditional love. Your secret governments have often experimented with bi-location into another physical location, which has greatly harmed those who were their “test subjects”. The fact is that one physical location is almost too much ego involvement for you to maintain your connection with your Higher Expression.
Consciously experiencing two physical locations at once creates the activation of too much ego. Furthermore, there are many physical locations that still hold dark energy. Hence, they are not safe. What we are saying is that to safely bi-locate it is best to allow your fifth dimensional expression, or Higher SELF, to guide you throughout your bi-location journey.
Ascended Masters are “masters” at bi-location. Therefore, St. Germaine will be working with many of the Ascending Ones as they gain their “bi-location wings”. Since, St. Germaine is well known for his skills at bi-location, he is joining us now to further instruct you…
St. Germaine Speaks:
My beloved Ascending Ones, I am quite pleased to assist you, the Ascending Ones of planet Earth, with your innate ability to bi-locate. As you may know, there are many rumors of my appearance on Earth over many different locations and centuries. These rumors are correct. In fact, I am currently wearing a form now on Earth.
I am involved in certain projects that have been planned for many decades but could not manifest while Earth was enshrouded in darkness. Now that Cosmic Light surrounds Earth, our plans are finally, yet slowly, moving forward. However, I am with you now to assist you with the process of bi-location. Therefore, I will concentrate my energies on that topic. However, if any of you dear Ascending Ones wish to know more about our great plans for Gaia, please feel free to call me. I am available for communication with as many Ascended Ones who wish to communicate with me.
You see my primary resonance is far beyond even the fifth dimension. Thus, I am not bound by the limitation of time or the sequential thinking that time creates. Hence, I can easily commune with myriad Beings within the NOW of the ONE. However, allow me to return to the purpose of this communication, which is remembering your innate ability to bi-locate. I will begin by outlining a few important points:
First, as the Arcturian said, make sure that you are desire-free and that your ego-Self remains in it present, physical location.
Second, make sure that your physical body is in a safe place and totally protected.
Third, remember that bi-location does not happen within 3D “time”. Consequently, you can bi-locate to a higher dimensional reality, spend what may appear to be a lifetime there and return mere seconds later in your Earth-time.
Fourth, ONLY bi-locate to a reality that welcomes you with the FEEL of unconditional love. We realize that many of you do “Rescue Work” just above the Lower Astral Plane during your sleep.
Bi-location is different. When you are volunteering to do Rescue Work with those trapped in the Lower Astral Plane, you are under the direct protection of the Angelic Kingdom when you “take your shift” to assist those trapped in that dark world. When you take your first solo flights it is important to go to the fifth dimension or beyond where a higher expression of your SELF is waiting to welcome and guide you. Remember, dear Ascending Ones, that ALL of you are great Multidimensional Beings of Light.
We are now speaking with the lowest frequency of your total expression, the YOU that is encased in your human form. Of course, YOU are not of a lower frequency, however the components of you that are still intermingled with your physical form, as well as your third dimensional reality, are “pulled into the drag” of that extremely low resonance.
Our dear, sweet volunteers for Ascension, we see the immense sacrifices that you have made in order to fulfill your Mission of assisting Gaia with her Ascension. Fortunately, many of you have expanded your consciousness enough to attach to the Parallel Reality that is in the process of returning Gaia into Her true expression of Her Star SELF. However, there are still many mundane acts that now feel like trudging through mud.
It is for this reason that we of the ONE are here to assist you with bi-location. Through bi-location you are able to “take a vacation” from the toils of a third dimensional reality. However, as the Arcturians have recently said, if you can fill those toils with unconditional love they will become much less burdensome.
We also wish to remind you that there are aspects of your physical life that you will greatly miss. In fact, many of you will maintain a body on Gaia’s physical expression, just as I have done. In this manner, you can easily step into that form to assist those still trapped in the illusion.
Now, with the completion of our introduction we wish to move into the details of bi-location. We will do this by taking you on a trial run. This trial will be a journey in your imagination. However, remember that your imagination is fifth dimensional thought. Therefore, your imagination is much more powerful than any form of third dimensional thought, as it is a merging of your multidimensional thinking with unconditional love.
We are fully aware that some of your journeys into your imagination are not based on unconditional love. However, in the case of bi-location it is your unconditional love that will ensure that you journey into the fifth dimension and beyond. We are aware that many of you think you have never had an experience of unconditional love. However, if that were true, the resonance of this message would be of no interest to you. In fact, you would likely attach a negative label to it.
You see, this message is sent to you from the Arcturians and myself from the fifth dimension. Since unconditional love is totally intermingled with the fifth dimension, this communiqué is filled with the unconditional love for which you have all been yearning. If you had never experienced it, then why would you yearn for it? The answer is that you have experienced unconditional love, but it was usually unconscious to your 3D consciousness.
Therefore, we will state some examples of unconditional love. The true bliss and euphoria of unconditional love is usually only experienced while in deep meditation. These meditations may be while you are actually in a trance. However, they may be moving meditations in which you are involved in a creative action that activates your connection to your fifth dimensional SELF.
Whenever you connect with your SELF in the fifth dimension or beyond, you are immediately greeted with the “Hello, we have missed you too” of unconditional love. You may think that it is only you that misses your higher expression. However, we tell you now that your Higher Expressions also miss you. It is this “missing” that keeps them in constant contact with you. They all await your call and are ready to “give you a hand up into their frequency of reality”.
Your long journey through many incarnations in a physical, polarized world has always been over-lit by at least several of your Higher Expressions of SELF. In fact, one or more of these Higher Expressions of SELF will be your Greeter during your first experiences of bi-location. You see, dear Ones, your Ascension will be incremental. By this we mean that you will expand your primary perception, your point of attention, into the higher dimensions, back to the 3D, back to the higher dimensions, back to the 3D again and again.
Eventually, this back-and-forth point of perception will become more and more natural. After many rehearsals, you will KNOW your fifth dimensional SELF is with you while you are in your daily life. Thus, you will realize that you are actually in constant contact with your Multidimensional SELF. In fact, some expression of your higher dimensional SELF is ALWAYS overlooking your daily life.
However, when you become lost in the difficult challenges of physical life you forget that you are NEVER alone. As you begin to focus on the FEEL of unconditional love, you will know that you are always protected. Then you can consciously FEEL this constant emanation of unconditional love infinitely flowing from your Higher Expressions of SELF.
Thus, your first experiences of bi-location will be INTO a higher frequency of your own SELF. Beginning your bi-location back into your SELF will assure that you are enshrouded by the higher protection of your SELF to assure that you have a safe and amazing bi-location.
We are aware that many of you are in constant communication with an expression of your SELF. However, bi-location is different as you will be IN your higher expression. In this manner, you receive a conscious experience of BEING fifth dimension and BEING the living expression of unconditional love. Once you have lived unconditional love, you will always remember that FEEL.
The Arcturian and I, St. Germaine, will allow you some time to ponder our message. We will return soon to take you on your maiden voyage of bi-location into your Higher Expression of SELF.
St. Germaine and the Arcturian
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All Actions Are Selfish



As channeled by Simon NightStarr

You cannot perform an action without a sense of "self." Try it. It cannot be done! Higher Self asks you to be more honest with your Self, your Divine Self. You cannot separate your actions into two categories of "selfishness" and "selflessness," for even the act of trying to do so is a selfish act. All actions are selfish, and this is the only way to behave. Your human definitions of selfish are not what Higher Self understands selfishness to be. For Me, there is no moral right or wrong about any action. Yes, you have karma in your world, which is simply the law of cause and effect, and nothing more, but there is no judgment against any of your human behaviors.

I see all your actions as equal expressions of your belief in your "self" as you define yourself. All humans have a sense of self; even your infants have a sense of self that is expressed from their own soul. All of you, whether you are aware of this or not, always act with an inner knowing that when you give you will receive in return. Most humans are very dishonest about this, often pretending to have "selfless" motives for doing certain things. Nothing is selfless, because you obviously always have a self. Even Higher Self is not "selfless." Everything I do is selfishly done for My enjoyment, even as I hold an intention to share My joy with you.

Now here is something very important for you to understand. The reason why many high-level spiritual teachers and spirit guides often encourage you to be "selfless" is because they are speaking of surrendering your ego, your lower self, to your Higher Self. They are very aware that even they still have an ego, or else they wouldn't have a personality. You NEED ego in order to have incarnation. Even angels have ego, because they are incarnated beings; not incarnated in the same sense that you are in heavy density, but nevertheless they are still beings, and all beings must have a sense of self, regardless to whatever degree a sense of self is identified with. That is why you have the term in many of your channelings, "multidimensional self," because even those entities that know themselves as a "collective" are still operating from a sense of one-self. This is not easy for most of you to comprehend, because the idea of there being just One Universal Self is not something the ego really wants to embrace, even with all its talk of there being only one God, or one Source. Higher Self sees God and Divine Self as One and the same Being.

Because most humans still identify so heavily with their human identities (even most of you who identify yourselves as "spiritual"), with their jobs, labels, beliefs, definitions, emotions, conditioning, etc., it is no wonder why Higher Self must often use the concept of being "selfless" in order to deprogram you and gradually wake you up from your sleep of perceiving yourself as so "different" and separate from others and from God. The ego even uses the concept of "I am spiritual" to try and separate itself from others who are perceived as just "religious," "non-spiritual," "atheist," etc. Just more convenient boxes and labels for the ego's erroneous thought system! Let Me remind you that you are ALL spiritual, for spiritual actually means "of Spirit," and that is what you all are, regardless of whether or not you have a "spiritual practice." Consider this: Every lifetime, each incarnation, is a spiritual practice, for God is Spirit, and Spirit is "practicing being human" through each of Its human incarnations, just as a dog is really God pretending to be a canine.

When I speak of "surrendering ego," I never imply that you will not have any sense of an ego or a self as you become more enlightened. That is why you have your term, "Self-realization." Simply because humans are supposed to realize the Self (Divine Self), awaken to the Self, not dispense with It. As a little joke, you already have ego-realization. That is the way you wanted it to be before you incarnated. However, as a soul you also knew that you were giving yourself another opportunity to make further spiritual progress in the illusory playground of space/time reality, and part of this process involves becoming disillusioned with the very ego, the very "little self," that you agreed to embody. Practically speaking, surrendering ego is simply a process of loosening your grip on your limited self-definitions about who you think you are, and learning to quiet the mind enough that it begins to receive clear glimpses of the Clear Light that exists behind the dark veil of fear and ignorance.

Higher Self doesn't advise you to make a big deal of trying to rid yourself of ego, of a sense of self. This is the grand mistake that so many humans make in their spiritual practices, whether of a non-dualist, Buddhist, Judeo-Christian, pagan or any tradition. The Buddha knew that "after enlightenment" he still had a sense of self, and that he still had desire, and that he was still growing and expanding in consciousness (and that this would continue even post mortem). It is those masses who are not perceiving Divinity at a level that he was that may make the mistake of assuming that one must somehow totally give up desire or one's sense of self in order to be like the Buddha or like Jesus--yet this is impossible for any human to do, including your "avatars" as you may term them. It is always those who do not deeply understand such "avatars" as you term them who metaphorically place such HUMANS upon pedestals (or in some cases, as beneath them), and greatly distort their teachings. Again, the universal teaching, for example with the Tao, that "Ever desiring, one sees the manifestations; ever desireless, one sees the Source" is not intended to persuade humans to give up all desire, which is impossible, but rather to not be a slave of your desires. Perhaps some of you that read this are truly ready now to stand firm in a solid conviction that you will always have a sense of self, and thus desire, until you are totally done with the illusion of incarnation/manifestation/separation and realize that all along you are God.

Although all actions are selfish, recognize that in your illusion of duality you have two basic types of "selves," Higher Self and ego. In this sense, Higher Self is "love-ish" and ego is "fear-ish." The only power that you possess is the power of discernment, the power of choosing one or the other. You can never really serve two masters, even while your subconscious mind can hold contradictory beliefs and intentions. Why? Because both the emotions love and fear are aspects of consciousness, and Divine Consciousness is the True Master. It is ultimately seen that your entire lifetimes--all of them in entirety--are in service to soul consciousness as it awakens to Divine Awareness, which is God-Realization. This is Home, and in Home there are no "mistakes," meaning no choosing of fear, and not even "choosing love" as you may perceive it. Home IS Unconditional Love, you see.

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As channeled by John Smallman

Humanity is undergoing an immense and much needed healing. It is part of the process that is bringing you forwards to full wakefulness.

For many it is stirring up strong feelings and emotions that are not familiar, either because they have been deeply buried, or because they are relating to karmic issues from previous life times that have not yet been cleared, or they may be related to friends, relatives, or even work associates for whom they have agreed to carry and release some of the load that person is working with.

If this is your path you will likely be experiencing unsettling mood swings to which you are unaccustomed. Do not engage with them. Observe them and let them go, because that is all that you need to do. If you engage with them they will intensify, confusing you, and making it more difficult for you to release them.

If this does happen, just relax into a meditative state and intend to release them. And if you are too emotionally involved to relax into that state, then remind yourselves that your intent is to release them, and then do something to distract you from the intense feelings that have arisen - take a walk, have something to eat, go and hang out with a friend - until they subside.

Humanity has a lot of old memories that need releasing. Hanging on to old memories of being offended, punished, tortured, or killed feeds the dying embers of the remaining negative energy fields that have for so long driven you into conflict and war.

Holding on to grudges, resentments, insults, and offenses has for eons supported the negative energies that have consistently led you into fear and anger, and fueled an overwhelming desire for vengeance and retribution - a desire that can never be satisfied because it becomes all-consuming.


The only way out of this endless loop of violence begetting violence is to refuse to engage with it. For many who remain deeply asleep, unaware of their need to evolve spiritually, it seems insane not to seek justice and restitution.

They do not realize that what they seek is what everyone else is seeking, seeing only the wrongs against themselves and not seeing, or refusing to see, the wrongs in which they themselves have engaged.

Love is your essence. It is indestructible and infinitely persistent, and all will succumb to Its gentle and loving embrace which is constantly reaching up to you from the inner depths of your being. There is not one of you who is not receiving intuitive guidance to forgive those who have hurt you, but your egos resist because when you give in, as you all will, they lose their power.

Your ego is a part of you that appears to be split off, separate, and which runs with its own fear-filled and self-centered agenda, thinking that it can destroy the opposition and rule the world.

Most humans discover its limitations during childhood and learn to negotiate with other egos to form alliances, easing the terror of separation or loneliness, but a few will not negotiate or compromise and are either quickly defeated or rise to become dictators of one sort or another as their egos take complete control of them - gurus, father figures, industrial bosses, politicians, church leaders - and spend their earth lives sowing seeds of distrust and betrayal as they attempt to achieve positions of power that they think will make them invincible.

Of course they cannot succeed, but they frequently convince others that safety can only be achieved by holding positions of authority backed up by the force of arms.

Humanity is evolving spiritually, and the rate of that evolution has increased enormously during the last fifty or sixty years, which is why you now see so many - not ego-driven but loving beings - actively involved in bringing peace and harmony to the planet as they strive to raise humanity’s awareness of the insanity of the old ways.

Nevertheless, the energy of the old ways still maintains its hold on those who have bought into authoritarian attitudes as a way to feel secure, and the results of that are apparent in areas where the authorities continue to maintain order by means of enforcement.

You, the Light-holders and wayshowers, are changing that by extending outwards from yourselves the ever-intensifying, divine field of Love, into which you are permanently integrated and anchored, and by intending to share it with all of humanity.

You have been doing this for most of your present earth life time, ever since you awoke to the reality of your essential spiritual nature and became aware that your reason for being embodied was to assist in this massive task of bringing all of your brothers and sisters home to their natural state of living consciously in peace, harmony, and abundance.

The intent for that state is spreading through your collective consciousness and will not be denied, despite the efforts of those who would maintain the old structures that have been dividing you and setting you against one another for so long.

Their time is past, and their power structures are crumbling though poor maintenance and lack of support. Love is sweeping across the planet and melting all resistance. Know that this is so, that it is the divine plan, that it cannot fail, and continue to focus on the Light within you so that it blazes out more and more enticingly to induce all with whom you interact by thought, word, or physical presence to go within and find their own Light blazing there and intending to be seen and shared.

You are divinely supported in every moment, and your Father’s Will for Love to prevail, which is also yours, will not be denied.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

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Message from SaLuSa for 25 January 2013

We salute those of you who have continued to wear the mantle of Love and Light, and are making a path into the New Age. The goals you are aiming for are nearer than ever, and your persistence in helping them manifest will soon bring results. With the dark Ones in retreat and unable to muster sufficient support to continue as before, our allies are making much quicker progress. Many actions are coming to a head, and we hope to arrange for some really positive signs to convince you. We refrain from giving precise details as so many factors are involved, but we try to give you some indication of what is happening. Currently all matters are proceeding satisfactorily and now less likely to be changed due to any outside interference. The foundation for the changes was laid down a long time ago, and about to yield results.

Disclosure is forging ahead from many sources, and knowledge and understanding of our presence is spreading far and wide. More people with first hand experience are coming forward, which gives confidence to others to come out with what they know. It is all building up to the time when an official announcement can be made, that will allow us to show ourselves. Be assured we will do it in a gentle way that will not overwhelm those who have still not accepted us. Our principal aim is to enlighten people as to our role in your evolution, and how we have followed your progress over thousands of years. We know how important it is to calm those who fear our presence, and we re-iterate what we have often pointed out, that at no time have our actions been threatening to you. We are not to be confused with the Greys who work with your black operations, or your military’s own secret craft.

Over a period of many years attempts have been made to blacken our name, but we have prevented such events from happening. We foiled a recent “false flag” attack from outer space that was to depict us as invaders of your Earth. We will not allow Space to be violated by you, and many attempts to explode nuclear devices in it have been stopped. Although we have not been allowed to stop all wars, we have put a stop to nuclear devices being used to start a Third World War. We have stopped the total destruction of Earth on a number of occasions since the end of your last World War, and have succeeded in ensuring you are all here today to witness the end of the last cabal. We have also ensured that although there has been attempts to prevent you reaching Ascension, you have arrived in the New Age. We shall continue to protect you, but our desire is to work with you as soon as possible and get the changes fully under way.

It is pleasing to see how quickly you have set aside your disappointment at the nature of Ascension as experienced on the 21st. December. After such a long period working towards it, it is natural that you expected it to lift you up considerably more than it did. Yet, you have been lifted into a higher vibrational level as some of you are now realizing. The most noticeable change has been in a greater degree of control and calmness, and an ability to express a level of Unconditional Love that you may not have felt previously. The overall affect is of feeling at One with All That Is and the realization that you are all connected. Have you not been often told that what you do to one, you do to all as you are inextricably joined to each other through the energy of God. Let us say that you are all joined in immutable Love, and now that you have opened up yourselves to the higher forces you are recognizing the God within.

We do not want to make light of your disappointment from what you have experienced, but ask yourselves what is of the most importance right now. We hope you will say helping to manifest the New Age and bringing the Golden Age into being. It all exists in the higher realms and the more you become of the Light, the quicker you will bring it down through the Law of Attraction. It is much like your City of Light that awaits the final refinements before it appears, and that it is not far away as you reckon time. What is now in the past cannot be changed, but bear in mind all happens in a particular way because you will it to be so.

Of course the Lightworkers put in an immense amount of effort to bring out the highest expression of Ascension. Instead of receiving criticism they should be thanked for their tireless efforts over many years to bring the Light and Love to Earth. They are wholly committed to their life contracts, and that does not come without much sacrifice on their part. They do not seek recognition for there dedication, but sometimes it is nice to be acknowledged for the work they put in. By now all of you have some idea as to what your place is in the New Age, and what is expected of you. At the very least project your Love and Light at every opportunity and you will be doing as much as can be expected of anyone. You do not all have to be in a major role, as you are part of the team and believe us that every contribution counts as far as the outcome is concerned.

This year is going to be exciting so walk your talk, and spread your confidence in the future everywhere you go. Many people are still weighed down by the actions of the dark Ones, and desperately need uplifting. The quickest way out of it is to turn your back on it, and engage yourself and your energies in all that connects to the vision you hold of the future. You are so privileged to be on Earth at this time, and you knew all along what the outcome would be. You knew it was to be your civilizations coming of age, and that your ultimate gift would be your elevation as a Galactic Being. However, do not expect it all at once as it depends on your progress which you make at your own pace. There is no deadline and there is no pressure on anyone to go faster than what they feel comfortable with, so do not feel that you are lagging behind.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and tell you on behalf of the Galactic Federation of Light, that we are as close to you as we can get for the time being. Our allies are growing in confidence and we really do expect some notable progress very shortly. Our Love goes out to you as always, and to everyone without exception.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.

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The third eye (also known as the inner eye) is a mystical and esoteric concept referring to a speculative invisible eye which provides perception beyond ordinary sight. In certain dharmic spiritual traditions such as Hinduism, the third eye refers to the ajna, or brow, chakra. In Theosophy it is related to the pineal gland. The third eye refers to the gate that leads to inner realms and spaces of higher consciousness. In New Age spirituality, the third eye often symbolizes a state of enlightenment or the evocation of mental images having deeply personal spiritual or psychological significance. The third eye is often associated with religious visions, clairvoyance, the ability to observe chakras and auras, precognition, and out-of-body experiences. People who are claimed to have the capacity to utilize their third eyes are sometimes known as seers.Full Article Plus Videos @
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