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Healing request

Please send healing and prayers to the 30+ killed and 100+ injuried in today's Moscow International Airport Suicide Bombing

They need our Love and Compassion right now.


News Article

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Karma and Judgment

When you give, you are given (examples Mother Teresa, Ghandi and many more---not just spiritual and important but those people in everyday life that are Unconditonal Love)

When you take from, you are taken from (examples Adolf Hitler, Saddam Hussein and many more)

Karma returns, it doesn't express judgment, it just returns what you put out

About Judgment:

Those that judge are judged.

We are each unique expressions of the Creator. The Creator is all unique expressions. When we judge others, we are weighing one expression over another. But how can one be weighed over another, when all are unique expressions and of the Creator? Each expression is beautiful in its own way. Let it all just be. Let it exist. Let it experience, let each expression discover itself that it is of the Creator and return home on its own path in its own way.
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the Mood of Devotion


If we wish to become esoteric students, we must train

ourselves vigorously in the mood of devotion. We must

seek—in all things around us, in all our experiences—for

what can arouse our admiration and respect. If I meet

other people and criticize their weaknesses, I rob myself

of higher cognitive power. But if I try to enter deeply and

lovingly into another person’s good qualities, I gather in

that force.

Disciples of this occult path must always bear in mind

the need to cultivate such admiration and respect. Experienced

spiritual researchers know what strength they gain

by always looking for the good in everything and withholding

their critical judgment. This practice should not

remain simply an outer rule of life, but must take hold of

the innermost part of the soul. It lies in our hands to perfect

ourselves and gradually transform ourselves completely.

But this transformation must take place in our

innermost depths, in our thinking. Showing respect outwardly

in our relations with other beings is not enough;

we must carry this respect into our thoughts.

Therefore we must begin our inner schooling by bringing

devotion into our thought life. We must guard against

disrespectful, disparaging, and criticizing thoughts. We

must try to practice reverence and devotion in our thinking

at all times.

10. Each moment that we spend becoming aware of

whatever derogatory, judgmental, and critical opinions

still remain in our consciousness brings us closer to higher

knowledge. We advance even more quickly if, in such

moments, we fill our consciousness with admiration, respect,

and reverence for the world and life. Anyone experienced

in these things knows that such moments awaken

forces in us that otherwise remain dormant. Filling our

consciousness in this way opens our spiritual eyes. We begin

to see things around us that we could not see before.

We begin to realize that previously we saw only a part of

the world surrounding us. We begin to see our fellow human

beings in a different way than we did before.

~ ~ ~

excerpt from"How to know the Higher Worlds", Rudolf Steiner


Rudolf Joseph Lorenz Steiner(25 or 27 February 1861 – 30 March 1925) was an Austrian philosopher, social thinker, architect and esotericist.

At the beginning of the 20th century, he founded a spiritual movement, Anthroposophy, as an esoteric philosophy growing out of European transcendentalism and with links to Theosophy

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My thoughts/feelings:

I AM Love (compassionate, kind, accepting, forgiving, giving, caring/nuturing/responsible, serving, faithful, praising others, joy/bliss, listening/focus/concentration, learning/experiencing/flowing/changing/transforming, existing (I AM), balance, creating out of Love, everything IS/All exists etc)


I AM Loved (recieve compassion, receive kindness, receive acceptance, receive forgiveness, receive blessings/abundance, receive nuturing, receive service, in balance/harmony, thankful, joyful/blissful, others are faithful in me, others listen/others focus/others concentrate with me, created out of Love/I AM/I exist because of Love etc)


We are All One....All Connected

Everything else is illusion created by free will distortion (judgment, blame, guilt/shame, control, worry, fear, jealousy, addiction, separation, sadness, grasping/clinging/stuck/resisting change, anger, absolute knowledge, absolute understanding, pride/ego, expectations, suffering, lack/worthlessness etc etc)

Search out for beliefs within you and purge them. Everything is a belief except the Divine Love within you and others.

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Blessings all,

Last week I wrote that I prayed that I was a vessel of healing, that the Creator's love and healing would flow through me to heal all who were injured in Arizona, received as long as each recipient needs healing and as long as it is needed and that each would be perfectly protected from all harm and ill will. I saw Archangel Michael inform me and say "they are perfectly protected, you have my word and honor" as he struck his etheric blue sword into the ground spiraling blue light around all those in need. Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel and Metatron also joined in the healing. The energy flowed from my hand and I could feel it travel from Germany to Arizona. I intended it would be received as long as it is needed by each recipient regardless of how long I was sending and that it would perfectly protect and heal all those injured. Then I prayed that those who passed were shown the light by Archangel Michael and perfectly guided into Mother/Father God's heart.

I read this today:

Have faith. All is well through the power of prayer. It does help. It does heal. It is love.

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