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The Crossing






I look at the stars

N` see them

Looking back at me


I search the night sky

`Thinking is there one

 I cant see


Shining, sparkling n’ glittering

In their own light of day


My minds eye

Begins to gently drift

Towards its Milky Way


N’ just like

`Monday morning’s

Roll call`


I brace myself

`As I see

The handle

Belonging to its door`


For the thoughts now

Playing on my mind


Are not the same

Which, sung their tunes

From the night afore!


But of a different `World`

Coming without a struggle

More and more


I catch the moon,

Built in the image of the sun

Crossing my vision

I see many stars dancing

But one




N’ from nowhere

A heavenly presence

Descends upon



Whispering it’s time

N` this is your chance

To break free


But been here before

N’ know, the score

N` as I stand, look n’ stare



For that usual

Cold shiver

To undress itself


The still warm air



Thought or expression


I am told

I have passed the test

N` if I place my trust

In its existence


My life

Will no longer

Be preceded

By a blind emotion


N` that my inner child

Is set to become

My guiding light


N` in my mind

I try to picture

What this means

To me


For even though

This moment

Will live




Still, I have to decide

To take a chance


Bridge the divide


In order to embrace

What I am told

Is waiting


`For each


Every single

One of us




Creed, Colour

Religion or Race`


On the `Other side`



Now as much as Eros

Rules the sky

N` this world

Is carpeted by lies


No longer do

I feel

As it’s Achilles Heel

Is the bane of me


For captured

Within my soul

Its light

Can’t now escape

My mind


For like a torch

Being held

As a candle


This light

Is fast becoming

The brightest of its kind


N’ as the sun rose up

N` the moon

 All but disappeared


I found myself

In the wake of its absence

Holding thoughts



N’ even though

I felt

I was dreaming

I also felt free


As a new day

Was revealed

To me


N’ this is what

I began to see


Through eyes

That only now

Can believe


See up until the day

 I found myself

Questioning myself  


I was lost

Inside another’s dream


Whilst waiting patiently

For that special day

Each n every

Single one of us

Hope and pray

Will pave our way



But it is only now

By turning our back

On that surreal world

Others need to believe


We can all begin to feel


Beautiful n` Special

Has been put aside

To see`


N’ even though

Our journey

Will still

Take many twists n’ turns,



We be


I’ll never forget that night

 When lost and all alone

You mirrored yourself

In front on me


For as I look back

N` see myself


Standing between

 destiny or fate


Not only

Did I feel

The warmth

Of your presence


 The tender touch

Of your grace



John Gibson © 2006









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