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The Calling of Light

"Higher numbers of earth souls are needed to carry out special missions related to mass fear control, uplifting communications, technological interface, information transference and the directing of certain light and sound ray frequency. Light workers and associated groups who desire to serve as liaison to the Federation and who are able to maintain telepathic contact will be given further information and assignment. Please make your intentions to service known." - The Galactic Federation of Light There is some really important stuff here. Call upon the Sirians, Pleiadians, and Arcturians for help. They want to help us. They are our ascended selves (in reality they are not separated from us at all, we just think they are with 3D/4D consciousness) Set your personal goals for the Light and follow through on the goals. Here are my personal goals- all human beings on Earth reconnected to Spirit via axiatonal lines, telepathic transmission of important messages between all human beings on Earth, providing humanity with the tools to co-create the new age, reconnection of all ties to the Galactic and Universal Core, and finally freedom from all the 3D chains that bind us prior to the shift into 5D
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As we each awaken, it is our responsibility to assist in awakening others in the manner that our Soul directs. In this way, the planetary ascension can proceed. We are all One, and every time we help another we help ourselves. Paradoxically, every time we help ourselves, we help others. When enough of our Earth’s population opens their crown chakra and activates their Third Eye, Earth’s collective consciousness will reach the fifth dimension. We then will become a Galactic Civilization with full awareness of the life forms on other dimensions, planets, and worlds. We will no longer need to wage war against each other, as we will realize that we are the United Peoples of Earth. We are one family, not only on our planet, but also in our solar system, our galaxy, and beyond.
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Your purpose as a Lightworker

Listen, Lightworker, all your life you've been expecting what is next. You are waiting to find out where you are going, and what you are supposed to do. Let me tell you this: Blessed is the Human Being who is aware, for the awareness of consciousness itself is what you're doing for the planet. That is the task at hand. Stay aware. Keep the light going. Walk from place to place in families, and in work. Keep the awareness. That is the decision point because the awareness changes the grid. It's not what you're going to do, it's what you're thinking about every day. In a quantum way, there is no clock. Can you sustain this energy until the day you die? If you can, every single one of you holding that light right now will know that's why you're here. Don't look ahead to something else, because you're currently doing what you came for in a quantum state. Every single one of you who is aware is doing it! This is it. You're here to be aware! If you are aware of the divine inside, then you fulfilled the task perfectly. Perfectly! Walk from this place satisfied in what you're doing for the planet. Stay aware. Don't give up! Become quantum [satisfied in the now]. If everything including your spiritual work is put on a timeline, you're going to fail, because the things that the clock will bring you are not the things that the heart will bring you. The heart [compassion] is quantum. Learn to live without the future. This breaks a linear mindset that says accomplishment is the measure of success. In a linear time consciousness, it is; but in a quantum consciousness, it is instead a measure of your peace and your joy at just "being." Is this you? Kryon June 13, 2009
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Occult Cosmology

Introduction I am a teacher, sometimes known as the Tibetan, who is attempting to convey to a group within humanity a body of teachings which will help them take the next evolutionary step forward. This third phase of these esoteric teachings which I have responsibility for disseminating to the Western mind is necessary if they are to achieve their overall purpose, and it is with this purpose that I am primarily concerned. Let me state it plainly. The purpose of these teachings is to achieve liberation from the three worlds for those souls who come in contact with them. The teachings are NOT designed to build a body of knowledge upon the mental plane. The development and training of the mind is a prerequisite for liberation and not an end in itself. The mind must be reoriented so that it is able to penetrate equally into the inner and outer realities, but it is not the mind to which these teachings are ultimately aimed. It is to the soul —the dweller in the mind, the director of experience —that we address ourselves. Just as the causal body is a temporary abode for the soul and a means by which it can complete its redemptive mission in the three worlds, just so these esoteric teachings form a causal vehicle within the higher mental plane of humanity. The current teachings form the third or inner petals in its threefold expression. The causal body, when complete, is not preserved in perpetuity like some frozen museum exhibit. It is the fruit of a process and this fruit serves a purpose in its ripening, but the ripe fruit does not linger long —it is destroyed, and in this destruction another pathway is opened in the planetary web. All esoteric teachings given out as formulated thoughts and ideas that can be written down in books, form part of the great illusion. The time will come when humanity will operate free of the mind and the process of direct transmission through the cosmic etheric body will be registered as an ordinary part of human experience. That time is not yet. Telepathy is developing, but telepathy employs the mind. The type of transmission which I am speaking of is more in the form of ‘communion by fire’. The fire is the essence that clothes itself on the mental plane in ideas and thoughts. Once the human soul is freed from the mind it naturally finds its place within Hierarchy and has access through direct transmission to whatever ’teaching’ is needed in order for it to perform its function within the greater whole. At the outset of this dissertation therefore I want to make one point very clear: The Ageless Wisdom which I represent is not a tradition of knowledge. Knowledge belongs to the three worlds and therefore to humanity and not to Hierarchy. This may seem a strange statement to make when we are seeking to fuse Hierarchy and humanity, but the soul and personality cannot be fully fused until they have been fully separated. The Ageless Wisdom tradition commonly referred to by human scholars is a tradition of esoteric information produced by humanity under inspiration from Hierarchy. The knowledge is human, the wisdom hierarchical. Humanity is itself a divine centre, and this will become increasingly realised as the Externalisation process progresses. As a divine centre it has an autonomous role and responsibility within the threefold operation of Shamballa, Hierarchy and Humanity. The realisation and acceptance of this responsibility is a critical part of the initiation of the human race as a whole. Now it is true that members of Hierarchy were once members of humanity, but it must be remembered that the humanity they were a part of in time and space had a much less evolved knowledge base than the humanity of the present day. This knowledge base is expanding exponentially. Members of Hierarchy may be Masters of the Wisdom (from the perspective of humanity —for they do not consider themselves as such) but this in no way means they are Masters of All Knowledge —they merely have the key to all knowledge. Let me explain this statement. Wisdom is an emanation from the worlds of Being. It has its roots in that which is unchanging. Knowledge is an accumulation from the worlds of Becoming. It has its roots in that which is ever changing. Wisdom is archetypal. Knowledge is particular. Wisdom is developed in the soul. Knowledge is accumulated by the personality in incarnation. Confusion between these two is at the root of some persistent problems in the relationship between Hierarchy and humanity. Humanity has a tendency to confuse divinely-inspired knowledge with wisdom and therefore views it as unchangeable and unassailable. This is the cause of fundamentalism in all religions and spiritual traditions with respect to their core texts. Another result of this confusion is that humanity expects Hierarchy to provide them with knowledge when the accumulation of knowledge is properly the work of those souls who are currently part of the Human centre. Knowledge is the dough, wisdom the yeast. The reason that the Wisdom teachings continue to make their expression throughout time in human experience is because the knowledge aspect of humanity is becoming more and more refined and is therefore able to form a better and better vehicle for spiritual revelation. Indeed at no time in history has the knowledge available to humanity been so accessible, so vast; and at no other time has it grown at such an amazing rate. This presents specific problems and opportunities for the Human centre as a whole and means that the requirement to develop discernment, intuition and wisdom in order to handle the information is unprecedented and forms part of the mass appeal to Hierarchy. In some ways the scientific ashram has the healthier approach to knowledge. It is seen as an ever-changing and evolving model through which the world is viewed —in such a way as to make it more understandable and malleable to human will. As such, knowledge represents the result of the power of intelligence —the Third Aspect of the soul. Scientific knowledge evolves through forces of both co-operation and competition within the scientific community —a brotherhood that has as its common goal the pursuit of demonstrable truth. Historically when the forces of science and religion have met it is often science which has proved itself the least dogmatic. By denying or deifying their inner sources of inspiration however, both disciplines fall under the spell of materialism. Proponents of the divine science must therefore know what to hold onto as unchangeable wisdom and what to let go off as outdated knowledge. Perhaps the best advice in this regard is to be willing to continually offer all knowledge/wisdom into the fire of evolutionary transformation in the sure awareness that spirit will never be harmed by the flames. An increase in Wisdom is not the result of knowing more and more but a gradual realization of the unknowable. The neophyte to the Wisdom tradition seeks, as early scientists sought, to find an orderly divine world where all the planets turn in perfect circles around the sun. He seeks to find ultimate answers to the troubling questions of existence and to be able to rest content within a world view that is consistent and unassailed by doubt. He seeks thus to become a knower of the ‘answers’ rather than to reconcile himself to the ‘living of the question’. This natural desire is quickly obliterated in the broad scope of the Wisdom traditions which assail the mind with paradox and seek to expand consciousness until there is nothing of any substance to hold on to. Helena Blavatsky had this to say about an approach to her own inspired work —The Secret Doctrine: Come to the Secret Doctrine without any hope of getting the final Truth of existence from it, or with any idea other than seeing how far it may lead towards the Truth. Similarly in the Bailey tradition new students are apt to try and reduce the extensive and comprehensive cosmology into an ordered universe where rays and planets and chakras can all be neatly assigned. What is not realised is that it is this very tendency in the human mind to ‘reduce’ the living wisdom into concrete knowledge that is under assault in the Wisdom tradition. It is like a trojan horse which offers the security of knowing and ends by stripping away all that was sought. A Master of Wisdom is one who has left all identification with knowledge behind. He does not cultivate the field of knowledge because he knows himself to be one with the field —the farmer and the seed. The truth that is evident in the higher realms can never be fully ‘known’ because in knowledge the apparatus encountering the truth is experienced as separate from it. That all attempts to formulate in words that which must be felt and lived in order to be truly comprehended must necessarily prove distressingly inadequate. All that can be said will be after all but the partial statements of the great veiled Truth, and must be offered to the reader and student as simply providing a working hypothesis, and a suggestive explanation. To the open-minded student and the man who keeps the recollection in his mind that the truth is progressively revealed, it will be apparent that the fullest expression of the truth possible at any one time will be seen later to be but a fragment of a whole, and later still be recognised to be only portions of a fact and thus in itself a distortion of the real. Introduction to A Treatise On Cosmic Fire This current work then should be viewed as a collaboration between a Master representing the Hierarchical centre and a human representing Humanity. It is the job of the Master to disseminate the ever-present wisdom with the purpose of stimulating the urge-to-liberation in those who come in contact with it. It is the job of the human to gather the ever-evolving knowledge which clothes the wisdom in a modern expression that both veils and reveals it to a new generation of inquirers. The purpose of this current preamble therefore, is to induce those who read these words to abandon all hope and desire at the outset to make of them anything other than a pathway over which they may cross. Let them hold before their inquiring minds a vision of the purpose of these teachings. See them as a vessel provided for the reader by those who have gone before in order for them to make safe return passage across the river of forgetfulness from which all souls drink on their way into incarnation. Be grateful to he who serves as your ferryman and return the favour to those who come after; and yet do not seek to make being a ferryman your profession. Fix any holes in the vessel and make sure it is sea-worthy for the next travellers, but do not become a builder of boats. Become the path —for there is no other way to cross the river —but never lose sight of the goal which IS to cross over and explore for all, as all, that which lies on the far shore. Hieararchy needs souls to take up their conscious functioning within the ashrams on the buddhic plane. To do this they must cross over the great transition from Humanity to Hierarchy and not become overly preoccupied either with the accumulation of knowledge or the performing of service to humanity. This may seem a strange note until it is realised that the emphasis in this instruction is on the Will. The Buddha embodied the Third Aspect and it is said that the so-called ‘failure of the Buddha’ (so-called because success or failure depends upon perspective) was the result of excess compassion. The proper use of the will affirms the divinity in others and shows faith in their capacity to initiate themselves when provided with some assistance. It brings with it the drive to move forward along the path and enter into new worlds of endeavour. The First Ray is the Lord of Death because initiation not only involves an ‘entering into’ but also a ‘leaving behind’. To move forward on the path through the separating webs of the planetary etheric life requires a willingness to leave others behind when necessary, in trust that the good of the whole will be served by the rightful functioning of all its parts. This teaching is not a destination but a doorway. Use it as such. By Bruce Lyon : May be distributed according to the dictates of the heart The next section found at
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Cosmic Rays Self-Attunement

This is a powerful attunement I have just discovered after integrating information from Joshua David Stone's Beyond Ascension and Cosmic Acension books. The Rays really help you increase your vibration and the amount of light you hold. Start at the top of the list and then work down the list as far as you can go. Each is an increase in vibration. Simply visualize the color and you being bathed in the light. Take at least 5 minutes with each ray. You are welcome to take longer. When you need to stop, then do so to integrate the energies you can integrate. If you can't tolerate an energy level, don't be discouraged, you can always come back to the meditation later. The cosmos is a very big place and you have plenty of time. (Master or Logos in Location).....I ask for an attunement and permanent connection and the permanent integration and to be permanently able to utilize and access the..... (Planetary rays) 1. El Morya in Shamballa..............................................first ray: power, will and purpose (red) 2. Djwal Khul or Kuthumi in Shamballa.........................second ray: love/wisdom (blue) 3. Serapis Bey in Shamballa..........................................third ray: active, or creative intelligence (yellow) 4. Paul the Venetian in Shamballa..................................fourth ray: harmony (emerald green) 5. Masters Hilarion and Marko in Shamballa.................fifth ray: concrete science (orange) 6. Master Jesus in Shamballa........................................sixth ray: abstract idealism and devotion (indigo) 7. Saint Germain in Shamballa......................................seventh ray: ceremonial order and magic (violet) 8. Sanat Kumara in Shamballa.....................................eighth ray: higher cleansing ray (seafoam green) 9. Sanat Kumara in Shamballa.....................................ninth ray: attracting the body of light (blue green) 10. Sanat Kumara in Shamballa...................................tenth ray: anchoring the body of light, inviting soul merge (pearlescent) 11. Sanat Kumara in Shamballa...................................eleventh ray: bridge to the new age (pink-orange) 12. Sanat Kumara in Shamballa...................................twelfth ray: anchoring new age and Christ consciousness (gold-third purity) 13. Sanat Kumara in Shamballa..................................white light ray from Shamballa ascension seat (white) (Cosmic rays) 14. Helios in the ascension seat in the Solar core.................the solar ray of copper-gold light 15. Melchior in the ascension seat in the Galactic core.....................the galactic ray of silver-gold light 16. Great White Lodge on Sirius in the Galactic core...............the galactic ray of gold light (second level purity) 17. Lord Melchizdek in the Golden Chamber in the Universal core.............the universal ray of the purest and most refined gold light 18. Lord Metatron beyond the Universal core.................. the ten lost cosmic rays of the yod spectrum (platinum light) 19. Mahatma/Lord Metatron in the Multiuniversal core........................... the platinum ray of light at the multiuniversal level 20. Cosmic Council of Twelve at the Cosmic level.................the twelve cosmic rays (clear light; translucent and invisible) 21. God at the Throne of Grace.................................... the Godhead level ray (clear light; translucent and invisible) ......stepped down to the level that is best for me at this time for my highest and greatest good.
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My Personal Ascension experiences

All, I wanted to share with you some spiritual experiences I've been having. I contemplated sharing this, but I decided it would be a spiritual service to share with you since I feel many of you are on the ascension path. Some interesting things have been happening to me since the Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice. I'll discuss with you about what happened during my initiations since you all will at some point experience similar things, since God has decreed to me that ALL will ascend. That is the Divine Plan. How we get there depends on our contract prior to birth, the effort we take studying the Ancient Wisdom (Joshua David Stone's books are a great start), the amount of spiritual connection we have to Divine beings, and most importantly the Universal Love and Light we share to others beyond our Families...sharing universally and unconditionally Love brings to you the Christ consciousness, and since pure thoughts created through the heart (emotions)= reality (manifested Christ= ascension) it is important to do all these things. The first initiation I took in 2007 consisted of a huge wakeup call- What is my purpose? And after working with Reiki for a while, started seeing my higher self more clearly. The second initiation was received in 2008 after I was working with the Lightarian energies and Shamballa MDH for a while and healing others daily through the Distant Healing Network. God spontaneously attuned me to God and I believe that was my second initiation. I saw my higher self clearer than I ever did before. Each initiation I have been stuck in bed or on the sofa unable to move the energy was so strong. The 3rd initiation occured after the Spring Equinox of 2009, a few days after I received Axiatonal Reconnection. I saw a bright flash on the inner planes and felt energy crawl all over me. It was my first experience with the Monad. And the flash was my Higher Self being burned up and replaced with the Monad. The Monad anchors like Reconnective energy. First the hands and feet anchored and then the energy slowly crawls up the body starting on feet chakras and working upward and ending in the crown. When the energy is in the third eye you have spiritual visions of the 5th dimension. Well, my third initiation was just lots of light flooding me from above with no visions but I felt the Monad anchors for the first time. I realized judging others was wrong and illusion at this initiation. After the 3rd initiation I felt my Kundalini rise in my body and my 7 basic chakras being activated with every thought, emotion, reaction to situations. I realized life was a movie and the activations were my grades. The 4th initiation occured at the end of May 2009, with monad anchors like before, but a little stronger than the anchors from the 3rd. I saw my monad as a guide depart (not burn up but I was told I was the monad from now on). I saw Shamballa (you can call it heaven) with my third eye and started seeing me surrounded by Ascended Masters in white robes. God notified me of ascension at this point and the veil was lifted where I saw I was truely an ascended master Qan Dek from the Pleiades. I glimpsed myself on the inner planes with white robes. My relationship with God became more like a close friendship. I stopped judging others at this initiation and realized all were me and I was them so what I do to them is also done to me. I was notified my complete ascension process would end on 9/9/09. I began protecting (with reiki symbols and archangel michael's blue light) and blessing every person I saw with my eyes, every car on the street driving. I was here to serve all out of love. The 5th initiation occured in June 2009, with even stronger monad anchors. I heard my monad speak to me from another dimension. The voice was not that in my mind but from somewhere above- it was my monad. I was asked what my path would be after ascension, I said to be of the greatest service to all beings and God. It was determined by God and my monad I would be an ascended master in earth service temporarily to help others ascend and bring Love & Light to all then I would shift to the Path of Sirirus/Shamballa for more training on the inner planes. I agreed. I received my white robes on the inner planes. After the 5th initiation I started accessing the God abilities with 100% faith in my ability that everything is perfect because I am supported by God. I was able to pray to God to stop thunderstorms temporarily and use reconnective healing to heal all beings in the universe simultaneously through intention. I starting passing attunements on to others so they can be passed as far as they could. That was my service to others. I received inner guidance to spread Loving energy to all beings if it is for their highest good. I was notified my 6th initiation would be on 7/7/09. I see flashes of white light sometimes and feel energy constantly over me since the 5th initiation. My chakras outside of my basic 7 are being activated spontaneously. My 5th initiation was lots of heat in my body and I felt like I was infintely large and could float. In July 2009, I began my 6th initiation. On 7/7/09 my ascension began on the inner planes. There was a ceremony led by Sanat Kumara and I was surrounded by ascended masters in white robes. They stood up and clapped. I was confused on 7/7 because I didn't receive any energy in my body. God told me, the ascension energy filters down for a few days and my body would receive the energy later. On 7/9/09 I finally received the 6th initiation energies in my body with an even stronger anchoring by my monad. My root chakra felt like it was on fire, how much energy was being anchored. The energy started at my hands then feet then all charkas up to third eye. I felt inifinitely large, could float even more than the 5th initiation. In my third eye I saw Sanat Kumara putting a golden scroll of wisdom in my crown and I received the rod of power. I met my ascension guide for the first time, a fellow Plieadian named Qan Rahn. He was dressed in white robes, had a long white beard, and wore a jeweled golden necklace. He pointed at me and then pointed over a hill. I walked over the hill and saw a Golden City. It was Shamballa. The Golden Doors opened waiting for me. The ascended masters in white robes surrounded me again, now in my white robe and I received the same necklace Qan Rahn had. I was officially greeted as an ascended master on the inner planes. I was told my 7th initiation will be swift and occur sometime in August around 8/8/09. Time is so compressed now that major initiations can be received in months, and in the next few years, weeks. Recently I began some final energetic blessings on all beings in the universe (received if it is for their highest and greatest good and at the time that is best for each as guided by the higher self) to help anchor the Golden Age. I cannot expain more about what I sent, as I am under oath from Lord Melchizdek not to disclose to avoid interception by any remaining dark forces on earth. What was sent is also anchored in earth, Gaia, so you will see big changes for the better soon. Everything sent will affect humanity for the better and you will notice some major things in the next few months and years. It is the Divine plan for all to return to Shamballa as swiftly as possible. These are just tips to help you all because I care about all of you. Almost all my spiritual missions are complete and great changes will take place. I vow to remain in perfect service to all sentient beings in the universe and for God so I will be by your side as Qan Dek in the future. God has declared all will ascend so do not worry you are loved by the Divine. Spread your skills of Love & Light to others worldwide, your heart will tell you what to do. You will swiftly reach this place I am at today, and I am only here by the grace of God. Do all that you can in every moment of you day to be of service to ALL and commune with God daily through prayer, meditation and other ways. We are here to help ALL our brothers and sisters, including those who are ignorant or on the wrong path. We are the way showers, we show the way, it is up to them to follow. Before I end this letter, I wanted to leave you with a dream I had last night, I was in my garden. I went out in the morning and all the tall abundant crops were gone. Only the weeds and some small plants remained. I was shocked. This is my subconscious sadness for leaving my earth family in the future. I will be in service to all on Earth and if that means I leave my body for a new one and teleport to poor places in the world to create food for people in need- so be it- I do what God wants. This was a message about being ready for harvest and doing the missions God wants. Put God first always but remember all those who you Love and Love all creation from rock to plant to animal to earthworm to insect. It has a purpose and love it like yourself because it is God and God is you. Please let me know about your ascension experiences. It brings great joy to my heart to hear about you and how you are progressing. As God puts it, it is not a time of sadness but a time of celebration. Know that all of you will join me in Shamballa for God has decreed it. It is only a matter of time. Love & Light, Chris
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The Soul's path and Self-Realization

The Soul is that part of you in eternal bliss. To rejoin the Soul in entirety we must find that eternal bliss within. This comes through Self-Realization. Self-Realization is a big word that means many things. It is following your heart and intuition in all situations. It is being thankful for all blessings. It is being thankful for each challenge in life, as it is another opportunity to grow. It is satisfaction with the smallest blessings in life, as all are blessings to you and you are blessed. It is happiness in giving. It is unconditional love in the service of all beings. It is found through universal loving service. It is found in helping all those within your life situations as much as you can help them. It is the complete balancing of your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. Here are some examples to balance yourself: Physical: Exercise, Healthy diet with lots of fruits and vegetables, Enjoy nature outside, volunteer to help others- example: monsoon or hurricane season- distribute food and water to those who need it Emotional: Have the strength to comfort a grieving friend, become a counselor, express your heart-felt gratitude to all of your friends, volunteer to help a nurse in a hospital, visit the elderly and give them gifts of flowers Mental: Read the books of Wisdom, always keep learning, learn a new hobby, realize there are infinite things to do, release your limitations and keep learning Spiritual: Commune with the Source of our universe. Meditate. Pray for those in need. Learn energy healing. There is always much to learn when it comes to Self-Realization. There are infinite Paths to get there. The important thing is satisfaction. Satisfaction is what comes before bliss. To be satisfied with your life simply do. Do all that you can to be satisfied in your service to others and God. I admit the road to my awakening and self-realization has been hard. I feel like I've been in through the fire and back again. Within each challenge lies an opportunity. This has been the opportunity to make me stronger and more self-realized. I was born into a family that kept moving every few years. I never had lasting friends. Then, following schooling I still did not know what I wanted to do with my life. So I decided service would be the route. Yes, my soul knew service was the route but because I wasn't listening to my heart I made a few mistakes. My personality, in its quest for happiness thought money was the answer. So I joined the military. Of course money wasn't the answer to happiness which I learned later. I had inner drive so I became an officer in the military. I served for eight long years. I was sent to the middle east not understanding why I was there. I came back and met my wife. I was amazed at her emotional depth. I was very mental. There was much to learn, however hard it was. Through my wife's interests- Osho, Kundalini, Reiki she was able to open me to new endeavors. She arranged a reiki treatment. I resisted. I didn't want to go to some crazy new age people. I was very judgmental. She accompanied me. I went for a reiki treatment and it was the best experience. I learned to accept the new age community and release my judgment and ego. Later I became a reiki master as this interested something within me. Eventually after eight years I received permission to leave the military. This was through deep prayer, sending reiki, and a lot of hard work. I've been through a large international move and have a daughter now. I've learned many different healing modalities as a quest to better myself in service to others. Self-Realization is not easy. I am still working on myself. I am strengthening my emotional depth but actively counseling my friends and family. Listening with my heart not mind. My friend's wife recently died of cancer. I did all that I could to comfort him in his grief. I said and wrote condolences. We talked through things. I gave him something to lean on. My family and I volunteered to help clean his house and we found someone to help him with all the paperwork during these life changes. If you don't stick together and help each other, how will you make this world a better place? This is my lesson in compassionate action. Do all you can to be compassionate to others in the here and now. What you sow, so shall you reap. I am performing universal loving service by offering everything I have learned in Reiki to everyone on Lightworkers Healing Federation and Attuneshare so they can pass the torch onto others and continue the cycle of loving service. I am still learning divine expression. I have recently begun the creation of my very first own reiki modality and manual that can be spread freely to others. This was a long-time dream of mine. I connected with a friend who writes manuals and a new journey has begun. I am believing in myself. Now it is a reality. Abundance is begining to flow in naturally. People are remembering what you do for them. Now I am receiving free attunements from friends to release my Karma and "Lack" from past lives. Now I am getting more free by the day. I am expressing all those things in my life that used to be fears. This is how one can enter that place of bliss. You are satisfied with life because you gave it your all. Your heart is tired because you have expressed as much as you can express. You don't have any regrets. You've worked on yourself and you are free. Now, I have just purchased special necklaces for my friends to wear to connect to higher vibrations. They do not know these will be coming in the mail. This is my gratitude to them for all they have done over the years. I am doing this despite having a few small bills to pay. I really don't have the money but I have faith. God has told me everything will be perfect for me. This is a lesson on faith. I am having faith and already I am receiving donations to pay these bills. This is amazing. Release your fears to God. Surrender to God. Let God guide your life, and you will be miraculously surprised. You will release your lack feelings and they will automatically be replaced with abundance, because you just surrendered to the source of all abundance. Having faith is another step towards self-realization. Time is short, do you want to spend time worrying about what you could have done? Or do you want to be satisfied that you did all you could do in your power to make the world a better place? In the past, I had a dream of creating a garden to beautify my living area. I admit, I am not rich, I live in an apartment complex with 6 other people. I had a desire to learn gardening. Others told me, what do you want to learn gardening for- you live in an apartment? I said to beautify this place and spread the harvest to my neighbors. I followed my dreams despite the resistance and went to the weeds outside and dug up the grass and created a garden. Now I am sharing the harvest with my neighbors and all are happy. Have faith, believe in yourself and anything can be done. Be satisfied with your life and do all that you can in your power, in the circumstances you are in, to make everything better. This is the secret toward Self-Realization and eternal bliss. "Love thy neighbour as yourself" - Jesus "Hands that help are holier than lips that pray"- Sai Baba "The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, nor to worry about the future, but to live the present moment wisely and earnestly." -Buddha
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The Seventh Initiation, a day by day chronology 8/8/09 The Infinity Gate 6:30 AM Began the seventh initiation, felt my hands and feet anchor with energy just like when then 5th and 6th initiations happened. Felt some light anchoring in my root, sacral/navel chakra, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown. Walked through the golden doors of Shamballa again in my minds eye. Then I walked past the place where my sixth initiation took place, then flew over Shamballa. I saw the city of light, eternal gardens, golden dome, then landed and Sanat Kumara was waiting for me with his hands in the Tbetan prayer position at his heart chakra level. He was surrounded by ascended masters in white. After reading some Joshua David Stone books, I understand them to be the Keepers of the Will. Sanat Kumara then raised his right hand and from God came a golden rod. Sanat Kumara said your chakras are ebining to merge into One. He pointed the rod at each of my seven chakras and they began to move a little bit closer. I also merged with Sanat Kumara’s heart, wisdom, and will. Then I fell asleep from all the energy. When I woke up I asked God if I had completed the seventh initiation. God said I had just begun the process and I will receive several activations ending with an amazing flooding of white light, and everything will be perfect for me. 10:00 PM I continued the 7th initiation and its activations. God told me to relax and that everything will be perfect for me. I started to feel energy anchor in my hands. Then in my third eye and entire head. My hands and head were anchored. Then my navel anchored, then my knees and then my feet. Then they were all anchored at the same time. I was buzzing with energy. In my minds eye the Cosmic Council of Twelve said I was blessed and the Father decreed everything is perfect for me. Then I saw Sanat Kumara and he said he was merging my chakras. I felt my chakras move a little closer. Sanat Kumara was using the golden rod of initation to do this. Then I fell asleep. 8/9/09 3:30 AM I woke up and felt my hands anchor again. This time I felt my heart and root anchor and start to heat up. I felt my heart chakra expanding. I saw Sanat Kumara with his rod of initiation surrounded by other masters in white with their own rods. They all pointed the rods at me. My chakras were merging together a little closer. My heart chakra was expanding. I fell asleep again. 9:00 AM I feel an enlarged heart, third eye and crown chakra. My heart is expanding the most. Also my crown is quite active as it is receiving more energy. 5:00 PM Felt tired, went to lie down for sleep. I asked for the 7th initiation to continue. I said I AM the Monad I AM the Light Divine I AM Love I AM Will I AM Fixed Design 3 times, then I said I AM the Logos I AM the Light Divine I AM Love I AM Will I AM Fixed Design 3 times. I started to feel anchors in my crown, third eye, throat, heart, sacral and root chakras simultaneously. I saw Sanat Kumara in my minds eye surrounded by ascended masters. All of them had rods of initiation. This time the group was much larger. According to Joshua Stone’s book Beyond Ascension, they were the Attractive Energies of Shamballa. They all surrounded me. I was dressed in a white robe and was kneeling in the prayer postion. I had a Pleadian star necklace with large Moldavite stone in the center. My face was golden white light. I also had golden light emanating from my 3rd eye. As they all pointed the rods of initation at me my chakras began to merge together into one column of light. I was one column of rainbow light connected from the center of the earth directly through the Mahatma back to the Father. I saw the rod’s energy moving through the seven seals on my chakras breaking each of them and transforming all separate chakras into a unified field of rainbow light. I was told by God I was free forever from rebirth and eternal forever. I saw my monadic light body with its radiant light merge with my light body and I was the radiant light body. I said I AM the perfect integration of cosmic light in all of my bodies…3 times. Then I said, I AM the total merger of my monadic body and One forever more…3 times. Then I said…I AM forever One with Shamballa…3 times. Then in my physical body I felt my navel, throat, heart, and crown heat up. Then I fell asleep and woke up with movement and increased energy in my crown. 8/10/09 8:00 PM Felt strong energy in head and crown. Went to lie down. Felt anchors in the hands then knees then root and slowly moving up through the chakras back to crown. Similar to Kundalini rising. Saw God in my minds eye surrounded in white light, was lifted out of the physical body through all levels through the Mahatma back to God, and as my body rose it received flaming blazes of radiant light from each level. With each higher level my flame and light grew infinitely larger. Felt my entire body from naval down heat up. Felt my body being pulled up similar to the 3rd initiation. I said I AM the Father I AM the Light Divine I AM Love I AM Will I AM Fixed Design…3 times..then I AM the Father forevermore…3 times. I completely merged with the Father’s heart, will and spirit. I saw myself become the Father and visualized it. I saw my body’s cord/antakarana snapping and breaking…I heard the noises inside my head, perhaps it was a preview of what will happen in September. I heard God speaking…you are now freed of the Ego. My crown is still crawling with energy, there may be more activations still. Also my third eye is feeling much energy and my whole head seems to be full of energy. 8/11-8/12/09 Not much as far as initations, I think the Divine gave me a break to adjust to everything. During this time I made some interesting contact to higher beings. I entered into the reconnect energy each time with the purpose of contacting each being. I let the energy flow until my third eye opened and I saw the being and received telepathic contact. Melchior- Has a silver light body with maroon robes also has some kind of strange maroon and gold crown. I cant describe it- kind of a cross between a sheik and a European king. Melchior is our Galactic Logos. Adonis- Bright gold-silver light. Could not see his (its) robes clearly but I believe they were blue. Adonis is the Galactic vibration of the Cosmic Heart of God. Could not see a clear face, the light was so bright. Averann- Gold silver light body with green robes. Not as bright as Adonis. Averann had a bald head. Averann is a Glactic master watching over the Galactic evolution. Lenduce- I enjoyed contacting Lenduce. Lenduce is a bright blue light being. The energy was strong from Lenduce. He (It) comes from a high galactic level. Lenduce is the monad for Sanat Kumara. Vywamus- Again enjoyed the contact. Vywamus is the higher self/soul of Sanat Kumara. He (it) is a white light being with white robes, short white hair and surrounded with electric blue light. Vywamus is low galactic level/high solar level. Galactic and Universal beings look less like people and more like light beings. Some examples are Lenduce (blue)and Mahatma (rainbow colored)- both are infinitely large beings of light. Logos of Sirius- another contact I enjoyed. Blue being with white hair and beard. Purple clothes, cannot describe the style of clothes, not really a robe, looked like clothes from the Nemesis of Flash Gordon (from the 80s movie). I believe the name of the Nemesis was Ming? Golden eyes, blue face. Logos of Sirius is the logos over Sirius and the University of Sirius. Since I am on the Path to Sirius after Shamballa earth service, the Logos of Sirius graciously agreed to attune me to him (it) for further contact and also directly linked me consciously to the abilities of teleportation, precipitation (instant manifestation), leviatation, and miraculous healing abilities to name a few. I have direct links to the teachers of each area thanks to the Logos of Sirius. I will have to experiment with abilities later. He said my light quotient was high enough after the 7th initiation to begin to receive these blessings. His energy was strong like Lenduce’s. Logos of the Great Bear Star System- contacted this Logos and asked for assistance in merging my galactic body of light through all levels including my physical body and an attunement to the energies of the Logos. He (it) looks like a white light cosmic being with silver armor with a maroon symbol on it- not sure exactly what it was- it looked like a V or something. Melchior has maroon robes to me so there may be a linkage. Galactic Melchizadek- looks like the wizard Gandalf, had grey robes on, long white beard. Asked for galactic body merger and ascension blessing and activation. Felt some energy in my physical body. Also during these 2 days I had a dream- I was in a beautiful castle in the dining room at a long table with violet table runners and drinking red wine. There were others with me. In the center was an older woman appearing in her 50s. She raised her wine glass and we all raised for a toast. We said Thanks Charles (pun on wine?) and Death to Henry. It had some hallmarks of St Germain and I know I will be in St Germain’s ashram in Shamballa while I am in earth service on the inner planes before moving onto Sirius. It was interesting and is possibly a memory of my work already on the inner planes while I sleep. I read about Charles. St Germain (an ascended master incarnated during this time) worked as the gentleman of the chamber for a Charles X. Also death to Henry may mean death to the Tyrant as Henry VIII of England was a tyrant in England earlier in history and it may have been a phrase of St Germain’s time (remember St Germain helped found the United States and he liked the French) 8/13/09 3:00 PM Felt strong anchor in throat chakra area and navel chakra. Felt whole head full of energy. Cosmic fire starting in the upper chakras. 9:30 PM The energetic anchors began in the afternoon but I did not have time to integrate the energy until the evening. At 9:30 PM I went to lie down to receive the energy. First my hands anchored then feet then knees then root chakra, naval chakra, elbows, my third eye felt enlarged and was strongly expanding. My whole head felt energetic expansion. Also my root chakra, navel chakra and solar plexus, heart, throat area started to expand. I saw Master Jesus in my minds eye and he prepared circular spheres to enter into me, they were higher chakras and ascension abilities. I felt the energy expand throughout my body and there was also much heat. I was speeding up and spinning internally. My crown felt much energetic over lighting. I heard cracks and seals breaking and saw my antakarana withdrawing slowly from the body. I saw God in bright light and I merged with God and said Elohim repeatedly. Then I was interrupted in my meditation by a member of my family. Hopefully the activations will continue. 8/14/09 6:30 AM Still mostly asleep but felt some activations again. My hands, feet, knees and hips (root chakra) anchored again. My third eye enlarged with energy. Energy was being beamed into my crown. I felt expansion in my chakras then fell asleep. I woke up with a throbbing third eye and energetic crown chakra. 10:00 AM Felt naval anchor again and head filling with energy. Knew there was more to come when I was ready. 10:00 PM Went to lie down, my hands, feet, knees, and entire legs filled up with energy and anchored again. Felt heat in my legs. My minds eye anchored and entire head filled up with energy. Felt expansion again. Also feeling expansion on the crown and above the ears in the head. Fell asleep. 8/14/09 10:50 PM My crown and head and navel feel full of energy and I’m sure more activations will be taking place. 8/16/09 12:00 AM Typing this up from my hand written notes and feeling total energy in my head, crown and above the ears in the head. Also feeling energy in my throat and navel chakra area so more is yet to come.
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The Laws of Karma

“ The Laws of Karma” from Soul Psychology By Dr. Joshua David Stone The Laws of Karma "For verily I say unto you, till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, 'till all be fulfilled." THE BIBLE - MATTHEW V:18 "And it is easier for heaven and earth to pass, than one tittle of the law to fail." THE BIBLE - LUKE XVI:17 The basic law of karma states that as you sow, you reap, what you put out comes back to you. This is the law of cause and effect. There are a lot of people who think that many people living in this world get away with a lot. I am here to tell you that no one gets away with anything. As Edgar Cayce said, "Every jot and tittle of the law is fulfilled." The interesting thing about this law of karma is that it extends over past lives. Even if it appears that someone has unfairly taken advantage of another and appears to have escaped unscathed, it is really not so. The continuity of the soul continues even if you have reincarnated into another physical body. Later on in this chapter I will give many examples that I have researched from the Edgar Cayce files. Jesus gave an excellent understanding of the law of karma when He said, "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you." This is more literal than people realize. There are different levels of karma. What I have been speaking of so far is what I would call one's personal karma. In other words, what we personally have set into motion with the power of our consciousness and mind. A second type of karma would be group karma. When we incarnate into this world we are born into a group and join groups. We are born into a group in respect to our skin color, our religious affiliation, and so on. When a person is born into a black body in the United States they have to deal with racism and prejudice. Not because a black body is less than or more than a white body, but because of the low level of spiritual consciousness of so many souls on this plane. A person in a black body or any minority, takes on karmic lessons of that group. Another type of karma might be national karma. We are born into a certain country, and then indoctrinated through school with its egotistical identifications. If, for example, there was a nuclear war between communist China and the United States, we would get caught up in this national karmic lesson. No person is an island unto themselves. Then there is planetary karma. This particular school called earth has certain unique lessons that are quite different than other planets in this galaxy or universe. We must deal with the planetary karma and the phase of history we are born into. It could also be said that all karma is personal in that we, as souls, choose our skin color, our families, what religion, what country we are going to grow up in before incarnating, so in that sense, one could say that all karma is personal karma because we chose it. The word karma has often been associated with "bad karma". In other words, when we have karma we are experiencing some form of suffering from a lesson not learned. This is opposed to the state of grace. The reading of this book and applying its principles allows a person to avoid suffering, for what is stated in this book is in harmony with God's laws. Everything in this universe is governed by laws. There are physical laws, emotional laws, mental laws, and spiritual laws. When a person gets out of harmony with these laws they suffer. Karma, hence, is not a punishment but a gift, a signal and sign that we are out of balance. The proper attitude towards everything that happens in life is the statement, "Not my will but thine. Thank you for the lesson." In Buddhism they talk about this as non-resistance. In psychology it is talked about as acceptance. Instead of fighting the universe, the idea is to work with the universe and learn from the universe. This does not mean to give up our power. Just the opposite. It means to own our power and to see what has happened as a teaching, lesson, challenge and opportunity to grow. The idea is to look at the karma as a stepping stone for soul growth. There is no need to suffer. Suffering is not God's design, it is our own. It is a sign that we are letting our negative ego or separated fear based self be our guide, not the soul or spirit. It is important to understand that there is no such thing as sin. A sin is like some unshakable stain on our character that cannot be removed. Sin is an egotistical concept, not a spiritual one. There are no sins, only mistakes. The true meaning of sin means, "missing the mark". Mistakes are, in actuality, positive not negative. The idea is to not go out of our way to make them, but when they do happen to learn from them and most of all forgive ourselves, for they are positive. Perfection is not never making a mistake. True perfection is the state of always forgiving oneself for one's mistakes and then trying to learn from that experience. Another very important point in respect to karma is that all lessons are learned within self. In other words, if you are having a vicious fight with a former friend, if you choose to forgive and hence, unconditionally love that person and let go of your animosity, you are freed from the karma, even if the other person chooses to hold onto a grudge for the rest of the incarnation. This is a very freeing understanding, and is confused by many people. Karma comes back to us on all levels: physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. How we take care of our physical body in this lifetime will determine how healthy a physical body we have in the next lifetime if we are destined to return. If you master your emotions in this lifetime and become peaceful, calm, joyous, and happy, then when you incarnate again next lifetime, as a baby you will be a peaceful, calm, joyous, and happy baby. Some people believe in this idea of the "tabuleau rasa", or blank slate philosophy. this is obviously absurd. We are not blank slates when we are born. As a matter of fact, there are really no such things as children. There are only adult souls living in babies bodies. The average person has 200 to 250 past lives. The soul with all its twelve soul extensions has an average of 2,000 to 2,500 past lives. Another very interesting point in respect to karma is the understanding that there really no so such thing as linear time in the spiritual world. Time is simultaneous. So your past and future incarnations are really happening now. For the now is really all that exists. It is also possible to have karmic bleed through from one of your eleven other soul extensions who are still in incarnation. This bleed through can come from the past or the future. I realize that this is a very difficult concept to understand on this plane. I have difficulty understanding it fully myself. This is a concept to try and grasp with your right brain rather than your left brain. The karmic bleed through can manifest as, let's say, physical symptoms you are experiencing that aren't in reality your own. Let's say one of your fellow soul extensions is close to death in his or her incarnation. You may be experiencing this or running some of their karma through your physical body. If you want to do this for one or many of your soul extensions you can, however, I wouldn't recommend doing it too much unless you receive clear guidance to do so. As I mentioned in an earlier chapter, a co-dependency can take place with them relying on you too much which is not good. In another experience I, personally, had with Djwhal Khul one day, he said that there was cigarette smoke in my field. I said, "cigarette smoke, that's impossible for I have never smoked cigarettes." I asked Him if He was sure it wasn't incense, which I sometimes light. He said, "no, it was cigarette smoke." He searched more deeply into the cause and he found it was coming from one of my soul extensions. To understand this concept of soul extensions being guided by the soul or over soul, I would recommend reading one of the Seth books, called "The Education of Oversoul Seven". This will help to give you a better understanding of this concept of simultaneous time, and the concept of soul extensions being guided by the soul. Later in this book I will talk more about the three permanent atoms, which are recording devices for our personal karma, in our physical, mental, and emotional bodies. The three permanent atoms record all of our good and bad karma, like our own personal akashic records. These permanent atoms are also dispensers of karma. They dispense karmic pictures into our blood stream which has an enormous affect on our glandular system. This is part of God's system for implementing the law of karma fairly. Another important point in respect to karma is that you are only given as much as you can handle. This is controlled by your soul and monad. If all one's karma was dumped upon a person all at once, no one could obviously handle it. It is possible to slow down the karma coming your way if you are feeling overwhelmed, and it is also possible to speed up your karmic lessons if you want to grow faster. This is achieved by just praying for this to your soul and monad and/or God. It is their joy to work with you in any way that you feel most comfortable. As mentioned in the chapter on initiation, all our good karma from all our past lives and this one is stored in our casual body, or soul body. The building of this causal body is one of the main requirements for achieving liberation from the wheel of rebirth. It is also important to realize that to achieve ascension one needs to balance only 51% of the karma of all their past lives. This is one's personal past lives, not the karma of your eleven other soul extensions. Much of the karma we experience in our lives is not necessarily from past lives. Much of it we have created in this life. For example, let's say someone falls asleep at the wheel while driving and gets into a serious car accident. The lesson may be as simple as being foolish enough to drive when one is over tired. The important lesson here is that all karma from past lives is basically just programming in your subconscious mind and in your three permanent atoms. This can all be transformed in this life by learning to be the master of your three lower vehicles, the physical, emotional, and mental bodies, in service of spirit, and unconditional love. It is possible to completely clear your subconscious mind and three permanent atoms of all negative programming and to replace them with positive programming. The laws of karma even extend to the type of soul you attract during intercourse and conception. The kind of soul that is attracted is greatly determined by the quality of feeling and love that is shared and being made manifest during the love making experience. Another very interesting point in respect to karma is how it relates to blood transfusions, organ transplants and animal organ transplants. Djwhal Khul has said that all three are highly not recommended if at all possible. Take, for example the blood transfusion. Let's say that you are a third degree initiate and have just taken your soul merge initiation. Then you go into a hospital and get a blood transfusion from the blood from a street person who hasn't stepped onto their spiritual path yet. The blood physically and spiritually speaking, would be totally dissonant to your vibration. You are, in essence, running their karma through your blood stream. The example of an organ transplant would be even worse. Even worse yet would be putting a pig’s liver into a human body which they are actually doing now. This really blows my mind! The basic law of the universe is that it is our thoughts that create our reality. All karma has its antecedent in some ancient thought, that led to a feeling or action. It is sometimes helpful to do hypnotic regression work to release karmic blocks from past lives or early childhood. Under hypnosis one can re-experience a past trauma that can help give insight as to the true catalyst and cause, and can very often help to release that program from the subconscious mind. I will give many other tools later on in this book. One last interesting understanding in relationship to karma has to do with a master taking on the karma of one of its disciples. Sai Baba, the great Master from India has done this frequently with devotees. In one instance he took on a heart attack, a stroke, and ruptured appendix of a devotee who would have died for sure. Sai Baba became deathly ill for ten days. Over twenty five of the finest doctors in India were at His bedside on the tenth day. He had turned completely black and the consensus of the twenty five doctors was that He had only ten minutes to live. Sai Baba would not take medication and said, “At four o'clock today I will be giving a lecture.” The doctors thought He was crazy. At the appointed hour he apparently sprinkled some water on Himself and instantly cured Himself and was fine. The twenty five doctors began praying to Sai Baba for help before treating any patient from that moment forward. Examples of Karma as it Extends Over Past Lives and/or Future Lives In my research I have extensively studied the Edgar Cayce files and come up with some fascinating cases showing how the law of karma extends over past or future lives. The first example is that of a man who lived in Rome in a past life. He was a very handsome man, and he used to go around criticizing other people for being fat and not handsome like himself. In his present life he had an under-active pituitary and was obese. I had mentioned earlier in this book how the three permanent atoms often release karma into the bloodstream which adversely affects the glandular system. This is one very good example of this process. In another reading of Cayce a man had knifed and killed someone in a past life. In this life he was suffering from leukemia. In another similar type of reading a man had killed someone and this life he was shedding his own blood with anemia. The parents of a young eight year old boy took him to see Edgar Cayce for a chronic bed wetting problem. It turned out that the bed wetting was a karmic lesson from a past life in Salem, Massachusetts during the witch trials. He had been one of the men who was responsible for dunking the witches under water and torturing them for their metaphysical beliefs. The eight year old boy was suffering from a deep seated guilt for having mistreated his fellow man which was being manifest as bed wetting. The cause of epilepsy in two different readings was caused by a misuse of psychic powers in a past life, and in another reading by overindulgence in sexuality. A black couple went to see Cayce and asked why it was they were black in this racist society. It turns out in their last previous past life they were white plantation owners in the South and had mistreated blacks. This reminds me of Jesus' statement to "do unto others as you would have others do unto you", for that is exactly how the law works. A friend of mine had a fear of swimming in the water. Two different psychics separately told her that she had died in the sinking of the Titanic. This same friend's three main interests in this life have been art, music, and the American Indians. The same psychic, without knowing this, told her that her last three past lives had been as a famous artist, musician, and as an American Indian. A woman's fear of knives had to do with a life in Persia where she was attacked by invading forces who killed her with a knife. In another reading a man had a very painful hip condition which the doctors said was cancer of the bone. Cayce said that it was a karmic situation from a past life in Rome where this person was in the Coliseum arena. This person was apparently laughing at the suffering of one of the people in combat. In another reading a man was suffering from severe congenital cataracts. Cayce said it was from a past life in Persia where this person was in a tribe of barbarians who blinded other tribesmen with hot irons. Cayce has said that hives are caused by animosities, holding grudges, and unkindly thoughts. Cayce also said that no one can hate his neighbor and not have stomach and liver problems. In another reading a child was suffering from infantile paralysis at one year of age. Both legs were crippled and both feet stunted in their growth. Cayce said that this was from an Atlantean incarnation where she used drugs and hypnosis to make people weak in limb and body so they would have to follow her orders. Another fascinating Cayce reading tells of a man who hated blacks. He was a Nazi and member of the Ku Klux Klan. He said that blacks were like animals. This man obviously would not come for a reading, but someone who did asked how anyone could be filled with so much hate. It turned out that this soul, in a past life, was a Phoenician around, I think it was 500 BC. Apparently there was a war between the Phoenicians and the Carthaginians and he was captured and made a slave in one of the ships. The ships were like the ones depicted in the movie Ben Hur, when they were chained to their seats down below deck and made to row the oars. A black man would beat the drum and all the slaves would have to row to the beat of the drum. Another black man would beat the slaves that didn't keep up to the proper rowing beat. This man apparently lived for thirty years being transferred from ship to ship, being made to row and constantly beaten. In this life this is a good example of karmic bleed through. He built up so much hate in that lifetime that when he incarnated again it came right out. In another reading a man was born in a deformed physical body. People always wonder why one person seems blessed and another cursed. It turns out that in a past life this soul was the Roman emperor who fiddled while Rome burned. This deluded soul built up so much bad karma in that life he chose to balance it out in one fell swoop by having a deformed body. In another reading a woman had an overpowering fear of animals. This fear came from an experience in Rome when this entity's husband had been made to fight wild beasts in one of the arenas. Another woman had been married for nine years and had a very sweet and loving husband. The woman was still afraid to get involved sexually. It turns out that in a past life during the Crusades he had restrained her with a chastity belt which caused her to hate him. This karmic lesson still obviously hadn't been worked out. A woman came to see Edgar Cayce who had glandular disturbances that caused an excessive menstrual flow which made it impossible for her to attend school and led to extreme depression and a nervous breakdown. Cayce said in a past life she had been a nun in a French convent at the time of Louis the XIV. She had been very stern, cold, and intolerant of human weakness. Her understanding of scripture was purely literal. She acted superior and very intolerant of others. In another reading a woman couldn't commit to marriage. Cayce told her that her wariness sprang from a life during the Crusades where her husband deserted her. Another woman had an abnormal shyness and inability to make friends. It stemmed from a life in France when she had much talent and beauty, but her husband's jealousy caused him to suppress her every natural impulse with cold and merciless tyranny. He even went so far as to beat her with a whip at times. In another reading a doctor had a marked uncommunicative nature. Cayce said it stemmed from a past life of practicing silence as a Quaker. Another person was deaf. This stemmed from closing the ears to the suffering of others in a past life. Another person had digestive problems. this was caused by a past life of gluttony. A motion picture producer had polio. This came from a life in Rome, again, where he jeered and mocked others for not resisting death in the combats at the Coliseum in Rome. In another reading a man was a homosexual who wanted to become a priest. This was a source of great confusion and conflict for him. In a past life he was apparently a satirist and gossip monger in the French court who took particular delight in exposing homosexual scandals of the court with his cartoon skill. I have given a lot of examples of bad karma, carrying over to this life. Karma can also be of a positive nature. For example, how did Mozart create piano concerto's at five years old? He had four or five lifetimes as famous musicians previous to this life. How did each of you reading this book receive a healthy body and grow up in the United States? You could have been a starving Somalian, or you could have grown up in Communist China or a thousand other places that wouldn't have allowed you the freedoms and opportunities you have here. Djwhal Khul on the Law of Karma and Rebirth I would like to end this chapter with a series of 13 statements by Djwhal Khul in the Alice Bailey book called, "The Reappearance of the Christ". These 13 statements by Djwhal provide a good summation of the entire process. 1. The Law of Rebirth is a great natural law upon our planet. 2. It is a process, instituted and carried forward under the Law of Evolution. 3. It is closely related to and conditioned by the Law of Cause and Effect. 4. It is a process of progressive development, enabling men to move forward from the grossest forms of unthinking materialism to a spiritual perfection and an intelligent perception which will enable a man to become a member of the Kingdom of God. 5. It accounts for the differences among men and - in connection with the Law of Cause and Effect (called the Law of Karma in the East) - it accounts for differences in circumstances and attitudes to life. 6. It is the expression of the will aspect of the soul and is not the result of any form decision; it is the soul in all forms which reincarnates, choosing and building suitable physical, emotional and mental vehicles through which to learn the next needed lessons. 7. The Law of Rebirth (as far as humanity is concerned) comes into activity upon the soul plane. Incarnation is motivated and directed from the soul level, upon the mental plane. 8. Souls incarnate in groups, cyclically, under law and in order to achieve right relations with God and with their fellowmen. 9. Progressive unfoldment, under the Law of Rebirth, is largely conditioned by the mental principle for "as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he." These few brief words need most careful consideration. 10. Under the Law of Rebirth, man slowly develops mind, then mind begins to control the feeling, emotional nature, and finally reveals the soul and its nature and environment to man. 11. At that point in his development, the man begins to tread the Path of Return, and orients himself gradually (after many lives) to the Kingdom of God. 12. When - through a developed mentality, wisdom, practical service and understanding - a man has learned to ask nothing for the separated self, he then renounces desire for life in the three worlds and is freed from the Law of Rebirth. 13. He is now group conscious, is aware of his soul group and of the soul in all forms and has attained - as Christ had requested - a stage of Christ like perfection reaching unto the "Measure of the stature of the fullness of the Christ. Copyright © 2004 Dr Joshua David Stone. All Rights Reserved. MEDITATION FOR THIS WEEK IS: 50 Point Cosmic Clearing and Cleansing Meditation Close eyes, let us begin by all taking a deep breath - exhale. We call forth the Entire Planetary and Cosmic Hierarchy, for help in implementing this meditation for the entire group. We call forth a Planetary and Cosmic axiatonal alignment. The meditation we are about to do is extremely in-depth, and will foster enormous ascension acceleration, so I want you all to just completely relax and be like a sponge, and let the Masters do their Divine handy work. We call forth Lord Michael, to establish a golden dome of protection for all in attendance. We call forth Vywamus and the Archangels, to bring forth their golden hands as a Net, to cleanse any and all negative energies in the field of each person individually, and in the collective group body. We call forth from Melchizedek, the Mahatma and Metatron, for the anchoring of the Platinum Net, to cleanse the energy fields of each person in attendance in even a deeper fashion now. We now call forth to the Lord of Arcturus and the Arcturians, for the anchoring of the "prana wind clearing device" individually, and in our collective group body. See this prana wind clearing device, as a type of fan that is anchored into the solar plexus, and blows and clears all unwanted energies out of the etheric body system. Feel the prana wind clearing device, now being lifted out of your field, by the Lord of Arcturus and the Beloved Arcturians. We now call forth from Djwhal Khul, the Seven Chohans, Lord Maitreya, Allah Gobi, Lord Buddha, and the Cosmic Masters, for the anchoring of the core fear matrix removal program. See this as a lattice work of light that is anchored into the four body system, and hence highlights any negative energies or blockages in your energy fields. We begin by calling forth the removal of all fear programming and blocks, to every person in this room achieving their ascension at the highest possible level. See this fear programming as black roots intertwined in your energy fields, now being pulled out like a vacuum cleaner through your crown chakra, by the Masters. Planetary and Cosmic Hierarchy, please now remove all separative thinking from the four-body system. Please also now remove all judgmental programming from the four-body system. Please remove all lack of forgiveness from the four-body system. Feel these negative aspects again being pulled out of your energy fields, through the crown chakra like unwanted weeds being removed from a beautiful garden. Planetary and Cosmic Hierarchy, please remove all impatience and negative anger. Please remove all negative selfishness, self-centeredness and narcissism. Please remove any negative thoughtforms, negative feelings and emotions, and or imbalanced archetypes from the four- body system. Please remove all superiority and inferiority thinking created by the negative ego. Please remove all aspects of guilt and shame consciousness created by the negative ego. Please remove all negative ego and fear based programming in a generalized sense. Please cleanse and remove all extraterrestrial implants and negative elementals. We call forth the cleansing and removal of all unwanted astral entities. We call to Melchizedek, the Mahatma and Metatron, for the Cosmic viral vacuum, to remove and pull out any clinical or subclinical viruses currently existing in any of our energy fields. Please also remove and pull out all negative bacteria with the Cosmic bacterial vacuum program. We call to the Archangels and the Elohim, to remove all disease energy from the physical, etheric, astral and mental vehicles. We call forth each person’s personal Inner Plane Healing Angels, to now heal, repair, and sew up any irritations, spots, and or leaks in the aura. We call forth to Melchizedek, the Mahatma, Metatron, Archangel Michael and the Archangels, for the removal of all improper soul fragments. We also ask for the retrieval of all the soul fragments from the universe, that belong to us in Divine order. We call forth each person’s etheric healing team, and now request that the etheric body be repaired and brought back to its perfect blue print now. We call forth the anchoring now of each persons perfect Divine Monadic blue print body, and/or Mayavarupa body, to use from this moment forward, to accelerate healing and spiritual growth on all levels the rest of this lifetime. We call forth a complete cleansing and clearing of our genetic line and ancestral lineage. We call forth the Lord of Arcturus, to now bring forth the Golden cylinder to remove and vacuum up any and all remaining negative energy in our collective energy fields. We call forth a clearing and cleansing of all past lives and future lives. We call forth now the integration and cleansing of our 144 soul extensions, from our Monad and Mighty I Am Presence. We now call forth a clearing and cleansing of all karma. As you all know, one needs to balance 51% of their karma to take the beginning phase of their Planetary ascension. We ask for the greatest possible cleansing of our karma now. We call forth from Melchizedek, Mahatma and Metatron, for the anchoring of a match stick worth of the Cosmic Fire, to very gently burn away all astral, mental and etheric dross and gray clouds, from our fields. We now request a complete clearing and cleansing of our entire Monad and Mighty I Am Presence itself. We now call forth the greatest cleansing process this world has ever known, from Melchizedek, Mahatma, Metatron, Lord Michael, the Archangels, the Elohim Councils and from GOD. We now call forth the Ultimate Cosmic Cleansing and Clearing, back to our original covenant with GOD, upon our “Original spiritual creation”....... We will take a few extra moments of silence to receive this Blessing and Grace. We now call forth from all the Cosmic and Planetary Masters gathered here, a downpouring and light shower of "core love", and the “Christ/Buddha/Melchizedek attributes”, to replace all that has been removed and cleansed, by the grace of GOD and the Cosmic and Planetary Hierarchy. We call forth Archangel Sandalphon, Pan and the Earth Mother, to help us now become properly integrated and grounded back into our physical bodies. We call forth our personal Inner Plane Healing Angels to now perfectly balance our chakras and four body system. When you are ready, open your eyes, and enjoy the tremendous sense of well being and crystal clear clarity in your energy fields.
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About Life and all those numbers

Something I've begun to realize- Life is a movie. We go through various scenes without knowing the conclusion of the movie. This is the veil. We are the actors and actresses. God is the Director. We are tested along the way during these scenes or situations. God has a vision for us- the Christ. God wants us to be the Christ in all situations in our lives. We are tested in how we react to the situations. If we are not reacting to the situations within the Christ vision, then we see the same scene over later in life. Everything is jumbled so you cannot predict when you see the situation or scene again because within you should know the vision, plus it keeps you from using your logical mind so you listen to your loving heart. Once you learn from the scenes and react within the Christ vision, then you pass and move to a new scene. With each pass you get closer to spirit. Each test is harder and more subtle, but each reward is greater with more infusion of spirit and Christ. Once spirit and the Christ vision and you are One in perfect union, then you ascend. Now there are clues on the way. Here are where the numbers fit in. You see them on clocks, signs, license plates, wherever. They are letting you know how you are doing in this game or movie called Life. Courtesy of Three of more of the same number (digital clock 2:22, 11:11, etc.) 111: Energy flow * Enhancing whatever level you are presently in * 111 or 1111 Energy flow of water, money, sex, kundalini, magnetic It happens when one of these energies manifests. (The beginning of the process of ascension-give thanks for this) 222 or 2222 In the middle of the proces of resurrection or the proces of ascension 333 or 3333 A decision number. Either one of the folowing can happen: 666 = material world or 999 = spiritual world. 444 or 4444 The Resurrection number. 555 or 5555 Christ consciousness 666 or 6666 Material world, chosen reality. 777: Symbolizes an integration of some portion of the four lower bodies with higher spiritual frequencies within the third-dimensional plane, or at level in which you are manifesting your physical reality on the Earth plan 888: Symbolizes infinity * The unified spiral of the physical merging with the Spiritual * Moving toward the completion of the ascension process through the energies of the 222 and 444 999: Symbolizes the three levels of the triune * completion 000: Great Void * Experiencing a null zone * switching or moving into a new energy field *11:11 Beginning of a whole new level or phase of development * Another dimension or frequency of experience * A PORTAL WAY OPENING *12:12 A COSMIC CONNECTION * A bridge to the future * Signifies a level of completion or graduation Pay attention to clocks, license plates, perhaps what you were doing at the time you saw that particular number.......what were you thinking, etc.I have found these to be very much a signal or sign after I have asked a question etc.
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The 7 Planetary Initiations- The Path to Ascension

All, I wanted to share this great information with you. Courtesy of Initiations ----------- Initiations are path how you get closer to God, how you grow your person and how to rise consciusness permanetly. They are spiritual path to God from planetary system to highest level, Paradise. When you pass the sixth initiation, there is no turning back. You cannot fall because you are perfect and not be able to do conscious mistakes. Ascension does not stop after completing planetary ascension. I think that there are 343 levels what we have to evolve and 441 initiations what we have to pass. First is planetary ascension, then comes solar ascension, then comes galactic ascension, then comes universal ascension, then comes super universal ascension and finally Paradise ascension. There are more initiations than levels what we have to evolve. There are 7 subplanes in every cosmic and universal plane, but there are 9 dimensions in every larger plane. Initiations and dimensions are together, it makes 441 initiations. Moving from cosmic physical level to cosmic astral level takes 9 initiations. Completing planetary ascension is just 1/47 of whole ascension. Every main initiation is split in 7 subinitiations or sections.There are no separate dimensions for the subinitiations. There are 3087 subinitations in whole ascension from planetary "birthing place" to Father. In physical world, the 7 first initiations are most important. You concentrate on them. You get more and more truthful information and understanding in every initiation. The undestanding you get is not just related to initiations but also about undestanding of your abilities and how to use your higher bodies and chakras. Usually, when someone passes initiation it's informed with inner guidance. Universal (ascended) Master - the 441st initiation Cosmic (ascended) master - the 63th initiation Ascended master - 6th initiation Adept - the 5th initition Arhat - the 4th initiation Initiate - the 3th initiation Disciple - the 1st and the 2nd initiation Spiritual Aspirant - Path of probation Human who is unaware of his or hers connection to own soul - not stepped on the initiation path yet Path of Probation - Spiritual aspirant -------------------------------------- Path of Probation is before path of initiation and it is important time in life when spiritual aspirant sets him or herself to side of constructive and developing forces. Spiritual aspirant does serve good not bad. He or she does become to develop spiritually. Spiritual aspirant is teached to know own self and to get rid of weaknesses. The basics about wisdom are teached. Spiritual aspirant goes to higher levels at night to receive teaching. The person who is stepped to spiritual path gets much teaching, but he or she doesn't may not notice that. The spiritual aspirants intellectual activity is increased and he's or her's capacity to understand purpose of hierarchy and higher plan grows. Required for passing this inititation: * Will to get rid of weaknesses * Setting yourself to side of good First initiation - Disciple --------------------------- The key teaching in the first initiation is mastery over physical body. The body should be in the service of the soul. Control over the physical body should have reached very high level. Drugs or alcohol should not control the person who is in spiritual path. Basics to the right kind of an living, thinking and self control are reachedin this initiation. Some basic principles of God consciousness also starts to rule the disciple. The 1st initiation shows that the seed of the soul life is planted and grows. Throat chakra is stimulated in 1st initiation. Required for passing this initiation: * Self control (mastery of physical body) Second initiation - Disciple ---------------------------- The key teaching in the second initiation mastery over the astral body. This is often most difficult initiation to pass ja sometimes takes many incarnations. However, it's not so hard to pass for those who are willing to become masters and are serious about spiritual path. Those people will pass the 2nd initiation more quickly. 2nd initiation is related to sacrifice and death of negative desire. The lower nature is being controlled. Astral body becomes pure and serene. Required for passing this initiation: * Self control (mastery of emotional body) * Willing and taking action to get rid of negativity * Willing and taking action to get rid of negative desire Third initiation - Initiate --------------------------- The third initiation is mastery over mental body. Initiate´s consciousness does rise to mental plane and he or she learns much about priciples of god consciousness. Bodies of person becomes very enlightened and he or she is not controlled by lower nature or negative desire anymore. The soul becomes dominant. Mind is very responsive to ideas, intuitions and impulses coming from soul and the initiate also becames to receive direct guidance from the monad. Accumulation of right information is fast.z Light level required for 3th initiation is 56%. Third eye is stimulated in this initiation. Required for passing this initiation: * Light level 56% * Self control (mastery of mental body) * No judging anyone * Accepting all beings The Fourth initiation - Arhat ----------------------------- The fourth initiation is mastery over buddhic body. Arhat does serve God, monads and good of the whole. He or she does destroy negative selfishness. God and monad are teachers of arhat. The fourth initiation is liberation from rebirth. In this initiation soul becomes unneeded. You become your monad, your higher self, but you dont't fusiate completely yet. Monad does connect to your heart chakra. In the heart chakra, you feel oneness with your monad. In the fourth initiation you get god consciousness, the consciousness of the monad which is huge step. In the fourth initiation, the level of the consciousness does rise to atmic plane. To pass this initiation you can't think bad. Total freedom from all bad is required, you have to be perfectly good. The fourth initiation is total surrender to will of God and monad. Arhat is the master of the wisdom and lord of compassion. Required for passing this initiation: * Light level 62% * Free from all hate * No thinking bad at all ever * Love, "I am love" * Receiving eternal life * Surrender to God's and monad's will The fifth initiation - Adept ---------------------------- The fifth initiation is fusiating with your eternal self, monad and mastery over atmic body. You think, visualize and feel that you are your monad and god. In the fifth initiation you reach atmic level. In the fifth initiation you get whole feeling level and and consciousness of your monad. It is big step in your evolution! Your consciousness does rise to monadic level. You don't think negative thoughts. You have freedom from blindness. You believe in God perfectly and you don't have doubts about right path. Your will does merge with your monads will for eternal times. You do what God and your monad want you to do. Required to pass the 5th initiation: * Light level 75%. * Total surrender to God and to your monad * Agreement that "Yes what my monad does want" * Willingness to serve good of wholeness and the highest purpose The Sixth initiation - Ascended master -------------------------------------- The sixth initiation is mastery over monadic body. In this initiation you will become officially an ascended master. Master is free from law of karma. Master can't think imperfect on purpose. Consciousness of master is perfect joy, love and happiness. You are perfect. You are god and you understand that we all are gods. Person who passes the seventh initiation is teacher, but everyone does not have to be teacher in visible way. You can attain physical immortality if you want. * Light level required to pass the 6th initiation is 80% * No imperfect thoughts The Seventh initiation ---------------------- The seventh initiation is highest initiation can be taken in this physical level and mastery over logoic body. Master controls all seven rays. Consciousness rises to logoic plane. Crown chackra is stimulated in this initiation. Many seventh level initiates does become teachers in visible way. You get teaching about your god abilities in the seventh initiation. Making miracles becomes reality for master if it is his or hers path. Learning about god abilities was theme in my seventh initiation. The seventh initiation is commitment to service work what God and your monad wants. *Light level required to pass the 7th initiation is 92% ----------------------------------------------------------------- Abilities begin with 5th, 6th and 7th initiations: God abilities ------------ Your monad does have god abilities. You have the same abilities! Learn to use them. Ability to remove negative bacteria from physical body. Ability to remove negative energies from personality, bodies and from planet. Ability to remove black lights from bodies and from planet. Ability to remove wrong electrons from physical body and from place. Ability to remove bad, negative, unwise and stupid things from person, from mind and from feeling level Ability to remove sad, hate, unsane and negative fear things from person, from mind and from feeling level Ability to remove glamour Ability to remove negative separation Ability to remove negative karma Ability to rejuvenate physical cells. Ability to clear person from bad, negative, unwise, stupid talking Ability to clear person from all negative fearing Ability to heal person Ability to heal personality Ability to heal bodies Ability to heal mind Ability to balance bodies Ability to convert energies to perfect Ability to transform bodies to their highest form Ability to give perfect energies to bodies and to world Ability to give perfect lights to bodies, to mind and to world Ability to balance weather Ability to bless food Ability to increase size of too small body part Ability to decrease size of to too big body part
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Daily Invocation of the Angels

All, I've been reading this almost every day, one can feel the energy of the angels, and it grounds you in love vibration when you feel off-center. Just wanted to share this with you all. *** INVOCATION AND MEDITATION FOR THE ARCHANGELS I now invoke the mighty Archangel Michael to stand at my right hand side. I ask him to pour courage and strength into me and bring about positive results to my endeavours. I now request that he cut all my negative cords and attachments with his sword. I ask that the deep blue cloak of protection is placed over me so that only that which is of the highest and purest light may enter my aura. Pause for a moment so that Archangel Michael can complete this work and communicate anything he wishes to. I now invoke the mighty Archangel Gabriel to stand at my left hand side in his pure white ray. I ask that he pours his pure white energy into my aura and brings me guidance about my next step or my pathway. I ask that the symbols of my lifes mission be illuminated and activated now. Please bring joy, grace, clarity, understanding, generosity and order into my life. Pause for a moment so that Archangel Gabriel can complete this work and communicate anything he wishes to. I now invoke the mighty Archangel Uriel to stand in front of me and fill my aura with his purple and gold ray of wisdom and peace. Help me to soothe all conflict in my life and replace it with serenity, brotherhood and sisterhood. Please break my mental and emotional chains and free me from all my fears. Pause for a moment so that Archangel Uriel can complete this work and communicate anything he wishes to. I now invoke the mighty Archangel Raphael of the emerald ray to stand behind me. I ask that he pour healing and abundance into me. I ask for protection on my journeys and that I be impressed with justice, truth and vision. Pause for a moment so that Archangel Raphael can complete this work and can communicate anything he wishes to. I now invoke the mighty Archangel Chamuel of the pink ray to expand the flame of love in my heart. Please help me to find compassion and forgiveness for myself and for everyone I have ever harmed knowingly or unknowingly. I ask that my heart be opened at a personal and cosmic level. Pause for a moment so that Archangel Chamuel can complete this work and can communicate anything he wishes to. I now invoke the mighty Archangel Jophiel to pour the golden light of wisdom and illumination onto me through my crown centre. I ask that his wisdom light up and inspire my mind, helping me to learn and teach at the highest level. I ask that the symbols of wisdom I have accumulated throughout my lifetimes be lit up and activated now. Pause for a moment so that Archangel Jophiel can complete this work and can communicate with you if he wishes to. I now invoke the mighty Archangel Zadkiel of the violet ray of mercy, joy and transmutation to pour the violet flame into my aura. I ask for all my negativity to be released and dissolved and replaced with joy, diplomacy and tolerance. Pause for a moment so that Archangel Zadkiel can complete this work and can communicate with you if he wishes to. Your aura is now filled with the energy of the Archangels and you are connected to your mighty I AM presence. You are blessed.
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Contacting the After-life and Other Realms

By Chris Comish This article explains, based upon the author's experience, techniques used successfully to contact the other side. Not everyone needs to channel the after-life or other realms. Most seek closing or information. Only your heart knows what to do. ADVICE- only ask to contact a specific person or being that is for your highest and greatest good. Ask that Archangel Michael and your guardian angels or spirit guides to protect you from all harm and ill will during the contact and help you with understanding the information during the contact. If you follow these words you will not be harmed and you will learn something from the contact. Before you start any spiritual connections, you should open your spiritual portal. You only have to do it once because after that you will open and close it each time during a session by touching your hand to your forehead. Allow 10-15 minutes for the process. To open it get in a meditative state for 5 minutes then state the following prayer. Then meditate on the words for another 5 minutes. You will then be attuned for opening and closing your spiritual portal. The Prayer to open your portal (done only once): I ask that my spiritual portal be cleared and opened for spiritual connections for my highest good. That this expanding and opening of my spiritual portal only allow spirits for my highest good to come forth. I ask that I will be guided and protected during my spiritual contact and have contact only with spirits that I seek for information and guidance. That I receive this information with clarity and understanding in a form I can understand. I ask that this spiritual portal be open each time I touch my forehead with my right hand before spiritual contact and for the portal to be closed when I touch my forehead again with my right hand after the contact is over. So it is. Prayer to contact spirits (done every time afterwards): After initial opening of spiritual portal this can always be done. Get in a meditative state. Intend to contact (name of spirit). Ask your source, God, higher power or whatever your belief for your protection and well being during the session. Ask for a white or a golden healing light to surround you and fill the room. Ask for wisdom and guidance throughout this session. Ask that this session will only be for your highest good. Touch your forehead with the right hand to open the portal. Await contact. You may feel cool temperature, energy flooding over you, see something in your mind's eye. This is the contact. Spirits often talk telepathically. Listen and ask questions. When done, give thanks to the spirit. When finished touch your forehead with the right hand again to close the contact. Write everything down and ground yourself. Once contact is made initially, it will be easier to contact the other side again. It will also be easier for them to contact you. What proof is there that this works? Here is my experience: “I was contacted by someone I knew today who died in a car crash in 2005. She needed help along her spiritual journey. The contact was via my minds eye. More proof to me that we don't really die. Our earth bodies die but we move to another realm accessed via the minds eye and the heart. She appeared in her earth body shape but the face was the most clear, the rest was kind of apparition-like. It was a positive contact. My mind always thinks after life contact is scary and so does my body but my heart knows the truth. It was actually a very positive experience, because we had a positive experience in life before she died. It is the same conversation, the same personality, the same memories, just different dimensions. I sent her Reiki to assist her and the Reiki flowed! Reiki and telepathic contact (prayer/meditation initiate this) both exist in our realm and the other realms. They are all different vibrations of light. Light exists everywhere in the macrocosm and the microcosm.” When people pass over they only lose their bodies, everything else is intact. If they liked you in life, they like you on the other side. If they didn't like you, they still don't like you (but through forgiveness Higher Powers can intercede and protect you). That is why it is so important to make amends in life and forgive as much as possible. You can change emotions/thoughts better on earth. As a body you are more than just emotions/thoughts. Without a body that's a lot of what you are. Source: The information is based upon the author's own experiences using the techniques adapted from Steve Murray's Reiki the Ultimate Guide Volume One, Chapter 10. This article taught how, based upon experience, the author successfully used techniques to contact the other side.
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