We Are But A Messenger To Angelic Hosts Above:


We Are But A Messenger To Angelic Hosts Above:

Channelled through Pat Grabham

We Are But A Messenger to Angelic Hosts Above – Who Glide Throughout the Universe, full of Joy and Love.

Patiently they wait, listen and understand, knowing that for us, there is much more to comprehend.

They move around so silently, subtle and supreme.  All it takes is but a second, for them all to be seen.

Their innocence and purity is there for all to see.  For those who have ears to listen with, and for those who wish to see.

Their job is one of service, their work they do for God;  Blessed in that Knowledge, that they are One With Him.  His Guidance so they sought, in days of long ago, but now they are Supreme, as they go about His Dream.

They whisper amongst themselves, time and time again – then at varying other moments they simply look and talk within.  For in that unspoken action, lies the secret of their success, for they are Ambassadors for those Higher Planes of Light, and their joy is to lead us back once more, to those Heavenly Worlds Above.

We talk here on earth of action, but there is more to life than that;  for in those Higher Worlds of Being, God’s Thought Was The Key To Eternal Life. 


Life Is Eternal, it has stood the test of time – the Guardians of the Threshold, they Hold Wisdom in their Hands.  But beyond Wisdom, Love is the Key, that Golden Key to Eternity.

Thought takes us everywhere – it takes us back and forth.  Up into the Planetary Spheres, where Love is but a Thought.

Thought though can ease the pain of suffering, it can Pass Through the Veils of Time and Space, and thus seek out Home.

It can Transcend Death and Enable that Wheel of Rebirth to have Run Its Course.  For Right Thought can indeed Tune Into The Mind Of God, as we Remember Who We Are, and Where We Are From – for then we are Not a Messenger Any More, But An Angelic Host Ourself.

2 January, 2008.

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Comment by Pat Grabham on October 1, 2012 at 10:20am

Hi Julian,


interesting picture.  They all register on our conscious and sub-conscious, on many levels.



Comment by Pat Grabham on September 30, 2012 at 10:50pm

Hi Hannah,

Thank you for your comments.


Angel blessings to you also.



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