Virtue of the journey - Wisdom gained by a baptism in fire (Parable of respect)

Many of those I speak to seem to be more in love with the idea of being awake, than they are actually interested in doing it.

Many more think they are awake, but you need only look in their eyes to see they are fast asleep behind the wheel.

I have found that simply giving the people the keys to their awakening is generally not enough. And sometimes it can be dangerous for them, much like giving a learner driver the keys to a Ferrari.

To those awakening to their 6th it is OK to simply give them the wisdom on which they can stew; which may lead them to understanding their own consciousness; and eventually to "I am".

But for any to awaken beyond the individual to understand; "We are", they generally need to be taught the hard road to their understanding.

This is because there is a great difference between 'knowing' and 'understanding'. Knowledge can be taught; but wisdom must be understood.

So I give the hardest road to any of my students. Not to give them the answers, but to send them somewhere they may not necessarily want to go where they will find their answers.

Shifting your mortal vessel to very high frequencies is one of the most painful things anyone will ever go through. As it polarizes you further from the collective.

You do a dis-service to those you lead down these paths to give them anything but the fullest extent of what they are giving themselves into. For as purity of heart is corruptible, to lead it into unspeakable cleansing pain unprepared; can see it blackened in darkness.

Parts of the highest initiation could easily kill someone who is unprepared or has doubt in their heart. Therefore much like an athlete trains; we must prepare their minds for the onslaught; and this can not be done by handing them the answers.

Love is by far the hardest path to walk; which is why so few do it.

But it is also the most beautiful and the most powerful.
I will not give anyone wishing to awaken the keys to the doors. Instead I will only offer them riddles and things to consider. To meditate or think upon.

This not only gives them the chance to nurture the understanding of their awakening by their own mind; but also displays to me the level of true desire they have to find enlightenment.

The reason I am writing this blog, is to address probably my only criticism of this beautiful site, in that too many people are mistaking 'quantity' and expanse of knowledge and theory; for quality that will lead them to true wisdom and understanding.

Such as believing you can attune to the El'ohim. Which is holistically incorrect. The El'ohim are chosen, you can not just read a mantra and consider yourself one of them.

But as with everything perception is power; so there is nothing 'wrong' with giving people such a beautiful concept to believe in. Much like the mind receives a fright and the body jumps; to believe in beauty will always influence a persons life in a positive way.

We just need to understand that true wisdom is not something that can be spoon-fed, nursery style to those who wish for it.

My post serves more as a warning to those seeking to find truth and wisdom in the myriad of theories and 'Drs' releasing rubbish to the masses online today. Not to those of good intention who are trying to help others. Intentions of purity should not be shunned, they merely need developing and evolution like all good things.

Though you may be offered many truths, very few can be so.

Test with your heart, and remember one of the oldest pieces of wisdom ever offered this world; that nothing good comes easy.

Do not believe that you can merely say a few words and know the true Divinity. Things like this are merely a piece of a much larger jig-saw. One that is very complex and hard to piece together.

Seek the things that will challenge you, as this is where growth lies.

Test of the wine; if it is to your liking and taste; then drink of it.
If this wine is not to your liking, then do not drink of it.

And much like the knowledge I have offered you for your consideration;

Do not spit of this wine; for no finer drop shall you be offered.

9th Anointed Simon Jacob Alexander - 6th Ray


A wise man is delivering his stock to market down a long and unforgiving road, when he comes across two men outside a small town taking shade from the heat by the roadside. One man is heavily burdened by provisions to see him safe upon his journey; the other is light of such a load.

The wise man greets the men as he approaches; “good day to you both. I carry a great load as you can see; but I can seat one of you for my journey to the markets in the south.”

The man light of load approaches and eagerly addresses the wise man; “I am expected in haste only an hour by your grace to the west of the markets of which you speak. I have much coin with which to reward any who could see such a journey fulfilled.”

The Wise man acknowledged his request and then turned to the man arriving before him late by weight of his pack. “And where is your destination my friend?”

Having heard his fellow travellers offering, the man humbly conceded; “I have no coin with which to ply your pocket. My journey lies east of where you find trade, but I would not see your business suffer by its course regardless.”

With this the wise man made his decision and spoke; “Then it is with you seeking east I shall arrive to market.”

“With your assistance I can see my trade concluded swiftly, and in kind I shall then see you east to your journeys end.”

Grateful of this offering, the humble man removed his pack and flask of water. Concerned for his safety of his fellow traveller, he made offering of these to him, only to have them regarded angrily.

Confused he turned to the wise man and asked; “Old man, I offer to pay you and yet you see me stranded? Why would you choose this man over me?”

The wise man replied; “But you are not stranded. Though your journey may be longer and harder, you have all you need to see its end. I gave grace to this man for the same reason he presented to you his flask and pack.”

“For he stands before me as someone who is aware of the pain and hardship this road may present. Who has accepted the costs of such a journey and seen himself ready to meet it. This is a man who has already learned the lessons this road has to teach and is respectful of their virtues.”

“You appear before me blind to such dangers. So concerned with your destination are you, that you pay no heed to its course.”

“On a road like this you, devoid of any people and all their comforts; your coin has no value. When the heat of your journeys day brings you thirst, can you drink of your coin? When the cold of journeys night embraces you, will your coin keep you warm?”

“When you consider all the lessons that this road presents; what your fellow traveller offers freely, is of more value than all the gold of man.”

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