The Cosmic Christ:

Channelled through Pat Grabham.

Through The Barriers Of Time And Space, Beloved, I Am.

I Am The Light Of The Eternal Sun, Forever With You All.

I Am The Light That Came Into Being, That All May Find Rest, In All The Innumerable Planets, Planes, Spheres, Universes, Galaxies, Stars, And Atlantis, Which Were Brought Into Existence From The Godhead.

My Rays Stretch Out To Infinity And Beyond, To Worlds Within Worlds, Which Rest Within The Divine Mind Of The Godhead, But Which Have Not As Yet Been Made Manifest.


Through The Vast Ages And Cycles Of Existence, Reaching Back Millions Of Years, There Have Travelled Into The Different Universes, Planes And Spheres Of Being, And Very Much Later, Earth, - Spiritual Ones, Who, By Their Light, Love And Devotion To The Creator, Have Been Blessed By God As Being One Who Is .......A..... COSMIC CHRIST.

A.....COSMIC CHRIST, Is One Who Has Attained Great Love, Understanding, Inner Awareness, And Who Is Able To Transcend Both Time And Space.  Able To Control With Their Love, That Which Is, And Also To Attune Themselves With The Thoughts Of The Godhead To Such An Extent, That There Is No Separation;  They Are As One – One Thought, One Mind, One Dream. 

Thus Can We See How Great Is The Thanks, Given In All Their Planes And Spheres Of Being, Which All Life, Human, As Well As The Different Life Forms, Owe To A....COSMIC CHRIST.

AS THE COSMIC CHRIST Is, And Has His Being, He Is Aware Of The Totality Of The Cosmos, And That God The Son Himself, That Third Aspect Of The Trinity Of The Godhead, Mentors And Communes With Him Daily, For Such Is Their Special Bond, Going Back As It Does Through All The Ages Of Time, Without Distance Or End.


THE Cosmic Christ works under Different Laws, It Becomes The Cosmic Law, Which Is In Accordance To The Highest Law Structure Of The Trinity.

The Creator Thanks Them All For Their Work, For Their Guidance And Inspiration As Through Their Great Light, Such Also Is Generated For The Well-being And Progression Of All.

Connected To THE COSMIC CHRIST, We Have THE SPIRITUAL SUN, Which Is The Embodiment Of God’s Thought’s Made Manifest.

In The Future, Much Knowledge And Teachings Will Be Brought Forth On The Spiritual Sun, A Philosophy Not Yet Known Or Revealed To Humankind. 

Beloved Are They, Who Hath Listened To My Voice, To All The Nations And Peoples’ Therein.  (So Saith The Lord).



Beloved Of The Trinity, And At One With The Spiritual Sun.

16 November, 2012.

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Comment by Pat Grabham on November 17, 2012 at 8:06am

Hi Julian

Thank you for your two comments, appreciated.


Comment by Pat Grabham on November 16, 2012 at 5:15pm

Hi Valery


Thank you for your comments.  Although today the modern term is Ascension... in days of old and even until quite recently, people would think of enlightenment,


Lovely picture.



Comment by Valery Jianu on November 16, 2012 at 5:03pm

Comment by Valery Jianu on November 16, 2012 at 5:02pm

  Hi Pat

Congratulations!You come again with a text of Light.

Our  burden is light. As I understand ,Christed principle is a constant unchanging principle of Divinity which is manifested in all universes.

A prerequisite for ascension  is constantly keep the "Christ consciousness.""Keep the Christ consciousness" is to be constantly aware of the presence of Christ in us, His Person and His work.It also means being constantly aware of our heavenly position in Christ, and what this implies for our position convenient walking on this earth.

 The spiritual mentor who ensures that, ultimately, our evolutionary path and spiritual
growth is sustained in accordance with our souls' highest spiritual aims. To do so, his energy is in contact with each of us at all times, guiding us from the higher realms to embrace self loving choices and actions
in our daily lives and improve our understanding and practice of Unconditional Love. This beloved
master has showed humanity that death can be overcome and that love, forgiveness and compassion are
our true nature. "What I have done you can do and more". Like all great masters Jesus did not come to
be worshipped, he came to teach humanity how to become Christ like.

While "ascension into Christ consciousness" usually takes a bit more effort than one attunement, the ritual itself is a truly glorious experience for any open individual.

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