Having 'time-out' is a wonderful opportunity to look around you and see for yourself just how
clever the Creator is. I know that we can all be 'creators' but this is about the first and original
Creator who manifested everything possible for Life to never extinguish Itself.

How does One come to this conclusion? We have massive hunger in the world, cruelty on a
huge scale, people suffering with ill-health and dying...........and the list goes on. The Creator
created solutions for every problem in 'opposites.' When One incarnates into a physical world,
it is through experiencing life within these opposites that leads us to our strengths and weaknesses.

We have freedom of choice in our actions and it all depends on where we incarnate on this planet -
whether the country has a flourishing environment or is a country steeped in suffering for survival,
everyday!   In an affluent society there are still plenty of opposites to build personal strengths on.
In a suffering society where material goods are not in abundance, the lessons of survival are much
harsher and deeply profound. Then the lessons for the affluent societies is to realize that wealth
needs to be shared in order to maintain a balance in this world. We see how many souls do not
have a choice as to what the heads of these countries choose for them, they have no voice!

So, the Creator has made everything possible for survival in creating opposites, but it is up to the
individual souls to gather together and look after those who have no voice. The Creator has stood
back to watch and see if people can find their way back to realizing that we are all One - born into
a world of opposites where the right choice can save lives by awakening to Love and Compassion.

Where there is hunger and famine, replace it with food and planting crops. Where there is no
health care, replace it with a year-round roster of doctors and nurses who are willing to give their
holiday time to help those that need them the most. Where there is loneliness, replace it with a
smile and a hug and spending some time with the lonely. Where there are no school supplies in
third world countries, replace that lack with donations from schools and businesses that are willing
to donate their outdated equipment. And the list goes on - easy to fill, and with some effort can
give some relief of whatever is needed the most. Beginning in one's own community is a good start.
Filling the void - making it a happier and healthier world. Namaste ~ in it's true meaning......


                            These ladies are knitting all sorts of items to help the needy in Cambodia!
                                           And....looking at the smiles, they love doing it !
                                                                         Well Done !

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Comment by Tara Mary on June 15, 2012 at 8:50pm

Thank-you dear Hannah for your lovely words and sweet flowers, always grateful for YOU!

Much love, Tara Mary xox

Comment by Tara Mary on June 15, 2012 at 8:49pm

AH !   Julian, one of my favourite people, Mother Teresa!!

Thank-you so much for sharing those pictures and quotes, brings broad smiles to my face and a warmer heart.

Much love to you dear Brother, you are a shining light, indeed!

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