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Sirius is a star whose ancient civilization, highly developed, has by far exceeded our own growth. The intelligence of Sirians being much higher level spiritual, mental and emotional. They had the task of helping mankind to "the great leap forward" to access the new spiritual age.

The energy that is transmitted during the initiation of the Star Sirius unifies the molecular structure and to be closer to his true Being. By awakening the memory, one acquires a reliance and alignment with Source energy because this is part of Self. You will not need external protection, care or advice as you will be in you once again, connected to your own Inner Master.

In other words you will no longer be One. As the serpent Kundalini, DNA will be enabled in your chakras, up your Channel Light and your cells, including your molecular structure. An introduction to Sirius allows the integration and alignment with the Goddess Isis. The sacred union with the goddess allows the merger to enter the Temple.
The vortex of Sirius is open to allow the energy of the divine feminine principle to come through us, to balance the masculine energies, so that we can create the harmony and acceptance of unity on this planet. The vibration of love, truth, wisdom and peace are awakened in our consciousness as we enter this temple.

This temple is a passage that opens the star: the gateway to the Cosmic Realm. It reflects the colors of rainbow, the reminder of the promise that everything will be as one, the divine union of spirit and matter. The steps represent the different levels that we encounter on our path to reach a higher vibration of love.

It is now time to claim our gifts and abilities and correct in form to raise them to heaven and to bring them to the earth together as one. Immerse yourself in the temple of light and offer yourself to the love of the divine source.

The mysteries of our planet to trigger has been received, originally from Sirius. Similarly, the influence of Sirius has been instrumental in establishing the human kingdom on our planet, a development that made the whole adventure of the evolution of consciousness possible for the human realm.

It turns out that the intelligence of Sirius, long ago, planned and initiated deployment of consciousness we call the path, a path that comes from the beginnings of the animal - man and which eventually leads to the identifications cosmic.

Initiation emanating Star of Sirius brings a very powerful healing energy in all planes of Being in its implementation. It reconnects us to the Dolphin Energy, teachings of love and compassion. Two symbols are transmitted during this teaching.

Each year at the Sirius / Leo alignment, a great light is becoming more available, bringing to us a new opportunity, a new path. The Soul Light within us is ever increasingly aware of the spiritual light emanating from Sirius. This light is like no other; remember the first time you glimpsed the soul light, the brilliance, the beauty, the illumined truth it brought to the life. The spiritual light from Sirius is of such potency, it is beyond our comprehension initially. We seek this light, and in doing this prepare for Humanity to become one with this light. A great world Festival at the time of the Sirius ~ Leo alignment during Leo shall arise from this continued effort, and Humanity via the Hierarchy will become dedicated to contacting Sirian light.


Meditation on the forces from Sirius will become of ever greater importance, it will bring our world together. Just as the personality comes under the influence and direction of the soul light, we will relinquish the very Light of Soul to this greater Light of the One. In time humanity as a whole will give itself up to become a distributing and radiating center in the cosmic Heart, which is its home ... this is the perfection of substance itself, a sacred Earth. The Sirius ~ Leo Cosmic Festival prepares humanity and in turn planet earth for this perfection and ultimate cosmic service, bringing us into contact with the Heart of God.

Under the influence of Leo, responsiveness grows and sensitivity increases. The world of smaller, more personal affairs is converted into the world of ever larger values and reality. Right human relations and the greater spiritual good dominate our thinking and our activities. Desire changes into aspiration, and finally into spiritual will, purpose and intent. Fully self-aware, the Lion emerges from its lair. The fluid synthesis of the opposite sign is realized ~ the self-awareness gained in Leo opens the door to the group service of Aquarius. This is expressed in the words, "Father, not my will but thy will be done."

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Comment by Pat Grabham on November 27, 2012 at 8:05pm

Interesting, Carmen.


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