Special Event - Accelerated Basic Energy Training & Diamond Star! Celebrating 17 Years of Amazing Galactic Energy!


As we commence the celebration of almost 2 decades of amazing Lightwave Energy, get ready to receive the new Angelic ‘Diamond Star Celestial Power Matrix’ download, which will give you the power of a thousand Angels to transform, transmute, awaken and energize anything, anywhere at any time!  To use this power, a special sealed template will be downloaded, opened and activated during the first part of the session that will be personalized to you and merged with your original Lightwave matrix.  The special skill, details and steps to use the ‘Diamond Star Power’ will be given to you during the course of the session, so that you will feel confident and ready to go with this divine power.


“This gift to bring the powers of heaven to Earth comes with great responsibility and a huge amount of energy…

but it also arrives with the ability that few humans have ever been given!"  The Ashtar Command

Also includes the latest October 2021 'Updated' Ashtar Command 'Virus Shield' that helps to deflect illnesses and protect you wherever you go!


Transform Yourself into a Magical Energy Master with this Easy-to-Learn Technique....it will give you the Ability to Upgrade, Energize, Heal and Protect Yourself & Others!

Welcome! Come join us for this new 'accelerated' Lightwave Training session and learn one of the newest and most powerful energy healing processes on the planet!  The technique was designed by the Pleiadians and enhanced through the energy of the Ashtar Command & beautiful accelerator technology of Bryan de Flores. The Lightwave procedure is easy-to-learn and produces immediate positive effects for both the beginner and advanced individuals. Lightwave works to restore optimum health and youthen the physical body while increasing your psychic gifts, healing gifts & manifestation powers. The Lightwave technique can be used on yourself and others as well as pets, plants and other living things. This process is the perfect addition to any other transformational modality and will blend with any technique you are currently utilizing.


The Lightwave method is energetic in nature and utilizes your hands as receivers and transmitters of the energy, in conjunction with your own intuition & instincts. Also, this new healing technology is very practical as it utilizes simple terminology and can be performed in any location or situation within hours of learning the technique. These training session will teach you how to transmit a multitude of high-frequency energy infusions to clear and balance your 7-point chakratic system and activate your 12-strand DNA for multidimensional ascension. This course includes the beautiful full-color 'Basic' Lightwave Instruction Manual, training videos and completion certificate!


Saturday December 18,  2021

9:00 am to 11:30 am (2.5 Hours)

Lightwave Training - Live! International Tele-Session

Includes a special "follow along" webpage with images and videos!

These Lightwave training sessions can be accessed from all countries around the world through your phone, cell phone or Skype.


New Lightwave Practitioners

Welcome!  If you are attending the energy training for the first time, it will be $195 (for the Basic training) or $240 (which includes the Lightwave manual).  Firstly, this training includes access to the LIVE! 2 ½-hour Saturday class/tele-session with me and the new ‘Diamond Star’ Activation.  Your training registration also includes all 'Basic Training' videos, the Basic training web-page and 2 extra special Lightwave technique tutorials for 7 days.  As an additional option, you can get the full color 'Basic' Lightwave manual if you like….just make sure to choose the $240 option if you want that.


Welcome Back Lightwave Re-Attunement Energy Workers!


Welcome back!  For all of  you have attended a previous Lightwave energy training, the cost of this class will be $65....this includes access to the LIVE! Saturday class/tele-session with Bryan, New 'Diamond Star' Activation & all Basic Training videos and web-page.


For more information please visit....




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