Seven Golden Choices - Treasure Chest of Jewels:


Seven Golden Choices – Treasure Chest of Jewels:

Channelled through Pat Grabham.

The young woman stared fascinated at a fabulous treasure chest of jewels, beautiful beyond compare.  The jewels were of the material kind, but somehow she felt they each had a spiritual meaning.

She gazed and looked for so long, she seemed to lose count of time, when suddenly she felt her cup was full and she must pick and choose within.

Her eyes were drawn as they had been before to the most Beautiful Golden Pearls that she had ever seen;  shining with such richness and warmth – indeed all the colours of the Sun….. and as she stared with awe and wonder, the light seemed to catch the pearls, and the most amazing colours rose from them – like Points of a Star, those Rays of Colour were Beyond Compare, and yes, she felt she wanted them very much, for there was something about them she couldn’t define.  Somehow as she stretched out her hand to touch those Priceless Gems, they Moved a Little… just out of her reach, and again as she reached out, another step away so did they go, and it was then that she realised that the time was not right, for to have them one had to have Travelled Far Into The Light, and a High Degree of Spirituality, so it had to have been reached, and she was but a Few Steps at the Beginning of the Path.  However she had the impression, that yes, one day, they would be hers, and how that would indeed be a happy moment to treasure and keep always, for like a Robe, they too would be a Part of One.

She wondered if she should make three choices, and then thought no, it must be Seven, that Mystical Special Number that was deep in her heart.

So she gazed ever fascinated and wondered what would be next and yes, there it was, the most Beautiful Golden Eagle she had ever seen.  It was the colour of Molten Gold, (a time of Egypt perhaps) – for the Gold shone and dazzled her and it was as if she could see Thee….  So yes, she decided, she would have that too, for how she Longed to Fly Above It All, Through the Air Without a Care, Aware to Worlds of Freedom and Pure New Air.


Her Third Choice was a Beautiful White Brilliant Star, Shining with Great Beauty and Perfection (Man, Woman Made Perfect Perhaps), and it Shone with a Luminous Glow, like Pale Blue Ice, and Cool, but so Warm Too, and from the Very Points she seemed to see Tiny Smaller Stars surrounding this Beautiful Star from God, so yes, she would have that too.

Next her eyes descended with Joy on a Golden Ring – the Base of which was a Cross and in the Centre, Perfectly Balanced, was a Beautiful Rose;  a ring she had often wanted, but it was not to be, and there were many stories she knew, that that ring, so it could tell.

Her eyes then rested on a Superb Silver Circle, Shimmering with such Radiance and it was like the Moon Itself… quite unique she felt;  not many existed, and it seemed as if All the Earth Lay Therein, and with that, All Knowledge Too, so yes, that would be her fifth choice.

She then decided on the Emeralds lying so Rich in Colour and Glorious to Behold;  the colour of Eternity Perhaps, so did she see, so yes, but which to choose, for there were so many.  Finally, she decided upon a Beautiful Emerald Ring, and that somehow had a Story to tell.  Which Master She Wondered, Wears Such A Ring?  It seemed to sit well on the Eagle’s Wing.

Lastly, well, the choice was immense, but yes, there it was, a Perfect Yellow Rose, Splendid for all to See, for it shone With Such Clarity.  It was Yellow and Bright, with a Great Light, and somehow Soft and Fragile… a Tear Drop seemed to glow on one of those Golden Petals;  Perhaps Her Own Tears Of Love She Felt, For All Humanity And God Himself.

It was then she knew, time to go, for she had been somewhere – few souls had been, for she had Glimpsed A Part Of God’s Glorious Dream, There When Man, Woman Had Moved Far Along That Path Of Spiritual Attainment;  for at this point, they Belonged to Those Very Great Ones, Whose Heritage Lay Back in Atlantis, In Those Very Early Days, Long Before Earth’s Origin, Many Many Aeons of Time Later.

World Without End. Amen.

From God And His Son.

18 May, 1984.

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Comment by Pat Grabham on October 30, 2012 at 9:38am

Hi Mhamed

Thank you for your comments.


Managed to locate the golden eagle I was going to put above!  Although it tends to look like a phoenix rising from the ashes, but still golden.



Comment by Mhamed Bushnaq on October 30, 2012 at 9:31am

very lovely

thank you so much for it

love light and the bless of our creator


Comment by Pat Grabham on October 26, 2012 at 9:21am

Statue made me laugh a little Julian.



Comment by Pat Grabham on October 25, 2012 at 10:31am

Hi Hannah,


Thank you.



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