This is a very power meditaion combining aii the values of other types of meditatin. Such as Transcendental Meditatin plis the healing power of the Reiki Energies. It can halp to bring about physical relaxation. Mental relaxation clarity including improved ability to visualise , clairvoyance .enhanced healing skills. And expantion of consciousness.It can also be used to help solve problams and achieve goals and and it has the amazing tendency to surround all the are of concern in your life with a soft white reiki mist. It is best done in the morning and. Or night or also whenever you have time.
1. Sit comfortablly in a quiet place with your hands on your things or wherever else comfortable.Close your eyse and take three slow deep breaths. Imagine you breathe in a pure white light through the noseand breath out rubbish and toxic through the mouth.
2. With your eyes still closed, draw the reiki master symbol in front of you with your right(or dominant) hand.At the same time as you draw, visulaise white or violet light comming out from your middle fingure.
3.Visualise the image of the master symbol to be just in front of you after drawing and say silently to yourself its name 3 times. Hold the image for about 5 to 10 minute do not worry if your mind does drift to some other thoughts. Just be aware that your thoughts have drifted and them just return your focus back to the symbol in front of you(you will get better and better with practice)
(If you cannot visualise at aii draw the symbol on a piece of paper let you eyes focus on it and relax. Then close your eyes while retaining the image)
4. When you finish meditation in the symbol imagine it moving up into a field of light above you and bring your attention back in front of your eyes.
5. Repet steps (2) to (4) using the power symbol mental symbol. And the DH symbol
6. After the meditating on all the symbols you are now centered and charged with creative healing energies.
You are now ready to go to the part two of the meditation(part two teaches you to send Reiki to the projects and challenges of the day actulize your goals and hepl or heal others at a distance)
Manifesting Goals. Part Two
1. State yourgoal silently to yourself ,create a picture of it in your mind of having already accomplished it and visualise the four reiki symbols around it, with the master symbol on top. CKR on the right SHK bellow and DH on the left of the picture. Hold the image in your mind for several minute or. On the left of the picture. Hold this image in your mind. For several minute or longer with the thoughts and feeling of accomplishment,Do this for each goal or project or send to help or healing to others. When you are finished with the image ,state, if this be oossible within divine love and wisdom them let it be so. .then send the image up to the field of light and place it together with all the other .reiki symbolls with a feeling of fullfillment,
Accept the idea that the prosess is complete and that your goals has been established.
Belive this to be true, then completly relese it from your conscious attention
(If you are not able to visulaize simply write out the goal or healing on a piece of paper stating that it has been achived along with the four Reiki Symbols and hold it between your hands accepting the idea that it is surrounded with light)
2: if you have reiki grid hold the master crystal in your right hand during the meditation to charge it.
Then hold it between your hands and channel .reiki into it by projecting the four reiki symbols into it then your charge your grid now
3. To the end the meditation place your toung to the root of your mouth and focus on the area just behind your navel. Then draw the power symbol down the front of the body with the spoiral around the area just bellow the navel and part your stomec 3 times at the same time saying its names 3 times
This wil realise any excess build up of energy in your head and store it in the power centre
4. Then breathe deeply and slowly and open your eyes when you are ready

Rakesh chenicheri
Love and light

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