I take an elderly relative out on a regular basis and she likes to go to her home town. It is a town that holds a regular market day and there are often gypsies roaming it, selling trinkets, offering blessings and readings etc. Now I do not have any issues with these folks and have had good gypsy friends in the past, but one in particular I cannot tolerate to be around. My whole being goes on edge the moment I see her and I admit that I actively avoid her. Not very spiritual, I know, but she feels like pure evil and completely closed to the light.

As we were strolling around, I must have not being paying attention and we walked right into her. My being went immediately cold and I did not hear what she said to me, but I couldn’t stop myself growling at her……NO! My barriers came down and I tried to just carry on walking past. I couldn’t. I felt the curse and tentacles of evil coming towards and around me and that was it. Anger flooded me and a spilt second later I turned towards her and exploded with Monadic Light. It was one of the most shocking moments of my life, I physically jumped. I felt suddenly 15 feet tall and 30 feet wide. The anger simply disappeared and I felt like I was looking directly into her soul. My being was completely open and held her  and swallowed her darkness in its entirety.

She went white; she really did and mouthed a silent scream. I am so glad that there was no voice behind it, it would have been excruciating. She turned and started to literally run away from me, in her fashion, because she was clearly physically limited.


My being returned to normal and I was so full of joy and gratitude that I just couldn’t stop the tears. When I turned back to my family, my mother was also white as a sheet, mouth open in shock.

Later, I was told what had been done. My Monad (and hers I guess) had decided to put a stop too this ladies activities, whatever they had been, and give her a massive wake up call. She was literally stripped of every entity, lost/trapped soul, soul fragment, negative thought form, shadow and shade she had collected over God knows how many lifetimes. My being was used as the door to send everything back to where it should be. Every ounce of negative, dark energy and power was burned away. She must have been truly terrified; I pray that she is okay.


I’ve been back to this town several times since and the absence of the gypsies is glaringly obvious. When God decides to act, darkness beware; there are no half measures and if you choose to be an implement of God’s will, expect to be placed exactly where your being is needed to accomplish what is needed.  

Abundant Blessings,


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Comment by Brian Maloney on July 31, 2013 at 2:33pm

Good job Gordon. I had a friend who was a Gypsy, and you couldn't have asked for a kinder, more generous and compassionate person. Just shows that you can't judge a person based on an accident of birth. I'm glad, however, you settled her hash!

Comment by AVEEN on July 31, 2013 at 10:52am

Wow! that is amazing Gordon.

Well done

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