I have been compiling this newsletter over a period of a full week and because of the reams of information I have been given by Kuthumi-Agrippa I have decided to split it up into three parts, maybe four.. Rather than overwhelm you, I'd prefer you had time to digest it all and apply everything where needed. Especially the channellings he's suggested we work with listed in this newsletter, and those to come in the next two to three parts. There are approximately 40 channellings; another reason why I am splitting the information up into parts. He and Mary Magdalene have also instructed me to revise and reformat all of my channellings - over 500, so that they can recode them due to the amount of plagiarism of my work happening. This way they can ensure that all the new codes and upgraded energies are secure within the messages. Some of these channellings are only in transcript format because of poor sound quality on the original recording which were recorded onto cassettes. However, in the cases where a channeling contains a visualization I will record the visualization in my voice and add it as a product accompanying the transcript. 

This is a lengthy and in-depth newsletter, so I appreciate you taking the time to read through it all. It is worth it. Due to it's length I had to split the articles and publish them separately. Once you have read an article click the back button to continue reading this newsletter. Enjoy! 

It's been three weeks since my return from Bali  and already I am acutely aware of how different things are and how powerfully the energies have shifted in relation to the newest focus of the Ascended Masters and the Solar Archangels, which was made very clear to my group and I, in Bali.


The shift actually began in Egypt in December 2012  when I visited there with my group to conduct the necessary work in alignment with the 12:12:12  and the 21:12 Crossing the Threshold  celebration. Since that date Kuthumi-Agrippa and Mary Magdalene have been adamant about how important it is to overcome our personal debilitation and wounds, as our healing becomes our protection against darkness and negativity. It was also on this trip that they spoke of the 12 Core Groups of Lightworkers responsible for anchoring the complete new Golden Plan of Light and Earth's new Blueprint, and we (Palace of Peace/Soul Odyssey) are one of those groups.


In Bali they continued with this message and announced that my Soul Odyssey Pilgrimages , consisting of the Pilgrims and Guardians serving the Aquarian Rising 2020 Universal Projects of Light is the first group of the 12 being asked to step forward and work in the manner they were now proposing, under the mantle of the new energies post 2012. I was given the opportunity to see where my destiny is taking me and what it means to serve the light in a way many don't understand, and often reject, avoid and deny. I was speechless when I realized what was being proposed, yet it made complete sense and explained a lot of what we encountered in Egypt.


In Bali we opened a powerful new realm of energy enabling many of the original Portals of Light and Generator Crystals to be restored to their former purpose of anchoring Heaven on Earth, as well as the original Twin Flame Grids embodying the language of the most profound and purest love to ever exist on earth. Because of how pristine these energies are the portals and Generator Crystals were interfered with creating a reverse spin of it's essence thousands of years ago. Every 7 years these energies were reverse spun even further accentuating and accelerating the nature of profane and conditional love as we have come to know it, and Bali is "home" to one of 44 of the most powerful primary lust consciousness grids on earth. As a result, Kuthumi-Agrippa told Sean and I that there are 12 layers to these restoration activations and upgrades and cannot be restored all at once so as to ensure that the powers that originally interfered with the process don't get it right again. Thus, we will more than likely need to physically return to Bali at least 7 more times, over and above the other locations I have been given that house the 44 primary grids - reversing and scrambling their codes form part of the core purpose of my latest "job description."  


We successfully scrambled many of the codes and language programs the controlling systems governing the programmes containing every language and code designed to maintain the false matrix of abuse, fear, negativity and debilitation, and most importantly the codes preventing souls on earth from feeling and experiencing the power, essence and presence of true love in this primary grid, and they are now on high alert.


Kuthumi-Agrippa explained and showed me how our time line is now functioning on many expanded levels, and the "new" work we are doing is projecting our new operating systems through many paradigms of our personal and collective consciousness, which is attracting a huge amount of attention in the etheric planes. I never dreamt this was all possible, and neither did I expect what he was going to initiate me through in Bali to make sure I got the message and understood what was lying before me. I always know when there is a new shift coming for me personally and in relation to my work, because I see them as one and the same thing, and a few months ago, just before traveling to Egypt in December 2012, I felt one of these coming on. At these points I ask to be shown clearly how I can continue serving God/Goddess and humanity in the most empowering, loving and positive ways, so you can imagine my shock and confusion when I tell you what  occurred in Bali, which we got a taste of in Egypt.


What Sean and I, and some of my group saw and faced again in Bali was very challenging and forced me to look at aspects of myself that I felt might be bringing it on. I questioned everything that had transpired since Egypt and had to dig deep within to see if I had along the way unconsciously or unintentionally made a wrong turn. I was being pushed to look what serving the light really means in the new world, and that re-uniting heaven and earth is nothing like I or many choose to believe it to be. It was so intense I had to decide if I was going to continue doing this work or not, as now it was a totally different kettle of fish and I knew it meant harnessing powers within myself I didn't think I possessed as the experiences on both pilgrimages had rattled both Sean and I to our core and affected me very deeply.


I was being showed a part of the path of service I didn't up until now think was that important because I believed that to overcome darkness you focus on and use love to transform it. I still believe it. I also believed, like most Lightworkers, that by concentrating on light you attract and are only attracted to light. I still believe this. I believed that by choosing to align with and embody the highest levels of light and love I will be the vessel that radiates that quality of energy and that what I do in service will carry that energy and touch the hearts, souls and lives of everyone it reaches in the most profound and positive way possible.. And this is always without fail the intention I set before I do my work. It is these beliefs that left me feeling like I had failed as a Lightworker, servant of Mother/Father God and the people who believe in what I do and what I channel, because what was happening to me shouldn't be happening, so where had I gone wrong?


I have been feeling ashamed and afraid that there is something wrong with me. Why, now, am I being literally attacked by entities and such malevolent, dark energies? I felt betrayed and abandoned by Spirit and I could feel the rage rising inside of me as I reflected on what was happening because I believed I was protected and serving the highest order of light. This running through my mind a few mornings before we left Bali stopped me in my tracks when I heard a loud voice say: "That is why!" It then dawned on me, of course! It's happening because of the amount of Light I and my core group embody and the darkness is trying to and will try and stop us. I then realized that my whole life has been my training, preparing me for this, and that this destiny is more powerful than I ever realized. But that was as much of an explanation I was going to get until I got home.


Back in South Africa e-mails kept on coming in asking me how is it that this could be happening to me. Why am I not being protected? I saw how little so many people know about the darkness that exists in this world.. Again, I began questioning myself and Spirit just in case I had it all wrong. I was exhausted and with doing school runs, extra mural activities, homework, grocery shopping and all the other mundane responsibilities that come with being a wife and mother and trying to keep up with my ridiculous work load, it all became too much and my over-sensitivity to everything took it's toll. I felt drained and saddened by some of the e-mails, the constant questions and poking and prodding at my soul, especially when I was told by someone that the only darkness that exists is the darkness within and that basically this is what it was all about - it was my own darkness.. This, due to my already depleted emotional body, hurt deeply and in my overwhelmed state it felt like I wasn't being taken seriously and that no-one was seeing all the constant work I put into myself ensuring I walk my talk, and I withdrew. Having no integration time once I returned from Bali to digest all of what was happening and getting straight back into work and attempting to tackle the hundreds of e-mails in my inbox made the whole situation almost unbearable. I could feel myself wilting on the inside trying to keep everyone happy, answering all the questions, attending to my children's and husband's needs as well doing the work of at least 3 people for Palace of Peace. Working 18 hours a day including most weekends had become too much and people's expectations had driven me to shut-off and shut down as I felt no-one understood what it takes to do what I do.


All of this overwhelming energy was not lightened with the Greece 2013 project staring me in the face - the biggest and most challenging thus far, so how the hell do I do this feeling the way I do? So again I asked Spirit to show me the truth of what I believed, and affirmed that if I was deluded and on the wrong track that I would do whatever was necessary to change it, make it right and if it meant walking away from what I have been building over the past 17 years in the form of my work and service then I would, because I choose to serve only the highest order of light, as I believe this is what I embody and stand for and if people cannot see that then I must be doing something very wrong. Read more....  


This is a wild ride, however in 2010 Kuthumi-Agrippa alerted us this time was coming and was preparing us then already; just after I returned from Russia. This is why her refers to us as "Extreme Lightworkers." I suggest you read the free channellings I have added to my website called "Heali...   

Over and above the channellings listed in the side bar, Kuthumi-Agrippa has also suggested we work with the whole Unified Twin Flame Grid Upgrade and 22 Sirian Chakras series  if you haven't already, as well as the Unveiling Channelling - Kuthumi-Agrippa , the Law of Change - Cosmic Law 10 - Mary Magdalene , Law of Darkness - Cosmic Law 33 - Kuthumi-Agrippa , Law of Trust - Cosmic Law 14 - Mary Magdalene , and the Law of Authenticity - Law 9 - Mary Magdalene . Click on each link to read an excerpt from each channelling.  



What's Going On and What You Need to Know.


How the Darkness Operates

Understanding the nature of darkness is not easy and many most often than not reject this idea. This in itself is the main reason why darkness is able to so easily penetrate every coherent and incoherent system on earth. Thus understanding the nature of darkness in fact becomes very easy once you look at what feeds it. Negativity and fear.


There are millions of accounts of dark force interference experiences, but because of how scary it is in general we deny it's coexistence, therefore giving it free reign to do as it pleases. Our society of ostriches - head buried in the sand - makes manipulation and control in support of their agenda child's play for them. Denial is what will lead to the utter destruction of humanities right to experience love, peace and a joyful existence. I have seen and experienced first hand how non-love based entities operate. Read more... 

Parallel Realities


The average person has no clue of how our world and other worlds exist. The notion of parallel realities is alien to most and it is this level of ignorance that keep the cycles of darkness and suffering alive. As a result humanity has remained imprisoned in their ignorance leading to complacency, victim, poverty, lust and conditional love consciousness. Read more..... 

How Holograms are used

The negative forces have been using holography for thousands of years. For them it is the simplest and most effective form of control and manipulation because what the eyes see it believes. Seeing is believing is what humanity believes. Don't forget though that what we don't believe we often can't see either.. Holograms are effective and up until now it has been their primary weapon to keep their manipulation programmes running. However, the code determining the program continue running without a glitch is what we have successfully penetrated and the scrambling process is underway. But they're not going to take this lying down. They have too much to lose. We on the other hand don't, we have lived with loss for life-times. Read more... 

Improper use of Psychic Energy

In Kuthumi-Agrippa's Unveiling channelling  he briefly comments on the improper use of psychic energy. This is very important to consider as this also opens one up to unnecessary negative energy and psychic attacks. He says: "Using your psychic energy to direct others' lives enmeshes you in their karma. You do them a disservice. Read more..  


There is much much more to come on what I have written about. As I mentioned at the beginning of my newsletter I have broken this information up into parts.. In the next two parts I will share with you more on psychic energy and energy in general, the light and dark side of astrology and religion, children and how this affecting them, and how else we are being controlled and brain washed through media etc making it very easy for all sorts of negative energies to interfere. 


I will announce the new channellings coming through and share more on the nature of the new energies, how the new gridding system is being set up and lots more. There is so much! All of this is also the heart of the work we are doing in the upcoming projects for Greece, India, Bali 2014, and Hungary 2014. I trust you enjoy reading it all as much as I have enjoyed writing about it.


We are expanding our consciousness at an accelerated rate, so don't give up now. We have the resources to get through this collective initiation by supporting each other an collaborating as a collective body of light reflecting light.

Thank you for taking the time to read this lengthy newsletter and I trust you have extracted pearls of wisdom that will make your journey more bearable. I'd deeply appreciate it if you would please share my newsletter with others whom you feel will benefit for it so the word and self-empowerment messages can be spread.  

Much love,



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