12 Etheric Crystals, Crystal Tempels and Summary of Each One’s Role via David K. Miller

  1. 1.                          Lago Puelo, Argentina where the 1st crystal resides– the home of the 1st crystal to be brought down to Earth. The Lago Puelo crystal holds the primordial energy for the whole Planet. It is an energy of initiation and connection to energy.  (Foundation, Manifestation Energy)
  2. Serra da Bocaína, Brazil where the 12th Crystal resides — The Earth interacts with the 3rd and 5th dimensions. This crystal represents how 5-D energy is being manifested onto the 3rd dimension.
  3. 3.                         Mexico & the Barrancas del Cobre (Copper Canyon) where the 8th crystal resides — This crystal gives us a new link to Arcturian energy, a link where we can connect with the Planet Alano and the 5th dimensional Master named Alano who resides there. The crystal also carries the special energy of shimmering, allowing us to move ourselves or objects into another dimension. (Shimmering Transition Crystal)
  4. 4.                         Lake Taupo in New Zealand, the home of the 7th crystal — The number seven is a symbol of good luck and good fortune and brings wealth and prosperity. This crystal is representative of that wealth and prosperity and is a great attracting force for energy for those who work with it. It is also a reaffirmation of the spiritual strength and power of the native peoples on the Earth and will help to reawaken them to their mission. (Basic Foundation of Reality – Intuition)
  5. 5.                         Grose Valley in the Blue Mountains National Park in Australia the home of the second crystal — The Grose Valley crystal is connecting with the Rainbow Serpent, which is the Feminine Goddess energy of Mother Gaia and is an area of great significance to the Aborigines of Australia.  (Basic Foundation of Reality Control)
  6. 6.                         Montserrat near Barcelona in Spain the home of the ninth crystal — This magnificent place is a holy site — Juliano tells us it is mostly free from wars and polarization and the crystal, which was brought in here recently, the 9th crystal, has a powerful, sacred and holy energy. This crystal was downloaded to work with holy sacred light and will help the other crystals become truly sacred energy sites. (Sacred Messianic)
  7. 7.                         Mt Shasta in California in the United States home of the sixth crystal— The combination of the crystal, the Galactic Kachina and the imprint of the stargate means that Mt. Shasta has become a powerful Ascension point. It also gives us an easy connection to our soul, our soul power and our soul mission. (Mount Shasta – Chameleon Crystal, Harmonics, Compassion for Earth)
  8. 8.                         Costa Rica, the home of the 5th etheric crystal in the Poás Volcano — This crystal is linked to the Great Attractor Force — that which pushes and pulls the galaxies in different directions. It also helps to attract and discharge blocked energy in Earth’s energy channels, like modifying the Ring of Fire to create balance in that area. (Judgment with Compassion)
  9. 9.                         Istanbul, Turkey — This crystal pertains to hidden knowledge and higher esoteric knowledge that is to be revealed. The keys to unlock the Inner Codes are here. (Hidden Knowledge Revealed)
  10. Lake Moraine, Alberta, Banff National Park in Canada — This crystal contains the Quantum etheric energy activation light, which can bypass the normal laws of linear time and space and cause and effect. (Intelligence and Reason)
  11. Lake Constance in the Bodensee in Germany — the home of the 4th crystal. This crystal provides new information, new codes, new structures, new dynamics into the Earth’s ley lines and allows us access to new information. (Wisdom & Knowledge)
  12. 12.                     Mt Fuji in Japan — This crystal holds energy of life forces from Lemuria, which have now been unlocked by its arrival. It is an ancient crystal containing great secrets of light and ancient knowledge of the planet. It has a connection with the ancient grandmothers and grandfathers. (Undifferentiated Energy)


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