The more that I have written the more I see that life is reflecting back opportunities (translated as challenges) for me to respond in the manner I have written about and believed that I would. I chose to take a couple days off from writing, needing an emotional break from even more challenges and reflecting on whether or not I wanted to continue writing truthfully and honestly, with the high probability that even more things would occur to be dealt with and overcome. Yes, I do. I choose to experience all these things, to continue to bend beyond my comfort zone, hoping that writing and then experiencing these things will allow them to be resolved and eliminated quicker, or at least to refine my skills of response or non-response.

My own perceived limit of “How much can I endure?” seems to be blown out of the water consistently, to new heights never before imagined or expected. What are the limits in life? Are there limits? I know I had my hand up and have spent countless hours envisioning, loving and putting passionate energy towards many things that have not yet appeared in my reality and have been faced with many that I did not ask for, at least consciously.

Then it occurred to me…

If my writings are coming to life in the physical then I have an awesome opportunity to lay out exactly what I would like to occur and believe are possible, knowing full well that the Universe does work in mysterious ways and, again, could throw some unexpected surprise in front of me. The chance is worth it and one I am willing to take.

My heartfelt desire is to have a self-sustainable place called home with land, animals, crops being with the man that I love, thriving in a loving environment without any financial concerns. For me this is a basic need. Without financial concerns, I am able to be of service to all of humanity, assisting in bringing a community together and providing a standard for future generations based on truth, integrity, honour and love. My goal is to provide a self-sustaining community, which may even be considered as a role model to be adopted in other communities around the world, with the main emphasis on all individuals being given the opportunity and know-how to self-manage their lives with love and respect and assist them in their own plan of well-being to be self-sufficient with total balance of mind, body and spirit, all the while empowering them to love who they are, live a life of joy and be abundant and prosperous while living on this planet.

I am once again taken back to the topic of limits. Even with my wild, imaginative ponderings and dreams of how I see things to be possible and probable, I see that I may be limiting myself in all that can be provided to me and all that wants to be provided to me. Each of us makes limiting statements for how we see things. Two examples, one right after the other, came up recently regarding having unlimited financial resources. A friend was talking of moving to another state and working out, in advance, of how to pack the truck, get things moved, how many days it would take, etc. I reminded him that with unlimited resources maybe he could consider hiring a moving company to pack the house up, drive it and unpack it on the other end while he travelled and had an adventure on the way to the new state. My comment was followed by laughter. Exactly. We have become so accustomed to doing things ourselves, figuring it out on our own that we, at times, never even consider an alternate way of receiving assistance or doing things outside of what we or examples in our life have done. Then, a friend calls expressing her dreams of travelling the world visiting Spiritual places and hearing Spiritual leaders and the joy that would bring her, but figures she will have to wait until the kids grow up and leave. I reminded her that with unlimited resources it was perfectly possible to hire a nanny and tutors to travel with the entire family without the need of waiting.

The message here seems to be limit LESS and allow MORE without setting parameters or borders on exactly how things are to be. How we reach for it and allow even more in our lives without limiting things is a work in progress for us all. All things are unlimited, there are no limitations to what we can experience while in this earthly form, except the limitations we create for ourselves, even without our being aware that we are doing it. I know in my heart that financial wealth will not corrupt me, will not make me greedy and will not diminish the love, compassion and grace I have for all things. I know that my goals and ideals will better all of humanity. I accept all that I desire, and more. And so it is. ~ Allison

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Comment by John Pirow Rabe on February 13, 2021 at 12:33am
Wow ! I just HAD to read this today, exactly what I'm going through ...super thankful for this beautiful message ♥
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