In my proper, elaborate theory of planes of reality, the frequencies pertain to particle interaction. Specifically, particles of a given band width interact only with other particles of that band width, and never of other band widths. There is the question then as to why particles don't simply alter their band widths and begine to belong to another plane of reality. For this, we can suggest a way of doing it in such a way that 'inter dimensional circuit' must be completed first.

Usualy, existent throughout space, there is that which prevent particles from shifting to other frequencies. Thus 'space' is like a sea. Wherever there is a 'hole' in this sea, particles can shift their bandwidths. Thus for a given band width, altering the particle density at the vicinity of the 'hole'. Two such 'holes' will be an 'entry' and 'exit' points of the circuit.

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Comment by Rahma on June 14, 2020 at 10:54pm

The detail understanding of the flux of particles C in the circuit goes this way: Usualy, particles C, of course, interact with themselves. So there is the short range repulsive force we normaly perceive it as 'knocking'. However, when some of particles C alter their band widths, they can nolonger interact with others. If they do so in a specific place, say the 'hole', they creat a suction in the vicinity of that 'hole', drawing more particles to that 'hole'.

So it is the usual convection currents, albait with 'increasing the height of air' is replaced by 'changing the frequency of the air'. Then, of course, for this to happen, there must be an entry point wherein particles shifts back their frequency. Establishing these two 'exit' and 'entry' holes may as well be the trick!

I am convinced that such is what happen in gravitating bodies. Here particles C are the aetheric particles. The masses are the 'exit points' and the space is the 'entry' point.

Comment by Rahma on June 14, 2020 at 4:14am

There are two types of particles in the 'ocean' we call 'empty space'. Particle type A prevents particles from lowering their frequencies. Particle type B prevents them from raising their frequencies. Then particle type C is the usual 'matter' particles.

Wherever a place is empty of particles A, particles C, at that region, has a possibility of lowering their frequency. But for this to happen, a certain 'circuit' must be complete.

Think of C as to have 'string' or 'membrane' that do the vibration. If you 'tighten the membrane', the frequency increases. That particles B can be those that facilitates the tightening of the membrane by mediating an attractive force between the molecules of the membrane. Particles A mediates a repulsive force.

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