Immortality In Quantum Entangled, Holographic Universe

If you look at an hologram, especially the transmission type, there is no image there to see. The image is 'dead'. Still if you shine the usual, decoherent light, through the hologram, it doesn't reconstruct any image at the other end. The image is there relative to the coherence of the light. Same applies to the 'immortal body' in the holographic universe. The meaningless image in the hologram is 'homeomorphic' to the meaningfull image it project.

Quantum Entanglement allows us to understand the above in a more literal (non-analogy) way. Two quantum entangled photons will get horizontaly and verticaly polarized at synch, no matter how far apart they are! This 'vertical'/'horizontal' polarization is the quantum superposition, akin to the 'life and dead' cat. So to truely understand quantum entanglement in macroscopic scale, we must understand what happens to 'quantumness' during 'observation'. This is termed 'quantum decoherence'.

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Comment by Rahma on May 22, 2020 at 9:49pm

So there is realy no 'quantum disentanglement'. After observation, it only becomes rare for a particle to swith to the other side of quantum superposition. There is realy no 'classic world'. The world is quantum. Classic world is nothing but an illusion!

Given that the world is quantum, the information pertaining to every particle exist throughout the universe as 'wavefunction'. The info is 'holographic' through out! If a set of particles that can form a body is entangled in a particular way so that they operate at synch, no matter where they are in the universe, then that will be the equivalent of 'image' of the hologram.

Comment by Rahma on May 22, 2020 at 7:30am

If you 'observe' quantum entangled photons, it ceases being in a superposition of states. Ergo it ceases driving the other photon it is entangled with since the non-local drive is entirely quantum.

Well, that is the 'ideal thing' that is thought to happen. In reality, the wave, amplitude of which, is the probability of photon being polarized in one way, decoherse to cancel one polarization, leaving the other. But cancelation is never perfect. So some 'quantumness' remain. There is always that which tries to make the cat 'die', on it's way to make a 'dead and alife' cat, but this attempt is canceled by another 'thing' that tries to make the cut 'resurrect'. So when the classic cat dies, as if it is the quantum one, it is immediately 'resurrected' in picoseconds, too fast for our eyes to see. So we always think that the living cat is 'not also dead'.

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