I Stand At The Gates Of Paradise:

Channelled through Pat Grabham.

I Stand At the Gates of Paradise.  My earth life has ended, I have travelled far, to that Heavenly place, beyond that Great Star, which like the Holy Grail, forever beckoned me to its very presence - my previous memories now in full remembrance.


I have finally realised yet again in the depths of my soul, that the golden plan of my destiny has at last been fulfilled.  Aeons of time have come and gone, centuries lived through, just so I could be with You.


The void in my life has been completely filled, yes, my cup over flows, awe and excitement flow through my inner being, side by side, each emotion acting as a magnet to that still higher place, from which aeons of time ago I set out on my eternal journey to give love, light and knowledge to humankind.


My pathway seemed like eternity - but with that there is no time, for such passes by as in an instant; such was the density of earth - time was felt, loved at times, endured at others.


But now, as I Stand at the Gates of Paradise, I have risen as if on Angels' wings, my cycles of life, pass their way in front of my vision, like watching an Epic film, the Akashic Records of my whole existence have yet again given me great joy, but also pain, for debits and credits have all been experienced.  I started off with a golden page, but over so many aeons of time, the good got pushed into the background at times, but overall, goodness and light prevailed.


My family, my twin-soul, loved ones through time, glide joyfully towards me, their joy is as my own, in having truly at last returned home.  That Golden Age was not a myth, it actually was, yes, and I lived, loved and breathed it then as I do now, as I Stand once more at the Gates of Paradise.   


At last my next 'journey' can begin, in worlds less dense, and in that recognition, I am ecstatic to be where I am now.

About 2004.

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Comment by Pat Grabham on November 11, 2012 at 6:29pm

Hi Julian


It is I am sure very different for many people... some cannot wait to return to earth;  some less so.  I only know from my viewpoint in this present earth life, that when I believed in reincarnation in 1982/1983...... then for me, I always knew I did not wish to return to earth.  That led to my writing - My Thoughts on Life and Eternity.


However, I am also aware, that through the aeons of time... without the light shed upon earth from those spiritual beings of old, earth and its peoples' would have had a much less happier incarnation. They and myself were able to glean that light which for many would have been hidden with the veil of rebirth.


I am also aware... that if I did not return to earth incarnations... would I feel somewhat selfish for instance.


Speaking to some of my friends on the subject of reincarnation .. I am one of the very few who does not want to return or feel they will decide not to... so, I am in a minority!


My understanding coming as I do from the Dhuman Adamic Race, and a plane above earth, Atlantis, millions of years ago..... (although that is my understanding from the early days of Atlantis) which encompassed many many aeons of time, far longer than is understood by many of today's spiritual teachers, whose understanding is more of 250,000 years.


From the dawn of time, the aeons rolled on and on and on... and it would have taken many of these to have had more than the first early Ray Children of the Dhuman Adamic Race.


It is for some people strange to think of this time scale.  But for man, woman, to have been born in God's image, you cannot have just primitive man, woman, aeons of time later. 


Many of us have different origins and heritages also, so our understanding and deeply embedded feeling of how it was regarding Creation and our own beginnings will vary.


We have to go back way into the past, long before known records exist, to be able to attune ourselves to what it was and how it was.


Blessings.  Thank you for your feedback.



Comment by Pat Grabham on November 11, 2012 at 5:00pm

Hi Julian


It is as you say a test returning to earth for a lot of us..... and part of that test is to be able to reconcile and remember our True Home and Heritage and God whilst living far from Home on earth, the furthest away and with less light than other planets we have inhabited through the aeons of time.


To me... I Stand at the Gates of Paradise represent my freedom from my wheel of rebirth... having been around many many aeons of time... I have gone through good, bad, all sorts of experiences and thus for me, I Stand At....means complete freedom from returning to earth... where I will help humankind and humanity from planes of being above the earth....



Comment by Pat Grabham on November 11, 2012 at 1:43pm

Hi Julian

That is lovely.... I don't know also, why anyone would want to remain with our denser earth bodies when we can return to our spiritualised etheric bodies as beings of light.  (No choice for some of us)!



Comment by Pat Grabham on November 11, 2012 at 12:05am

Hi Julian

I was just going to post having posted this.... you were quicker than me today.  Having taken  it from my website where I have lots of blue fonts, I was unable to change the colour to white here.

You will notice.... the feeling of being ecstatic... comes when the wheel of rebirth has come to an end!


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