I'm a Christmas Tree:

Channelled through Pat Grabham.


I'm a Christmas tree and at this time every year I am thoroughly spoilt, and I just love all the attention and fuss I get! Each year - I belong to some family or other, and I get so excited - and I have so much fun - and everyone is so jolly - and lots of children come and talk to me and although I talk to them - they don't seem to hear, but that is always the case, but this year - I sense something different is happening, for a nice kind man says how lovely I'll look and he seems to know how to talk to me - at least he seems to know what I think and feel, so for once, I need not try to speak - for at last I'm understood.

It is still several weeks to go, but I've started to get most excited - what fun Christmas is - to us Christmas trees: For the rest of the year - we are looked after in our patch of soil, but sadly, almost forgotten and then - what bliss, for a few weeks - we have such a happy time - surrounded by so much laughter and warmth - indeed these peoples' homes are far too warm, but we can stand it, for we are hardy and strong. Indeed I am about 5 feet and nice and wide, with lots of branches and my coating of bristles, as humans do say, are nice and hopefully won't leave too much of a mess.

This nice young man tells me I am going to a School - well, this is different - I hope it will be as much fun. I am going to be all decorated and lit up with lots of fairy lights for their party. Oh, I so love parties, and lots of toys are going to be placed under my branches, and lots of children in hospital, will all have a toy. I see lots and lots of golden bells - dozens of them, and they are all going to be placed on my branches together with the fairy lights.



These golden bells - how lovely they are, and only about an inch high. They were found in a very old place, and I do believe I shall look even nicer than normal - a touch of class perhaps - and not a little old fashioned: What memories those words bring to mind but it is this Christmas time that is so important, for I sense something different about this.

Some nice girls come and talk to me and seem to know me better than most - I love listening to them, and what a shock, there are two of them, but they look the same, ah - twins. I've seen twins before you know but these twins are quite grown up, but oh, what babes they are as compared to me, for I am much older than them.

Some men come in and they too talk to me and laugh and joke and how all this warmth does indeed warm my heart, and these new memories - will add to my others, so that once again when Christmas is over, I shall be happy and bright, looking back through all my Christmas memories, so you can see - how I'll treasure all this fun and excitement, for it has to give me joy for another year.

It's a Sunday now in early December and it's the morning of the party. and how exciting this morning has been. I am all lit up with fairy lights, all over my branches they go, but I also have those lovely golden bells all over me too, lots and lots of golden bells and I feel quite important you know, but in a different way, and proud too, that I am here, and not another tree.

All the presents are under my branches and so many lovely toys are there - two fairy dolls; Rupert the bear; fluffy toys - I don't know what they are called; bears - three, all the same; dogs - several dogs, some on leads, others not, and a rocking horse with red reigns and a white tail and mane. Books and puzzles and cars too, so many delightful toys and one or two are wrapped up - but I like to see them all unwrapped, so you can see, we look a pretty picture, me and my friends.

Do you know in this room there are several pictures that seem to really look and smile at me, and I feel quite emotional - somehow - for something is indeed different. One picture has a very old man, a Monk I believe, and his hands rest together, but do you know - I am sure those hands moved and waved to me, and a voice said "hello".

There are lots of chairs in this room I'm in and some quite strange ornaments. I believe that one is called a Buddha; and those are white doves and some Indian things which dangle from the ceiling. What a nice atmosphere: I feel most content and I do believe I hear singing - light and beautiful, as if on a cloud.

Lots of rushing here and there and lots of human smells - of nicely cooked food drifts gently into this room.


The twins are here and rush in an out, and another sister and a man - one of the twin's husband is here and he comes and looks at me, and another young man - looks in as well, and the nice man who chose me looks in and says "how lovely I look" and I feel a nice warm glow - this will be a very nice Christmas.

Lots of people will soon start to arrive as it's almost 11.00 am. I hear my golden bells may ring for some people over this next week - I hope they do, for I have so much fun when people are happy.

Meanwhile, another set of twins arrive and look and say how beautiful we all look and then there is just ONE TWIN OF EACH - and they look at me and at the presents and feel warm and happy and do you know - when they had both turned away from me and were a few feet away and making their way towards the door :



I sense lots of energy and unexplained comings and goings that appear as if in mid-air, this is fun, but I'm not used to this at all - I wonder what it means.

The girls have gone now and it is just me and my friends and somehow I feel I have many as I rest here.

Oh, more people have arrived and they all look in and laugh and think how beautiful we all look - me all lit up, and all the toys, and how exciting this is.

What a hectic day - all these comings and goings, probably 30 to 50 people, have all looked in - and I feel quite emotional now, with all this fuss and attention - and all the laughter.

Oh - the nice young man has looked in with his young lady and how happy they are - they look at each other and then at me, and perhaps the young man will keep me for next year and I shall become a part of their family. I do hope so: I am doing my best to be a good tree - nice and green and not too messy.

It is now Wednesday - three days later and lots of people have come and gone. Yesterday, some people sat around me and I was all lit up - only by one candle - which was placed on the floor, quite near to me and everyone talked out loud and looked at me and the presents - and they all meditated and it was a most unusual evening.

Indeed lots of strange happenings occurred - for I saw a few Elder Brethren - I heard they were called, and they each had a child - sometimes one Elder Brethren held one child with each hand - and they had the most beautiful robes down to the ground - of yellow, purple, rust, bright green and blue, and they seemed so kind and they all spoke nicely to me.

All the children were so excited and each wanted their special toy and how jolly and happy they all were, but do you know those people from the School - did not see them at all: I believe they felt unseen friends and knew all the children were there, for indeed one child tripped and fell and one of the twins saw him clairvoyantly do that - but of course the nice kind man - saw it all - felt it too - so we are a little alike are we not - for I saw much too.

Back to this evening and the rest of the School are all gathered around - about 10 or 12, and all the lights are off - I have just my golden bells which are looking so well on me - for my fairy lights are out - but there is that solitary candle - at the place in front of me on the floor.

The people all talk out loud and look at the candle and then at me - and at all the toys which the spirit children have so loved. Those who have come into my airspace with their Guides or whatever you would call them and lots of activity in space seems to be going on.

I see things I have never seen before - such pretty colours, light and fine as gossamer - like a delicate web - in space itself, but it is so very pleasing to look upon and from what I hear this is quite common - from where they all come from.

Some of the people close their eyes and seem to drift off - almost to sleep, but they are not really sleep - they are thinking, and I see lots of pretty colours above all their heads, so you can see - what fun I am having.

The candle looks quite pretty and do you know, once it gave off a funny noise - like zap - as if something had got too close to the flame and a spark seemed to come from the flame - so it was most unusual. Only three girls and myself saw that you know, and then the candle was as it was before - and not another noise came from it.

Later that same evening - all the toys not wrapped were taken away - to be made into parcels for the children; so all my friends are leaving me - for lots of children need them.

Ah - well, another Christmas has come and gone and it's not even Christmas yet - for the School will be closed for Christmas: I wonder where I'll be - perhaps someone will take me home with them.

I have had a wonderful time and feel quite strange - for lots of different things seemed to happen this year.

I hope they happen another year - for it's been my best Christmas yet - for I saw you know even an Angel, and how beautiful that looked; a moment I shall treasure forever - from a very happy Christmas tree.

God bless everyone.


1st January, 1984.

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Comment by Pat Grabham on December 3, 2012 at 6:16pm

Hi Julian


Thank you for your comments.  This was a happening in the mid 1980's when I was a member of a spiritual school in London, run by my trance meditation teacher.  The happenings were what went on. It was a special time.


The comments about all the golden bells ringing into one loud sound was something I shared with another female twin, so both of us being twin females.  We were so excited and joyful, and hearing it together at the same time made it the more so, as we shared it. Nobody else there heard the bells ring.  I have one little golden bell here, but it has never rung on its own!


My website has a few more pictures, but here I could only put one and centre them.  It is an emotional read, I also feel.


As it is stated that everything has an energy, for instance when we climb a step or when we touch a table, it certainly gives us food for thought! There is a lovely phrase in one of Mona Rolfe's books, which I will post when I can find it, where it states that every thought we have of the light, resonates to and with all the stars in the universe.



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