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I knelt at the feet of the Master – when once in Heaven I Lived:

Channelled through Pat Grabham.

I knelt at the feet of the Master, when once in Heaven I lived;  for I was a boy, not more than nine, and how we listened and indeed loved, all those stories he told.  For he went back into the past, those very early days, and also ahead to the future – delightful stories, so we were told, but they were you know all true, which was the joy of them all.

Many of us children gathered round, and adults too, as we eagerly listened and marvelled at his majesty and splendour. For he shone with light, he dazzled us all – his robe changed as if at will, and his eyes you know were full of compassion, such love and kindness, and how fascinated we all were, and what happy days we had, long long ago.

During that life when I lived in the Higher Realms, many wonders did I see, for my Father and me, we walked hand in hand as we journeyed through the Aeons of Time.  Across many lands, continents, countries we went.


Different pilgrimages we undertook, following in Beloved Footsteps, where many others had travelled, but it was still quite rare and a great privilege to go thus.  But my Father you see, lived long ages past, indeed in the Beginning of Time, so was he born, for we all if we but knew, have a Jewel that is Forever Our Own. 

For Life in Heaven, as also on earth, forever grows, seeking and questioning, for only in so doing – do we reach those heights, for our thoughts are full of joy, love and wonder, at the Beauty and Meaning of Life, and yes, even Death, and so a New Beginning, leads to Great Excitement.

Many Memories I have of my Father and me, Flying Through Time – to the Past, those Early Days, and to the Future - We Flew Through Time, for my Father would say, ‘Well Benjamin my dear boy, what shall we do today’, knowing full well I loved to fly through the Air on that Golden Carriage, passing Golden Eagles, as we Flew so High. 


Indeed Winged Golden Horses, with Fairies riding therein, so did we meet, and we waved to each other and laughed with joy, and even the wind, so calm it is true - at times spoke my name – ‘Hello Benjamin, nice to see you again’, and the Sun seemed to follow us wherever we went, and so close was it.

I saw people, faces there amongst its Golden Glow, and sometimes more than One Sun, so did I see, for a total of Seven, All Having Beautiful and Different Colours, Once Was Shown To Me.

But I loved above all else, My Father speaking to me as we Flew Through Time, and I was Blessed Indeed, for I saw how History was, before it became Fact;  indeed I saw the Future, as we Looked into the Akashic Records – The Book of Life, for we Transcended the Veil of Time and Space, and once my Father said, ‘Benjamin – what will you do when you return next to earth with all this Knowledge that has been shown to you’? 

I thought for a long while, and then I said, ‘Can I write like you, about Heaven please’?  At this remark, my Father laughed, indeed tears of joy came to his eyes, and he hugged me and I too laughed with joy. 

‘Oh, my son, you will forget all this that you have learnt, until the time comes when your memory is awoken, and thus knowledge will begin to return and then all those earthly veils will have been blown away, and then my dear child, you will feel blessed indeed, for you will have travelled far over many life times, so yes, we will remember you want to write, and one day you shall write about Heaven itself, just as I myself have done in the Past’.

World Without End.


5 May, 1984.

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