I Come From A Thousand Life Times And More, Shared Through The Ages And Cycles Of Time:


I Come From A Thousand Life Times And More,

Shared Through The Ages And Cycles Of Time:


Channelled through Pat Grabham.

I come from a thousand life times and more, shared through the Ages And Cycles of Time, since we left our Home in the Divine Spheres.

Many life times, especially during those early Ages, we travelled  together; great was our joy at this, as we made innumerable journeys down to Planet Earth, from our Home in the Spheres Above.

That one-ness was separated to all intents and purposes, one of us remaining in the Plane of our Birth, whilst the other took on yet another incarnation on Earth.

Great was our joy when the beloved on earth’s duration ceased, and returned to our Celestial Home, when together we became once more whole; that Dual Ray of One-Ness, Separating at Will, so we each had our Own Identity, but were One Eternally Entwined, Since We Were Created From The Very Breath Of The Godhead.

Whilst away, dearest beloved, nothing is forgotten, but joy comes from knowing – We Will Soon Be As One, Upon Your Return Back Home To The Celestial Realms.

Your Earth journeys have been mine, as mine yours, just as my experiences in the Divine Spheres now, are yours, beloved, to access and remember, able to tune into our Heritage, Divine Love for all, As We Await The Call From Our God, to put into Action those next stepping stones, planned so long ago in Ages Past.

As I, as I always have, walk beside you, enfold you in my Ray of Love and Protection, Speak to you, as I have, time and time again.

You have heard my voice innumerable times, in different life times, and as your soul recognises this, it brings joy to me, knowing we are yet again in unison.

The Light Of Our Father Blesses us both, as we Transcend Time and Space, Travel Through The Ether, And Different Spheres of Being, which in reality is but a thought away.

I can be with you, and am, in but a heartbeat, as you can me, your beloved, as we Journey Into And Through God’s Future Planes Of Being.

My attributes and qualities blend beautifully with yours, dearest beloved, we are but the left and right of each other, two sides of the same coin. Our Dual Ray knows no separation, as we remain one.



26 November, 2012.

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Comment by Pat Grabham on November 29, 2012 at 12:51am

Hi Julian

Thank you for your lovely comments.



Comment by Pat Grabham on November 28, 2012 at 8:45am

Hi Valery


As we were created, born eternally entwined with our twin soul, eternal flame, it is a relationship which not counting The Trinity, transcends all else.





Comment by Valery Jianu on November 28, 2012 at 8:38am

The  thoughts of our Astral Twin accompany us always just as in our heart  persists a  feeling that we are not whole.


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