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How to decode your dreams

I agree with this post. We can't look at a book on dreams meaning and expect to get any real answers.

They would be totally misleading and you would have gained nothing from it.

I used to write my dreams for a while, right after I had them, and then I began to become conscious in my own dreams, because I knew that I was dreaming and pretty soon I was able to control them and interfere with them with my own will.

I could also wake up in the middle of one and go back to it, right where I left off and finish it as I would like for it to end.

This silly exercise seemed not to matter, but it did, because it helped me to control the uncontrollable, my subconscious mind!

And a new awareness emerged from this ridiculous affair.

Therefore, with love, I am sharing it  with you all!



If you look up dream meanings on the internet, you’re presented with a bunch of websites like

These sites go through the symbolic meaning of different objects, people or events and suggests what it could represent. This site in particular has so many random descriptions for things that are in any dream like ‘sky’ or ‘chair’.
A good one is:


To see or eat a bagel in your dream suggests that there is a key element missing from your life. You are not completely whole. Alternatively, it refers to sexual urges.”

Makes perfect sense…

Let’s take into account that when we dream we merge our consciousness with what we call ‘the astral dimension’. If we were to fully align our energy with that plane of existence, it would appear as physical and ‘real’ as here. There, many different forms of consciousness can interact with us without our knowing.

We naturally seek externally from ourselves for information, but as we’re reminded time and time again, it’s all within us.


There are endless representations in our collective consciousness that are associated with objects which translate into our dreams. The classic ‘forgetting to wear your pants to school’ dream is the representation of embarrassment, but the importance lies within where that embarrassed feeling stems from.
That is why no dream decoding site can truly figure out anyones dream. We both consciously and subconsciously choose what a symbol represents in our lives. The entirety of our subconscious is impossible to access as we’ve chosen to have our brains designed that way.

A good way to decode what a certain item or event means, is to bring yourself back to that moment in the dream. Focus on the feeling it created within you.

Follow that feeling, keep thinking about it and see if you can connect any memories to it. It can come as flash of an image or a scene in your minds eye. It might seem abstract or not related but it presented itself for a reason, which only you know and no website or other person can make the connection for you.

A lot of dreams are quite literal as well. If you watched a scary movie or manifested reasons to be afraid in your life, that can translate right into a dream.

Running away from something can be a symbol for multiple things but the start of the decoding process is recognizing that kind of dream is stemming from an afraid feeling.

Sit with that feeling and embrace it, the more resistance there is, the farther we distance ourselves from it. If something comes to mind, it’s important not to dismiss it, even if it seems to not fit. Don’t doubt the answers that surface.


Something I dream about a lot is being reluctant to go in an elevator and choosing to take stairs – until I realize I’m on like the 183rd floor and need to take one. Half the time they break and fall and it feels so horribly real.
I have no problem with going in elevators, they never made me nervous unless people jumped while in them.

It seems to come up as a subconscious fear, perhaps of the few times I did feel a little unsafe in them.

The feeling that comes with it can also translate into a feeling of insecurity and a lack of control in my reality. It’s all very literal.

Something else that used to be a reoccurring theme in my dreams was me starting university a few days late and there being homework and stress piling up.

As soon as I shifted my life into working with Spirit Science, that university dream would end with me realizing I don’t need to go to school and telling all my friends to stop going and change the world, ha!

A lot of my dreams are socially based and have me interacting with people I went to school with years ago. No matter the specific situation, all those dreams translate into my desire to communicate with people and shift their perception.

Dreams are both very literal and very much based off our emotional states. Taking the time to delve into yourself to uncover and retrieve the information is crucial in understanding the type of dreams you experience.

So, essentially, the mysterious process of figuring out what your dreams mean is sitting with the feeling it left within you. It’s very simple but the whole idea gets clouded with external information suggesting what a bagel means in your dream. Trust yourself, only you know the answers!

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