From Out Of The Void I Spoke, From Out Of Nothing I Came: From Nowhere To Everywhere, Thus Did I Emerge, And Eternal Life, So It Began:


From Out Of The Void I Spoke, From Out Of Nothing I Came:

From Nowhere, To Everywhere, Thus Did I Emerge, And Eternal Life, So It Began:

Channelled through Pat Grabham.

From Out Of The Void I Spoke, From Out Of Nothing I Came: From Nowhere, To Everywhere, Thus Did I Emerge, And Eternal Life, So It Began. For I Was The First Born – From My Tree Of Eternal Life; As I Am That Root, That Base, And All Other Life Are The Branches, And How My Beloved Ones, They Vary So.  Thick Branches Emerging, Containing Lighter, Thinner Branches, And So On And On, Till A Tiny Fragile Piece – From My Tree, So It Lies, For Within All These Branches Are Many And Varied Forms Of All Spirit Life.  Some Are Beautiful Beyond Compare, A Joy And A Delight To Behold, For They Are As Man, Woman, I Chose To Be, To Enable Them To Fulfil Their Destiny.

Others Are The Opposite, They Have Strayed Far From My Light, And How My Heart Aches With The Inner Pain, That I Know Will Come, Not Because I Wish It, But Because Their Soul Needs It, For Life And Love Must Come Full Circle, Before Any Blossoms Will Begin To Show, And That My Dear Friends Is Everything, That Those Branches One Day Are Beautiful Indeed, Full Of Blossom And A Delight To All, For Then And Only Then, Man, Woman, So They Are Free, Just As I Did Decree.

But You Know, Even Today, As I Look Around, My Tree Of Eternal Life Has Far To Go, For Those Blossoms Are Much Less Than The Bare Branches, So A Long Way Still, Must All Life Travel, But Being Forever Helped And Cared For, Guided Too, By My Beautiful Blooms In My Heavenly Worlds; For Spirits You Know, They See Others Blossoming, Indeed, In Full Bloom, And Thus Something Stirs Deep Within, For Man, Woman, Are At That Moment, In Tune With Me, And A Glimmer Of Light, So It Does Grow, And If Nurtured Lovingly, Will Forever Progress, Till One Day, In A World, And Later – Worlds, Far Away, Will Be A Tree On Its Own, With Blossoms All Therein.

So, A Day You See Comes, When There Is Only Beauty And Great Joy, For All Spirit It Looks Out, To A World In Full Bloom, Of Love, Concern, Devotion, Too, For All The World Has Been Born Anew, To What Once Was So, Many Cycles And Circles Ago, And The Pleasure You Know, Is Mine Indeed, To See Tree After Tree, In Perfect Bloom.

But I Worry Not, For I Know All Love Will Come Back, Faith And Care, So It Will Return, For Alas, Only In These Ways, Can Some Souls Learn, And Indeed Listen To What Their Inner Consciousness Yearns For. However, A Long Way Must A Lost  Spirit Travel, For I You Know, Am Only Found And Remembered, At A Certain Point On That Path Back Home, Towards The Sun, That Source Of All Life, Likewise Myself Too.

But Here Is Where Even More Tests, So They Come, For Just To Be There, Can Seem Quite Easy, For It Is The Staying, That Takes Constant Love And Devotion, For There Are Even More Temptations – Once Knowledge Begins To Be Gained, For Man, Woman, Are Tested To Use This Or That, For Their Own Purposes And To Forget The Past, And Oh, My Children, How Sad It Has Been, How So Many Have Failed; They Followed That Voice, But Time And Love, So It Heals All Wounds, As Always To All Life, So Our Love, It Is Shown.

To Be On That Path, Means A Man, Woman, Must Not Judge, Indeed They Dare Not, For They Know, Many Are The Unseen Ways, Not Known To Them; All They Need Concern Themselves With Is – ‘Have I Done My Best – To Help Another, To Become Even More Blessed’, For With My Example, Something Is Left Behind And That Bridge Of Love, Goes Ever On, Higher And Higher, In Ever Wonderful Glory, Till Our Two Spirits – They Are As One.

For That Is The Purpose Of Man And Woman’s Life Here, To Help God And To Serve All Humanity, All Spirits Too; The Poor And Weak, The Rich And Unkind, For All Are A Part Of God, For They Too, Came From God’s Seeds, And Will Be Reunited One Day, As They Are In Tune With The Creator, And Have Risen; Growing Ever More Devoted, In Life After Life, After Life.

Thus All God’s Tests Have Been Overcome, For The Two You See, So They Are As One, And Will Forever Be, For Whatever The Creator Asked, That Spirit Has Done, All The Good And Loving Actions, Undertaken, Through All The Spheres, Planes, Planets, Stars, Galaxies, Which Have Existed, And Will Be, Through The Innumerable Ages Still To Come, And Then Further Onwards, Into Worlds Not Yet Known, But Which Are As A Thought Within The Divine Mind Of The Creator.

So It Is And Will Be. Amen.

From God And His Son.

Peace, Love, Happiness To All.

17 April, 1984.


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Comment by Pat Grabham on November 22, 2012 at 2:42pm

Hi Valery

Thank you for your lovely comments, and the beautiful pictures.



Comment by Valery Jianu on November 22, 2012 at 2:08pm

"...To A World In Full Bloom...To See Tree After Tree, In Perfect Bloom."



Comment by Valery Jianu on November 22, 2012 at 8:47am

Hi Pat,

 You've given us another delightful text in wich the spiritual contact with the divine realms gets a poetical expression.The leitmotif of the Lost  Paradise  and of the  loving father who recalls the prodigal son is the great truth of our  life.

 Love and Devotion,indeed, for this we need on our way back Home.



Comment by Pat Grabham on November 22, 2012 at 4:12am

Hi Julian

Thank you for your comment, and lovely picture.



Comment by Pat Grabham on November 21, 2012 at 7:18pm

Hi Hannah

Thank you.



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