Frequencies, Unseen Worlds And 'Conservative Laws'

As has been said by many, frequencies can model unseen realities that inhabit the same space just like the radio waves from all the stations can (invisibly) coexist in the same space. This is due to the wavelike nature of matter termed deBroglie waves. But as normally presented it is too hand-waving and it leave several questions unanswered. For instance, why doesn't things easily pop into/ visibility if all it take is to tune in/out of specific bandwidth?

Remember that I had attempted to answer this by invorking some 'law' that demands that equal amount of the seen must go to the unseen as the amount of the useen comming to the seen. Combining this to the frequency idea, it states that for frequency of anything to step up from a lower frequency, another thing must step down from an higher frequency. We will then see that this is due to a very natural conservative law.

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Comment by Rahma on October 25, 2019 at 12:07am

I mean a thing vibrating at a lower frequency CAN'T begine to vibrate at a higher frequency without some contact with something that is vibrating at an even higher frequency. This 'law' is exactly the same one that forbid a thing from rising its temperature without getting contact with another hotter thing. It is the conservation of momentum of constituent particles.

If the object is to increas its frequency to become higher than anything visible, then nothing from the visible world can raise its frequency. So something from an even higher frequency must make it so. But when that thing do that, its frequency get lowered, much like when you touch a colder thing, it gets hotter and your hand gets colder. So it is like the 'law' that state 'frequency can only be transfered from place to place but not created/destroyed'.

This can explain why things don't seem to disappear by 'tunning to another bandwidth'.

Comment by Rahma on October 24, 2019 at 11:45pm

Another way of understanding it is that if something disapear into 'thin air', it will 'violate the law of conservation of momentum' in that everything is actualy in some motion (at least as seen from some referance frame). However, this 'law' won't be violated if imediately the thing disapeared, another thing of the same mass apeared on the spot. The linking of momentum to frequency plus the understanding of the resonance and coherence nature of frequency we explain why things don't seem to disapear or appear from 'thin air' by simply tunning into /out of our band width using the law of conservation of momentum!

However, we have done it in way that we can understand it perfectly!! Vibration involves momentum and kinetic energy. A thing can begin to vibrate faster without be driven to do so by another thing that is vibrating even faster (like a temperature of a thing can rise without getting contact with a hotter thing).

Comment by Rahma on October 24, 2019 at 11:23pm

DeBroglie hypothesis links wavelength (l), momentum (p) and planck's constant (h) as:


We know also that speed of waves (c), wavelength (l) and frequency (f) are linked as:


Combine this to deBroglie hypothesis, we have:


So frequency is directly proportional to momentum. But we know that there is a 'law' of conservation of momentum. For something to increase its momentum, something (usually near the thing) must reduce its momentum by same amount. That is to say for something to increase its frequency, another thing must increase it (in our case, on the spot). This explain why we are not seeing things comming in and going out to nowhere. When something 'goes out', another similar thing 'comes in' near the spot and we don't notice any change!

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