Light… Light that fills the heart… Light…Light that is divine… Light…Light that purifies… Let the light come from Beyond …take us to the Beyond… beyond the Beyond…

We are talking about Jothi – The Radiant Light of Grace. Jothi is Light. Not only light, but also knowledge, movement, splendour, lustre, brightness, brilliancy and effulgence. The Divine in-dwelling Light, gives illumination and consciousness to all souls. The practice with Jothi induces the Light in you and bestows Grace, Divine  Knowledge and Enlightenment.

Swami Ramalingam (Swamiji) revealed the Jothi and its healing powers to mankind.  He said that humanity had lost it’s connection to our divine inner power, the Light or Jothi.  The inner power is always available and has always been available to humanity. He revealed a system to Pranasidhar, founder of Pranashakty, to be passed on to all those who want to reconnect to their own inner power.  This system consists of simple methods of bringing in the divine light which carries Swamiji’s blessing and also through the diksha that he bestowed onto Pransidhar.

We are here to tell you about Jothi and pass the light on to you so that you also can clearly see the way to the self realization. We will help you to establish a permanent connection between the cosmic body and subtle body and align it to have the Jothi flow freely. Relevant chakras and nadi will be activated to initiate transformational changes in the physical and spiritual bodies. It will also accelerate the journey towards manifestation of the Jothi Body (Suddha Deham).

Jothi penetrates the molecular structure of the cells of the body. It enters the heart of the genetic encoding on cellular level and transforms it. It literally obliterates the distortion of the original blueprint of the cell. These encodings and distortions can be traced back seven generations passed on either on the mother or father line or both. The manifestation of this distortion is at its most powerful in the third and fourth generations. When the transformation takes place in the cells it has a retro-active effect on all seven previous generations. It clears the karma for seven generations passed.

Jothi transforms the metabolic process of the DNA. It regenerates a new structure and system contained in the cellular memory of the DNA. This is a process that takes place and transformation is not instantaneous. The physical effects of this process include many of the symptoms already explained to you. During the transformation process a new cell is created. It is not merely that the cell changes. The cell is replaced by a new cell.(...)

As the Jothi manifests in the chakras, the chakras are transformed into higher vibrations. But the function of the chakras also change. The energy field and dominion of each chakra expands into the etheric bodies and their functions and powers change with each level. These are some of the effects as the chakras are transformed by the Jothi and the manifestation of those chakras under the power of Jothi.  This is not the same as spiritual transformation and the higher vibration of chakras due to spiritual practice. These are the drastic changes due to the work of Jothi.(...)

Follow the link to register and find more information ( instructions, mantra...)


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