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Free attunements review

I first came acrosss Chris Commish's work quite some time ago, through a video presentation, throughout which I noticed he not only gave clear and precise instructions but also gave the energetic input of his subject matter... this was quite amazing..


Very many people have become disenchanted with reiki over the years , largely due to the commercial nature of the teachings... many believe the practice has been contamminated and very many have also been prohibited from learning as it was cost prohibitive..


Chris Commish has dedicated his life to shattering many of these preconceptions through his personal journey in search of the highest clearest and purest spiritual channels to spirit..I have received many of these attunements, and I had been cynical re reiki, but I was completely delighted that so much preparatory work had been done on the receiver's behalf that all transmissions went completely smoothly, harmoniously through the power of spirit. 


I  have no reservations in highly recommending this groundbreaking work from a spiritual pioneer who has made it his life's mission to bring the Light to all mankind.



I share this review with love and respect for all who read it in the spirit of a true master's generosity of spirit and selflessness.










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    Also as I dont have an Amazon a/c unable to publish it there... can anybody do on my behalf, please??

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