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  • Thank you Olibana, this one was such a nice surprise.

    Specially, that las year, when i was in much struggle and pain, out of the blue Sekhmet have show her name for me in a dream.

    In the dream i saw a temple, and in the middle of this temple was her name.

    I was not even sure who she was, as i have been very passionate by the ancient Egypt when i was teenager, but had no recollection of this wonderful Goddes...

    I have no been talking to her or giving offerings since 2 months now, i think finding this manual is a little "wink" of hers,haha!^^

    Btw, i will read it all tonight then will come back tell what i felt, thanks again!^^

  • Thank you :) <3

  • Dear Olibana,

    Thanks for the link for Ka Shen Sekhem Seichim Energy...

    Love & Blessings,


  • Thank you Olibana¬†


This reply was deleted.

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